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update 04/09/2016

Attack of the Cornered Rat

Attack of the Cornered Rat
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeQuick-like Effect


If a Level 3 or lower Normal Monster you control battles, during the Damage Step you can pay Life Points in multiples of 100. The ATK of the opponent's monster is reduced by the amount of Life Points you paid, until the End Phase. (You cannot pay more Life Points than the ATK of the opponent's monster.)









How to Get

Under construction.


LPPays Life Points for cost
Stat changesYour opponent's monsters lose ATK

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why not banned in offical you can pay only 300/500 LP to destroy your opponent's monsters. ex : jerry bean mean vs vorse raider you can pay only 200 LP to kill vorse raider (vorse raider atk 1700)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
...wut? You can pay as many LP as the monster has ATK. So in Vorse Raider's case, you can pay 1900 LP (but no more, unless it's boosted or something).
it is annoying that when you're auto-dueling the ai doesn't understand not to attack 3 star monsters, when the card is clearly there for everyone to see :/ it's like "cool, my hunter dragon just died to a zombie dragon, again! and now i've lost" i kinda hate the auto-duel ai sometimes :/
it should be a one time use card not continuous... DAMN what were KONAMI thinking..
<< Anonymous(WTF)
Anonymous Reply
It really wasn't OP at all when it was released in the TCG/OCG because at that time, Synchros were a thing. It still would be stupid if they released it in Duel Links though
This card so OP
I wouldn't mind cards like this so much if there were actually a way to get them. Without that, it seems like the NPCs have an unfair advantage.
Would be awesome to have it!
Just to take Yourself to 100 LP for more points!!
<< Anonymous(Duels?)
Valon Reply
My thinking exactly. That's why I came here.
complete bullshit asshole card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol someone just got shit on by an npc
This card has potential. Could work really well if coupled with enchanted javelin.
So we just need 1600 def monsters or higher to stall.
Peter K
Such a dick. Stupid card. omg hashtag ridiculous

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New to Duel Links. Can someone answer a few questions about the Vagabond? Sorry for the long post...
good idea using traphole to block sphinx
愛紐西蘭 喔喔欸囉 溝呢
Complete GX missions. I don't remember what Stage exactly but you should have them by stage ...
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