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update 01/12/2020
Season 57 DurationNovember 1 - December 1

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Number of users per deck

Blue-Eyes Synchro1
Dragunity Synchro3
Fur Hire1
Gladiator Beast1
Gren Maju Da Stromberg1
Invoked Magician Girl3
Karakuri Synchro5
Shiranui Synchro5
Six Samurai Synchro1
The Weather Painter1



IGN: Santa, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: Nov 13



BatterymanmerameraBatteryman meramera2
IGN: meramera, Skill: Labyrinth Builder, Date Submitted: Nov 27

Blue-Eyes Synchro


Blue-Eyes SynchroSolace
IGN: Solace, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Nov 23



Crystron TwistedCrystron  Twisted2Crystron  Twisted2
IGN: Twisted, Skill: Level Duplication, Date Submitted: Nov 6


CrystronBlueDeltaCrystron BlueDelta2
IGN: BlueDelta, Skill: Mythic Depths, Date Submitted: Nov 30

Dragunity Synchro


Dragunity Synchro[NA]HimamDragunity Synchro [NA]Himam2
IGN: [NA]Himam, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Nov 23


Dragunity SynchroIIINCDragunity Synchro IIINC2
IGN: IIINC, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Nov 26


Dragunity SynchroJORGE VDragunity Synchro JORGE V2
IGN: JORGE V, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Nov 28

Fur Hire


Fur HireRytashFur Hire Rytash2
IGN: Rytash, Skill: See You Later!, Date Submitted: Nov 10

Gladiator Beast


Gladiator BeastREVOLVERGladiator Beast REVOLVER2
IGN: REVOLVER, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: Dec 1

Gren Maju Da Stromberg


Gren Maju Da StrombergcncrdecknubsGren Maju Da Stromberg cncrdecknubs2
IGN: cncrdecknubs, Skill: Restart, Date Submitted: Nov 30


Itzz MaxHD

Infernity SynchroItzz MaxHDInfernity Synchro Itzz MaxHD2
IGN: Itzz MaxHD, Skill: Infernity Inferno, Date Submitted: Nov 30

Invoked Magician Girl


Invoked Magician GirlDrustanInvoked Magician Girl Drustan2
IGN: Drustan, Skill: Draw Sense: DARK, Date Submitted: Nov 11

Nemsis two

Invoked Magician GirlNemsis two
IGN: Nemsis two, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: Nov 12


Invoked Magician GirlSeth
IGN: Seth, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: Nov 28

Karakuri Synchro


Karakuri SynchroKortezzy
IGN: Kortezzy, Skill: Restart, Date Submitted: Nov 3


Karakuri SynchroYamiNoGame
IGN: YamiNoGame, Skill: Restart, Date Submitted: Nov 7


Karakuri SynchroDmitriKarakuri Synchro Dmitri2
IGN: Dmitri, Skill: Firm as the EARTH, Date Submitted: Nov 7


Karakuri Synchro@delson182Karakuri Synchro @delson1822
IGN: @delson182, Skill: Draw Sense: Low-Level, Date Submitted: Nov 8


Karakuri SynchroⓛㅅⓛKarakuri Synchro ⓛㅅⓛ2
IGN: ⓛㅅⓛ, Skill: Restart, Date Submitted: Nov 18



LunalightzSenpasentoLunalight zSenpasento2
IGN: zSenpasento, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Nov 4


LunalightDestinyXSunLunalight DestinyXSun2
IGN: DestinyXSun, Skill: Master of Fusion, Date Submitted: Nov 10

Shiranui Synchro


Shiranui SynchroHeartfilia
IGN: Heartfilia, Skill: Level Augmentation, Date Submitted: Nov 6


Shiranui SynchroKINGPLAYER
IGN: KINGPLAYER, Skill: Level Augmentation, Date Submitted: Nov 9


Shiranui Synchroduonghoang16Shiranui Synchro duonghoang162
IGN: duonghoang16, Skill: Level Duplication, Date Submitted: Nov 24


Shiranui SynchroMilanstaShiranui Synchro Milansta2
IGN: Milansta, Skill: Level Duplication, Date Submitted: Nov 27


Shiranui Synchroyudidce112Shiranui Synchro yudidce1122
IGN: yudidce112, Skill: Level Augmentation, Date Submitted: Nov 30

Six Samurai Synchro


Six Samurai SynchropasqSix Samurai Synchro pasq2
IGN: pasq, Skill: The Tie that Binds, Date Submitted: Nov 7

The Weather Painter


The Weather PaintergororyThe Weather Painter gorory2
IGN: gorory, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: Nov 27



IGN: CombeiErrado, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: Nov 21



IGN: PlisKogUp, Skill: Master of Rites II, Date Submitted: Nov 6


Vendread ShiranuitaaVendread Shiranui taa2
IGN: taa, Skill: Level Duplication, Date Submitted: Nov 17

King of Games Log







Hot New Top
i saw an early kog stromberg deck.the only diff was i didnt have cosmic and fiendish but had 2 br removal and used chalice instead of third cyclone.instead of chain i used floodgate.or i can use that piece of s hit fiendish chain is that big difference in a 25 card deck?also i didnt have utopia but its useless most of time
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i didnt reach kog with it yet and most likely i wont in the beginning like that guy
Hi, some questions for your blue eyes deck is doing in the current meta? 2. Did you played it also in the kc cup? And how did it go? it so bricky as the name suggest?

