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update 25/09/2018
Season 32 DurationSept 1 - Oct 1

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Number of users per deck

Chain Reaction Raider1
Cyber Stein OTK4
Fur Hire19
Koa'ki Meiru2
Masked HERO11
Mermail SSA1


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
wizierv16BalanceSept 21
♦ wizierv16:
Alien deck makes me climb from platinum to legend but with other version and when i faced legend players i lost a lot, so i switch to furries i failed, to amazon failed again, to cyber stein failed, geargia failed, and anti traps still failed and stuck for a long time to legend 1. So i switched back on where i started which is this deck but changed a little bit of spell and traps. i run balance skill for this deck cause it will guarantee you a monster and backrows.

Telepath is the best monster here, cause it has the ability to destroy backrows that all the metas mostly have. When you go first and you have a A cell recombination, set your monster, it will help you to prevent on destroying the monster with A counter that needs for destroying traps and spells and summoning of your Alien Overlord that you can get after the turn you activated your A Cell.

You must be wise on when to use your chalices, trap hole and paleozoic, for furries when they go second and you have at least one of these backrows you can manage to stop their special summon, for vampires use it to Vampire Grace, for UA to their 1st UA Monster summoned to stop its special summoning and drawing power monster, for heroes to their anki, for amazon to swordswoman, let the Amazonness quenn face up so that after the turn he attack and his princess is in attack position you can wreck him into otk but of course with help of destroying effect of telepath to remove its backrows. When i came back with this new version of this deck i only lost 3 times for about 18 games.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Tnobes99Parasite InfectionSept 6
Pound 7Cyber StyleSept 8
HeartfiliaParasite InfectionSept 9
IshiRyokuCyber StyleSept 15
TimelyCyber StyleSept 16
DMT caiofabbPrescienceSept 19
闇のゲームEndless Trap HellSept 19
yugiHoly GuardSept 20
EscobasCyber StyleSept 22
¥.Peralta™Holy GuardSept 22
齵啦地啵My Monster CardsSept 22
ZeroParasite InfectionSept 23
DJ NobuCyber StyleSept 25
♦ Tnobes99:
I got to KOG again with Amazoness, but this time using cards post Gaia Genesis. Galaxy Cyclone and Cosmic Cyclone each have the strengths and weaknesses, so I play 1 of each. While both remove backrow, Cosmic Cyclone does a better job against cards like Onslaught, while Galaxy Cyclone does a better job at clearing more cards in general (you can also pop your own Onslaught to get a free Amazoness monster from your grave in a pinch).


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RedrendezvousSwitcherooSept 18
♦ Redrendezvous:
This deck revolves around stalling for geargia's effects to wreck everything or summoning Jinzo to counter Amazoness. You don't have to attack into traps unless you need to! Debunk is included for Vampires with their graveyard effects and semi-useful for U.A. when they brick for Kuriboh. Cyber Phoenix is a great draw 1 and can negate econ and canadia more than once per turn. Drillroid destroys the monsters you switched to defense with your traps. The best play is opening with ties of the brethren and using switcheroo to try for a defensive trap. You can substitute canadia with windstorm or anything that stalls in general. You still have to get lucky in the ladder though.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YT | AM LBalanceSept 9
♦ YT | AM L:
Monster Cards are Elemental-Hero Wildheart & Tenkabito Shien these are perfect to counter U.A. Penalty Box, Sea Stealth Attack and of course Amazoness Onslaught

Our spells are Mage Power, Forbidden Chalice, Noble Arms of Destiny and Mistaken Arrest. Mage Power allows our monsters to have huge attack so Fur Hires and high attack monsters have no chance.

Forbidden Chalice is perfect to counter most decks and if for some reason our foe manages to have an attack higher then our monster we can use this card during the damage step to ether take less damage OR to flip the table and win that battle. Now, Noble Arms of Destiny is perfect for Wildheart because if they destroy the card it will come right back. The downside to this is that only Wildheart can use this card. Now, Mistaken Arrest. Every single deck in Duel Links needs/ always adds cards from the deck to the hand. Ether it be Amazon, Fur Hire, Mask Hero, U.A. Life Cost 0 they all do it and this just 100% forces a quit OR sometime to stall for us to pull of big damage.

