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update 11/12/2018
Season 35 DurationDec 1 - Jan 1

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Buster Blader DNA Surgery1
Fur Hire2
Masked HERO3
Noble Knight1
Sea Stealth Attack1
Silent Magician1
Silent Swordsman1



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
JeditachiEndless Trap HellDec 9

A comment from Jeditachi:
Pure amazoness deck and not that 300$ banish control. I struggled in platinum with the Blue Eyes then decided to switch to Amazoness when i hit Legend. It was relatively easy and i got to KOG in like 30 games.

It seems people forgot about the terror that Amazoness can provide and aren't building their decks around this archetype anymore. Had some big luck too avoiding all the Jinzos, Tenkabitos and Wild Hearts during that run.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YTAndalParasite InfestationDec 10

A comment from YTAndal:
This deck is a concentrated evil whose goal is to beatdown the opponent or burn their life points. Dust Tornado destroys backrow with few drawbacks and Magic Deflector shuts down popular cards like Mask Change, Silver's Cry, and Vampire Kingdom.


Magoya [SD]

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Magoya [SD]BalanceDec 6

A comment from Magoya [SD]:
It is very fun to play, you can change the zombie and drowing mirror force for two canadia



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
WayoneLast GambleDec 5

A comment from Wayone:

About the deck: It was my 3rd KOG time and also the first picked up in the first five days since new season reseted. Didn't have time to try it in the first two days,I started focusing after three days has passed, it's not a new build, 3 horses and 3 batteries are the basic consistency since they can mill, they can search, they can draw, multiple effects give you easy summons of the mainly boss from the deck.

That's why monster reincarnation is here, we don't have 9-bolt yet to search industrial from the deck so we just need to mill him using Solar's effect and recover him from the graveyard, discard any batteryman card from your hand and summon it. At start I was using three sniper hunters, after reaching legend 2 he start bricking my hand sometimes, replace one sniper for one cyclone, it worked very well since vampires and buster blader became too popular.

My deck performance was great against most of tier 1 and 2 decks, get lot of spellbooks and most of my plays hitted them without problems, bujins did one of the most crazy plays against this deck, kuribohs helped a lot against heroes, vampires and blader decks, the mainly reason for just two spheres was because I don't have a third copy yet and a normal kuriboh showed be better against some paleozoic players that are unnafected by monsters effect, you need to protect your HP when you activate the skill.

About the skill: Just use it when you need like bad hand sitattions, most of my wins (even last KOG match) the skill didn't seem necessary, already made this build to make skill a optional thing. E-con take and monster reincarnation are here to deal with these situations where the skill became unnecessary, with two sniper hunters and two industrials both treacherous and trunades lost their use (since last banlist came too).

My worst plays was against vampires, for a unknown reason they never brick when playing against me, setting microcell isn't a good deal while grace is easy searchable, you can't use mill effect of solar when the they already has his field, some sealed tombs delayed my special summons. But still get good plays against them. Didn't see lot of heroes like previous season where they was the majority deck being played.

Many canadias and floodgates are core for burn, gemini, amazoness, heroes decks, to deal with them just baited them summoning industrial or sniper hunter to e-con taking opponent monsters after floodgates, canadias activate, since I have many resources in graveyard, monster reincarnation showed his power giving me more special summons to starting taking down all opponent resources.

Oh before I forget, this deck dealt against new anti meta build that players starting running after last KC, they use wildhearts, tenkabitos, some equip spells and treachreous or solems to counter summoning, they was my easiest match to play against. Reached KOG against a Dragunity deck.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ShakaA Trick up the SleeveDec 4

A comment from Shaka:
The meta has changed a bit with the new box release so I felt I was needing more action in my opponents turn (disrupt his/hey plays), so I have replaced the Bingos with Canadias. Turns out that was a pretty useful tool not only against the usual enemies (mirror matches, Vampires, Heroes and occasionally useful against Spellbooks), but also against Yubel decks, since they are unaffected by other monsters' effects when summoned as monsters (and they also put the Terror Incarnate to sleep for a turn), so they don't get destroyed.

I have also excluded the Chalice, because it was too situational and Canadias were having a similar effect. From the new box, Breaker works really good in this deck because you either force an opponent's backrow (usually trying to save some other) or you simply destroy it. Also, depending on the case, this guy can also swing over/crash into Decider (yes, yet again, my ladder was just full of D-Heroes and the match-ups usually went down to how many Mask Changes they were able to draw before me killing them :)).

