King of Game decks [July 2018]

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update 04/08/2018

Hazy Flame

Hazy Flame KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
JesusChristBeatdownJuly 16
U Meta SlaveBeatdownJuly 31
DeidaraSanjiBeatdownAug 5

♦ U Meta Slave:

  • Great counter for Fur Hires and many other decks since Hazys can't be targeted.
  • You'll lose most of times because of WoD. You can have 1 Spynx in defense position and use Mantikor's effect on the other Sphynx so you don't instantly lose.
  • If you're going first special summon Sphynx in defense position so monsters with 1900 ATK can't destroy it. You want to have 2x Sphynx and Mantikor (3100 ATK with beatdown) on the field.

HERO [Cyber Style]

HERO [Cyber Style] KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Compro LolisCyber StyleJuly 31
lioCyber StyleAug 4

♦ Compro Lolis:

  • Do not use the Skill just to fusion CyberEndDragon.
  • Bait Wiz's effects with 2 spell/trap, example: Poly and Mask Change.
  • The worst match is against Amazoness so save your cyclones.

♦ lio:

  • Cyber Style is one of the best skills in the game. this deck duels until you lose enough life pts to drop at least two proto cybers and features 2 monsters (Plasma and Witch) that have very devastating effects when tributed. Plasma counters fur hires and anti-meta decks so well but also don’t be afraid to toss it w destiny draw if you know tou won’t need
  • OTK’s like a normal destiny/masked deck
  • Use your traps wisely as you only have 4. Some times it’s worth it to drop the 2000 on mirror wall to pop off the skill, other times it’s really not

Laval Stall

Laval Stall KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
LoboNeg94 Deck 2Right Back at YouAug 3

♦ LoboNeg94:
I've been struggling for several days to reach KOG using an Lava Golem based deck. However, if you decide to stick with old fashioned cards, you canb rely on The Golden Apples combined with Marik's ability "Right back at you". Just keep some cards to neutralize fur hires, amazoness, sylvans and other popular cards in the meta such as chalice, canadia and floodgate trap hole. Don't be afraid of taking some damage, because you can either have strong tokens with the apples or attack directly with the rabbit and the ray. Summon your Golem and lock it with a couple of masks, because you can only have one massivemorph, to burn down your opponent.


Lightsworn KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ClaireEndless Trap HellAug 5

♦ Claire:
Mill cards with the monster effects, and use Glorious Illusion to summon them from the GY, or to summon a monster you can tribute for Celestia, which destroys 2 cards

Masked HERO

Masked HERO KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
VayuBalanceJuly 4
Spica VCDestiny CallingJuly 6
Yami MarikBalanceJuly 8
GNcellBeatdownJuly 9
LordGuitchiBeatdownJuly 13
WAR | Snow21BalanceJuly 15
OnsdotoSwitcherooJuly 16
Elvis_TFXMind ScanJuly 18
mr.zeroDestiny CallingJuly 19
Luis CabañasBalanceJuly 20
jetsfireBeatdownJul 21
HellKaiser KBeatdownJul 21
齵啦地啵BeatdownJuly 21
SeyaryuDestiny CallingJuly 24
RouxynineThe Ties that BindsJuly 25
BuumanBalanceJuly 31
JoaquínBeatdownJuly 31
MoodMojoDestiny CallingAug 4

The deck has a huge advantage when It comes out playing palezoic canadia and floodgate trap hole (great match up vs fur hire and hero). As a meta has changed a lot, amazoness is very strong i chose to use this version without fusion and with traps insted only treacherous trap hole.

♦ GNcell:
Since beatdown skill is using, trunade is better than cyclone with this skill. Beatdown can used to overcome Fur hire wiz defense and also mirror match using anki. For amazon, i am not worry about onslaught as beatdown skill is helping on one turn kill strategy.