Our Trap Cards Paleozoic Canadia, Memory Loss and Wall of Disruption.

These cards are perfect. They suit down Fur Hire, Amazoness, Vampire, U.A and even Mask Hero if you time things currently!


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Soul_IgluLast GambleSept 20
♦ Soul_Iglu:
Amazoness Onslaught and Dyna are the enemy of this deck simply because they banish, that's not to say that this deck loses to Furs or Zons. I run 2 Industrial and 1 Sea Horse cause that's all I have, I never felt the need for a 3rd Snipe Hunter though. Quick Charger synergyzes with both Snipe and Last Gamble, I would set it and activate it the turn before I would use Last Gamble. Sphereiboh is your hand trap against other OTKs (Anki and Cyber Stein). This deck was a lot of fun.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Spica VCDestiny DrawSept 8
FrePalestineDestiny DrawSept 19
WildCardDestiny DrawSept 20
LifeOfSwizzLP Boost αSept 21
♦ FrePalestine:
Bujin Yamato is the secrete of the deck according to your opponent cards choose which monster you will send it to the graveyard .
♦ WildCard:
The ideal hand is come 1 That Grass Looks Greener or 1 Needlebug Nest or both and 1 Bujin beast warrior. If u open with Bujin Yamato try to send to GY a defense like Hare Bujingi, Bunjingi Sinyou or Bujingi turtle depending on your matchup.

Use the effect os Bujingis wisely specially Quilin and Centipede. Remember to search with Yamato effect another beast warrior Bujin like Mikazuchi/Arasuda to additional defense/support.
♦ LifeOfSwizz:
For this season I wanted to do it with a deck I haven’t achieved KOG before and with a deck not part of the meta of Fur Hire, Vampires, Masked Hero, Spellbooks. The MVP of the deck was Horn of the Phantom Beast getting that extra attack boost and the free draw to help me push forward in the game.

I didn’t find a need to use the other Bujin support monsters besides (Centipede and Sinyou) because they did not help progress the gamestate against any of the Meta decks. The best opening for me is a Bujin Beast Warrior with Ties (only have 1) or Yamato with Mikazuchi in hand. First Yamato end phase I would typically dump Sinyou most times unless I went second and saw a backrow heavy deck).

Chalice, Super Rush, E-Con is because there is a lot of Jinzo decks running around and Yubel FK so that’s my out to them although am only running 3 traps total. Powerful Rebirth was clutch in bringing back the needed monster when am making a push especially when I am hit with traps.

I went on a 15 game win streak from Legend 1 to KOG after being on a 4 game losing streak and switching to Bujins. The 5 matches in Legend 3 to make KOG were: Gemini, Fur Hire, Cipher Burn, Cipher Burn with Witch Raider/Mask Change and Masked Hero.

Chain Reaction Raider

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
PISTOLChain ReactionSept 25
Consistent deck. If it comes with a good hand it is possible OTK in the second round.

Cyber Stein OTK

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ZanketsuLife Cost 0Sept 7
KortezzyLife Cost 0Sept 13
BenLife Cost 0Sept 17
Banned 4everLife Cost 0Sept 25
♦ Kortezzy:
Set the flute to help with damage reduction as well as draw the chessy cards in your deck. Also use self damaging cards to help out getting your skill. In addition, try to bait your opponent to attack and play mind games.
♦ Banned 4ever:
I used Sangan instead of Magical Mallet for consistency. I found that playing Magical Mallet made the deck even more RNG then it already is. Cybernetic Fusion is a must in this deck as it allows you to get your life points to 1000 easily when paired with Cosmic Cyclone or Abyssal Designator for easy second turn OTKs. For the fusions I ran Blue-Eyes Ultimate, Cyber End and of course Gatling Dragon. I decided not to run Ojama King because every time I played it his effect would get negated the turn after by Forbidden Chalice and ended up losing most of those games. Cyber End Dragon was a much better choice, it allowed me to summon two 4000k beatsticks in case my opponent had a Sphere Kuriboh in hand to swing for game.

For match-ups, Masked Hero and U.A. decks were the worst match-ups that I came across. Maked Hero's have an insane amount of OTK potential if you don't get at least a Kuriboh and Sangan/Cyber-Stein. U.A.'s could be worse if they can get two Sluggers out as you wont be able to do anything. This deck handles Fur Hire, Amazons, and basically everything else really well. The only problem I ran into when playing against other decks was not getting Sangan or Cyber-Stein on my 5th-6th turn.

