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update 21/08/2018
Season DurationAug 6 - Sept 1

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Number of users per deck

Anti-Trap Beatdown3
Cyber Stein OTK4
Fur Hires27
Fur Hire SSA1
Hazy Flame1
Masked HERO12
Noble Knight2
Sea Stealth Attack3
Silent Gravekeeper1
Silent Spellbook5


Amazoness KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
OnsdotoEndless Trap HellAug 9
BlueMinotaurParasite InfestationAug 9
HussonParasite InfectionAug 9
PatrickCyber StyleAug 10
WOOD_FIGHTERParasite InfectionAug 10
AndalHoly GuardAug 11
ValcixEndless Trap HellAug 11
magiEndless Trap HellAug 11
Tnobes99Endless Trap HellAug 11
HeartfiliaParasite InfectionAug 12
邪王真眼Parasite InfectionAug 12
McBobXCyber StyleAug 14
a_ndra12Endless Trap HellAug 14
BenzErickEndless Trap HellAug 15
YamiNoGameEndless Trap HellAug 17
Chaidir ISEndless Trap HellAug 19

♦ BlueMinotaur:
Floodgate, Treacherous and Chalice are good against Fur Hires, but if I only had Canadias, I'll replace Floodgate with it. Sphere Kuriboh came in handy as well, especially that the meta is capable of fast OTKs. I teched in Cosmic Cyclone to deal with the mirror match.

♦ Husson:

  • 100% success against fur deck, you just have to be sure your amazoness onslaught can’t be destroy by Wiz.
  • Against other amazoness deck you only have to be careful to TTH. Lava golem + amazoness sword woman combo and the 3 wall of disruption let you win if the duel lasts longer...

♦ Patrick:

  • I tried the skill "Cyber Style" and it was succesful. The Proto Cyber Dragons helped me to summon Witch Raider, served as tribute material for Princess' effect or as protection. Otherwise the deck is pretty standard I think.

  • Canadias, Floodgates and Chalice are counters against Furies and also Heroes, Spellbooks and Amazons. I played Amazoness Tiger because he can protect the Princess if she is in Attack mode. I know that nine traps could easily collide with Treacherous but this was hardly the case. Canadia removes itself and other Traps have often be removed too by Cosmic Cyclone or Spellbook of Fate.

♦ Andal:

  • I run Kycoo to potentially disrupt my opponent's Spellbook/Destiny Hero plays.
  • Fenghuang is useful for removing pesky backrow and clearing space in my monster zones.
  • Amazoness Paladin and Kycoo will run down any Wiz left in attack mode.

♦ 邪王真眼:

  • Lava Golem can remove Wiz, Ginzo, SIlent Magician, and those annoying monsters out from the field, and even triggers TTH to destroy it.
  • Jade Insect Whistle is a multi-use Spell, as it waste the opponent's draw, chip damage, clog opponent's Monster Zone, and change monsters' types.
  • 3 copies of Swords Woman can smash on big monsters or even LavaGolem to deal massive damage.
  • Gravity Bind also useful as it can chained anytime or deal with Ginzo and Anti-Trap fellows.
  • One useful trick to prevent your Onslaught being guessed by your opponent is: set something other first, stun for a while, and set Onslaught as the last card before end turn. Your opponent will usually thought that you had set the most important card first, and just simply drop something as a camouflage.

Tips to fight Fur Hire:

  • If you had a Set Onslaught, see what your opponent drop first. If he drops Recon, chain Onslaught to its effect. If Donpa, don't activate Onslaught until he pull out all resources.
  • If Wiz, bait her negation and chain Onslaught straight away, or even wait until you get two Onslaughts to outwit them. Gravity Lash and Wall of DIsruption are perfect card to bait her.
  • Lava Golem will be your best partner to remove Wiz. Even you can stop your opponent's first summon, wait first until he special summon his second to stop. This provides two tributes, and even waste your opponent's resource more.
  • Jade Insect Whistle is really a great card. However, pay attention at the first shuffle as your skill activates. You can know how much Parasite had been shuffled in so that the Whistle will not wasted after your opponent had draw the Parasite once.
  • It's all about managing resource when you playing against Fur Hire. Fur Hire can be very strong as they swarms field in horrible speed. But if you manage to slow their pace down and stall for some turns, they will run out their resource and it's time for you to complete your winning formula XD.


