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update 01/02/2020
Season 48 DurationJanuary 1 - February 1

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Ancient Gear4
Blackwing Synchro7
Blue-Eyes Cosmo2
Cyber Dragon6
Cyberdark Neos1
Dark Magician7
Dino Synchro1
Dragunity Synchro3
Fortune Lady Synchro1
Gren Maju Da Stromberg1
Invoked Elementsaber5
Invoked Magician Girl1
Masked HERO3
Neos Fusion1
RDA/Assault Mode1
Ritual Beast3
Shiranui Synchro19
Silent Spellbook1
Six Samurai Synchro3
Superheavy Samurai Synchro3


CL Trader

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
CL TraderDestiny DrawJan 25

A comment from CL Trader:

The most important combo of this deck is Sanctuary in the sky plus The Agent of Entropy. There are essentially 6 Sanctuary cards in this deck...The agent will fill your graveyard with light fairies for your boss monster Master Hyperion while also baiting your opponent to use their back row on it when it is summoned. Once they’ve done that you can summon your Hyperion and take our their monster plus remaining back row usually putting you in a position to OTK.

Ancient Gear


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
jtmonayMiddle Age MechsJan 15


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
T-VirusMiddle Age MechsJan 16


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
AcydchaosThe Tie that BindsJan 25

A comment from :

I used the same deck as last months but I played it very differently: due to the new meta, my two traps were not here to protect myself but were used as decoys for cards like Dark Magician Circle or Cosmic Cyclone. Moreover, I tended to set more S&T cards to make my opponent destroy them to then activated the effects from the graveyard (Fortress and Galactic Cyclone). Breaker the Magical Warrior is much more useful than last month, so are the karakuri cards. The cards fasten this deck so much, I would not have made KoG without them !


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DrustanMiddle Age MechsJan 31

A comment from Drustan:

Got to KOG within the last 30min of the season! Pulse mine is a good counter vs shiranui. AG also doing well vs Dark Magician decks thanks to the backrow removal.

Blackwing Synchro


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
AgrobianoDestiny DrawJan 9


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DominusBJSealed TombsJan 12

A comment from DominusBJ:

I actually used a modified Harpie's Hunting Ground version of this deck to climb all the way to Legend 5, but I kept getting stopped by Dark Lords. This caused me to switch skills to Sealed Tombs which dealt better against Dark Lords, Shiranui, and Invoked Decks.

This deck won me KOG. Herald of the Abyss is an underrated excellent tech card that deals with Cocytus and other pesky boss monsters and has won me countless duels. Blackwing Breeze is a great substitute for Gale the Whirlwind since I only had 1 copy.

Hey, Trunade is invaluable against a board full of the back row and was more effective than running 2 cosmic cyclones. Steam the Cloak has won me some duels with his summoning from the graveyard, creating some tricky game-winning plays. When going second, this deck was nearly a guaranteed win.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BakurosoLevel ReductionJan 20


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LaplaceXZDraw Sense: High-LevelJan 24

A comment from LaplaceXZ:

Still managed to reach KOG with Blackwings despite the rise of Grass Shiranui and DM deck.

I'm using Draw Sense: High-Level skill for 2 reasons, because I want to consistently grab Simoon whenever I need it and also I'd like to role-play Crow with Blackwing deck.

I'm running 2 Ghibli last season, but this time I replaced it with 2 Sphere Kuribohs, likewise as a safety net to trigger skill and also to protect your board. It also can catch the opponent off guard, giving me chance to counterattack on the following turn.

1 Harmattan to extend combos as usual.

Got my 3rd Black Whirlwind from the recent dream ticket and it boosted the consistency significantly.

I replaced 1 copy of Kris with Zephyrus to have more options when searching using Whirlwind. It also helps swarm the board and lets you dodge the 1k damage from Simoon's effect to keep Whirlwind available and allow Gale's effect to be reuse.

1 Blackbird Close can also catch opponents off guard. always play it from hand, refrain from setting it if possible.

This deck plays without face down, making opponents think that either I bricked or played full offense Blackwing deck. Those handy hand traps are safe from most deck that can clear backrow or nuke the field.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BlueDeltaHarpies' Hunting GroundJan 24

A comment from BlueDelta:

Harpies’s Hunting Ground allows for more search options when Normal Summoning using Black Whirlwind. Triple Simoon the Poison Wind and Black Whirlwind are essential to set up your inital play. If you are going first and are not expecting an OTK on the opponent’s turn you might want to hold of from going all out on Synchros and just Normal Summon Kris the Crack of Dawn or set a tuner.

