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Duelist Chronicle 5D's: The Three Emperors of Iliaster
update 01/01/2019
Season 35 DurationDec 1 - Jan 1

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Number of users per deck

Armades Control1
Buster Blader DNA Surgery3
Fur Hire8
Gladiator Beast1
Hazy Flame2
Koa'k Meiru1
Lava Golem1
Masked HERO16
Noble Knight1
Sea Stealth Attack3
Silent Magician2
Silent Swordsman3
Vampire Synchro1
XYZ Ojama1



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
VampireThe Tie that BindsDec 28

A comment from Vampire:
Aliens still great in this current meta. Standard build as the old days. Like any Alien deck, "A" Cell Recombination Device is your MVP card, and you need to open with it most of time.

A good combo here is to send a LV4 Alien from your deck to the grave then Special Summon it with Powerful Rebirth. It is preferred to do this play during the End Phase of your opponent's turn so you can search for Telepath or Overlord next turn depending on your top deck and/or situation.

Deck has answers to most of the current meta decks. Only thing that can flip the table against you is when you activate "A" Cell while Vampire Kingdom is active, since that will trigger it and it will destroy your strategy.

Brainwashing Beam is great to steal some monsters especially against Blue-Eyes, but running multiple copies may brick you and it is not what you want (Although it combos with "A" Cell).


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Yuto'Mind ScanDec 29

A comment from Yuto':
This is a field focused on field control:

  • "A" Cell Recomposition Device basically commands the entire deck, after all it makes a lot of appeal (places a marker and searches for an alien).
  • Jinzo ends the traps and ananta is good for longer duels or to destroy a card that is disrupting him (yubel).
  • The biggest weakness of this deck is the trunade.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
JeditachiEndless Trap HellDec 9

A comment from Jeditachi:
Pure amazoness deck and not that 300$ banish control. I struggled in platinum with the Blue Eyes then decided to switch to Amazoness when i hit Legend. It was relatively easy and i got to KOG in like 30 games.

It seems people forgot about the terror that Amazoness can provide and aren't building their decks around this archetype anymore. Had some big luck too avoiding all the Jinzos, Tenkabitos and Wild Hearts during that run.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YTAndalParasite InfestationDec 10

A comment from YTAndal:
This deck is a concentrated evil whose goal is to beatdown the opponent or burn their life points. Dust Tornado destroys backrow with few drawbacks and Magic Deflector shuts down popular cards like Mask Change, Silver's Cry, and Vampire Kingdom.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
McwSwitcherooDec 12

NYC - Best

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
NYC - BestDestiny DrawDec 22

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Satsujin888Parasite InfestationDec 31



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
xNirvashWhat Grows in the GraveyardDec 12

Darking 99

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Darking 99Parasite InfestationDec 25


Magoya [SD]

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Magoya [SD]BalanceDec 6

A comment from Magoya [SD]:
It is very fun to play, you can change the zombie and drowing mirror force for two canadia


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
D-D-D-D-DuelBalanceDec 11

A comment from D-D-D-D-Duel:
This has been the most tilty seasons I had in a while as it was heavy in back row, traps in particular so Vampires didn't work for me as it did last season. Geargia didn't work for me either. This deck was able to shut down most decks when going first with TTH or scolding.

Ibourk duel

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Ibourk duelBalanceDec 18

A comment from Ibourk duel:
This is my F2P KOG DECK. I've never spent 1 $ on this game ! This deck is so strong against 90% of the meta, but it's very vulnerable against Yubel decks, It's better with a 3rd Canadia but I don't have it ^^

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Maik DiebenBalanceDec 21
MingBalanceDec 23



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RadamanthysLP Boost αJan 1

A comment from Radamanthys:
I decided to use a archfiend deck again because is different ( no common) of all the decks around the PvP duel, the clever way to speed up the deck is start with neddlebug nest and archfiend roar or call of archfiend is not always like that but you have a high probability to star with those, I recommend use the archfiend empress because every player stop and think how to battle her because you can special summons any others level 5 or higher fiend type if the card is destroyed.

Chaos Hunter sometimes is clever because you can send 1 archfiend lvl5+ to the graveyard so avoid bashing movement. When archfiend Calvary and needlebug nest is a good combo when your opponent active an effect to destroy a monster you can activate needlebug nest to revive a stronger monster ( arfiend empress).

Armades Control

Eliminate :3

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Eliminate :3What Grows in the GraveyardDec 13

A comment from Eliminate :3:

Notes: I wanted to wait until the new box became available, shake things up, and I'm glad I did because this deck is amazing. It's fun to use and really consistent.

