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Duel Links King of Games decks, the top meta of Duel Links in May 2018.
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Season Duration May 1 - May 31

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Number of users per deck

In Progress......

Alien & Alien Ananta4
Amazoness Burn1
Chain Reaction Raider1
Crystal Beast1
Cyber Angel Saffira5
Cyber Stein2
Dark World1
Destiny Slash1
Dinosaur Control2
Extra Extra Stall1
Fire Fist Hazy3
Fish OTK1
Flying Fish1
Grassed Dragon1
Gusto Hunter1
Hazy Flame2
Hunters OTK1
Lava Golem7
Masked HERO28
Noble Knight2
Sea Stealth Attack3
Snipe Volcanic1

Alien & Alien Ananta

Alien & Alien Ananta KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Summitted
Redragon91RestartMay 10
BaroneRestartMay 14
MumfordplanRestartMay 15
MateuszRestartMay 21

♦ Mumfordplan:

  • 2 cyclone against amazoness or ssa deck, the same for super rush, 2 e-con against sylvan and spellbook.


Amazoness KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Summitted
LuxunRestartMay 3
ZaneHoly GuardMay 3
ECI CloudHoly GuardMay 7
Get MoneyHoly GuardMay 8
ACTARUSRestartMay 9
LesugaBalanceMay 9
플레이어말살의금지카드RestartMay 9
Kika1203RestartMay 10
RanKudo1RestartMay 11
Neia4WaifuRestartMay 11
Chaidir ISRestartMay 11
AndalRestartMay 12
AmandaRestartMay 12
Intercept0rHoly GuardMay 12
PharaohRestartMay 13
ShizukasamaBalanceMay 14
CurraheeRestartMay 14
DeadfreakRestartMay 17
OksygeniumHoly GuardMay 17
SwordmasterRestartMay 18
RazaelriezenHoly GuardMay 18
ButteredTatoRestartMay 18
Jonathan191RestartMay 18
onepunchmanRestartMay 18
VintageDev95RestartMay 19
D-D-D-D-DuelHoly GuardMay 20
iKev_123RestartMay 20
rYLbLdHoly GuardMay 21
PESTERestartMay 21
Poniel666RestartMay 21
ZeroXHoly GuardMay 22
eyepatchRestartMay 23
Kira YoshikaRestartMay 23
[M1] OpaHoly GuardMay 23
HelxabeGritMay 23
spinzakuBalanceMay 24
BexHoly GuardMay 25
LucasSKKHoly GuardMay 25
Zé JuanRestartMay 25
Shade2002RestartMay 25
DS•T|t4n™➛RestartMay 25
Holy GuardMay 26

♦ Andal:

  • Chaos hunter is a nice card that stops opposing Amazoness players for a while. Amazoness Scouts is my answer to Sea Stealth Attack decks.

♦ Zane:

  • I run amazoness trap instead of rebirth because princess can search for it and it can special summon Queen in grave.
  • Witch Raider is a tech card for back row explosion.

♦ iKev_123:
The deck idea was from Dkayed, however he played 3 Lava Golem, and I found that too bricky so I put in a Witch Raider. This deck has so many answers against the Meta, only problem is (of course) Sylvans if you get unlucky with the lottery.

♦ Get Money:
I ran only one Onslaught to make room for more quick spells that could respond to decks like Mask Change and Sylvans. If Onslaught was destroyed - the versatility of Rush and ECon were usually enough to keep me in.

♦ ZeroX:

  • My secret of the amazoness - amazoness shamanism (Since with this we can make several combos with the effects of the baby tiger or the princess).
  • The baby tiger is a strong point because with the ability (Holy Guard) and the queen in the field, we can remove monsters from the field easily.

