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update 02/07/2018
Season Duration July 1 - July 31

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Number of users per deck

Cyber Stein OTK2
Flying Fish1
Fur Hires31
Hazy Flame1
Masked HERO7
Noble Knight2
Ojama Stall1
Sea Stealth Attack1
Silent Crystal2
Silent Spellbook4
Spikeshield OTK2


Amazoness KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
KyunbioParasite InfectionJuly 1
BlasterParasite InfectionJuly 2
ZaneParasite InfectionJuly 2
乃尺卂ᐯ丂Parasite InfectionJuly 8
CarloEndless Trap HellJuly 12
magiEndless Trap HellJuly 12
BroimattiParasite InfectionJuly 12
a_ndra12Endless Trap HellJuly 13
ValcixParasite InfectionJuly 15
Intercept0rEndless Trap HellJuly 17
YangElonMaskReinforcementJuly 17

♦ Kyunbio:
I need to note that I would definitely replace a few chalice with Canadia or Floodgate . With Fur Hire swarming the ladder it's definitely important to use counter measure such Chalice, Canadia and Floodgate . Also I highly recommend playing only 1 jade whistle . 2 makes it too bricky and will most likely decrease your win rate.

♦ Zane:

  • I play Super Rush for mask heroes because you know they play trunade and its annoying when they kill you with 5K attack fusion monster.
  • Chalice, Canadia and Floodgates for fur hire counter and lava golem to clear the board.
  • Parasite Infection Skill - turn spellbooks into insect type.

Cyber Stein OTK

Cyber Stein OTK KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
RCF・2ndRunLife Cost 0July 14
ZanketsuLife Cost 0July 16

Flying Fish

Flying Fish KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
alfilunaMythic DepthsJuly 15

Fur Hire

Fur Hire KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
perryBeatdownJuly 1
migoBeatdownJuly 2
Actnshj200BeatdownJuly 3
HagoromoBeatdownJuly 3
BlueMinotaurBeatdownJuly 3
GilgameshBeatdownJuly 4
YataLockBeatdownJuly 5
LuxunBeatdownJuly 6
BrandonBeatdownJuly 7
KortezzyBeatdownJuly 7
McBobXBeatdownJuly 8
EC| CloudThe Ties that BindsJuly 9
Bauer JanBeatdownJuly 10
KerthorokBeatdownJuly 10
RikiBeatdownJuly 10
chemicalistBeatdownJuly 10
^v^Bird^v^BeatdownJuly 10
Black♡BulletBeatdownJuly 10
NickAdmsBeatdownJuly 11
RegretBeatdownJuly 11
HeartfiliaBeatdownJuly 11
¥.Perata™BeatdownJuly 12
WatneyBeatdownJuly 13
DeltaBeatdownJuly 14
Chaidir ISBeatdownJuly 14
RCF • DiededBeatdownJuly 14
Dantheman833BeatdownJuly 15
Bakura90BeatdownJuly 16
Chris.pBeatdownJuly 16
Pduque13BeatdownJuly 17
MuhmannBeatdownJuly 17

♦ Hagoromo:
I played Trunade because of many decks wich uses lot of trap and spells to stop fur hire combos. Enemy is very important, specially for mirror matches. Beat is the most important monster in this deck, it’s a +1 and can search for any other fur hire so 3 copies of him it’s a must for me.

♦ Actnshj200:
It works mainly like any other fur heir deck. Buts its super consistent in where i only play one wiz due to needing to use it once throughout the deck since this deck is meant to be consistent and very fast.
I have 3 donpa for the mirror match and getting rid of problematic face up cards ie wiz, dyna, anki, or amazoness onslaught. Added chalice to stop princess, spellbook magician, or other fur hire decks.

♦ YataLock:
This deck has insane OTK potential. Hey, Trunade! is essential in this deck, and I found The Big Cattle Drive to be useful when running 3 copies of strategist. Wiz is easily the best card in the deck, I wouldn't run this with any less than 2, 3 is preferred. Beatdown skill is obvious, works well against mirror matches and you will usually have a level 6 or higher on the field to activate it. Definitely a tier 1 deck, welcome to the furry meta.

♦ Heartfilia:

  • I bring jinzo to counter amazoness user that full trap.
  • and 2 sphere kuriboh help me a lot when met Anki & Silent Magician Lv 8 since econ useless on Silent Magician.
  • 1 Wiz Fur Hire, because 2/3 make me always brick/bad draw.

♦ Luxun:
Sphere kuriboh is the key, specially in mirror matches because it allows you to just pass your turn when you start so your opponent thinks you bricked and usually uses dyna instead of wiz, big mistake, since he is easier to deal with considering he will be in def next turn. Hey trunade is also a must against the full trap amazoness which has lost a lot of consistency due to nerf on restart so there's a high chance they won't have princess and onslaught on their first turn. Even if they do, after he chains onslaught, use Donpa to get rid of it or wiz to negate the effect of special summoning and you could have a beautiful otk or almost otk. Econ is also something amazoness has lost but fur hire has so it helps a lot like it always did.


