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update 18/09/2018
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Vellian Lvl 40
Vellian Lvl 40

Vellian Crowler is now available at the Gate! Collect Green Gate Keys to duel against him.

His deck is same to one he used at the unlock event

Yubel Union Farm

Example deck

YubelYubelYubelYubel - Terror IncarnateSanganSangan
SanganFire King Avatar YakshaFire King Avatar YakshaFire King Avatar YakshaPlanet PathfinderGravekeeper's Vassal
The CalculatorUnion AttackUnion AttackFire King IslandFire King IslandFire King Island
Double SummonAnti-Magic Arrows--------

Amazoness (7,000 - 8,000)

Amazoness PrincessAmazoness PrincessAmazoness PrincessAmazoness QueenAmazoness SageAmazoness Sage
Amazoness SageSanga of the ThunderAmazoness FighterAmazoness FighterGravekeeper's VassalAnti-Magic Arrows
Union AttackUnion AttackDownbeatDownbeatDownbeatSecret Pass to the Treasures
Amazoness OnslaughtSpirit Barrier----

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand.
Bandit Keith
Bandit Keith


  • Use Anti-Magic Arrows during your final battle phase to prevent Vellian from using Zero Gravity.

Click below for more details

Medusa Control

Essential cards

Example Deck

Mystical Beast of SerketGuardian StatueGuardian StatueMedusa WormMedusa WormMedusa Worm
Gravekeeper's VassalPlanet PathfinderPlanet PathfinderAnti-Magic ArrowsUnion AttackUnion Attack
Temple of the KingsSystem DownArray of Revealing LightArray of Revealing LightArray of Revealing LightAcid Rain
Acid RainAcid Rain---Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon


  • Always declare Machine-type with Array of Revealing Light so that Vellian's monsters cannot attack the turn they are summoned.
  • Since Vellian's monsters cannot attack immediately, Guardian Statue and Medusa Worm will allow you to control the board by removing your opponent's monsters from the field when they are flipped.
  • Remember to always use their effects to flip them back face-down for reuse next turn.
  • Only have 2 Guardian Statue/Medusa Worm on the field at most. Reserve one of your monster zones for Gravekeeper's Vassal.
  • Sometimes Vellian will have more monsters than you can remove with your Guardian Statues and Medusa Worms, in this situation use Acidic Downpour or System Down to remove all Machine-type monsters from the field.
  • Before your final turn, make sure you either normal summon Gravekeeper's Vassal or tribute summon Mystical Beast of Serket while Temple of the Kings is on your field.
  • Send Mystical Beast of Serket and Temple of the Kings to the graveyard to special summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
  • Remember to use Anti-Magic Arrows during your final battle phase to avoid Vellian's Zero Gravity.

Elements Unite!

SkillElements Unite!

Example deck

Gravekeeper's VassalGravekeeper's RecruiterGravekeeper's RecruiterGravekeeper's RecruiterWonder WandWonder Wand
Wonder WandSupremacy BerrySupremacy BerrySupremacy BerryUnion AttackUnion Attack
Shard of GreedShard of GreedAnti-Magic ArrowsDian Keto the Cure MasterHorn of the UnicornHorn of the Unicorn
Horn of the UnicornSecret Pass to the Treasures----


  • Immediately Summon Gate Guardian by tributing the monsters you get from Elements Unite. Gete Guardian should be in DEF position first unless Crowler will attack you with his monster equipping Ancient Gear Tank.
  • The next thing you need now is to activate at least 1 healing card so that Crowler does not burn you to death with Ancient Gear Tank. Once you regain enough LP, it's better to switch the position of Gate Guardian to ATK.
  • Lastly, you need to equip Gate Guardian with at least 2 Horn of Unicorn so that Crowler cant overpower your monster, both in attack and defense position.
  • After that its now only a matter of getting to zero cards quicker. Use Shard of Greed for extra draw power. The combo of Gravekeeper's Recruiter and Wonder Wand to get 3 cards out of your deck. It is best to search out another Gravekeeper's Recruiter if possible to reuse the combo.
  • Remember to use Anti-Magic Arrows at the start of your final battle phase.

Lvl 40 Vellian Crowler's deck

Duel Rewards

Other GX Duelists Lvl 40


Hot New Top
works well
<< Anonymous(slam60)
Anonymous Reply
Doesn't seem to work for me.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you can switch out Destiny Draw for Balance, it works for me so far, haven't lost because of bad draws thus far
<< Anonymous(slam60)
Anonymous Reply
any replacement for the golden bug?
<< Anonymous(slam60)
Anonymous Reply
Your deck is supreme
FARM Dr. Crowler lvl 40
DATE : 2018219

Required Skill: RESTART

Silent Magician LV8.
Silent Magician LV4: He helps summonning Silent Magician LV8.
Gravekeeper's Vassal: For the final attack.
Crystal Seer: To boost drawing.
Anti-Magic Arrows: To disable traps.
Super Rush Headlong: To defend your monster from Zero Gravity & 3500+ ATK monsters.
Union Attack: To boost Gravekeeper vassal's ATK.
Level up!: To special summon SM LV8.
Secret Pass To The Treasure : To let Gravekeeper Vassal attack directly.
Windstorm of Etaqua: To defend your monster from Zero Gravity & 3500+ ATK monsters.