♦ Lesuga:

  • One copy of Amazoness fighting spirit is added to allow active battling without losing life points/losing your monsters, and removing your opponent’s monsters with Amazoness onslaught’s effect at the same time.
  • Windstorm of etaqua, curse of anubis, and 3 copies of econ help to minimise chances of you losing your monsters/life points

♦ Kika1203:

  • Use the restarting - it is essential to have a princess amazoness in hand and at least another amazoness monster.
  • It is advisable to have the first turn to be able to put the trap amazoness and activate it in the turn of the opponent and be able to attack.
  • Hero vision is very useful for traps and help when you are in trouble.

♦ Deadfreak:

  • Mirror matches: Use super rush headlong as it will activate before onslaught. Use enemy controller on Chaos Hunter to get it on your side of the field and tribute it with princess so it doesn't stop onslaught if they happen to use that and Forbidden Chalice is for Sylvan.
  • Use restart if you don't have onslaught, and try to get out queen asap. It's a pretty easy deck to grasp once you know what you're fighting.

♦ Pharaoh:

  • Restart skill is mandatory, because you need to have princess in your hand, I tried balance and it doesn't work.
  • Tech cards: a cyclone, witch raider and golem. The first to counter SSA decks and the set card in sylvant decks wich is ultimate providence ir divine wrath; witch raider to fight vs milling/burn and decks with backrow; lava golem to counter amazoness and geargias, really useful card in this meta.
  • Important card: super rush headlong for mirror matches.

♦ Luxun:

  • Use Restart - if don't have princess or onslaught in your starting hand.
  • Summon princess as soon as possible, which adds onslaught to hand and use her second effect to special summon either queen or tiger.
  • Chalice is here to deal with sylvan and enemy controller is essential in any deck (in my point of view).
  • Feel free to replace the mirror wall with a third econ.
  • Be careful: if your opponent puts too many strong monsters on the field (like hazy), and you have princess in atk and queen in def, you could lose all your life points.

♦ Oksgenium:

  • Trap based Amazoness deck.
  • Main combo - any amazoness monster + onslaught.
  • The difference beetween other Amaz. decks is that traps are your only backrow, so you can almost always summon Witch Raider. Thats the boss monster you want to play in mirror matches, to get enemy backrow or as end game finisher. Can play 3 copies but its a bit brick risky.
  • Spy is recycler.
  • Tiger to protect Princess.
  • I dont play Queen only because dont have her yet.

♦ Neia4Waifu:
I got to use the Volcanic engine, since it generates +1 that can be used to clean the opponent's field, either to summon monsters like Chaos Hunter, or with Princess, since Blaze Accelerator can be recovered from the cemetery with Volcanic Rocket, or searched from the deck to the hand. On the other hand, Volcanic Shell can be a +2 with Princess, since it is a free cost when it hits the opponent, as well as a deck accelerator ... Reaching a mental pressure that destabilizes the opponent, since there is the possibility of losing a lot of field presence but it ends quickly, as well as the resources invested in establishing it. Chaos Hunter is a very good hand trap for the mirror match, as well as against Spellbooks, SSA, and to a lesser extent Archfiends, and Destiny HERO - Celestial, Cosmic Cyclone, Rose Lover of Sylvan, etc ... As well as a kicker powerful attack. The rest of the deck is the current body of the Amazoness that gives such good results, and that is complemented by the Volcanic engine.

♦ Amanda:

  1. Chaos Hunter is a MUST in this deck. It completely shut downs your opponent and is very easy to special summon! It can also can in handy against rose lovers and spell books. Be careful though, not to be very aggressive because they will probably chalice it. Only attack on an empty board or when you are sure your attack will go through.
  2. Witch Raider is another great 2700 beater that deals with any annoying back row as well.
  3. The Beginning of Heaven and Earth along with 2 Amazoness Willpowers and Swift Gaia. The target of this tech is to thin our deck as fast as possible in order to draw our Chaos Hunter or Witch Raider, then revive princess from the grave using willpower. Even if you open up with Gaia, your are still having a great 2300 beater in your hand, then you tribute the dead trap for Witch Raider. On the other hand if you open up with Heaven and Earth and Willpower you are good to go, not to mention the 1/3 chance to also get Gaia in your hand. It's a win - win situation.
  4. Cosmic Cyclone for back row removal (not destroys onslaught). Double cyclone is an also good alternative, I prefer cosmic though (banish > destroy).