Enemy Controller/Cosmo Brain + Pyschic Ace is a very powerful combo, so I kept that from last month. Relinkuriboh is great for a turn 1 (specially against vampires if you have a follow up on your next turn) due to the battle destruction protection it gives and the extra card you draw (felt really good to see that Vampire player sucking my Blue Eyes, attacking my Cosmo Brain which was saved by Relinkuriboh and then clicking Surrender after me summoning Breaker to destroy the field spell into an E-con take for Vampire Vamp with him/her having no cards in hand: I actually stopped for a few seconds to let the player surrender and not get farmed: 3100 + 5500 ATK with no protection is not funny at all).

The rest of the deck is "standard": 1 Cosmo, 3 Blue Eyes, 3 Spirit of White, 3 Silver's Cry (I didn't missed the Birthright at all) and 1 Protector. Hardest match up is Silent Spellbooks specially if they go first and have Silent Magician in hand (the deck has outs for it but you have to draw the right cards). Vampires could become a problem if you don't have an out to that deck big plays (Vamp suck/Grace + field spell destruction), otherwise you should be fine, since in the longer game they tend to get out of resources for their effects due to the milling.

There is also a new deck around against which this one works very well: WildHeart + Tenkabito + Equip Spells + Negation/Destruction Traps and the main reason for it was that you usually are able to keep something with +2500 ATK on the field for the battle phase after forcing the negation/destruction trap card and destroy/banish at least other card or directly destroying their monster and that's simply too much for them. I didn't face many Bujin decks so I'm not sure about how strong is this deck against them.

As for Dragunity/U.A. and similar "Beatdown" based decks, I'd say that toggle ON + Canadia/E-con usually dealt with them. A natural counter for this deck is Buster Blader (I have also give it a try to that deck this season) but, neither I faced enough nor they are that consistent (they usually brick and the deck is also unable to come back from top-deck mode).

The extra deck is Azure Eyes (for Vampires mainly, Yubel sometimes and mirror matches as well depending on the situation, since it will work as some sort of dragons factory), Giganticastle (for raw power and sending Spirit to grave) and Stardust mainly for Yubel and similar destruction based decks like Geargias (1 Stardust and 1 big beater is enough most of the time since you only care about Anchor's effect).


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ThejanitorA Trick up the SleeveDec 6


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KortezzyTranscendent CrystalsDec 7

A comment from Kortezzy:
This is my kog deck. It is blue eyes with Jesse. His skill is sweet if you get silvers cry and a Cosmo. The only bad matchups were slow books.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
checco9A Trick up the SleeveDec 7


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FeliciaA Trick up the SleeveDec 10

A comment from Felicia:
Notes: Breaker, Destruct, Trunade always goes first before doing special summons.

  • I play at least 2x Bingo so i can draw faster in my deck.
  • I play 3x Forbidden Chalace for many reasons. it messes up Yubels, it totally screws up Vampires when they summon Gozuki or Skull. it smashes Spell Books Blue Boy, totally comes in handy when there is a destiny hero Decider on the field.
  • Easy game when it comes to a mirror match with blue eyes and negate Cosmo Brain. this card is the best counter for any decks in my opinion. its because they dont expect it and they totally lose



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
InfyHeartzTitan ShowdownDec 5

WAR | Snow21

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
WAR | Snow21My Monster cardsDec 5


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
longkonLP Boost αDec 6

A comment from longkon:
I use 1 copy of lava golem for defensive decks . It works quite a lot

Buster Blader DNA Surgery


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FalletioBalanceDec 7

A comment from Falletio:
This feels like the most consistent version to play buster blader. Auto wins against blue eyes, spellbooks, buijin and vampires if you start right and don't misplay. They have their counter strategies, but once you know them you win mostly. Amazoness need to have a monster on the field that's not swordsman for you to have a chance. Wildheart Anti Trap is a hard to impossible match-up if they start right.

Fur Hire


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KennethQThe Tie that BindsDec 2


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
HagoromoThe Tie that BindsDec 7

A comment from Hagoromo:

This month i reached KOG with Fur Hires.
With a strong backrow this deck is really strong, probably even stronger than Masked Hero. Universe is really strong in this meta: keep in mind that you can activate it during damage step, also many meta monsters have low defense (Vamp monsters but Anki and LV8 Silent Magician too).

  • Harder matches were vs Vamp.
    Against Vamp you need to have at least 2 Canadia/Floodgate to prevent OTK and stop Grace.
    Use Wiz wisely. Sometimes it’s better to stop Vampire’s Domain than Kingdom.
    Against SB the strong Backrow it’s great to stop them, just be patient and try to not waste monster if not needed.
  • Against Hero i’ve always won, except one match beacause of my mistake. Wiz is 90% enough to stop them, just be patient and don’t attack if not necessary. Just keep defend yourself with backrow and stop Mask Change using Wiz.
  • U.A. may be a problem becuase i don’t use Dompa, but it’s not a very hard matchup in my opinion. Canadia and Floodgate may work very weel and Univarse can be a unexpected surprise.
    Good luck guys and have a good game!

