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40th Main Box: Cross Dimension
update 01/09/2018
Season 31 DurationAug 6 - Sept 1

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Number of users per deck

Anti-Trap Beatdown3
Chain Reaction Raider1
Cyber Stein OTK4
Fur Hires43
Fur Hire SSA2
Hazy Flame3
Lava Golem1
Masked HERO16
Noble Knight3
Sea Stealth Attack3
Silent Gravekeeper1
Silent Spellbook10


Alien KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
max7musBalanceAug 27
Mello YellowSwitcherooAug 31

♦ max7mus:

  • Triangle enables a lot of otk's and can save you, if you face treacherous ,widespread,super rush etc.
  • Always put kid in attack pos if you go first.
  • If you facing amazons go for telepath and dont put counters to swordswoman
  • If you facing fur hire go for kid
  • For heroes which is the hardest matchup, you need e-con

♦ Mellow Yellow:
Match-ups: Amazoness: You're probably wondering why I don't have Alien Kid. It's because of this MU, and also because I prefer not to run potentially bricky cards like the Triangle or Brainwash. If you can consistently destroy their backrow with Telepath and Cosmic Cyclone, they end up pretty crippled. I definitely favor Aliens in this MU.

Fur Hires: Ideally, you want to go first so you can interrupt them with either Enemy Controller or Canadia. If you go 2nd, it may or may not be an uphill battle. It ultimately depends if they get Wiz out. If not, you have a good shot at swarming by using A Cell during their End phase. The main question in this MU is "Should I even destroy their monster(s) [assuming their board is full] or wait?" If you kill their monster, you give them space to special summon a monster AND use an effect the next turn. You have to be mindful of that. Assuming you don't get OTK'd, which is now slightly less likely thanks to the Beatdown nerf, this MU can be quite the chess match. I favor Fur Hires over Aliens.

Spellbooks: Truthfully, I haven't played too many Spellbooks this season, but this match can be a nightmare if they summon Silent Magician. Additionally, they can flat out banish your A-Cell with Spellbook of Fate, so you can't use its effect. You definitely want to try your best to interrupt the blue boy, either via Econ or Canadia. The minute Silent Magician gets on the board, it can be very difficult unless you have a Canadia on standby so you can destroy the 3500 atk version after you kill the original Silent Magician. I favor Spellbooks here.

Masked Heroes - The trick is being patient. Always anticipate Mask Change. Never counter with a spell or trap if you even assume they have mask change. A lot of times, you will want to take damage to the face by Celestial, Drilldark, Decider, or whomever so you can bait out Anki. That is when you strike. I haven't had too much problems with Masked Heroes unless they get god hands and have 3 mask changes in their opening. I give Aliens a slight edge here for how well they can control the match.


Amazoness KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
OnsdotoEndless Trap HellAug 9
BlueMinotaurParasite InfestationAug 9
HussonParasite InfectionAug 9
PatrickCyber StyleAug 10
WOOD_FIGHTERParasite InfectionAug 10
AndalHoly GuardAug 11
ValcixEndless Trap HellAug 11
magiEndless Trap HellAug 11
Tnobes99Endless Trap HellAug 11
HeartfiliaParasite InfectionAug 12
邪王真眼Parasite InfectionAug 12
McBobXCyber StyleAug 14
a_ndra12Endless Trap HellAug 14
BenzErickEndless Trap HellAug 15
YamiNoGameEndless Trap HellAug 17
Chaidir ISEndless Trap HellAug 19
Rand Al-ThorEndless Trap HellAug 21
Piq_MastikaHoly GuardAug 22
The_big_BParasite InfectionAug 23
MotoParasite InfectionAug 23
KaizerJhayParasite InfectionAug 25
Satsujin888Holy GuardAug 27
鑽面刀斧怪The Tie that BindsAug 28
Trust¬ZerroEndless Trap HellAug 28
JeditachiEndless Trap HellAug 28
yugiHoly GuardAug 29
[EM1] OpaHoly GuardAug 30

♦ BlueMinotaur:
Floodgate, Treacherous and Chalice are good against Fur Hires, but if I only had Canadias, I'll replace Floodgate with it. Sphere Kuriboh came in handy as well, especially that the meta is capable of fast OTKs. I teched in Cosmic Cyclone to deal with the mirror match.

♦ Husson:

  • 100% success against fur deck, you just have to be sure your amazoness onslaught can’t be destroy by Wiz.
  • Against other amazoness deck you only have to be careful to TTH. Lava golem + amazoness sword woman combo and the 3 wall of disruption let you win if the duel lasts longer...

♦ Patrick:

  • I tried the skill "Cyber Style" and it was succesful. The Proto Cyber Dragons helped me to summon Witch Raider, served as tribute material for Princess' effect or as protection. Otherwise the deck is pretty standard I think.