Mecha Phantom Beast

MPB KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
FlockChain ReactionAug 4

♦ Flock:
Stall enemy with traps then sonic boom for the win.
u can counter donpa using Aerial recharge to summon token, so the mecha beast wont be destroyed. Chalice and canadia for countering Fur Hire.

OTK Combo :
Megaraptor/Harrliard + Sonic Boom + Curse of Anubis

Neutral Enemy :

  • Jinzo
  • D-Hero Plasma

Noble Knight

Noble Knight KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
IronWillBalanceJuly 12
Banish my EXBalanceJuly 14
tinaygandaBalanceJuly 22
MKWBalanceJuly 31
TactiXBalanceAug 4

♦ tinayganda:
Starting the game with either medraut or drystan with any noble arms (I preferred Destiny first always).. This should be backed it up with glory/wild tornado/typhoon for instant kill at the opponent next turn.
I used balanced skill that is why I was force to used 6 trap cards inorder to used the effect of balance skill. Security orb and etaqua are good for retain which is very useful in a lot of situations.

♦ IronWill:
When facing Amazoness / Fur Hire:
Let's say you have 2 spells in your starting hand and one of them is ARFEUDUTYR, ok, before summoning Medraut or Drystan, you equip ARFEUDUTYR to Amazoness Princess then activate its effect and try to destroy Onslaught, when your opponent activates the trap to avoid destruction, that's when you summon Medraut / Drystan, so you can destroy onslaught with Drystan's effect before there's an amazoness monster in your opponent's graveyard.
Same tactic against Fur Hire, equip your Arfeudutyr to Beat, destroy your opponent Econ/Mayhem/Treacherous Trap Hole, after that you can summon and use drystan's effect to destroy his Beat/Dyna.

Ojama Stall

Psychic KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
iAn!Ojama Go!July 13


Psychic KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
MitjansBanditJuly 12

♦ Mitjans:
Use destructotron, psychokinesis and wind-up juggler to keep board control. Wall of disruption and canadias will help you to win against Furries (Use wind-up juggler or 2 psychokinesis to kill wiz asap). Silent psychic wizard and serene psychic witch are pretty good to stand against multiple attacks and search for jugglers or destructotron. You can use your wizards and witches in the graveyard as fuel for your Reinforced Human Psychic Borgs. Bandit skill is pretty useful to finish duels stealing your oponent last hope. It saved me from losing a lot of times too. The deck struggles against spellbooks, try to use bandit to steal spellbook of fate so you can summon something.

Sea Stealth Attack

SSA KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
uridiazMythic DepthsJuly 9
jon snowMythic DepthsAug 1

Silent Crystal

Silent Crystal KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ZeusRDTranscendent CrystalsJuly 5
LucasDheinTranscendent CrystalsJuly 5
ReskTranscendent CrystalsJuly 29

Silent Spellbook

Silent Spellbook KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
YAMIAquaSwitcherooJuly 2
FerrerMind ScanJuly 6
qxjklyDestiny DrawJuly 6
MarinRestartJuly 16
BANRestartJuly 19
ZacPower of DARKJuly 20
Tnobes99RestartJuly 21
DJNobuRestartJuly 31
GGGamerSwitcherooAug 5
CuriousPupPower of DarkAug 6

♦ CuriousPup:
The deck is focused on stalling out to draw the cards for win conditions(Silent magician, Blizzard Princess). All monsters are stubborn in that they are hard to get rid of and also enable easy summoning for Silent Magician and Blizzard Princess. The basic idea is to set the lower level cards in defense position, carefully use the few back-line cards to minimize threats and stay defensive until drawing the right cards. Blizzard Princess will easily take board control if used at the right time and is a great finisher. Power of the dark is used for the extra defense. Mist valley walker is included because of its strong stats and for Legions second affect which synchronizes well with Silent Magician. Dark clown is a strong option to make sure you have a monster to tribute for your next turn.