-Summon SM LV8 as soon as possible.
-Put all Super Rush & Windstorm on the field as soon as you get them.
-Use Crystal Seer to get the necessary cards.
-Keep destroying his defence position monsters.
-Use Super Rush & Windstorm after Crowler activates Zero Gravity.
-On the final turn, summon Gravekeeper. Use All Union Attacks & Secret Pass on it. Activate Anti-Magic. Then, Attack Crowler dircetly.

-If you summoned SM LV8, DON'T summon ANYTHING.
-You can only activate Super Rush and Windstorm AT THE BEGINNING OF THE BATTLE PHASE.
-DON'T attack any monsters in attack position & avoid attacking directly. So you can get 1000 points for effect damage only.
-DON'T put Anti-Magic on the field.
-Use as many Glossary/Prismatic cards as you can.
-It's better to use Crystal Seer rather than any other traps/spells that help drawing. Because Crystal Seer defends against one attack + you get to view top 2 cards + pick one them. (It's a 3-in-1 card)
<< Anonymous(Philanthropist)
Anonymous Reply
how do you get restart on dr. crowler
<< Anonymous(Philanthropist)
Anonymous Reply
Using this exact same deck and wasted 1000 keys, did not even win once.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If it kept failing, why would you duel him that many times?

But yeah, it's not a great deck. It relies on him not getting Golem + Tank + Castle, which, given the amount of time it takes for this deck to win, is unlikely.
<< Anonymous
Philanthropist Reply
Hello, it has been a while. Restart was nerfed. Also, this deck was created back in Crowler's event. It was hard to find a cheap deck. That was the best deck I could make. Of course the deck is very inconsistent. I believe there are other better options now. Good luck everyone.
guys that deck works 100% isA
just summon the GS in defense position
and use heal and boost cards
then gg wp ez farm
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is the result from the vs crowler deck. Of course drops are still RNG dependent.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Deck also fails when activates Zero Gravity the turn you want to attack with Gravekeeper
<< Anonymous
Hiki Reply
thats why you play anti magic arrows
<< Anonymous(SalamanderFARM)
Dogo Reply
Tried the deck 4 times and lost every time. 100% lose rate for me. That was a quick 160 keys gone down the drain :/.
Most consistente 8000DA Farm deck ever.

If you have 3 legendary ocean put it and change 1 Lucky owl for 1 cat of ill omen
<< Anonymous(Souvini_BR)
Souvini_br Reply
My final version of the deck
<< Anonymous(Souvini_br)
Andrew Reply
Thank you for the deck, really saved the day. FYI, you can also use Draw Sense: WATER since it requires less LP loss and Fisherman being the only WATER attributed monster.
<< Anonymous(Souvini_BR)
Souvini_br Reply
Final version.
<< Anonymous(Souvini_BR)
Math Reply
Great deck thanks
People that complain about not being able to farm because they don't have the right cards. 🔥 off. Some of us have been grinding for a long time. If you didn't join early on then you can't 🔥ing complain. Put in the time or buy gems to speed it up but stop 🔥ing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cards you need to constantly reset a box and constantly spend more gems that isnt necessarily easy to get in the higher stages of the game AND rely on RNG... The rewards and card system in this game is a joke. Every other Yu-Gi-Oh! Game actually has a shop where you could use your IGC to buy a specific card. This game is s just a cash grab RNG system. Not mention every other game has pack drops
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
As rewards. Just ANOTHER example of how Konami doesn’t give a 🔥 about this game and only about the money.... but go ahead and continue to think this game is “well balanced”. I haven’t even brought up the fact that 4000LP and 20 card minimum decks CANNOT work without banned/ Limited cards...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I haven't paid a cent on this game and have every farm deck out there, not to mention I've completely finished opening 5 or 6 packs. You guys are 🔥ing way too much. Play the game better/more and you'll get more cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same here, but honestly I really play very often (250 days ago I started and play every day now)
But for me it´s still fun and I don't have to get every card, I´m Legend Rank and thats good enough for free2play
Its still just a game, no need to 🔥ing around =)
Easy 8000! 95% Win Rate!
<< Anonymous(Anonymus)
Anonymous Reply
how do you stall? I've lost 3 times in a row from piercing damage or direct attacks because his monster gets over 3000 and kills my labyrinth wall
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What this op didn't tell u guys: if first two turns no dgate, he might zero gravity and u lose. Following 2nd turn onwards, if you still don't have acidic with you, his golem summoned and u lose. This deck is not really that consistent as what he said.
<< Anonymous(Anonymus)
Anonymous Reply
It is that consistent! You just can’t use it properly! I won 19/20 with this deck! You can switch Jar of Greeds to Good Goblin Housekeepings but it is probably the best deck to use!
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Oh yea.. Try not getting dgate for first few turns, I bet you will be desperate.
Kaibaman deck, win rate 80% 7K
<< Anonymous(Nemesis nP)
K1llua Reply
deck works... its not perfect but works...