P.S. I would probaly substitute 2 wall with 2 Floodgate if i had them :)



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
MikiRaineDestiny DrawDec 7

A comment from MikiRaine:
The initial goal of this deck is to special summon gemknights as many as possible along with a single GK Lapis Lazuli. If you manage to special summon 3 gem knights in a turn, that is instant 1500 damage to your opponent. And then you wait it out for your next turn: you must not attack if there are set cards in the opponent's field as the current meta relies on wall of disruption and many anti attack cards. But if there is none, you can attack for a potential win.
Then for your next turn activate the effect of GK Lapis Lazuli for another 1500 damage. Then special summon GK Master Diamond using GK Lapis Lazuli as one of Fusion Materials and use the effect of GKMD for another 1500 effect damage. Instant win in one to three turns.

What's different :
Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell. Synergised with recycable GK Fusion card. Powerful against Buster, Vampire, Mask Hero and Spell books.
Solemn Scolding. Counter trap card with game winning effect. Synergised with Destiny Draw for the Grass card, GK Fusion or a Triamid Pulse.



Hot New Top
Anonymous 1hour ago
What's happened to Masked Hero? Why a little only managed to reach KOG?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1hour ago Reply
Because they are crapashell
Anonymous 4hour ago
rofl 12 vampires already, what a balanced deck!
da silva 5hour ago
12 KOG decks are vampires, impressive... it seems that many people actually like the archetype, cool cuz they weren't very popular in the OCG. I guess there is always a first time for everything. :-)
Gyo-jin 2days ago
dude I think I fell in love with that Gem knight deck, might try it soon since I already have master diamond but lack 1 trunade.
<< Anonymous(Gyo-jin)
RainbowChazz 5hour ago Reply
Master diamond is actually a lot harder to get than trunade, it shouldn't take u too many gems to get since it's in a tiny box.
Anonymous 7days ago
Hi there!

It seems like Buster Blader is pretty much viable in the current meta !

In this video I test it against all other top tier ones. ( I didn't have canadia at the time of recording, so I played Mind Scan !).

I built this deck with Gems ! (and I actually show my purchase history in the vid !). Hope you enjoy !

【 LINK 】
<< Anonymous(M.HeroKoga)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Seriously stop bumping you’re own trash pretending to be a different person it’s sad.
<< Anonymous
Afroluffy 2days ago Reply
If there is something I dislike about this game is the fact some idiots are part of the community, why would I pretend to be someone else? anyway, I guess I shouldnt really care about what some random anon says =/. Stupid weirdo.
<< Anonymous(Afroluffy)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Is that why you change you’re name every post? you scared of being a anon?
<< Anonymous
an anime reference? 5hour ago Reply
w8 m8, wut did I just see? lol, Pegasus becomes a good fella at the end of ur vid lolololz. I guess u are a fan of the anime becuz in the manga the guy is killed, but tbh i dunno which one of them is actually the ``canon´´ story, perhaps both
Anonymous 10hour ago
Exodia + Heart of the Underdog
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
Theres no way in hell exodia deck with HotU is kog
Anonymous 20hour ago
Deck shared! #DuelLinks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20hour ago Reply
Hit kog with just 1 gozuki using vamps
Anonymous 20hour ago
farewell all for one
Anonymous 3days ago
I wasted 9k gems on vampire, and i have to say, it doesn't worth it. yeah you reach kog and can be consider "tier 1" but it's too slow and most of time you end with a lot of falls while ranking
<< Anonymous(dude guy)
pantry 1days ago Reply
you are saying non meta are all meme? It do sounds like you saying you cant play competitive without a meta? we would really want creativity instead of sheeps.
<< Anonymous(pantry)
bob 1days ago Reply
Yeah some guys here "cannot build decks" at all, they can only used what are given to them. Then they used the excuse "playing competitively" for their failure.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
"it wasn't worth it" You are welcome.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23hour ago Reply
Well, people want to get to kog as fast as possible and that's why they use meta decks. In kog, it's all meme there.
Anonymous 1days ago
so can someone explain to me how this crystal beast blue eyes deck is supposed to work
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
it just works.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
It doesn't
Anonymous 1days ago
FU£k These £unts
Anonymous 2days ago
Random comment to remove top post
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Another one
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Another one
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Another one
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Another one

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