Vellian Crowler unlock event: Dr. Crowler's Tricky Tests

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update 25/10/2017
Vellian Crowler pages

Vellian Lvl 40
Vellian Lvl 40
PeriodFeb 19 - Feb 27

A new legendary duelist, Vellian Crowler, will be coming to Duel Links! You must unlock Yu-Gi-Oh! GX world first to play the unlock event. This page is currently based on the last Crowler unlock event and will be updated.

How to play

Defeat/farm Vellian Crowler to gain event points! Once you get 300,000 points, Vellian Crowler will be unlocked as a playable character. You'll also have Gems, Jewels, Gold, and event exclusive rewards by earning points.


Finish homework (event missions) assigned by Dr. Crowler to earn event points!

EX Jewel

You'll get EX Jewels during the event. That item can be traded for event exclusive cards at Card Trader.

Achievement rewards

EX Jewel

Duel Rewards

Vellian Lvl 30 Deck

Lvl 30: Chronos

Ancient Gear KnightAncient Gear BoxAncient Gear BeastAncient Gear BeastAncient Gear SoldierAncient Gear Soldier
Ancient Gear SoldierAncient Gear CannonAncient Gear CannonAncient Gear CannonAncient Gear CastleAncient Gear Castle
Ancient Gear CastleAncient Gear FistAncient Gear FistAncient Gear WorkshopAncient Gear FactoryMachine Conversion Factory
Machine Conversion FactoryZero Gravity----

Past Rewards

Event Points

EX Jewel

Duel Rewards


Hot New Top
he suppose to be coming back again in the summer time
Is he suppose to be coming back again in the summer time
<< Anonymous(Keldeo214)
Anonymous Reply
No, he's permanently at the gate.
What's the best way to get a comeback victory against level 30 Crowler using Jaden?
Got 3 of each
I missed the event ;(
Bad drop rate... only 1 UAGG and Knight/Engineer only 3 times. Not even a glossy/prismatic SR from him...
Lvl 50 finally showed up today i didnt get a single summomable monster in my hand but he gets uagg out on first turn and kills me str8 away. This is some bullshit
<< Anonymous
Yudhajay Reply
<< Anonymous
Odd Reply
Proud to say that I dueled LV50 Crowler 4 times, and destroyed him every single time. Lol
I have 2 Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem,14 AG knight, 8 AG castle, 15 AG engineer and 12 biofalcon. WTF?
<< Anonymous(tjtonny)
Ken Reply
Sounds about right...that happens just about every time. There is always one or two of the drop cards that most people are not going to get all of. The last ones, Zane and Chazz, I farmed at 7000-8000 lv 40 close to if not over 100 times. I did not get any of Zanes UR Dragon, only one of the UR cyber repair plant. Chazz....I had 17 UR AD LV10, 8 of the other UR, and 0 (ZERO) Lindwurm
Best deck to summon Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem to get the event gems and win, out of 6 match i win 5 of them.
Note: summon UAGG as soon as possible.
The deck:
2x Ancient Gear Golem
2x King of the Swamp
3x Ancient Gear Night
1x Ancient Gear Beast
2x Ancient Gear Soldier
3x Super Ruch Headlong
1x Enemy Controller
3x Ploymerization
3x Floodgate Trap Hole (you can substitute them with more Enemy Controller or any card you see fit)
2x Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem (Extra Deck)
Hope it will help.
<< Anonymous
Thanks Reply
DUDE. This deck is cancerous. I'm torturing duelists online with this deck. It sometimes works as an OTK deck. The problems are: 1. I only have one King of the Swamp. 2. I might be unlucky by starting with a bad hand. But anyways, it is as annoying as CA and GB decks. XD THANKS BRO
I have 8 Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem but only 1 Ancient Gear Knight. WTF THESE DROP RATES
<< Anonymous(Jix)
Anonymous Reply
This is why I dislike some drop rewards being UR. They're pretty much never the rarest card the LD can drop.
<< Anonymous(Jix)
Anonymous Reply
I was the same with the Chazz event, I got 4 Lv10s and not a single Lv5
Drop rate is still collapsed and this will happen again in future with other NPCs/PCs. Campaign rewards interfere with events.
At the beginning the drop rate of this event was good, after ... gold, keys, R cards and sadness.
I can't get UAGG for the life of me ME....The RNG drop rates are atrocious.

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Interesting card, but not likely to see the level match ability put to good use... Other than Bea...
do we need that ultra rare phoniex thing for the deck to work
what about the others like roman and goodwin and misty
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