Amazoness Burn

Amazoness Burn KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
GriffithEDBRParasite InfectionMay 17


Archfiend KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Summitted
alfilunaRestartMay 3
KerthorokRestartMay 12
rorivy15RestartMay 14
MedikandoRestartMay 16
SpicaRestartMay 20
KoolShadesRestartMay 22

♦ rorivy15:
Skill is restart to ensure we have a good starting hand. The ideal hand is to have 1 mill card and 1 revival.

♦ alfiluna:

  • skill restart - main goal is to have Archfiend's Emperor ASAP.
  • Invader - To stop quick plays such as (econ, mask change, and others).

Chain Reaction Raider

Chain Reaction Raider KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
MordyMcFlyChain ReactionMay 15

♦ MordyMcFly:

  • This is a cheaper alternative version of Paleos that doesn't use 3 copies of each of the URs.
  • I've found that one Amulet of Ambition is better than multiple copies of Wetlands due to the fact that if they destroy your Wetlands, you don't really have any way to boost your Paleos to a decent attack. Also, AoA can be placed on top of the deck if it gets sent to the graveyard, so it makes it easier to get over your opponents big monsters.
  • As for counters for meta decks, Different Dimension Ground is a fantastic counter to Sylvans and usually ended up with me winning if I pulled it early enough. I'd recommend adding another copy over 1 Marrella.
  • One thing this deck lacks is backrow removal. Which is why Witch Raider is here.
  • Jar activates their effects and you can chain it to most things.
  • WOD was extremely helpful in the case that you don't have anything to boost your Paleos attacks. Something one might consider when experimenting is adding another Wetlands or Amulet. I had those available, but found this to be

Crystal Beast

Crystal Beast KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
XQlatherXTranscendent CrystalsMay 22

Cyber Angel Saffira

CA Saffira KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Joaquin.GritMay 6
UnbindedBalanceMay 12
DoppelgangerBeatdownMay 16
PredatorBalanceMay 23
danwlfcBalanceMay 25
Telmo OrozcoBalanceMay 26

♦ Joaquin:

  • I use grit because It allows you to survive otks and this deck has comeback potential.

♦ Predator:

  • Tribute to the doomed - it works perfectly to activate saffira's end phase effect and plus it provides monster removal too.If you have a saffira on the field you can activate this card's effect by discarding a light monster since the deck is all about light attribute.

♦ Unbinded:

  • The only additions are two copies of Chaos Hunter, a monster card that you can offer as a tribute for a ritual summon. So, you will always start with a hand composed of monsters and ritual spells, this is why I personally think this deck is way more consistent than the ones with cosmic cyclone or hey!, trunade; because those spell cards might ruin your starter hand.
  • Last tip to keep in mind would be never, ever, use Dakini's special ability to send monsters to graveyard against a Sylvan Player if the guy has a facedown card in the Spell/Trap zone. Remember that the most optimal Sylvan deck (99% of them) has 3 copies of Enemy Controller and 2 copies of Ultimate Providence