<< Anonymous(speedster94)
RWBYDragon Reply
I lack the Gravekeeper monster, (I have vassal) the sceptre cards, and the first trap card. What else could I use or how could I easily get them?
<< Anonymous(RWBYDragon)
RWBYDragon Reply
I currently have Secret Path to the Treasure, Card Trader, and 2 Jar of Greeds.
<< Anonymous(speedster94)
rav Reply
I don't have all cards listed here. But this works pretty well.
Here's the deck I'm using, does not require a specific skill so you can farm drop skills as well. Switch the swamp kings with fusion recycling plant or fusion sage as needed.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
having a credit card is a skill most of you lowly peasant cant even afford it
<< Anonymous(Guigeek)
Anonymous Reply
guigeek (Graphical User Interface Geek, how lame!!!!) is a whiny scrub, that's why he's stuck at bronze
<< Anonymous(Spiral)
Ez Reply
This deck is pretty amazing. For me, it works well for a 'quick victory' deck too.
<< Anonymous(Spiral)
Anonymous Reply
Looks pretty damn amazing to farm with
>tfw only one swamp king
>tfw only one Oz
Kill me
This deck works for me and it’s very easy to score 7500
<< Anonymous(PEPELOTA)
Anonymous Reply
I finished farming him a few days ago. And I’m done getting all the rewards and I only used this deck.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
UltimateX117 Reply
A possible trap replacement for the trap hammers would be champions vigilance since it also works to prevent the ancient gear castle effect or the golem getting summoned
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Anonymous Reply
🔥ing remove this crap please. After 5 tries LOSING!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lousy farm.
%1000 win rate
Most consistent crowler farm deck is here!

Set Skill:Three-Star Demotion
Duel Assesment:7500
Win Rate:%1000
<< Anonymous(%1000 win rate)
Anonymous Reply
Nicee thank you! A very good deck to farm lvl 40 Crowler, won all of my duels (20 so far) against him. I only have two wonder balloons so just replaced one with jar of greed.
<< Anonymous(%1000 win rate)
Anonymous Reply
can't use three-star demotion on crowler this skill only available on orignal yugioh not gx
<< Anonymous(%1000 win rate)
Anonymous Reply
can't use three-star demotion on crowler this skill only available on orignal yugioh not gx
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
He's at both gates....
use this deck from Slam60, work like a charm, im not even need to low my deck as long as you have 20k lifepoint,
<< Anonymous(Zeroo042)
Figgz Reply
Can we list these cards please? Looks blurry when we zoom in.
<< Anonymous(Figgz)
Tony Reply
1 Winged Dragon of Ra
3 Kisetai
2 ?
1 Cosmic Compasss
1 Anti-Magic Arrows
1 Double Summon
2 Shard of Greed
3 Supremacy Berry
3 Temple of the Mind's Eye
3 MassiveMorph

I don't even use/own half of these cards, but looking them up works like a charm. Hope this helps.
Also I don't know which one the ? is, but it's a 1-level insect. Just google around for it and I'm sure you'll find it.
<< Anonymous(Tony)
Tony Reply
Update: Found it
I remember watching a video of it healing you if you reveal it in your hand.
2 Golden LadyBug
<< Anonymous(Tony)
Anonymous Reply
if you ask for optimizing a bit: change the berry-birds for trapholes up to 3 or if you haven't 3 holes than i suggest at least 1 more lady bug for the berry; i have 100% after 30 duels and never had to use my berry
The Blue eyes white dragon/CV farm definitely recommend
<< Anonymous(Toonmania )
Anonymous Reply
Thank you very much!
<< Anonymous(lol)
Anonymous Reply
i think its for castle and arrow is for zero gravity
<< Anonymous(Toonmania )
Bregthor Reply
What should I use if I dont have anto magic arrows or CV
<< Anonymous(Bregthor)
A Reply
trap jammer will be fine, but you need it SET turn prior

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