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just add double duel already... come on
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<< Anonymous
As much as we all want this feature, I doubt it will be integrated due to the small screen and field size. Although if they DO find a way, I will be ESTATIC.
<< Anonymous(SuperWill123)
Pharaoh Atem
The files are sizable, and I'm sure they will do it, but first they are thinking of sales tactics it would need to be profitable.
<< Anonymous(Pharaoh Atem)
thhey need to use 5 card zones again, it's th eonly way this game'll fly and show its true potetnaial
that will be great lol guy synchro 2 she en turn 1 with dual wield set while his friend flood the board with mutual blue eyes at no costs +banishing everything.. ppl that ask for 2v2 should consider either a total Un-nerf let all hell break loss or a serious balancing .at this point i can promise u ,u won't enjoy 2v2
Capt. Chaos
I say unban all cards anyway. Add Monster Reborn and Raigeki and let us go at each other’s throats.
<< Anonymous(Capt. Chaos)
There's a perfectly valid reason why every single card game (not just Yugioh) has banlist.

The result in unbanning all cards won't be as fun as you thought it would be.
<< Anonymous
I wish Konami have new system of releasing new cards.
Like they have a virtual game already, Duel links and Legacy of Duelyst.

They could released their new set in this, and let player play test theme and build the meta. And do an errata of the overpowered card's text before it released instead of limiting them later.
Well we already have 2vs2 in events, but only with the AI.

2vs2 with all of them being other players....People sometimes have connection problem with 1vs1, imagine how much bigger the issue would be in 2vs2


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Well, gotta pray for next Main box be a Tiered Hero deck
"Effect monster is useless" This was a very nice joke. The other jokes are still goo...
Them using each other's cards is probable too. But their lv40 deck will most likely be th...
??? what are u saying? both zombies, both tuners and fire monsters duh!
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