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update 14/03/2020


All non-Fusion “Gladiator Beast” monsters, with a few exceptions, share the ability to return to the Deck during the end of the Battle Phase of the turn in which they battled, and Special Summon another monster of their archetype from the Deck. When a “Gladiator Beast” monster is Special Summoned this way, it gains different effects that can range from backrow and monster removal (Gladiator Beast Bestiari and Gladiator Beast Murmillo respectively) to Special Summoning from the Graveyard (Gladiator Beast Darius).

Gladiator Beast decks usually rely heavily on their backrow to protect their monsters and allow them to continuously “tag out” and activate their effects, slowly depleting the opponent's resources.

Note: To see the pass Gladiator Beast Decklist, please click the link below:

Example Deck

Control Version [Updated]

Gladiator Beast VespasiusGladiator Beast VespasiusGladiator Beast VespasiusGladiator Beast BestiariGladiator Beast BestiariGladiator Beast Darius
Gladiator Beast EquesteGladiator Beast LaquariGladiator Beast MurmilloCosmic CycloneCosmic CycloneWorld Legacy Clash
Floodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap HoleGladiator Beast ChargeGladiator Beast ChargeGladiator Beast War Chariot
Gladiator Beast War ChariotGladiator Beast War Chariot----
Gladiator Beast DomitianusGladiator Beast HeraklinosGladiator Beast NerokiusGladiator Beast GyzarusGladiator Beast GyzarusGladiator Beast Essedarii

Combo Version [Updated]

Gladiator Beast VespasiusGladiator Beast VespasiusGladiator Beast BestiariGladiator Beast BestiariGladiator Beast DariusGladiator Beast Equeste
Gladiator Beast LaquariTest TigerTest TigerTest TigerGladiator Beast AndalUnexpected Dai
Unexpected DaiGladiator RejectionGladiator RejectionGladiator Beast ChargeGladiator Beast ChargeGladiator Beast War Chariot
Gladiator Beast War ChariotGladiator Beast War Chariot----
Gladiator Beast DomitianusGladiator Beast HeraklinosGladiator Beast NerokiusGladiator Beast GyzarusGladiator Beast GyzarusGladiator Beast Essedarii
[Skill] descriptionUser
No Mortal Can Resist
Can be used when your Life points are at least 1000 less than the opponent's. All monsters in the opponent's Graveyard changes to Skull Servants (Zombie / DARK / Level 1 / ATK: 300 / DEF: 200). This skill can only be used once per turn.
Ishizu Ishtar
Ishizu Ishtar

How To Play

Gladiator Beast Gyzarus

You can Special Summon Gladiator Beast Gyzarus by shuffling Gladiator Beast Bestiari and another “Gladiator Beast” monster into your Deck. When Gyzarus is Special Summoned, you can target up to 2 cards on the field and destroy them.

Summoning Gyzarus

  • Activate Unexpected Dai and Special Summon Gladiator Beast Andal from your Deck;
  • Normal Summon Gladiator Beast Bestiari;
  • Special Summon Gyzarus from your Extra Deck.
Test Tiger
Test Tiger
Gladiator Beast Bestiari
GB. Bestiari
Level 4 or lower “Gladiator Beast” monster
  • Normal Summon a Level 4 or lower “Gladiator Beast” monster
  • Special Summon Test Tiger from your hand via its own effect;
  • Tribute Test Tiger to Summon Gladiator Beast Augustus from your Deck;
  • Special Summon Gladiator Beast Bestiari from your hand via Augustus' effect;
  • Special Summon Gyzarus.
Test Tiger
Test Tiger
a Level 4 or lower “Gladiator Beast” monsterGladiator Beast Darius
Gladiator Beast Darius
a “Gladiator Beast” monster in the Graveyard
  • Normal Summon a Level 4 or lower “Gladiator Beast” monster;
  • Special Summon Test Tiger;
  • Tribute Test Tiger to Summon Gladiator Beast Augustus from your Deck;
  • Special Summon Gladiator Beast Darius from your hand;
  • Special Summon a “Gladiator Beast” monster from your Graveyard via Darius’s effect;
  • Special Summon Gladiator Beast Andabata;
  • Use Andabata’s effect to Special Summon Gyzarus.

This is possibly the most convoluted way of Summoning Gyzarus. Since the effects of the monster Summoned by Darius are negated, you can even use Tygerius as Fusion Material for Andabata.

Gladiator Beast War Chariot

Gladiator Beast War Chariot is possibly the only card that’s keeping this archetype from being completely outdated; a Counter Trap with a minor activation requirement that allows you to prevent your opponent from searching Invocation via Aleister the Invoker, Special Summoning a “Spectralsword” via Shiranui Squiresaga, or from applying the effect of The Sanctified Darklord using Darklord Ixchel, Darklord Nasten, or Darklord Tezcatlipoca.

Gladiator Beast Bestiari

When Gladiator Beast Bestiari is Special Summoned by the effect of another “Gladiator Beast” monster, it destroys a Spell/Trap Card on the field.