When playing against Fur Hires they'll usually go Beat and special Wiz. Thankfully Wiz does nothing to this deck because I run Sangan instead of Magical Mallet and most people I played that had Fur Hires would attack into Sangan or use Treacherous on it.

For Amazons it can get a bit tricky but its not too stressful(its one of my favorite and prefered match-ups with this deck). Ideally you want to set Cosmic Cyclone and wait for them to use Onslaught on Sangan(if you draw Sangan or multiple copies of Cyber-Stein)or wait until they get Queen and use Kuriboh and run into Princess with your two beatsticks.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
D-D-D-D-DuelGranpa's CardSept 9

Fur Hire

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Manko sukidaThe Tie that BindsSept 2
ZhangJianHuaCyber StyleSept 4
LegendThe Tie that BindsSept 6
Pduque13The Tie that BindsSept 8
TheHammer Deck 2The Tie that BindsSept 8
GoldenFlowerThe Tie that BindsSept 8
Black♡BulletThe Tie that BindsSept 10
BlueMinotaurThe Tie that BindsSept 11
Re-QlietThe Tie that BindsSept 12
BortboiThe Tie that BindsSept 13
ハイゼンベルク@風見鶏The Tie that BindsSept 16
SHIVABeatdownSept 18
VyaThe Tie that BindsSept 19
NamuThe Tie that BindsSept 20
Iliyan98The Tie that BindsSept 20
LeGend17The Tie that BindsSept 20
TonyThe Tie that BindsSept 22
Luseat 2ndThe Tie that BindsSept 22
Serpentine3The Tie that BindsSept 24
AlmirioThe Tie that BindsSept 24
AnikiladorThe Tie that BindsSept 24
akatsuki327The Tie that BindsSept 24
♦ akatsuki327:
I used Jinzo to negate Trap Cards which is used by Amazoness and negates most defensive backrows. I also limit my Donpa and use Enemy Controller because of its flexibility of its usage.
♦ Pduque13:
I use The Tie that Binds instead of Beatdown to OTK without high-level monsters. Offerings to the Doomed works very well in this deck. It can prevent you from OTK or help you to OTK, but use it wisely since you won't draw in your next turn!


Hot New Top
Anonymous No. 2 3hour ago
Anonymous 7hour ago
Did spellbooks die? :o
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3hour ago Reply
What do you mean? I have lost to it many times.
In Clowns We Trust 1days ago

Wait. I think this is the dumbest comment ever in the history of gamea. @Leinchester and @World Tree, may your brain cells REST IN PEACE.
<< Anonymous(In Clowns We Trust)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
The comment Leinchester responded to. He got schooled, so he responded with a dumb comment, and the dude thinks it's the coolest comeback ever. HAHAHA!
Anonymous 1days ago
Im already 7 time kog but sometimes grinding for just 200 is shit. It should be 500 gems instead.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Holy sh*t! Well, u gotta pay to win ;)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
about 9000 usd
<< Anonymous
Makrov krauz 1days ago Reply
I'm pretty sure you spent money to enjoy or u just hate grinding, I reached KOG 6 times in a row without spending any penny on the game and I'm planning to get that 10 KOG icon soon!
<< Anonymous(Makrov krauz)
Anonymous 15hour ago Reply
What decks did you use last 6 seasons?
@Makrov krauz
Anonymous 1days ago
A Fur Hire noob used his TTH against my Hazys.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
dude he probably just discovered the game two weeks ago thats why he didn't know hazys
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
how dare a newbie build a furry deck.. so desperate
Uridiaz 1days ago
Ssa best deck.
Makrov krauz 2days ago
Guys I made it to KOG with Koa'ki Meiru!, You can find my deck build on KOG decks/ page 2/ Koa'ki Meiru.

Winrate : 7-8/10
It took me about 52 wins from plat 4 to KOG

The reasons why I used Koa'ki Meiru:

First of all,many players were talking shit about Koa'ki Meiru and I felt like proving that every deck no matter how bricky it is with some adjustments and optimizations can reach KOG.

