Standard Duelists Lvl 27

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30th Mini Box: Voltage of the Metal
update 08/10/2018

Updated Information

  • Its all Trap and Mokey Mokey Decklist Updated
  • Fabled Awakening and Genex I Deklist Added

Stage 27-32

From Stage 27 to 32, Standard duelists use Lvl 27 decks.

Fabled Awakening Lvl 27 (5D's)

Genex I Lvl 27 (5D's)

It's All Traps Lvl 27 (Updated)

Mokey Mokey Lvl 27 (Updated)

Brutality (Lv3) Lvl 27

Burning Damage Lvl 27

Circus Trick Lvl 27

Fusion Plants Lvl 27

Insect Multiplication Lvl 27

Reverse Trap Lvl 27

Ritual Summon


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Play Cyber Deck and get your Chimeratech Rampage dragon out asap. Keep Kuriboh or Kiteroid ready. Trust me Circus Tricks pisses me off the same as you guys. Can beat Cyber Deck as well if not for the Trap card "Cybernetic Overflow"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just go to lv 33 dude, its probably the safest auto duel level i think, probably the annoying one is flip summon or/and the magical hats one, but almost any beater deck can beat this level
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nah, Graveyard Power is still far more annoying than Flip for Reals and Magical Hats.

But yes, they're still better to deal with than Circus Trick.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
oh and the 5Ds ones are quite a trouble too if they get their combo going (X-Saber to the Rescue and the Noble Knight ones, anyway. The LIGHT Synchro one isn't that hard to deal with.)
Baron Barian
If this was the 🔥 my grandma had to fight, she never would've beaten it.
this is the most broken deck for any standard duelist to use. they are using limited cards at three copies. BROKEN!
Fusion and Ritual SD lv. 27 decks are removed and changed into Genex and Fabled.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You sure? They should be appear from DM or GX world.
Fusion and ritual deck won't appear on 5Ds world.
It's All Trap Lv.27, It's more annoying than before.
They're switching any cards with Palleozoic, Dueling it 3 times and always win it with almost deck out...
<< Anonymous(Option)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, the All Traps deck is more like Paleozoic deck now.

And there are two new decks added for Lv27, Genex 1 and Fabled Awakening.
<< Anonymous(Option)
Anonymous Reply
On the other hand, at least the All Traps deck no longer runs Tragedy like the Circus Trick deck, and now only has 1 Etaqua like us.
so when is konami planning on adding a level option for standard duelists so i dont have to get stuck with 🔥 lv33 decks that sacks broken 1-of cards on the first turn every 🔥ing game. ive said this numerous times on every survey already: fix your 🔥ing game and get rid of all the standard duelists lv27 and over so i can go back to playing against lv20 duelists when it was actually fun. i refuse to use boring 🔥 counter decks with a dead cosmic cyclone just because you dont know how to put in a level option that shouldve been in the game from the 🔥ing start. put level select in the goddamn game konami you 🔥ing 🔥 trashass company. holy 🔥
<< Anonymous(alexsingagliarulez)
Anonymous Reply
Just use your brain... or call Dad to help you
<< Anonymous(alexsingagliarulez)
Anonymous Reply
I do agree with this as an option. Standard duelists should be there as a farm option and occasional challenge. I end up ignoring anything I know is pure BS and just cycle until I get something fightable.

And to all you yelling "built counterdecks", we already have the Legedary duelists who are a huge challenge themselves to built counterdecks for. When it comes to the basic mooks, maybe I don't want to make specific decks for everything. Maybe I just want to play the decks I like and enjoy myself. Ever think about that?
<< Anonymous(alexsingagliarulez)
Boodiebunz Reply
I kinda agree. It's a bit of a turn off when you force players to play a certain way. Higher rewards are nice, but some of us are just trying to stack up some Keyes real quick y'know. A level select would be convenient bc then I could get proper use out of the reward multipliers if I only have a few minutes to play. The 27s and up kinda forces your hand into playing how someone else wants you to.
<< Anonymous(alexsingagliarulez)
Anonymous Reply
Level 33 SDs aren't that hard, they're actually far easier to deal with than Circus 🔥.
I've been playing for a year now and still staying on stage 31, only to unlock Lv. 40 LD and just because these SD are the easiest to auto duel with.
If you're still having trouble with Circus Trick, just fill your deck with Tenkabito Shien (you can get it via Card Trader), E-Hero Wildheart, Trap Jammer, and Straight Flush. Fill the rest of your deck with normal monsters with 1500+ ATK and DEF (to bypass Curse of Anubis and to ensure they wouldn't be beaten in combat while in defense) and spell/traps that can destroy traps and hopefully set cards, and you should be good, even with Auto-Duel. Yes, compared to other decks of this stage, Circus Trick is *far* ahead. Still, just push ahead, and once you reached Stage 33, you won't have to worry about this deck ever again. Making a separate deck might be annoying... but this is the stuff you will be doing to farm Lv40 Legendary Duelists anyway.
<< Anonymous(Aquablast)
Anonymous 17hour ago Reply
This deck is still perfect against that one and f2p.
Right now, until Jinzo is obtainable, the best way to deal with Circus Trick is to start the duel, immediately surrender, and move to the next standard duelist.

Saves a lot of time.
3 anubis and 3 etaqua sure is OP, now I know why Konami limited both to 1 copy for us players
I cant wait to build my own circus trick deck for pvp.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Go for it!
Playing against circus trick is a real tragedy
<< Anonymous
NitroCheese Reply
I am slightly triggered by that pun
<< Anonymous(NitroCheese)
Anonymous Reply
You got pun-ished

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You really need squire to get things moving
Maybe From Flip Turner if i Presume correctly.
Hello beautiful.
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