Standard Duelists Lvl 27

How to defeat the ritual deck plz tell
Genius Gennoh
To defeat ritual deckz, reach stage/mission 33 so you won't have to deal with all those ritual deckz anymore. In fact, you might not be able see them ever again, which is what you probably wanted. AM I A GENIUS OR WHAT? (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)
Use a ritual deck yourself.
The strength of rituals is that they can quite fast summon strong monsters and you mostly can do nothing about it. The answer is summoning or buffing something over 2000 fast or decreasing your opponet's attack enough also fast.
Ritual Sealing. Use Yugi with Draw Sense Magic/Trap. This will destroy the first ritual summon.
I played cautiously against 27 sd ritual was the closest by far i had bad draw all equip spells in my beater deck but not really hard im F2P btw and i dont usually have x3 cards except econ
<< Anonymous(Genius Gennoh)
Easy, Black Horus dragon works if you can level it up quickly. Lv 7 can cancel trap cards. Also, I’ve used a blue eyes summoning deck with restart and a silent magician deck and have yet to lose. Fusion decks work okay as well. Traps such as curse of Anubis and floodgate trap hole work great
<< Anonymous
I meant cancel spell cards
The ritual deck is only hard if it gets a ritual into the field and then equips it with Ritual Weapon.

Otherwise, the deck isn't tough at all, the deck's max ATK without Ritual Weapon is only 2000 lol


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let's be honest this box should have a c- rating
Let Toon Kingdom be on future Prismatic UR Tickets... (like Kuriboh Tickets)
Talking to me? Cause besides Shi En, it goes to level 7-10 Synchro for game.
you can get skill drops for any roaming & pvp duel. Its getting better NOW for noobs for skil...
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