2. Many Players lost thier trust on non-meta decks so they don't even try to make a deck of their own.

3. Koa'ki Meiru is not just a fun deck with no potiental, I admit it the deck is very bricky + resources hungry and here is where the challenge comes, I really tried my best with the available resources to make this deck viable for climbing and my efforts paied off, last KC cup I reached lv max with Koa'ki, gathered 12k points in stage 2 with Koa'ki and now I made it to KOG using Koa'ki.

Why was it not hard to reach KOG with Koa'ki?:

The deck is relatively unknown for many players so many of my opponents didn't know what to expect and how to interact probably with my moves which proves that duel links is all about knowledge, luck and some skills.
<< Anonymous(Makrov krauz)
Yang 2days ago Reply
True, I have been a player of Koa'ki Meiru in in the OCG, and I find that it still can hold off against the meta quite efficiently even from its inception.
This again, proves that quite anything can reach the top tier, as long as the player in question is willing to grind and practice well against the meta.
<< Anonymous(Makrov krauz)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Hope to see more anti-meta playing with the 5ds world..(synchros are after all not immune to techs.)

(Btw,I just want to know if are you still going to use your Sylvans Makrov?)
<< Anonymous(Yang)
Makrov krauz 1days ago Reply
We are just missing core cards like the Diamond Core of Koa'ki Meiru and Koa'ki meiru Drago.
<< Anonymous
Makrov krauz 1days ago Reply
I tried sylvans in the last KC cup and honestly the deck didn't do well, the duels are just too fast and OTK oriented but I'm planning to optimize the deck to deal with the new meta decks especially vampire and ultra athletes, for now I'm I will try to adjust Koa'ki Meiru and will also try to build a new non meta deck for next month KOG, btw what deck did you use for climbing this season?
Anonymous 2days ago
I guess this is my punishment for playing fh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
With most decks, you may brick.
What is important is that the chance that you brick should be small. With FH, that chance is small but not zero anyway.
N!bba 2days ago
So, I've left the game for a while. I came back and climbed all way to Platinum, and I used many decks that I had (Anti-Trap, Anti-Meta, Lava Golem, Mill Deck, Nepenthys, Aliens, Counter Fairies, Fire King Yubel... etc). And I enjoyed it. But I got stuck in Platinum. The burn deck was my most "consistent" deck, but it wasn't good enough.

So, I gave up on Ranked duels and focused farming Yubel and LDs. After I finished farming, there wasn't anything much to do.

I have been to Legend Rank only once in my lifetime with an Alien deck. The furthest I reached was Legend 2.

Anyways, today I remembered I had a Hazy deck. I didn't have all the important cards, but at least it was good enough. It bricked here and there but it was good.

And after lots and lots of duels, I reached to Legend Rank, I couldn't believe it. It felt like it was too easy even though I didn't have all the required cards. I hope I can reach to KOG. This is my chance. Wish me good luck.
<< Anonymous(N!bba)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
good luck :)
<< Anonymous(N!bba)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
I left the game too. I built furries with gems from new characters, and got to KoG the same day.
<< Anonymous(N!bba)
Makrov krauz 2days ago Reply
Good luck bro, try not to use a meta deck
<< Anonymous(Makrov krauz)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
^ loser noob
Currahee 2days ago
I send my recognition to 'mfk4life'! Really smart build. Nice job!!
<< Anonymous(Currahee)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Thanks bro! Played around with 3 Yubel,2 Phoenix, tested Necrofear and stuff, but it's just nice how it is... since I don't have a 3rd emperor I can't test him, mainly that's why empress is in it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
I don't understand how it works.. You tribute summoned all those archfiends?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
No, you use the effect of giant to summon Emperor from hand, and Empress's effectto summon him from the GY.
Anonymous 2days ago
Como eu faço pra postar o meu deck que peguei rei dos jogos
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Manda um print com o deck e a prova pro e-mail:

O título do email tem q ser "KoG Deck" e tem que ter seu nome do jogo tbm
Anonymous 3days ago
I'm a noob LOL, can someone tell me the names of those 6 and 8 stars darkness super rare cards in the yubel deck?
<< Anonymous
Bunsglazing 2days ago Reply
LVL8 - Archfiend Empress (drop from Bakura)
LVL6 - Archfiend Giant (from the card trader)

You're welcome, my bajio

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