Geargia KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
bfuss5BalanceJuly 1
LianyuBalanceJuly 15

♦ bfuss5:
Chalice, Paleozoic, and trap hole is for furries, spellbook, masked heros etc. Also side note you can't trap hole masked heros in damage step so watch for that.

Hazy Flame

Hazy Flame KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
JesusChristBeatdownJuly 16

Masked HERO

Masked HERO KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
VayuBalanceJuly 4
Spica VCDestiny CallingJuly 6
Yami MarikBalanceJuly 8
GNcellBeatdownJuly 9
LordGuitchiBeatdownJuly 13
WAR | Snow21BalanceJuly 15
OnsdotoSwitcherooJuly 16

The deck has a huge advantage when It comes out playing palezoic canadia and floodgate trap hole (great match up vs fur hire and hero). As a meta has changed a lot, amazoness is very strong i chose to use this version without fusion and with traps insted only treacherous trap hole.

♦ GNcell:
Since beatdown skill is using, trunade is better than cyclone with this skill. Beatdown can used to overcome Fur hire wiz defense and also mirror match using anki. For amazon, i am not worry about onslaught as beatdown skill is helping on one turn kill strategy.

Noble Knight

Noble Knight KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
IronWillBalanceJuly 12
Banish my EXBalanceJuly 14

♦ IronWill:
When facing Amazoness / Fur Hire:
Let's say you have 2 spells in your starting hand and one of them is ARFEUDUTYR, ok, before summoning Medraut or Drystan, you equip ARFEUDUTYR to Amazoness Princess then activate its effect and try to destroy Onslaught, when your opponent activates the trap to avoid destruction, that's when you summon Medraut / Drystan, so you can destroy onslaught with Drystan's effect before there's an amazoness monster in your opponent's graveyard.
Same tactic against Fur Hire, equip your Arfeudutyr to Beat, destroy your opponent Econ/Mayhem/Treacherous Trap Hole, after that you can summon and use drystan's effect to destroy his Beat/Dyna.

Ojama Stall

Psychic KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
iAn!Ojama Go!July 13


Psychic KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
MitjansBanditJuly 12

♦ Mitjans:
Use destructotron, psychokinesis and wind-up juggler to keep board control. Wall of disruption and canadias will help you to win against Furries (Use wind-up juggler or 2 psychokinesis to kill wiz asap). Silent psychic wizard and serene psychic witch are pretty good to stand against multiple attacks and search for jugglers or destructotron. You can use your wizards and witches in the graveyard as fuel for your Reinforced Human Psychic Borgs. Bandit skill is pretty useful to finish duels stealing your oponent last hope. It saved me from losing a lot of times too. The deck struggles against spellbooks, try to use bandit to steal spellbook of fate so you can summon something.

Sea Stealth Attack

SSA KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
uridiazMythic DepthsJuly 9

Silent Crystal

Silent Crystal KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ZeusRDTranscendent CrystalsJuly 5
LucasDheinTranscendent CrystalsJuly 5

Silent Spellbook

Silent Spellbook KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
YAMIAquaSwitcherooJuly 2
FerrerMind ScanJuly 6
qxjklyDestiny DrawJuly 6
MarinRestartJuly 16



Hot New Top
Anonymous 1hour ago
I'm the guy who reached kog with psychics. I started to play psychics again cause there was a guy who reached kog last month and it's my favourite archetype in real yugioh cards.
Reaching kog was not easy, not because psychics are weak, the main problem is that you have to put a lot of work into the game if you want to play outside the meta. I mean you need to understand the meta and why some decks are better than the others, what cards and skills make them better and what cards counter them. You also need to test a lot of cards.