Anti-Meta KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
✠ShIzZy✠Parasite InfectionAug 16

Anti-Trap Beatdown

Anti-Trap Beatdown KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
YT |AMLGAMESBalanceAug 9
KortezzyFusion Reserves - RoidAug 14

Cyber Stein OTK

Cyber Stein OTK KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ZanketsuLife Cost 0Aug 7
Greek SavageLife Cost 0Aug 15
UNKNOWNLife Cost 0Aug 15
C 4Life Cost 0Aug 21

♦ Greek Salvage:
Gold sarcophagus and Sangan are great searchers for stein or turnade, depending on what you need.

♦ C 4:
The strategy is to keep most of the cards in my hand and setting only Crystal Seer, Flute of Summoning of Kuriboh and the trap cards in my deck list. I always set Flute of Summoning Kuriboh to bait my oppoenent into wasting cards to destroy my set cards, then I would immediately activate it. Even if they don’t destroy it, I would always activate Flute of Summoning Kuriboh near the end of their turn so that I can reduce my deck card count to increase my chances of drawing cyberstein. Before summoning Cyber Stein or using skill Life Cost 0, I would clean their backrow with Hey Trunade and Cosmic Cyclone. Very fun deck to play with!!

Fur Hire

Fur Hire KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
iBakuraBeatdownAug 7
LegendBeatdownAug 8
LuxunCyber StyleAug 8
YrilosBeatdownAug 8
AnakinBeatdownAug 8
Bauer JanBeatdownAug 8
OnizukaSenseBeatdownAug 8
闇のゲームBeatdownAug 8
caiofabbBeatdownAug 8
ZaneBeatdownAug 8
OksygeniumBaggy SleevesAug 9
YataLockBeatdownAug 9
TrustFortezaBeatdownAug 9
Black♡BulletBeatdownAug 10
RCF • DiededBeatdownAug 11
Chris.pBeatdownAug 12
[LM] GeorgeBeatdownAug 12
ValGraysonBeatdownAug 13
StuBeatdownAug 14
TonyBeatdownAug 14
齵啦地啵BeatdownAug 14
MuhmanBeatdownAug 14
flythaiBeatdownAug 15
Azrul AliasBeatdownAug 16
Iliyan98BeatdownAug 16
Pduque13BeatdownAug 19
rezaputras92BeatdownAug 20

♦ Legend:
It’s better to carry 2 wiz and 1 treacherous, but I don’t have them. The meta revolves around Fur hire, they often negate the first summon so I tech in double summon and it works surprisingly. It can also bring out the second dyna. I lowered the enemy controller because it can be -1 or -2. I find there are better alternatives to negating summon such as canadia and chalice.

♦ Luxun:
Cyber style + sphere kuriboh is the combo I use to win against silent magician. Destroy Silent Magician with donpa or through battle, use kuriboh when the opponent attacks with lvl 8 and use proto cyber dragon (or your fur hires) to defeat it. Only use hey, trunade once you've destroyed the silent magician, or your card will be negated.

♦ Oksygenium:

  • Fur Hire with Baggy Sleeves skill.
  • You don't have Beatdown, so you need to play a little bit smarter. Wiz is your biggest friend. Fire Formation spell helps with the +100 ATK. You can use Powerfull Rebirth instead of Trap Hole; it gives ATK boost and works with the skill.
  • Other usefull cards: Big Cattle Drive, Monster Gate, Duble Magical Arm Bind and Trunade (I don't have it). Kuriboh is optional.

Fur Hire SSA

Fur Hire SSA KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
kortezzyMythic DepthsAug 20


Geargia KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
FuyukazeBalanceAug 18


Gem-Knight KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
乃尺卂ᐯ丂BalanceAug 11

♦ 乃尺卂ᐯ丂:

  • this decks purpose is to send your cards to the graveyard using TGLGreener because all essential activity will be on your graveyard.
  • main goal is to send gem-knights as much as you can using fusion or TGLG and set up Triamid Pulse or Type Zero Magic Crusher for damage,it can be tricky because if you can send at least 8 Gem Knights in your graveyard you can deal a total of 4000 damage using Magic crusher + Gem-Knights fusion card in graveyard with its effect in addition to your GK Lapis Lazuli's effect.

