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28th Mini Box: Chronicle of Glory
update 27/04/2020

Tiki Soul

Tiki Soul
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect / Condition / Continuous-like Effect
ArchetypesTrap Monster
SupportsTrap Monster


Special Summon this card as an Effect Monster (Rock-Type/LIGHT/Level 4/ATK 1000/DEF 1800). (This card is also still a Trap Card.) While this card is an Effect Monster, if another Trap Card you control that is a monster would be destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle or by card effect) and sent to your Graveyard, you can Set it in the Spell & Trap Card Zone instead.

How to get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card traderTradable [UR]
[Required trader items]
90,000 Gold
UR Jewel x4
Stone of Traps x60




  • Can easily be used as tribute for summoning stronger monsters.
  • Reuses other continuous trap monsters.
  • great defense.


  • Uses up 2 zones (1 spell/trap zone, 1 monster zone) while active.
  • Returning continuous trap monsters to your spell/trap zone can quickly clog your field.



Special summon this Tiki soul to use as tribute for summoning high-leveled monsters. And since Tiki Soul is treated as a level 4 monster, you can use him as tribute for ritual summons.

Magical hats

Special summons 2 trap cards from your deck and sets them as monsters. After a space in your monster zone is freed up, activate Tiki Soul. Then any other trap card in your monster zone, destroyed by your opponent, will be set to your spell/trap zone.

Continuous trap monsters

Tiki Soul allows you to reuse continuous trap monsters as long as he is face-up. Building a deck full of these monsters helps you maximize the effect of Tiki Soul.

Chain reaction

[Skill] descriptionUsers
Chain Reaction
Can be used each time you activate a Trap card. Decreases your opponent's Life Points by 200.


Chain Reaction works well with Tiki Soul because it allows you to reuse your continuous trap cards. This can be your key to winning in a pure trap deck.




Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesTreats Trap Cards as monsters
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons itself from your Spell & Trap Card Zone


Hot New Top
Anonymous 21days ago
can you still get it? no longer appears in the Card trader.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
regular inventory
This or apophis?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I would prefer Tiki Soul. Apophis can only be summoned during main phase, while Tiki Soul can be summoned during battle phase
Does this card work with Paleozoic?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No as they are not treated as trap cards on the field, this card specifies that they must
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Paleozoics are currently working with tiki curse. So we need to test with tiki soul.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Too bad duel wield is still popular, otherwise witch rider would be another great option 2 play
Another cons:
-Low Atk
Ihave so much gold and ur jewels. But i already bought all ur that i want from card trader. I know this card is garbage but in the end i still bought it for the sake of collection.
in real game these cards have more sense because space is not limited
<< Anonymous
G Reply
Ofcourse in real game space is limited you noob x’)
Hey guys just quit duel links
<< Anonymous(Zane)
Anonymous Reply
i love your mother she loves my πŸ”₯ please tell her that i want her wet πŸ”₯ on my πŸ”₯ again my boy
<< Anonymous(Zane)
Anonymous Reply
U πŸ”₯ cuz cyber angels? πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ niqqa
<< Anonymous(Zane)
Anonymous Reply
He salty because of ca
<< Anonymous(Zane)
Anonymous Reply
whats the point of releasing 3 !! πŸ”₯ty cards. yugioh has more than 10000 cards. and konami releasing 3 πŸ”₯ing cards after months of waiting???????????
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
JNE Soul
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
KantorPos Soul
its useless to release new cards if it will not stop cyber angels.. duelinks is getting boring because of them. they need to get limited/banned.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you can't figure out what a hyperbole is then there's a problem with you
<< Anonymous(Zane)
Horus Reply
Hey, use a Horus deck. No Ritual, No CA
<< Anonymous(Zane)
Anonymous Reply
Normal Red Eyes Deck with CV is a easy counter to CA. Won every game against CA ans climbed the latter to KoG from L1 to KoG in one day with only 2 losses.

So nothing to be afraid of when it comes to facing a CA Deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ca isnt unbeatable you know
Running an infinite loop with two of these is sweet. So far, drawing 2 when running 3 is fairly consistent.
Where can I get this card
<< Anonymous
Up UR Reply

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