Fairly self-explanatory so I'll just cover a few things; Junk Synchron will revive Dark Verger for that immediate Synchro summon into Armades. Galaxy Cyclone usually helps avoid Canadia, Floodgate, Spellbook of Fate etc. for that initial setup.

Witch Raider is a perfect counter for Odion and Balance decks. Oh, and Jinzo! You can use your own monsters or enemy controller for Flamvell, Ancient Fairy Dragon and Junk Berserker - just make sure Verger ends up in the graveyard again to reduce the risk of banishment. I haven't ever needed the third copy of Armades, personally. Instead I have Flamvell to inflict piercing damage on the rare occasion. Totally up to you.

Just remember that Armades' effect also works when being attacked, which a lot of people don't seem to realise yet and sometimes it's best to only attack with Armades (don't run into Drowning Mirror Force or Wall of Disruption with another monster).



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
WayoneLast GambleDec 5

A comment from Wayone:

About the deck: It was my 3rd KOG time and also the first picked up in the first five days since new season reseted. Didn't have time to try it in the first two days,I started focusing after three days has passed, it's not a new build, 3 horses and 3 batteries are the basic consistency since they can mill, they can search, they can draw, multiple effects give you easy summons of the mainly boss from the deck.

That's why monster reincarnation is here, we don't have 9-bolt yet to search industrial from the deck so we just need to mill him using Solar's effect and recover him from the graveyard, discard any batteryman card from your hand and summon it. At start I was using three sniper hunters, after reaching legend 2 he start bricking my hand sometimes, replace one sniper for one cyclone, it worked very well since vampires and buster blader became too popular.

My deck performance was great against most of tier 1 and 2 decks, get lot of spellbooks and most of my plays hitted them without problems, bujins did one of the most crazy plays against this deck, kuribohs helped a lot against heroes, vampires and blader decks, the mainly reason for just two spheres was because I don't have a third copy yet and a normal kuriboh showed be better against some paleozoic players that are unnafected by monsters effect, you need to protect your HP when you activate the skill.

About the skill: Just use it when you need like bad hand sitattions, most of my wins (even last KOG match) the skill didn't seem necessary, already made this build to make skill a optional thing. E-con take and monster reincarnation are here to deal with these situations where the skill became unnecessary, with two sniper hunters and two industrials both treacherous and trunades lost their use (since last banlist came too).

My worst plays was against vampires, for a unknown reason they never brick when playing against me, setting microcell isn't a good deal while grace is easy searchable, you can't use mill effect of solar when the they already has his field, some sealed tombs delayed my special summons. But still get good plays against them. Didn't see lot of heroes like previous season where they was the majority deck being played.

Many canadias and floodgates are core for burn, gemini, amazoness, heroes decks, to deal with them just baited them summoning industrial or sniper hunter to e-con taking opponent monsters after floodgates, canadias activate, since I have many resources in graveyard, monster reincarnation showed his power giving me more special summons to starting taking down all opponent resources.

Oh before I forget, this deck dealt against new anti meta build that players starting running after last KC, they use wildhearts, tenkabitos, some equip spells and treachreous or solems to counter summoning, they was my easiest match to play against. Reached KOG against a Dragunity deck.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
madmanLast GambleDec 13

A comment from madman:
It's a very fun deck. I got this deck idea from a duel links website early november. I got KOG late season with it, and wanted to summit it, but it was the last day. But anyways the deck can beat some of the meta. Hard counters is you guessed it Vampires. Due to Batteryman Solar effect to mill one Thunder monster card in to the graveyard. It activates Vampires field spell, and you help them destroy one of your cards.

I had to learn to just say no. The battery man works best in the graveyard to fuel Batteryman Industrial Strength. And Batteryman Micro-Cell puts in a work if it don't get destroyed by effect. This deck took me from plat 3 to legend. I tried many deck mill, burn, Yubel, for the KOG climb. But after many failed decks. I went back home to batteries.

It can stand up to Masked Hero's and I crushed so many blues eyes/ Trick up your sleeve decks, it's really a joke. My last KOG for NOV was hoping for a Blues eyes deck to rank up. AND I GOT IT. It can beat spellcaster decks if they don't banish your Batteryman Micro-Cell. You do have to really think beating there deck. Silent Magician just negate your spell cards. You have to bait her effect out. Sometimes with a Enemy Controller or act if you trying to lockdown the backrow with Fire Formation - Gyokkou. This deck Kuriboh is the help you need to stall until you Last Gamble. But Last Game can also be your downfall. At times I milled my whole deck, to deck myself out. Or the infamous one roll. Snipe Hunter can also due the same.