Hazy Flame

Hazy Flame KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
XianTheGreatBeatdownAug 17

♦ XianTheGreat:
The playstyle for this deck is very straightforward: get an OTK early or lose. Bricky at times but when it gets going, you're almost guaranteed to win. I'd prefer Trickys and Dynatheriums over Earth Ninja but that's all I have right now.

Masked HERO

Masked HERO KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
mr.zeroDestiny CallingAug 9
ChrisbanlisDestiny CallingAug 11
☆Seto☆BeatdownAug 12
HellKaiserKBeatdownAug 13
GNcellBeatdownAug 14
migoBeatdownAug 15
ShadyDestiny CallingAug 17
NickAdmsCyber StyleAug 17
FlandreDestiny CallingAug 18
VideyGritAug 19
EC| CloudSwitcherooAug 19
SHIVADestiny CallingAug 20

♦ Chrisbanlis:
I use the classic set of monsters in the deck.. i put in 1 cyclone for amazoness onslaught, for the rest backrow hey trunade for the turn i want to kill my opponent, the forbidden chalice is one of the best cards in the deck to cancel the effects of important monsters (e.g. amazoness princess, any fur hire etc) or make anki deal 3200 direct damage, if i had more copies i would use them and also i use in contrast with the rest curse of anubis. using it with drillback to deal lethal won many games especially against amazoness decks who easily build a wall, also it saves you for a turn.

♦ NickAdms:
The deck of Masked Hero consists of calling the Anki using the Mask Change. The cybernetic style skill is for merging the Cyber End Dragon, but mainly to hold the game while n comes the cards support for you to finish the opponent.

Noble Knight

Noble Knight KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
HIMEBalanceAug 10
ApostleBalanceAug 13

♦ Apostle:
This deck is built to crush Fur Hires. Essentially, with balance you always start with a monster an equip and disruption no matter what with this build. That guranteed first and usually second turn opponent stall out is more than enough to allow you to gain car advantage by poping a few thinga with Ms. Noble Knights effect and equip that destroys face downs. I went with Canadia over trap hole for flexability and the occasional monster for tilt. Deck is good for 8/10 wins never lost 3 in a row and never more than once to Fur hire my whole climb.

Sea Stealth Attack


Hot New Top
Homura 19hour ago
I am wondering about how the Fur Hire SSA player can get to KOG with a deck that seems didn't synergise well??
<< Anonymous(Homura)
Anonymous 15hour ago Reply
Let's combine three types of cancer into one big fuxking cancer
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15hour ago Reply
That deck is not much synergised but without amazoness but with fur hires, ssa is wondrous
<< Anonymous(Homura)
Kortezzy 13hour ago Reply
This deck is mostly for mindgames. A good combo is princess throw away wiz then use mayhem to special summon it to get 500 lp. Also you can toy with opponets by pulling out lolis out of no where to clean up after a board clear.
<< Anonymous
Kortezzy 13hour ago Reply
No one suspects a random speacial summon of a loli for game. And you set a amozoness making your opponet go agreesive to just get banished.
Currahee 5days ago
10th KoG for consecutive months. Yeah!!
P. S. : Good bye Fur Hire players from KoG! Good luck for you in the KC Cup with the new BANLIST!!
<< Anonymous
Medikando 2days ago Reply
Definetly with 3 wiz and a ton of backrow... now focused on stun/stall, probably still a tier 1...
Is the problem realease recent archtypes... and no have a real good hand traps
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Definitely if they want kill the deck need ban wiz (the best fur hire for duel links) but they focus on dyna lock and otk power that give dyna.
They need limit dyna 1 copy for otk and lock
And need semi limit wiz 2 copies for evit long duels with a control version...
Donpa is annoying but only work well with dyna on otk versions
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
The banned list is not for killing a deck, stupid
<< Anonymous
Currahee 1days ago Reply
Yes, it's true ; but I believed than some people will drop this deck. Yeah, I've seen so many new idea for the build too... I still hate this f_cking deck.
fur hire player 7days ago
thank god I made it to kog before the nerf
<< Anonymous
noobman 5days ago Reply
but if we start first and summon Wiz,
it's you who's going to be dead lmao
<< Anonymous(fur hire player)
Furries 3days ago Reply
Hail wiz, now you the control XD
<< Anonymous(Furries)
No brain fur hire 1days ago Reply
Only people without a brain plays fur hire
<< Anonymous(noobman)
Fuck fur hire 1days ago Reply
U can try that after nerf with wiz on first turn u will only negate 1 spell which won't be enough
Anonymous 2days ago
Vagabond/Ranked/casual/replay all of heil fur hire -,-
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
yeah ,, esp for vagabond
Anonymous 7days ago
Need recipe of archfiend kog or legend deck cant even get out of plat
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Up plat 5
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Got Legend!!
not so many fur hire now
<< Anonymous
Medikando 2days ago Reply
Is a very expensive but one guy get kog this month with this decklist on reddit
Skill cyber style (for bricks)
3x emperor
3x empress
3x lyla
2x chaos hunter
1x inavader of darkness
3x call of archfiend
3x roar
2x needlebug