  • Keep legion + Princess in hand as an ace to deal out the finishing blow, unless you think you can get a worthwhile board control advantage.
    -If your opponent has a lot of back line it can be beneficial to wait until drawing a blizzard princess to attack. This coincides with letting silent magician ramp up as well.
    -Focus on getting board control and waiting patiently to draw the right cards to avoid risks of the opponents back line. A lot of the time the best move is no move.
    -Pretend any set card is wall of disruption when making decisions. Try to see if losing 800x attack will make a difference or not.

Fur Hire: The deck is good against fur Hire. Silent Magician level 8 and Blizzard Princess are stronger than Fur hire monsters. The only threat is Donpa and trap cards. If I can get out Silent Magician I like to let them fill their board so they cannot make use of Donpa's affect and then patiently wait to get the right cards to win the game as their cards rely on special summoning for monster effects which they cannot do with a filled board. Dark Clown is great for not dying immediately.

This deck has lots of options, strong summoning power, and impactful back line cards. This makes it very good against almost any deck allowing easily gained board control.

Amazoness:The deck is extremely bad against Amazoness. There is no counter for Onslaught and most of the monsters effects in this deck are graveyard effects which won't be activated if banished. Your best bet is hoping to win by dealing damage with lucky Blizzard Princess draws. The decks spell and trap cards come in handy here and it is possible to win if they get a really bad draw.


Spellbook KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ShakaRestartJuly 13
DathedrRestartJuly 13
murphyDraw Sense: EARTHJuly 18
Tommm94Mind ScanJuly 19

♦ Shaka:
How to use: kinda standard Spellbook deck built to disrupt your opponent key plays, with some added versatility thanks to the Tricky and the Destroyer, allowing to swarm your field without activating the Reaper/Fool big combo. It has proven to be very useful even in mirror matches or against Silent Spellbook variant despite going first or second. Main weakness is dealing with opponents with heavy backrow, in which case you need to be specially pacient (this helped a lot in the final matches).


Sylvan KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Makrov krauzLast GambleAug 1

♦ Makrov krauz:
The key to win is the surprise of playing the deck itself, TTH never brick since u draw ur backrows at the beginning then milling will send the remaining backrows to the bottom, last gamble to dump carrot/lover.