I like very much your deck list but since is very expensive I need some information to decide if invest on it!
<< Anonymous
Sensationalize Reply
Hey there, Solace here. Blue Eyes is not a top tier deck that can get you into World Championship, but it is a good all around deck that can get you King of Games every season and at least top 10,000 every KC Cup(I made it on Sep and Nov). Yes, it is a good investment but there's always better decks to choose from. You can also brick 9 games straight but win next games quiet easily. Hope it helps.
<< Anonymous(Sensationalize)
Anonymous Reply
Thanks, I'm looking for a deck good enough to have fun but not enough to be banned! I hope to see the new ban list soon so I can decide!
<< Anonymous
Sensationalize Reply
The ban list is out now and yeah I agree, the best time to invest is a week after the ban list implementation or a week after a main/mini box release. The game meta have stabilized by then, and you can easily compare which decks are performing well on the ladder/tournaments. Choose a deck that suits your play style or the one you wouldn't get sick playing on the long run. Good Luck.
i reached kog with stromberg on 22:48 nov 28 took 2 days to submit it it wow
This is the first time that appened to me.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What two Skills were they?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
imagine gettin excited for 🔥ty skills like draw pass and draw sense
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Who says those skills are the 🔥ty ones?

For all we know it could be the good ones. Heck we don't even know what character the OP was using.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I've seen a guy got 3 skills as drops
D e a d game
Fur hure???? Really?
<< Anonymous(Red)
Anonymous Reply
yes uwu
<< Anonymous(Red)
Anonymous Reply
I guess it's the element of surprise that helped the deck, who expect to see Fur Hire nowadays anyway.
teenage lobotomy
Karakuri is too strong atm, I'm loving them again, but everyone is playing with them now, so I'll probably start countering it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Shiranui is a lot more interactive than karakuri. When karakuri go first they usually have 3 monster on the field 3 card set and 1 card in hand, this is absolutely not fair. They can even draw in your turn and have searchable negate.
I'm not saying that shiranuis are not needing a ban but karakuri and crystron are totally unfair.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Chrystons in one turn can fill the grave with 5-10 cards, summon brd, nuke the field and otk. Karakuri can set a FULL field and wait your move. Shiranui can win you even with an empty field just by utilising grave. All of the deserve a big hit. They dominate all the other decks so easily.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You guys are whining only because you didn't buy those meta decks.

Go get a job and buy those decks. You will see how easy it's to win with them and you will stop asking for ban.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
they'll stop asking soon, anyway. Konami would have to nuke the meta with the next banlist if they want Xyz to sell.
reached kog with stromberg sent email
-i was a tcg player and i stoped playing when xyz zodiac comes out, the one card xyz was too much, and konami ban half of that archetype.
- i start playing duel link since 2018 and i see that they do the same mystake, the one card combo, exp: ninishi, squire,blk wing,neos fusion, invok... one card synchro or fusion, so the game right now is like this, the one who draw those cards first win; so ppl play skill to get those card as faster as possible; exp: restart, draw sence...
-i hate to say it, but konami is going on the wrong direction, and if they continue like that, this game will die like tcg.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I have the exact same feelings man. I also stopped tcg after xyz era. Easy and unlimited pecial summoning has destroyed the game. And yes, today all you need to bring a powerfull monster is just one card that has 0 drawbacks. If they continue like this the game will soon die. Warly days of duel links were much better with many creative and slow paced decks.
uncomplete deck
im returning after 4 months should i invest on shiranui?
<< Anonymous(uncomplete deck)
Anonymous Reply
No, invest on either Karakuri or Crystron. They are much stronger
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, invest in patience. Banlist coming soon.
<< Anonymous(uncomplete deck)
Anonymous Reply
The game didn't change at all this year, if what you had 4 months ago worked then it works now.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it saddens me how true that statement is.
When you have a very good hand, but your opponent have the perfect hand to deal with you, but you don't surrender and Zubaba for game!
Six Sams Vs Lunalight
<< Anonymous(pasq)
Anonymous Reply
well i had a bad or mediocre had and the opp had the perfect hand to deal with me and got otkd 3 times in a row.there are times which i have good hand and i lose in a row cos it has exactly the cards in hand which helps to win like the last cards is exactly a cosmic cyclone etc
<< Anonymous(pasq)
Anonymous Reply
Zubaba General is really great for Warrior decks.
Witchcrafters are really dead.

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This box can suck your d1ck
he/she doesnt want to play kaleidoscope because dkayed said so
Good in predaplant deck that can change the opps attribute to dark. Buster blader too with the tr...
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