Personally think that need a lot of effort for rank up with archfiends after restart nerf....
<< Anonymous(Medikando)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
I’ll try it when i get all lyla ty

Not so difficult even i guess i cant do more than legend, kinda stuck leg 1 till yday... too many otk decks

Waiting new archfiend supports :D
Anonymous 1days ago
Vamp question 5days ago
Which matchups are hard for vamps?
<< Anonymous(Spellbook f2p player)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
You must be lower than gold lol
<< Anonymous
Makrov krauz 3days ago Reply
Vampirs are great to be honest and Strong enough to challenge must of meta decks however the deck struggles against Amazoness for one reason, vampire can't efficiently deal with backraws as they can with monsters plus the deck expend it's resources pretty fast so if ur opponent survive beyond ur 6th turn you will likely lose the duel as ur lp falls with each effect activation
<< Anonymous
Makrov krauz 3days ago Reply
The reason why vamps kick asses is that the deck is new as many players don't Know how to interact properly, the deck is easy to be counterd but everyone focus on fur-hire currently, cosmic cyclone spell + sealed tooms for example is a way to deal with vamps so if the deck becomes a thing it will be shut down easliy unlike fur-hire, the deck depends on the offence with few or no defences!.
<< Anonymous
boy 1days ago Reply
LOL, least of concerns you say, but I never lost to vamp decks when silent waifu is up on my first or 2nd turn. They just can't deal with the negation, plus it's easy to pick which card to banish.
Amazoness is the real cancer in the game, furskills are much easier to deal with.
Makrov krauz 2days ago
I want to share with u guys the results of 2 decks I was experimenting recently, first:geargia-complete Faliure,I tried the defensive version and the aggressive one (life absorbing + needle), the deck dies to backraws, wiz negating ties, wifu effect) the defensive version with canadias and curse performed better in the absence of ties and on ties Faliure then I tried using backraws removers = failed ( backraws removers kill the deck defences),the 2nd is sylvans, I tried the lover version and marshall one, the lover one works well with last gamble + lover is great against Amazoness and backraws, the leaf one is more aggressive but bricky (ised grit), after I finished 100 duels using lover version I found that the deck preformed the best against heros, 65% success rate against Amazoness (I techs jinzo), 60% against furhire, didn't duel a single vampire, the deck did great against stall/ burn, 50%, the deck didn't win against spellbooks wifu deck, 50% against hazy, nobles are bad matchup. monster gate is a good tech
Anonymous 3days ago
i hope konami give us archfiend commander and ancient gear wyvern card for my archfiend deck i like to play with old meta decks like gears gladiator alien more supp for them pls give it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
I hope we get archfiend heiress. mmm that sweet consistency buff
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
facts geartown, reactor dragon, catapult, and caos giant two
Anonymous 2days ago
By the way amazoness nerf is a joke, they'll be the best deck probably right now
Reyzarro1175 4days ago
Can we have destiny end dragoon plz already?
<< Anonymous(Reyzarro1175)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Reyzarro1175)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
yes but not for pvp lol
Anonymous 3days ago
Now that fur hire wont be tier 0 anymore, I'm going to buy the packs and play the deck too

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