  • Canadias, Floodgates and Chalice are counters against Furies and also Heroes, Spellbooks and Amazons. I played Amazoness Tiger because he can protect the Princess if she is in Attack mode. I know that nine traps could easily collide with Treacherous but this was hardly the case. Canadia removes itself and other Traps have often be removed too by Cosmic Cyclone or Spellbook of Fate.

♦ [EM1] Opa:
Since I do not have the Amazon Queen yet, I use the whitch hero warrier and red eyes fusion Dragon.

♦ Andal:

  • I run Kycoo to potentially disrupt my opponent's Spellbook/Destiny Hero plays.
  • Fenghuang is useful for removing pesky backrow and clearing space in my monster zones.
  • Amazoness Paladin and Kycoo will run down any Wiz left in attack mode.

♦ The_big_B:
I decided to use Paleozoic Hallucigenia instead of WoD because i wanted ways to get trap out of my grave, to then use TTH. This strategy helped me in a lot of matchups, like amazoness and Dheroes.

♦ Piq_Mastika:
VS Anti-trap I Stall with swordswoman in defense until I have both Flash of the Forbidden spell and Straight flush, then use them both and seek the OTK. Its good to have set SRH to counter Mage power. Chalice and Memory loss are for Furs and mirror.

♦ Moto:

  • It all depends on your starting hand but with a lil bit luck you are able to smash all other decks.
  • 2 wod and 2 amazones onslaught are necessary. Although 1 vision hero which for back up.
  • The rest is up to you how you play it.

♦ 鑽面刀斧怪:
This is a typical Amazoness deck, but I think the most interesting idea in this deck are the Vision HERO Witch Raider + 2 Masked HERO Anki

Since Trap Cards are essential to Amazon and the Witch Raider can be summoned by them,
why not add ANKI and Mask Change?

Besides, you can also use Princess to discard the Mask Change to summon other monsters.

If possible, choose spare Trap Cards to summon Witch Raider, like Canadia or Mirror
(Don't forget you can pay 2000 LP to keep the Mirror on the field)

When you use the Princess or Amazoness Onslaught to summon monsters,
watch out for the Treacherous Trap Hole, try to make your opponent destroy their own monster,
or sacrifice your own monster if you think the situation is alright

Always activate Floodgate Trap Hole or Canadia on ANKI and the Fur Hire (Beat, Donpa, Seal or Recon)
If Wiz is on the field, make sure you got two Trap Cards to activate the Onslaught.

♦ 邪王真眼:

  • Lava Golem can remove Wiz, Ginzo, SIlent Magician, and those annoying monsters out from the field, and even triggers TTH to destroy it.
  • Jade Insect Whistle is a multi-use Spell, as it waste the opponent's draw, chip damage, clog opponent's Monster Zone, and change monsters' types.
  • 3 copies of Swords Woman can smash on big monsters or even LavaGolem to deal massive damage.
  • Gravity Bind also useful as it can chained anytime or deal with Ginzo and Anti-Trap fellows.
  • One useful trick to prevent your Onslaught being guessed by your opponent is: set something other first, stun for a while, and set Onslaught as the last card before end turn. Your opponent will usually thought that you had set the most important card first, and just simply drop something as a camouflage.

Tips to fight Fur Hire:

  • If you had a Set Onslaught, see what your opponent drop first. If he drops Recon, chain Onslaught to its effect. If Donpa, don't activate Onslaught until he pull out all resources.
  • If Wiz, bait her negation and chain Onslaught straight away, or even wait until you get two Onslaughts to outwit them. Gravity Lash and Wall of DIsruption are perfect card to bait her.
  • Lava Golem will be your best partner to remove Wiz. Even you can stop your opponent's first summon, wait first until he special summon his second to stop. This provides two tributes, and even waste your opponent's resource more.
  • Jade Insect Whistle is really a great card. However, pay attention at the first shuffle as your skill activates. You can know how much Parasite had been shuffled in so that the Whistle will not wasted after your opponent had draw the Parasite once.
  • It's all about managing resource when you playing against Fur Hire. Fur Hire can be very strong as they swarms field in horrible speed. But if you manage to slow their pace down and stall for some turns, they will run out their resource and it's time for you to complete your winning formula XD.


Anti-Meta KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
✠ShIzZy✠Parasite InfectionAug 16

Anti-Trap Beatdown

Anti-Trap Beatdown KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
YT |AMLGAMESBalanceAug 9
KortezzyFusion Reserves - RoidAug 14


Archfiend KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
rorivy15Cyber StyleAug 26

♦ rorivy15:
Cyber style is critical in this deck since most monster card are level 7+. Activate it when you can get 2 - 3 proto cyber dragon either for tribute summoning or for defense purposes to delay a turn.