If you start with Simoon the Poison Wind and Black Whirlwind you can get off 4 searches in one turn, which easily allows to plan ahead for a follow up play. Your first Synchro monster should always be Assault Blackwing Raikiri the Rain Shower to clear the board. Assault Blackwing Chidori the Rain Sprinkling is a strong beater and can resurrect the former upon destruction, but its second effect is nothing to be relied upon, as it requires you to rely on your opponent’s actions. Blackwing Tamer – Obsidian Hawk Joe can bring back both Raikiri and Chidori and allows you to fill up the board with up to 3 Synchro monsters.

Black-Winged Dragon’s main purpose ist provide you with a free Special Summon upon the usage of Blackbird Close, which makes up for its cost. This way, you disrupt the opponent’s play while keeping up board presence.

Vermillion Dragon Mech enables some additional card destruction and is a versatile Level 9 Synchro monster. It is worth nothing that Oroshi the Squall’s effect can be used on your own monsters to turn around the situation. If the enemy is going to use a card effect to switch Raikiri into face down defense position summon your second Synchro monster with Oroshi and flip up Raikiri.

Note: I just got my hands on Blackwings and i am still in the process of optimizing them. Switching one or two Kris with Bora the spear sounds like a good idea. Also, feel free to change up the Extra Deck.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YezuKiraSealed TombsJan 28

A comment from YezuKira:

This is my version of Blackwing Deck. Some players use 2 Cosmic Cyclone. I‘ve used 1 And 1 Night Shot to prevent “magicians Navigations” and other traps In response.

The best offense and defense Of this Deck is the Poison Wind and Hawk Joe... if you start the Duel. No matter what monster your opponent attacks, in your move, you will able to: summon Raikiri and destroy 2 cards or make a finalizer attack

Delta Crow saves me more time than I can count.

Sealed Tombs saves the duel when you are in Legend Rank 5 and have to win five times without losing.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
クリティウス_10Harpies' Hunting GroundJan 30

Blue-Eyes Cosmo


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SolaceDestiny DrawJan 18

A comment from Solace:

It took me quite some time, but after a lot of tweaking, tempering, tuning and testing. I proudly present my self-made non-meta blue eyes white dragon deck.

This deck mainly focuses on disrupting your opponent plays using counter traps and then swarming the field with big beater monsters, while dealing with their back row at the same time(Rebirth of Parshath+Ancient Stone of Legend into Avenging Knight of Parshath and Dragon Spirit of White).

It is quiet lethal and effective since most meta decks requires grave and field set ups(it doesn't trigger their effects since you return them back into the deck). We put three copies of dawn knight for consistency. It works as a medium or substitute for white stone of legend in case you can't draw it early on. Then three copies of Divine Providence to enhance the effectiveness of Parshath counter trap.

What's more, you can also combo it with white stone of legends on hand. Destiny draw is your preferred skill of choice, it helps a lot when you are bricking, make crucial plays or finish an opponent of(You can easily trigger this skill, because rebirth of Parshath requires you to pay 1000 life points each use).

♦ Other Information:

  • Most Effective Main Combo:

    2x Rebirth of Parshath(Set), One other counter trap(Hand), White stone of legend(Hand) or Dawn Knight(Set).

♦ Tips:

  • If you can't finish your opponent off in one turn and they have no field or back row protection. I recommend you synchro summon Azure Silver Eyes Dragon. It gives you a freebie monster reborn later on for your Spirit of White(back row removal) or Blue Eyes(Beater).

  • Always set your Dawn Knight to lure your opponent into attacking it. Keep it facedown until you draw White Stone of Legend. Then synchro it into Armades(swarms into Dragon of Spirit of White or Blue Eyes at the end phase).

♦ Notes:

  • Always keep in mind how many Blue Eyes you have in hand or your grave. The main weakness of this deck is that you only have three tuners. Only use Dawn Knight skill of putting white stone of legend into the grave if you got field space to summon blue eyes.

