Standard Duelists Lvl 27

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update 01/01/2017

Stage 27-32

From Stage 27 to 32, Standard duelists use Lvl 27 decks.

Brutality LVL 3

Burning Damage

Burning Damage Lvl: 27

Monster Cards xQTY
Flash AssailantFlash Assailant
Parasite ParacideParasite Paracide
Spell Cards xQTY
Final FlameFinal Flame
Trap Cards xQTY
Attack and ReceiveAttack and Receive3
Skull InvitationSkull Invitation3

Circus Trick

Circus Trick Lvl: 27

Monster Card x9
Dream ClownDream Clown3
Crass ClownCrass Clown3
Blade RabbitBlade Rabbit3
Spell Card x10QTY
Trap Card x11QTY
Windstorm of EtaquaWindstorm of Etaqua3
Curse of AnubisCurse of Anubis3
Labyrinth of NightmareLabyrinth of Nightmare3

Fusion Plants

Fusion Plants Lvl: 27

Monster Card x15
(Fusion monster x5)
Darkworld ThornsDarkworld Thorns3
Feral ImpFeral Imp2
Silver FangSilver Fang2
Flower WolfFlower Wolf3
Rose Spectre of DunnRose Spectre of Dunn2
Spell Card x10QTY
Vile GermsVile Germs3
White Elephant's GiftWhite Elephant's Gift3
Centrifugal FieldCentrifugal Field1
Trap Card x0QTY

Insect Multiplication

It's All Traps

It's All Traps Lvl: 27

Monster Cards x0QTY
Spell Cards xQTY
Trap Cards x20QTY
Attack and ReceiveAttack and Receive3
Embodiment of ApophisEmbodiment of Apophis3
Judgment of AnubisJudgment of Anubis2
Windstorm of EtaquaWindstorm of Etaqua2
Tiki SoulTiki Soul3

Mokey Mokey

Reverse Trap

Ritual Summon


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B. Reverse Trap

1. Do not use yugi's dark power or "yami"
2. Use normal monsters with high DEF and at least 1400 attack. DO NOT use monsters like "Naturia Strawberry" or similar effect monstere...because of "Reverse Trap"
3. Do not attack Flash Assailant when he is in attack pos with 1200 attack, with "reverse trap" he'll have 2800.
4. Use cards such as "yomi ship" and "hane-hane"
5. Use spells such as: Remove Trap, Tornado, Trap Jammer to counter his traps.
6. Play defensive until you draw "Labyrinth of Nightmare". Have at least 2 in your deck.
6. USE "Labyrinth of Nightmare", it will force them in def position so then you can easily use the "micro ray" + "meteorian" combo to finish them off and also will change your monsters to def, which is good if you have high def monsters like I suggested.
7. If your monsters get wiped, use "Cry Havoc!" to summon easily 2 monsters.
<< Anonymous(Cyclo)
Cyclo Reply
At least 1550 attack*
<< Anonymous(Cyclo)
Arzie Reply
I can beat this deck with high atk monsters, mostly on auto. Just don't rely too much on atk increasing cards and you'll be fine
Some tips for fighting against Circus Tricks and Reverse Trap:
A. Circus:
1. Do not use yugi's dark power or "yami"
2. Try using ONLY normal monsters (non effect, yellow card) with at least 1400 def and 1400 attack
3. Do not keep set monsters because of "Tragedy"
4. As fast as you can try having two Monsters on the field (not 3), one in attack position one in face-up def position.
5. Do not go in def position especially if you have another set/def position monster, you'll most likely get wiped.
6. When "Dream Clown" is in attack pos. always kill him.
7. When "Crass Clown" is in def position always kill him.
8. Destroy "Labyrinth of Nightmare" as many times as you can.
9. Do not use level 7 or higher tribute monsters, there is no point, you don't need high attack, use only maybe 2 lvl 5-6 normal monsters.
10. Use spells such as: Remove Trap, Tornado, Twister, Trap Jammer to counter his traps.
11. If your monsters get wiped, use "Cry Havoc!" to summon easily 2 monsters.
12. If you think you've got the hang of it try using the trap combo "micro ray" + "meteorian" to finish him fast.
<< Anonymous(Cyclo)
Cyclo Reply
Without "Twister", my bad.
Circus trick is the worst, i'v lost countless times against it.
If he picks the right hand there is nothing you can do
<< Anonymous
GYRO Reply
Yup. Brutality is also pretty awful.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
@gyro the brutality deck is the easiest to beat the circus one is also easy
<< Anonymous
GYRO Reply
How do you do it? I win consistantly on the others, but those i lose like 50% of the time. what's your strat?
Goddamn that reverse trap deck!!!!!
<< Anonymous(Mark)
Rootless Reply
i'm having a lot of trouble with those traps cards, especially with that circus trick deck, any tips for me do win it more easly ?

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this skill isn't too op as described
Same here.............
That what I was thinking 1700 is max for a guy who can use a field spell to get 1900
I got It's a toon world Skill against Yami yugi lv 20. Using a regular deck. I was tryng and...
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