Stop complaining about fur hires and start being smart ;)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous latest Reply
No fúck you
<< Anonymous
Anonymous latest Reply
No, your psychic deck is more expensive than Fur Hires. Why waste more gems to build Psychics deck to reach KoG, when the cheapest deck is Fur Hires.
Anonymous 5days ago
Guy reached KOG with psychics, meanwhile some dudes r TRYING HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN !!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDD!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Lol man u made my day, this is so true.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
Hilarious and true
<< Anonymous
=D 8hour ago Reply
Yep, gotta love try hard decks! :D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous latest Reply
If you unironically use XD especially with a bunch of D’s you’re either 10 or a man child who won’t move out of there moms basement
Roselover 3hour ago
Be positive guys, a guy reach KOG with Ojama go deck, meaning old meta never dies
<< Anonymous(Roselover)
Anonymous 3hour ago Reply
Yeap. Can't imagine how much he grinds. I mean, I got kog too during special duels with DM against all meta FH amazoness masked hero; it was excruciating.
IronWill 3days ago
KOG a couple of days ago with Noble Knight deck !
I would have reached the top earlier, but I just... misplayed extremely badly hehe
<< Anonymous(IronWill)
Omni 1days ago Reply
What's the combo with Collected Power ?
<< Anonymous(IronWill)
Nova 1days ago Reply
Probably the dude equips collected power to Donpa, Racon or Seal XD lol, so the weapon goes to graveyard and equips it again to Noble Drystan.
<< Anonymous(IronWill)
Anonymous 8hour ago Reply
<< Anonymous(IronWill)
Roland xD 8hour ago Reply
And I thought this deck was not that strong
Veteran33 4days ago
Spike shield otk? Interesting!
<< Anonymous(Veteran33)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Lol that deck is just awesome xd
<< Anonymous(Veteran33)
Over9000 2days ago Reply
The dude is just awesome, seriously wtf, I never thought I'd see a spikeshield deck in this section. lol :D
<< Anonymous(Veteran33)
Anonymous 8hour ago Reply
spikeshield mvp, cool af
Anonymous 4days ago
Wait a second, a psychic reach kog?, what a surprise.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Las month there was also a psychic KoG deck, also sea stealth attack, hazys, etc. I'd say any tier 3 deck can achieve KoG rank in the right hands; you just have to chose the deck you enjoy playing most.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
That's a true player for you
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
I don't know why are you surprised, psychic are not tier 1 but are really strong and can counter all meta decks, I hate dueling against them.
<< Anonymous
Wonder who 8hour ago Reply
I wonder who is that guy because last month there was also a psychic deck, dude is really good !
11:04 3days ago
People is playing Fur Hires because it's All-new and also affordable, same thing might happen every time a new mini box comes out. It doesn't mean it's a broken deck. Now, if you think every new deck is "broken", the problem is yours. You can reach the highest rank with decks such as SSA, Psychics, Hazys, Stein as well.
<< Anonymous(11:04)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Tell that to someone who just wants to hate the game because he lost to a cat deck
<< Anonymous(11:04)
Adrian Gecko 2days ago Reply
Yeah, trying to be reasonable with a sore loser that wants to hate the game because he lost a duel is kinda pointless
<< Anonymous(11:04)
lol ^^ 8hour ago Reply
That's pretty awesome coming from Adrian Gecko lol ^^
ThunderHead 3days ago
"PvP ladder is a battlefield, every player wanted to be a winner".

Perhaps according to your own perception dude... people reached Kog with Psychics and a Spikeshield.
That's the HUGE difference between a player and a complainer. Don't get salty, I'm just saying.
<< Anonymous(ThunderHead)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
All komamey need just remove limit on CA, then I can show you HUGE difference between a player and a complainer.
<< Anonymous(ThunderHead)
GordonFreeman 3days ago Reply
Why would someone play cyber angels, there are plenty of new decks mate.
<< Anonymous(ThunderHead)
Eraser Man 2days ago Reply
Whenever u read someone who says "komoney" or some other lame degradation of the real name, you can bet the guy is a salty loser indeed.
<< Anonymous(ThunderHead)
Anonymous 8hour ago Reply
Funny because it's true :D
Anonymous 9hour ago
Six Seto Kaiba's in a row playing Furries. I wonder if the retards running that deck broke a heel running to the shop when they saw Sylvan was not going to cut it anymore.
Richard 12days ago
People is kinda dumb lately, if a deck is very strong, then they whine and say stupid things about it.
But if it's not broken, they'll say is not strong enough. Lol pathetic.
I'm pretty satisfied with the cats lol, I've won several times with them, so I guess I can't complain at all.
<< Anonymous(Richard)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
I think the deck is cool enough to give it a try, and the ppl that hates this deck have lost to any other deck as well, they never win XD
<< Anonymous(Richard)
Well, gotta say... 2days ago Reply
The dudes who hate this deck LOST to sylvans xD, they LOST AGAIN to masked heroes, once again LOST to Amazoness and today they keep losing to Fur Hires XD!
It's pointless to take seriously the rage of some dudes that never win and only complain.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
haha somebody didn't get the joke
<< Anonymous(Richard)
Ok 9hour ago Reply
Lol I NEVER played WITH FURRIES, and my DECIDER counters their dyna pretty well, if they activate donpa's effect I use mask change. Problem Solved :)
Anonymous 9hour ago
Card limitation is not a problem.
Nerf is not a problem
The PROBLEM IS the "komoney wants your wallet" people, the ones who try to ruin this game, the ones trying to manipulate your mind, trying to make you think the game is awful, etc.
They are the ones who invented the #IWantmyGems drama, when the gem thing is probably and error of Javascript.

Just my opinion.
IronWill 3days ago
I lost to this guy in Legend 3, so I guess this is another cool variation of the Noble Knight deck; (with Caliburn Equiped you'll be able to use Mind Scan a little longer).
Oh and... If I'm not wrong I fought uridiaz (SSA) and one guy with a Cipher-Soldier deck (probably essbie); lost both duels as well lol

Cool to see their decks here ;)!
<< Anonymous(IronWill)
Destiny 2days ago Reply
Many good players in this season, this proves the fact u don't always need the last/strongest deck to win in the game.
<< Anonymous(IronWill)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Mind Scan + Caliburn ... hmmm... interesting...
<< Anonymous(IronWill)
Crowbar Guy 1days ago Reply
Well, it seems highly effective.
But it might brick from time to time.
<< Anonymous(IronWill)
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
Man this deck is so underrated.

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No, your psychic deck is more expensive than Fur Hires. Why waste more gems to build Psychics dec...
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