Standard Duelists Lvl 27

Circus trick is the worst, i'v lost countless times against it. If he picks the right hand there is nothing you can do
Yup. Brutality is also pretty awful.
@gyro the brutality deck is the easiest to beat the circus one is also easy
How do you do it? I win consistantly on the others, but those i lose like 50% of the time. what's your strat?
How can you possibly lose so many times? All 27lvl duelists are easy. Circus trick needs two monsters - one always attacking second in defense position. I beat them easily with my ritual deck. Brutality you use de-spell and your usual buffs. They are easier than they look. There are two ways to go about duelists:
1.Increase your deck's strength.
2.Disable the strength of your opponent.
<< Anonymous(TECS)
^ "easy" if you not on auto ... lol

Tragedy, Windstorm of Etaqua, and dream clown is 🔥 up combo
<< Anonymous(bluegrass)
don't forget Curse of Anubis and Labyrinth of Nightmare
use dat lava golem doom dog combo
<< Anonymous(Bata)
Legendary Duelist
U can also 'SEMI AUTO'. You stop AUTO when you want them to stop with their stupid decisions it's about TIMING. YOURE WELCOME
<< Anonymous(TECS)
Except for tragedy...
That completely negates what you are on about with one in defense and one in attack position. I doubt you've even played against the deck.
I just won... all I did was let his deck run out of cards
There were some weakness of Circus Trick:
- They don’t have tribute monsters
- They don’t have spell/trap card negate/destroy
- They just destroy your monsters, not their own

My solve:
I use these cards:
- Lava Golem
- Wall of Disruption
- Draining Shield
- Massivemorph
- Straight Flush
- Jar of Avarice
- Cup of Ace
- Solemn Wishes
- Enemy Controller

Just use as you need
<< Anonymous(Sojiro)
Or just wait until we get Jinzo (which should be soon).

Lv27 SD Decks like Circus Trick, It's All Traps, and Reverse Trap, completely relies on their Trap card to function (Labyrinth of Nightmare in Circus Trick's case). Jinzo easily and completely stop those Traps, and make those decks crumble apart.
<< Anonymous
Jinzo just negate trap’s effect, nor monsters’ effect, if you have Angel07(negate monsters’ effect) and Jinzo(negate trap’s effect) in the field, problem solved, but both of them need 2 tribute monsters. So i choose the simplier solve
<< Anonymous(Sojiro)
As long as you have a strong enough monster (including Jinzo itself), you don't really have to worry about monster effects.

They will just keep Setting their monsters, making the monsters far easier to deal with.
<< Anonymous
Also, the Circus Trick deck in particular, rely on Labyrinth to change the battle position of their own monster right away.

As long as Labyrinth is negated, they cannot immediately fire their effect, giving you time to get rid of them.
<< Anonymous(Sojiro)
Such easy cards to get. Y'know, only a bunch of URs and SRs.
Can be depending on the deck, but Anti-Trap makes a fool out of this one negating any backrow benifits it has.
<< Anonymous
Deceptive flex, but ok
Electric Poop
Elemental Hero Wildheart equipped with White Veil. Destroys the entire deck
If you can manage to summon Quintet magician it negates the entire deck as it destroys all cards on the field when summoned. Then hit him for 4500 points of damage.
<< Anonymous
The answer we all deserved but didn't need.
<< Anonymous(TECS)
Thanks for coming on here to just state how much of a douche you are


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This horse is annoying everytime I farm Blair/Rei. She easily summon 2900+ ATK with piercing and ...
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