  • Your chance of beating meta decks is roughly only fifty percent, it largely depends if you got your counter traps early on. If not, just hope that you survive the early rounds till you trigger your destiny draw skill.

♦ Credits:

I wanna say thank you on Everyone who is supporting me. I hope this gives you an Idea how I get KoG despite the new powerful meta cards added in the game. Let's all keep climbing up the ladder, let's get our game on! ^-^


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RobertX7Alternative EvolutionJan 24

A comment from RobertX7:

Basically, what you do is outsourcing your opponent and get into OTK whenever possible, many deck such as lava golem Odion or labyrinth brother rely on their trap to stop attack or stall for a turn, by negating them, you can get a clear direct attack and easily otk them, also to caught a lot of opponent off guard such as Darklord, negating their Ixtab will make them go -2 while discarding a stone will make you card neutral or even get a free blue eyes on board, all card in the deck is pretty self explanatory.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
fanelMythic DepthsJan 17

A comment from fanel:

This deck is really powerful for 2 reasons : sea stealth attack and crystron quarionganrdax.The targeting protection from citadel whale is the cerry on top.

Cyber Dragon


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
MikaCyber StyleJan 8


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SlonchoCyber StyleJan 20

A comment from Sloncho:

Inexpensive, fast. Not a big brain deck, but deals with most decks pretty well.



Hot New Top
Aaron Adams..
I love to play slimes..
Invoked Elementalsabre got me to KOG again.

Still strong.
Necrovalley is nice in the current meta
That guy who wrote:
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That guy who wrote:
"After being in relationship with this guy for seven years,he broke up with me, bla bla bla, use this love spell........ bla bla..."

He's angry because his own card games are DEAD and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is still alive. He belongs to an organized group of people who try too hard to b0ycott any product that doesn't belong to multinational corporations. Organized crime operates all over YouTube.

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@GameA when you go on the KoG Decks link at the top, it goes here instead of the Feb 2020 decks. I'm assuming this is an error, so just want to put it out there.
<< Anonymous
WoodFrJared Reply
Hi, The Issue has Been Fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience
Stratos + Fiendish chain = actually meta.
Not a meme deck at all.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cool, right?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
not so hidden meta deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's such an interesting deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So damn true.
that Neos deck more like Kinf of fakes
the best way to start this game is rerolling for one copy of Fiendish Chain at Selection Box 3 and one copy of Cosmic Cyclone in Selection miniBox 1(if you fail to obtain Cycone u cant try last chance opening only 10 packs in Galactic Origin Box). That is easy and both these staple are tier 1, so u will can use these 2 card in any deck u biuld, also selection boxes are the best boxes and u can obtain many other good cards beyond CC and FdC
than biuld a total F2P deck

*Weevil anti meta (SR/UR tickets Card Tarder)

*Armed Ojama (Chazz drop, Trader Card, SR/UR Tickets)

*Aromage (all card in trader card)

*Thunder Dragon/Cyber Stein (all Card Trader Card SR/UR ticket and Pegasus drop)

*Cyrstal Beast (all Jesse Drop or SR/UR Tickets0

*Cyberdark (all Zane Drop or SR/UR Ticket)

*Black Luster Soldier deck (all Trader Card or SR Ticket)

*Counter Parshath ( SR/UR and Selection Box 3)

*CyBer Angels (Alexis drops SR/UR/R tickets)

*use UR/SR dream ticket to obtain more staples another Cosmic Cyclone, Floodgate trap hole, Hey!Trunade, Treacherous trap hole or save it until before expire
*use common SR Ticket for 2 enemy controller
you dont need spend Gems or time griding it or Money in this game to reach Legend rank...
Hey guys, I need a tuner (or non tuner) monster that can be summoned for free (just like GILASAURUS), it needs to be level 3 or 4.

Is a monster like that available in the game?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dynaterium? Or looking for something more specific?
that Cat Dude
I think Shiranuis + Grass are actually a better deck than regular Shira
<< Anonymous(that Cat Dude)
Anonymous Reply
Sure, since they have 99% chance to open with grass!Faced 7-8 opponents with that deck and they opened every single time with grass...
I'm curious about other players experience!
<< Anonymous(that Cat Dude)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(that Cat Dude)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Near Reply
So true, same here

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