Standard Duelists Lvl 27

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update 11/10/2017

Stage 27-32

From Stage 27 to 32, Standard duelists use Lvl 27 decks.

Brutality LVL 3

Burning Damage

Burning Damage Lvl: 27

Monster Cards xQTY
Flash AssailantFlash Assailant
Parasite ParacideParasite Paracide
Spell Cards xQTY
Final FlameFinal Flame
Trap Cards xQTY
Attack and ReceiveAttack and Receive3
Skull InvitationSkull Invitation3

Circus Trick

Circus Trick Lvl: 27

Monster Card x9
Dream ClownDream Clown3
Crass ClownCrass Clown3
Blade RabbitBlade Rabbit3
Spell Card x10QTY
Trap Card x11QTY
Windstorm of EtaquaWindstorm of Etaqua3
Curse of AnubisCurse of Anubis3
Labyrinth of NightmareLabyrinth of Nightmare3

Fusion Plants

Fusion Plants Lvl: 27

Monster Card x15
(Fusion monster x5)
Darkworld ThornsDarkworld Thorns3
Feral ImpFeral Imp2
Silver FangSilver Fang2
Flower WolfFlower Wolf3
Rose Spectre of DunnRose Spectre of Dunn2
Spell Card x10QTY
Vile GermsVile Germs3
White Elephant's GiftWhite Elephant's Gift3
Centrifugal FieldCentrifugal Field1
Trap Card x0QTY

Insect Multiplication

It's All Traps

It's All Traps Lvl: 27

Monster Cards x0QTY
Spell Cards xQTY
Trap Cards x20QTY
Attack and ReceiveAttack and Receive3
Embodiment of ApophisEmbodiment of Apophis3
Judgment of AnubisJudgment of Anubis2
Windstorm of EtaquaWindstorm of Etaqua2
Tiki SoulTiki Soul3

Mokey Mokey

Reverse Trap

Ritual Summon


Hot New Top
I just got to Level 27 and now getting steamrolled. I went from going on 11+ win streaks to winning 1 in 5 games :(
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well enjoy it while you can lvl 33 is where it starts getting harder but lvl 39 to lvl 51 is whooo extremly hard
Anyone who made the circus deck , they must be being fcked !!!!!!
i've reached stage 27, but the standard duelists still have lvl20 decks and am still earning only 4 dice per duel in bakura event, thanks in advance
<< Anonymous(rockman)
rockman Reply
nevermind about the lvl 27, they appeared after i defeated about 7 standard duelists, but still, they were supposed to appear immediately, so thats a loss still
<< Anonymous(rockman)
Anonymous Reply
and no, it was a complete reset, i had defeated all SDs before advancing the stage
mickey is a bitch?! Whoever made him has trolling others as a passion!
<< Anonymous
Yami Rakubo 11days ago Reply
Damn straight my nigglet
Monkey Monkey is bugged. You can deck it out by doing nothing. AI won't attack you when there is no monsters.
Hi guys, would i like to know if someone could help me to build a deck to farm SD lvl 27. My goal is to farm keys to eventually farm LD at the portal. could someone help to build a deck? which kind of deck could I build if these kind of cards?
<< Anonymous(Renan)
Renan Reply
Hi guys, would i like to know if someone could help me to build a deck to farm SD lvl 27. My goal is to farm keys to eventually farm LD at the portal. could someone help to build a deck? which kind of deck could I build if these kind of cards?
<< Anonymous(Renan)
Anonymous Reply
By farming, I'd think it means auto-ing, right? I find using a simple beatdown deck works best as it is easy to grasp for the AI. I'd recommend putting in some equipment spells or traps along with mirror wall/curse of aging/michizure and a few twisters also since lv.27 SDs start to have some retaliation tricks up their sleeves.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And if you have no particular LD you wish to level specifically, building a beatdown deck around field card would really work wonders. Scanning through your card, Yugi's Power of Dark and Kaiba's Peak Performance seems to be doable.
<< Anonymous
Renan Reply
Well noted, I will try to build a deck as you informed. Actually, my Yugi is lvl 35 and now, I do not know which LD to play after Yugi, probably I may play with Bandit, but I m not sure yet. The goal to farm SD lvl 27 is to get a lot of keys to farm LD at the portal to build a deck stronger in order to advance the stages. Now, to obtain a lot of keys from SD lvl 27, I need to score more than 9000
Hey guys. I'm currently stage 26. I have this auto duel deck and need an opinion on how fairly it play against lvl 27 sd
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i think that you would put some monster level 6 whose attack is over 2000
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Like summoned skull? Thanks
Missing card counts on Brutality LV 3:
2x Sonic Maid, 2x Order to Charge, 2x Heart of the Underdog, 3x Sword of the Soul-Eater, 1x Attack of the Cornered Rat, 1x Cry Havoc! (completely missing from this page)
Brutality LVL 3 deck has Cry Havoc Trap card
Burning damage is freaking annoying especially if I'm not paying attention in auto duel. haha
<< Anonymous(Rev)
Rev Reply
Also, all traps is easy but annoying.
I'm Farming at Stage 32 instead of Stage 33, Auto Duel sometimes are very annoying, I can win SD 27 Duel but the Bots are very useless, My Deck is in test mode anyway...
How to defeat the ritual deck plz tell
<< Anonymous
Genius Gennoh Reply
To defeat ritual deckz, reach stage/mission 33 so you won't have to deal with all those ritual deckz anymore. In fact, you might not be able see them ever again, which is what you probably wanted. AM I A GENIUS OR WHAT? (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)
<< Anonymous
TECS Reply
Use a ritual deck yourself. The strength of rituals is that they can quite fast summon strong monsters and you mostly can do nothing about it. The answer is summoning or buffing something over 2000 fast or decreasing your opponet's attack enough also fast.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ritual Sealing. Use Yugi with Draw Sense Magic/Trap. This will destroy the first ritual summon.

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also beats decks with forbidden chalice and you have enough cards to protect or bring back you...
REZD is no longer tier 1. AG can easily beat them
I'm DLMax with AG, i usually loose to CA/Phoenix, i destroyed everything else.
This game got already broken with thr indruce of CA and Ancien gear monsters and now we get this ...
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