Chain Reaction Raider

Chain Reaction Raider KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Thanks OjamaChain ReactionAug 26

Cyber Stein OTK

Cyber Stein OTK KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ZanketsuLife Cost 0Aug 7
Greek SavageLife Cost 0Aug 15
UNKNOWNLife Cost 0Aug 15
C 4Life Cost 0Aug 21

♦ Greek Salvage:
Gold sarcophagus and Sangan are great searchers for stein or turnade, depending on what you need.

♦ C 4:
The strategy is to keep most of the cards in my hand and setting only Crystal Seer, Flute of Summoning of Kuriboh and the trap cards in my deck list. I always set Flute of Summoning Kuriboh to bait my oppoenent into wasting cards to destroy my set cards, then I would immediately activate it. Even if they don’t destroy it, I would always activate Flute of Summoning Kuriboh near the end of their turn so that I can reduce my deck card count to increase my chances of drawing cyberstein. Before summoning Cyber Stein or using skill Life Cost 0, I would clean their backrow with Hey Trunade and Cosmic Cyclone. Very fun deck to play with!!

Fur Hire

Fur Hire KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
iBakuraBeatdownAug 7
LegendBeatdownAug 8
LuxunCyber StyleAug 8
YrilosBeatdownAug 8
AnakinBeatdownAug 8
Bauer JanBeatdownAug 8
OnizukaSenseBeatdownAug 8
闇のゲームBeatdownAug 8
caiofabbBeatdownAug 8
ZaneBeatdownAug 8
OksygeniumBaggy SleevesAug 9
YataLockBeatdownAug 9
TrustFortezaBeatdownAug 9
Black♡BulletBeatdownAug 10
RCF • DiededBeatdownAug 11
Chris.pBeatdownAug 12
[LM] GeorgeBeatdownAug 12
ValGraysonBeatdownAug 13
StuBeatdownAug 14
TonyBeatdownAug 14
齵啦地啵BeatdownAug 14
MuhmanBeatdownAug 14
flythaiBeatdownAug 15
Azrul AliasBeatdownAug 16
Iliyan98BeatdownAug 16
Pduque13BeatdownAug 19
rezaputras92BeatdownAug 20
DJNobuBeatdownAug 22
NewArbysBeefBeatdownAug 22
TengoBeatdownAug 22
ElisonBeatdownAug 24
CWC天皇BeatdownAug 25
Waelw098BeatdownAug 25
IshiRyokuBeatdownAug 26
Barbol [MS]Mind ScanAug 27
GiantCaliberThe Tie that BindsAug 27
HanzukeThe Tie that BindsAug 27
KyunbioThe Tie that BindsAug 27
VegaTheWhiteBeatdownAug 28
emaraquinoBeatdownAug 28
FortesqueBeatdownAug 28
GAFFERBeatdownAug 29
HuyVanBeatdownAug 29

♦ Elison:
You will really need to use Ultimate Providence against amazonees and speelbook decks to reach KOG

♦ Luxun:
Cyber style + sphere kuriboh is the combo I use to win against silent magician. Destroy Silent Magician with donpa or through battle, use kuriboh when the opponent attacks with lvl 8 and use proto cyber dragon (or your fur hires) to defeat it. Only use hey, trunade once you've destroyed the silent magician, or your card will be negated.

♦ Legend:
It’s better to carry 2 wiz and 1 treacherous, but I don’t have them. The meta revolves around Fur hire, they often negate the first summon so I tech in double summon and it works surprisingly. It can also bring out the second dyna. I lowered the enemy controller because it can be -1 or -2. I find there are better alternatives to negating summon such as canadia and chalice.

♦ Oksygenium:

  • Fur Hire with Baggy Sleeves skill.
  • You don't have Beatdown, so you need to play a little bit smarter. Wiz is your biggest friend. Fire Formation spell helps with the +100 ATK. You can use Powerfull Rebirth instead of Trap Hole; it gives ATK boost and works with the skill.
  • Other usefull cards: Big Cattle Drive, Monster Gate, Duble Magical Arm Bind and Trunade (I don't have it). Kuriboh is optional.