Cyber Stein


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SGA 8hour ago
helpppppp !!!
Hello everyone, something terrible happened to me and I would be happy if someone could help me.
I did not have a space on my phone so I deleted a few things (I have galaxy s6) and mistakenly I deleted one of Google's apps and now I can not log in to YUGIOH and I have my duelist ID and my google play remembers all my data. But for some reason the YUGIOH app does not let me in the game and I'm really afraid I will not be able to play agin.
So if anyone has any idea what Supposed to do plesa send me an email (my email thank
<< Anonymous(SGA)
Anonymous 8hour ago Reply
No need to spam this on every page.
<< Anonymous
SGA 8hour ago Reply
Sorry I'm just really nerves
<< Anonymous(SGA)
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
Can not!!!
You used google translated?
SGA 9hour ago
helpppppp !!!
Hello everyone, something terrible happened to me and I would be happy if someone could help me.
helpppppp !!!
Hello everyone, something terrible happened to me and I would be happy if someone could help me.
I did not have a space on my phone so I deleted a few things (I have galaxy s6) and mistakenly deleted one of Google's apps and now I can not log in to YUGIOH and I have my duelist ID so if anyone has any idea I would be happy to help
If you know anything please contact me at my email ( thank
Mert1337 1days ago
So next season starting with 5k hp. I guess this will change something
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11hour ago Reply
Looks like a sylvan player is mad, lmao

Mad at a
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11hour ago Reply
I clicked yes u mad bro?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11hour ago Reply
The fact that you replied in the first place indicates you took the bait, meaning you're the one who gets mad first lmao
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
My kumoshroomo was the bait and you fell for it milling 5 otk incoming thank you fúkkk you bye
Anonymous 6days ago
New thing to do. Post a screen shot of Sylvan players revealing themselves to be monkeys on a keyboard.
<< Anonymous(Zane lover)
Zane lover 14hour ago Reply
A smelly dodo face stupid!
<< Anonymous(Zane lover)
Anonymous 13hour ago Reply
Big stupid!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13hour ago Reply
Also it need a space not a comma you fúcking monkey retard
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11hour ago Reply
Wow..... neat. This spiraled quickly into nonsense. Hahahaha. The point was, if you play with a broken deck then please don't embarrass yourself by not reading and just blindly reacting. It's konami's fault for putting the damn thing in. But its a Sylvan players fault for not adapting to elements of better play.
Anonymous 13hour ago
Why is my name white instead of red, when I'm KoG?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13hour ago Reply
That happens when you just hit a new teir rank when you reset your game you will be red
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. 13hour ago Reply
the game can detect when you fap too much and makes your name white instead of red when you get the kog.
don't touch your phone for a while after a fap and wash hands thoroughly.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous 13hour ago Reply
Man the one time I try and help someone lol
Chuck Norris 11days ago
Never faced a single hacker, what a bunch of haters.
Go ahead and tell me all the lies u want, I won't believe you; I simply can't believe the words of a mere hater who lies just to justify the fact he can't win in a card game. That's absolutely lame.
<< Anonymous(Chuck Norris)
Wohooo Yaaaay!!! XD 11days ago Reply
;D ;D ;D
<< Anonymous
Ripped&Sweet 10days ago Reply
I was surprised at how good fish still is when I ranked up with it. All about the econ take with oyster.
<< Anonymous(Chuck Norris)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Chuck Norris)
Anonymous 13hour ago Reply
Lol I saw a hacker in a street replay
Anonymous 16hour ago
i play sylvans and amazoness am i good
Anonymous 18hour ago
Anyone want to buy a duel links account?I ve played since 432 dayss,and I want to sell it!!!Cause I dont have time to play and I want to get another person the chance to play
John Cena 1days ago
Noticed only 3 screenshots casaffira. GAMEA UPDATE PLS
John Cena 1days ago
Noticed only 3 screenshots casaffira. GAMEA UPDATE PLS
Anonymous 1days ago
can archfiend emperror deck compete todays meta cuz feel like they not consistent and bricks i wanted to get my 3rd emperror i dont know if i get it or not.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Yes they still can. Combine with Chaos Hunter it becomes anti-meta deck
:D! 11days ago
Just FARMING some dudes in Ranking Dools xD!
Kicked everyone's butt with my fly8ng fish :D!
<< Anonymous(:D!)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
:D :D :D!
<< Anonymous(:D!)
Clueless 10days ago Reply
Good job, mate!
<< Anonymous(:D!)
PS 8days ago Reply
One does not simply rank to KOG with Flying Fish xD... GJ!
<< Anonymous(:D!)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Epic! XD!

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