Gladiator Beast Murmillo

When Gladiator Beast Murmillo is Special Summoned by the effect of another “Gladiator Beast” monster, it destroys a face-up monster on the field. Murmillo used to be the main way Gladiators had to deal with problematic monsters, it’s a great card despite its poor stats, but keep in mind that its effect is mandatory, so, if your opponent has no face-up monsters on the field when you Special Summon it (or no face-up monsters that can be targeted by its effect), you will have to destroy one of your own.

Gladiator Beast Essedarii

Gladiator Beast Essedarii is a 2500 ATK monster with no effect. You need to shuffle back into your Deck 2 “Gladiator Beast” monsters in order to Special Summon it, and you can use it to prevent yourself from decking out.

The monsters used to Summon “Gladiator Beast” Fusion Monsters do not have to be face-up, so, even if your opponent flips your Bestiari face-down with Canadia, you can still use it for Gyzarus, Essedarii, or Nerokius.

Gladiator Beast Nerokius

Nerokius requires you to shuffle back into the Deck 3 “Gladiator Beast” monsters, it can't be destroyed by battle and, when it attacks, the opponent cannot activate cards or effect until the end of the Damage Step.

Additional Notes


[Skill] descriptionUser
My Monster Cards
If your Deck contains 6 or more Level 4 or below Monster Cards with different names, you will have improved chances of having a Level 4 Monster Card in your starting hand.
Syrus Truesdale
Syrus Truesdale

This Skill will increase your chances of opening with Test Tiger and reduce the chances of finding Augustus in your hand. “Gladiator Beast” decks love to have a lot of backrow available to disrupt the opponent’s plays, and that’s the main drawback of running My Monster Cards: your hand is going to consist primarily of monsters.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Sealed Tombs
Until the end of the opponent's next turn, neither player can banish cards from the Graveyard or Special Summon monsters from the Graveyard. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
Ishizu Ishtar
Ishizu Ishtar

Gladiators need all the help they can get in such an unwelcoming environment: Shiranui, Darklords, and even Dark Magician all get hindered by this Skill.


  • Treacherous Trap Hole can be used to prevent you from Summoning Gyzarus or from making any sort of ambitious play.

  • Gladiators don’t usually care about Canadia or Floodgate Trap Hole, but flipping your only “Gladiator Beast” monster face-down can prevent you from Summoning Test Tiger.

  • Most “Gladiator Beast” monsters have low stats and rely primarily on their effects to impact the board, but these effects can easily be negated by a number of cards.

  • Chariot only deals with Monster Effects; you’re still gonna have to deal with cards like Drowning Mirror Force.


Anonymous 1days ago
Yep this deck is the cyber dragon last kc, not many people use it, counter the t1 deck (maybe except invoker) and probably gonna top the kc too
Anonymous 26days ago
pretty 🔥ous if this deck got 1st turn. just realized most of the deck rn had advantage if they got 1st turn
We need Gladiator Beast United, then this deck will be strong again.
The combination of deck and new box make glad beasts pretty strong. So much card destruction and new ur makes up for glad beasts naturally low attack
This is the deck I use. It's definitely inferior, but I like it.

I would consider removing the field Spell and Respite in favour of more stun cards. But I don't have any Fiendish Chains that I'd put in.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You're probably better off adding more defensive cards like impenetrable attack mirror wall or more wod, over the ones that prevent combat so I it triggers glad beast effects
Is this deck just booty nowadays? Or do my opponents who use this deck just all happen to suck?
<< Anonymous(Sliferslacker)
Anonymous Reply
It looks like this deck jumping through hoops to do what other top decks can without jumping through hoops.
<< Anonymous(Sliferslacker)
Anonymous Reply
It relies on defensive traps and in a world with cosmic cyclone this deck won't be that great
not KoG
I only bought 2 decks and it works very well
Deck is trash sadly
That first deck doesn't seem plausible. You have two spell cards that special summon a normal card but have no normal monsters. What were you thinking?
<< Anonymous
ValleCula Reply
Maybe it wa fixed? I see now issues at all with the three decklists.
Unexpected Dai Special Summons Andal. We have two Dais and two Andals in the third decklist.
<< Anonymous(ValleCula)
Anonymous Reply
I might had over looked that since i didn't see Andal in there before. But at least you fixed it
one of most garbage structure deck already benn released in this game suck more than assault mode SD
Most people don't own fiendish chain lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But those fat whales do ;)
<< Anonymous
Serpi Reply
So go for canadia / treaterous / cyclones etc...
<< Anonymous
ValleCula Reply
Chalice, Canadia, Floodgate, or any Battle Trap you may own. That's how Gladiators have been playing ever since their release.
<< Anonymous(ValleCula)
Anonymous Reply
Playing those will hurt the deck if u wanna play .. play the best way to play that is 3x fiendish chain
Impenetrable attack is pretty stellar in this deck

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