King of Games Log







Hot New Top
Why not D R A G U N I T Y
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
soon brother
Reporting spellbook players for slow play, is it fun to make your opponent wait 1 hour on your turn? Hell no.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Apparently there's someone who lacks the brain cell to understand what spellbook does
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You have to be trolling, please tell me that you're just trolling
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You’re clearly a silver player beacuse you can’t look past attack points
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
His deck must be a 30 card unga bunga with equip spells that boost attack
Annnnnd..Fur Hire deck is to be nerfd soon xD
But I'm not sure if the nerf is going to be enough to enjoy dueling in meta =/
Reach first time legend rank in my first season of ranked duels
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2 Reply
With what deck?
Also, only 67 wins is pretty nice.
You should've put in more effort and go for KoG though.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I used hero deck to platinum than use fur and amazoness to legend rank with decent winning rate
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2 Reply
So, just another meta hype groupie.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you're aiming for higher, wish you good luck.
If you're trying to have fun, you're not gonna enjoy the lader above legend.
Any ways congrats on your first try.
Two of the “Silent Spellbooks” decks don’t have a SINGLE spellbook card in it.. Jesus gamea get your 🔥 together..
Updated agost
Anonymous No. 2
Special respect to the heroes who KoG-ed with Sylvan, SSA and Mecha decks.
Also, "Laval Stall deck" with 0 Laval cards? WTF?
<< Anonymous
makrov krauz Reply
I didn't used sylvans that much when they were tier 1, last season I KOGed with ancient gears( hardest kog ) but I didn't share the deck, top 300 group c wcs with antimeta (anti trap wild heart with last gamble), I know it's not a big achievement but my goal is to have fun + I plyed 60 matchs only, I'm F2P so I don't have variable decks to shift with meta change and I misplay like crazy.
<< Anonymous(Yang)
makrov krauz Reply
I'm not really that skilled to be honest but thank you anyway, I play ranked to be better at the game since I don't have a chance to play tcg.
<< Anonymous(makrov krauz)
BlueMinotaur Reply
Good job! Fellow F2P here and was able to enjoy reasonable variety so far as I am quite frugal with my gems. Konami has started to cut down some free gems though, so not sure if I will be able to keep up in the near future. Time will tell I guess.
<< Anonymous(BlueMinotaur)
makrov krauz Reply
it all depends on 5d world, new stages + new characters = more gems, u should be good till the end of this year
I love the first antimeta deck on this list
Furs everywhere!
There is no point in saving the rainforest with many furs around!
<< Anonymous
Yang Reply
Aliens are still good(in theory and experimentations), don't be down about it...Fur Hires are the main thing that Aliens exceptionally hate though..
<< Anonymous(Yang)
Yang Reply
Fur Hires can't handle Alien's consistent field control if the opening was done decently to stop Fur Hires. Key cards are Alien Kid, Canadia, Floodgate Trap, Forbidden Chalice, and Wall of Disruption. Telepath is vital to search and destroy Mayhem fur Hire. Dyna is the worst threat Aliens can face for obvious reasons, but overall in theory and experiments, the Archetype's good.
<< Anonymous(Yang)
Yang Reply
Alien players should also focus on activating more than one tech card per turn if Wiz is on the field, baiting him is a great option since its only once per tun for his spell negating effect
<< Anonymous(Yang)
Anonymous Reply
Wiz is a she, though
Just got KoG in under 3hrs with Amazoness, starting from Legend 1, lost 2 duels to Fur Hire, 1 to Hazy OTK, and 1 to Fish. Worst matchup was probably the mirror match...aside from Fur Hire of course.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Saladfingers Reply
I didn't mean for it to come off like that, but I guess I can't argue with it sounding arrogant. :v sorry
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
The real Valencia Reply
That wasn't me. I'm not a jerk who tries to give out "advice" like this. And I don't even post about the game on here and pvp since I'm not KOG.
<< Anonymous(The real Valencia)
Valencia Reply
Hi there! As you might notice, people don't actually care that much about these kind of explanations! I don't see the point of going into greater lengths to prove yourself as innocent when there's no actual harm done. It's not even a pro bono. Just chill! :D
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Valencia Reply
Well, after seeing this... There is really is no point to go on about "the real me". Anyone can choose to use a name and it's not like I own it. So, yeah...sorry.
I reach KOG once using this deck
Such misplaced pride. 83 Fur Hire. Hmmm a monkey banging on a keyboard would match anyone using them in skill. Nerfed to hell or add better archetypes solves this.
<< Anonymous(Mastika)
Saladfingers Reply
Barely level 30 chars? You've still got a horde of gems waiting for you...I don't understand what "2-mnts players" means...
<< Anonymous(Duelist)
Saladfingers Reply
Misplaced is not the same as exaggerated. As I said before, I would find it reasonable for a newcomer to play Fur Hire as the alternative is quite expensive and resource-exhausting, I find it quite unforgivable for a Fur Hire player to be an already accomplished player just playing the most OP deck available for easy wins. Those players are making the game stale, not the newcomers.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Duelist Reply
It's naive to think old players won' play the most OP deck. OP deck will make the game stale, not new-comers or old players. Even the most brilliant or genius old player would never beat Furs with Kaibaman deck, except with some incredible luck.

Like wtf, you can't blame the game become stale to players, they just use what give them highest chances of winning.
<< Anonymous(Mastika)
Anonymous Reply
This game powercreep level is insane.

If you already max level/max stage, the only way to keep with the newest and the most powerful decks is to spend some money.

Or you can abandon old account, create new account, farming gems and buy latest pack.

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not the case any more bro its set your omni negate and win
Now that Link decks are a thing, what are the best staples? I was using Book of Moon and Floodgat...
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