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update 20/06/2017

Majesty with Eyes of Blue

Authority of the Eyes of Blue
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCost / Card effect / Condition
Archetypeswith Eyes of Blue
Supports ArchetypesBlue-Eyes


Send 1 "Blue-Eyes" monster from your hand or Deck to the Graveyard, then target 1 face-up monster on the field; while that monster is face-up on the field, it cannot attack. You can only activate 1 Majesty with Eyes of Blue" per turn.

How to get / rarity

Level-up rewardSeto Kaiba Lv 38 [SR]
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Makes a monster unable to attack.
  • Can send a Blue-Eyes monster from hand, or deck.
  • Sending a Blue-Eyes monster to the graveyard can be good if you can bring it back to your hand, or special summon it to the field, e.g. Soul Resurrection, or Monster Reincarnation.


  • Can only target face-up monsters.
  • A dead card if all your Blue-Eyes monsters are already in the graveyard.

Tips, related cards, skills

DIvine Dragon Apocralyph

Apocralyph can be used to bring back a Blue-Eyes from your graveyard. Summon it face-up in attack position, and activate Majesty when your opponent is about to attack, essentially making this a search card for Blue-Eyes from your deck.

Beacon of White

Using Majesty, and other ways to discard your other Blue-Eyes monster(s) to the graveyard, you can special summon one of them once you have at least 3 in the graveyard, and the summoned monster will be able to attack multiple times.





ActionsSends from hand to Graveyard for cost / Sends from Deck to Graveyard for cost
Attack categoriesPrevents attacks

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Surprised I don't see this often in blue-eyes decks; setting up your graveyard for an easy special summon and permanently disabling a monster is always very good
Is it possible to get two. It's not showing even in card exchange but baecon of white is.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its a lvl up reward no one know if we will get a second copy
<< Anonymous
Gomu Gomu No Reply
Hope not any time soon 'cause it would be broken :*
Artwork is actually very nice
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's beautiful *.*
This card can't target face up Toon World cards???
<< Anonymous(BrooklynRage)
Anonymous Reply
As long as Toon Kingdom is on the field, no card effect can target Toons.
<< Anonymous(BrooklynRage)
Anonymous Reply
XD interesting to see how pegasus cards totally counter Kaiba's
<< Anonymous(BrooklynRage)
Anonymous Reply
=/ !
Since it's effect is permanent, it's actually a very strong card.
<< Anonymous
Leeds Reply
Annoying imo xD
Awesome card... im using soul resurrection and other support cards that can affect the graveyard after i used this card... worth it
<< Anonymous(^^)
Anonymous Reply
Definitely worth it
<< Anonymous(^^)
Riizzo Reply
My Kaiba is still 36 xd, I hope they enable the x1.5 bonus campaign soon.
Do you think this is worth?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
worth if permanent..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think its good because its quick spell but the only problem i have is that the opponent monster cant attack but doesnt get destroit
<< Anonymous
PErytonX Reply
It's a must now that cosmo brain has been added.
lock one of your opponent's Main Monster Zone, but doesn't prevent your opponent to Tribute/Return/Destroy the monster
<< Anonymous
Neil Reply
Actually massivemorph worked in a similar way, it wasn't that broken
Interesting... toon kingdom counters this one. xD
<< Anonymous
Otsuka Reply
pegasus sama trolls kaiba
can u also put a blue eyes ultimate dragon from your extra dexk to graveyard??? because it says it is related to blue eyes ultimate dragon so k assume you can put BEUD in grave and summon it back with beacon ??? can anyone test that?
<< Anonymous
Zeratul Reply
I dont know if you can send BEUD to graveyard but you can't summon a fusion, syncro, or xyz monster from the graveyard without special summon it normaly. It's on the YUGIOH TRADING CARD GAME RULES
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i think BEUD needs more protagonism, cyber-stein aside lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
BEUD is kinda slow to summon cyber-stein aside
We need a second copy of this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No please D:
Massivemorph DEJA VU

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right.... they "like it"...
I was tempted to write "Moderate" because you technically "only" need Junk Sy...
i use inzektor deck autoduel to win...easy
Pokemon? And you still playing it? What about ♡PUBG♡?
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