Hot New Top
When will they come out with vampires
>No gems to buy backrow staples
feels bad man
<< Anonymous(FREE TO PLAY)
Anonymous Reply
I am f2p and have very very strong protective backrow almost as p2w players do :D
<< Anonymous(FREE TO PLAY)
Anonymous Reply
Wut, You cant get anti-magic arrow,windstorm,econ,storm, from farming legendary or from sr,and r cards which are super easy to get seriously putting together back row on the cheap isn't hard
Aww no bujins this season
Already KOG
<< Anonymous(Duel)
Duel Reply
Gotta love U.A. Deck and Zane skill. It wipe out most of amazon deck. But what can the deck do against hazy? Cosmic Cyclone is almost dead draw or -2, if use on your own card. Econ/Canadia/🔥yHole also almost useless. Use it on low level before tribute? I got 2 in my hand/i just start first and already got 3 on board
<< Anonymous(Duel)
Duel Reply
Because most Amazon have yet to hit Legend. Hazy just roll over every Zane deck out there. Good luck, when half of your deck become brick.
That's why U.A isn't a recommendable deck, in any time zane skill gonna get hit with a nerf, it's a skill with a lot of potential for tribute, and in future with synchro gonna be the most played skill. free materials for tribute or in future synchro summons sounds too strong.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
U.A.s are extremely bricky without Zane's skill. By the time you draw into Midfielder, he will get floodgated, Fated, etc. I have the full build and this deck is garbage when it comes to winning streaks.
<< Anonymous
Heartfilia Reply
exactly. that is the reason why i'm not build those deck. because without skill zane is it trash card..
<< Anonymous
Fridge Reply
you must be doing something wrong them I'm winning most games I play with U.A's
1st Midfielder 92/180 pack, 2nd 136/180 and the 3rd one...
What I like about U.A is that, while 3 Midfielders seems better, it is not necessary. There are plenty of ways to Summon the high level monsters. Stuff like Dynatherium, Marmiting Captain, Mithra, Gilasaurus, The Tricky, Transmodify, Canadia, Cost Down and plenty of other stuff. You can even have only 1 Midfielder and be completely fine.
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
That is what I am going to try to do. It took forever (about 20 packs left) just to get midfielder and still no second stadium.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Fridge Reply
that's crazy bad luck dude:/ I think I got all 3 in the same amount , now I realise how lucky I actually was
<< Anonymous(Fridge)
Valencia Reply
It has been this way for about 4 boxes now. I feel like this is Konami's way of paying me back for my good luck with Valiant Souls. A sort of "box karma".
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Fridge Reply
ouch, recently I've had nice luck, but earlier on I had to go through over 550 packs to get my triple archfiend emperor, thst one sucked alot, plus triple snoww was about 500 too
There is a lot lot variety but lacks burn decks :v
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Actually I do see some of them but significantly lesser than few months ago.

How interesting burn decks have fallen from meta down to bottom of hell.. Even a regular tier 2-3 deck 🔥s on them.
Cyber Style about to get hit after this KC cup. Probably gonna be something like "You can't tribute the turn you use this skill". U.A. might suffer in consistency after the nerf.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Anonymous Reply
Or just make it support Cyber Dragons in general (maybe even generic machine support for stuff like Chimeratech).
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
So they can do skill rebalancing after any tournament, no matter how recent the last skill change and card limits were? Because we just had one on the 29th and it seems a bit soon to do it again, depending on when it is after the KC Cup. I can see cyber style getting hit either way, though.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Valencia Reply
Poor Zane. No real cyber dragons and he is probably gonna get his skill nerfed. I keep wondering if there would be an EX deck and then they would do it. But even if they make it so you cannot tribute the protos, I still think that the skill can be handy.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Saladfingers Reply
It would still take Konami time to touch the Skill. Developers need time to code it in and make way for the update.
I really hope they give us true Cyber Dragon support soon, the one thing going for Zane is that Skill of his and I think a nerf could be in store in the near future.
GameA did not include my extra deck (3 Anki, 1 Trinity, 1 Dangerous) in the picture... There must be way to include it closer to the other cards in the Steam version deck editor, because I see that others have. I need to do it right if this happens again, because this just looks...odd.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Saladfingers Reply
Just crop and overlap, it should be enough.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Saladfingers Reply
congrats by the way
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Valencia Reply
Thanks. I tried cropping it first, but the site wouldn't list anything until I sent it as a regular screen shot. Probably the easiest way to solve this problem (if there ever is another KOG) is to just list the extra deck monsters as notes in the text of the email.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Saladfingers Reply
I use Paint or in-phone photo editors. Screen shot the finished product and it should work. The text list is also viable, I've seen others do it as well, probably had the same issue.
Has anyone climbed up from Legend to King of Games ( or even legend 3) using a U.A deck? I find it to be very bricky and want to know how to get around it.
<< Anonymous(Fridge)
Saladfingers Reply
I haven't a single copy. I should probably try since it will grow in utility once Synchros are introduced.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Fridge Reply
yeah worth getting at least 1, it's just too good not to have imo
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Here boy, I give you free credit.. use marmitting captain
<< Anonymous
Fridge Reply
don't need to use that card, I don't brick too often and can almost always get my deck rolling unless I get otk'ed
Is there anyway to obtain kuriboh :(
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its a battle city event reward

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I'm using the Gaia deck and it works. Unfortunately thus far, she refuses to give me a 2n...
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