I was so upset when in legend 3 and was getting 1 and 6's, going against a Anti-Trap deck. Down to my last card was Batteryman Industrial Strength to save the day. Anyways this is a very strong deck to me. And it only struggles with vampires, some Fur Hires, Masked Hero's at times. A good hand would be Sphere Kuriboh, Thunder Sea Horse, Batteryman Micro-cell, ONE Batteryman Industrial Strength (at times you can get all 3 or 2).

Going second turn would be a Enemy Controller or Fire Formation - Gyokkou if you pull it. It does brick at times, but it's very consistent once you get a Thunder Sea Horse. And People attack your Batteryman Micro-Cell. I love this deck. And if you have it, you can rank up and hit KOG.



Hot New Top
If they nerf Vampires, then they just 🔥 decks with nerfs.
The new banlist leaked on reddit
vampire grace-1
samuray skull-2
spellbook of fate-2
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
only samurai skull limit sounds logic because it s easy to obtain
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The list is fake calm down guys
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The list is fake, the moderator confirmed it. Besides there are several mistakes in the picture.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
People created those lists because of Konami always releasing a ban list quickly, so they expect it. There wasn't a fast ban before June 2018, from that time we had 3 bans in 4 months while there was only 2 in 1 year before.
People creating fake banlists to scare people.

I wasted 9k gems on vampire, and i have to say, it doesn't worth it. yeah you reach kog and can be consider "tier 1" but it's too slow and most of time you end with a lot of falls while ranking
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah, and many times , at the start, he had the connection faild... is it a problem of the servers or his pc? : ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
sometimes, the play looks normal and soon... connection failed : ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What does that have to do with him not running Gozuki, though
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But with all that connection problems he looks suspicious and i cant take his gameplay seriously, IMO.
At this point i wonder why the limited / semi limited list exists if its to let wild vampire / spellbook archetype that are over dominant but could be on others piedestal if some of their core card were on the list. Konami should allow a player vote of cards to limit/semi limit for the season of kog instead of forcing their bias to the community.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well they already have the balls to limit SR cards from mini box. That's a good start.
<< Anonymous
fff Reply
Yes, the limit to tth and hey trunade was a surprise for every ppl. Its a good start and i really wish konami does its best in the next year.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Who ever runs TTH in multiple amount, you will have 2 at max before the semi limit (at least vampire can't run tth, trunade and econ at the same time). As for the limit on mini box, that's my point "free to get". Anyone can get 3 copies of a sr/ur from mini boxes, and even main box with some time. They will be disapointed if their deck gets nerfed, but at least game will be balanced.
We should create our own tournament
What's happened to Masked Hero? Why a little only managed to reach KOG?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
did u think they record the duel in a video? it s only a data-log of every duel in a serie of characters (like in ur side-screen)... that isnt ineffiecient or heavy for the client side... im not going to explain how server-client works, i dont teach free...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You are right. You should ask konami to hire you and implement it. It will only take 10 minutes of yours since they have everything ready. Just too lazy to publish the result.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
U think every second is literally every second, u say konami know every end result but dont know what cards were used and now u think i (the one) would fix this game(be sure of konami team, they dont need more people)... im not going to continue with ur nonsenses. goodbye, and im sure u are going to respond this because u need feed ur ego. Bye...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Masked Heroes is just my farming deck now, lol.

🔥's so 🔥ing boring. But so is the entire speed duel format basically at this point.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You will not be missed
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^t. Konami
It's time to play another game
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You also will not be missed
Mainly that KoG deck is because of UR/SR trap or spell cards, not because of monsters !... Real KoG is using all monsters in the deck ! Lol !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What for do that? I Just do uninstall this game... Good luck meeting with canadia, holes, kinds of wall cards, trunade, econs etc in that endless game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So basically you like fur hire and sylvan meta?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So you complain about the lack of no backrow decks and say that real decks are the ones without those backrow, but when you are asked to prove it, you claim to have uninstalled the game?

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
brain got uninstalled in the process xd
dude I think I fell in love with that Gem knight deck, might try it soon since I already have master diamond but lack 1 trunade.
<< Anonymous(Gyo-jin)
Anonymous Reply
right.... they "like it"...
<< Anonymous(Gyo-jin)
Anonymous Reply
I agree with gen knights. I got the lvl 30 deck during monster world, and now I’m on the hunt for fall the cards. I loved the deck, and it can be made even better
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
gem knights are cool and not as slow as spellbooks are.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Honestly they are much slower than SB but in the ladder they are not as common as SB are, that's why the deck aren't as hated as SB
wha is in Hagoromo deck 1 card ur and 1 sr but its the same card
<< Anonymous(23)
Anonymous Reply
Huh. That is weird. The card's Inverse Universe for what it's worth.
Spellbook and vampire nerf when?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You are a hero user I guess?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

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