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update 01/01/2019


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ShakaA Trick up the SleeveDec 4

A comment from Shaka:
The meta has changed a bit with the new box release so I felt I was needing more action in my opponents turn (disrupt his/hey plays), so I have replaced the Bingos with Canadias. Turns out that was a pretty useful tool not only against the usual enemies (mirror matches, Vampires, Heroes and occasionally useful against Spellbooks), but also against Yubel decks, since they are unaffected by other monsters' effects when summoned as monsters (and they also put the Terror Incarnate to sleep for a turn), so they don't get destroyed.

I have also excluded the Chalice, because it was too situational and Canadias were having a similar effect. From the new box, Breaker works really good in this deck because you either force an opponent's backrow (usually trying to save some other) or you simply destroy it. Also, depending on the case, this guy can also swing over/crash into Decider (yes, yet again, my ladder was just full of D-Heroes and the match-ups usually went down to how many Mask Changes they were able to draw before me killing them :)).

Enemy Controller/Cosmo Brain + Pyschic Ace is a very powerful combo, so I kept that from last month. Relinkuriboh is great for a turn 1 (specially against vampires if you have a follow up on your next turn) due to the battle destruction protection it gives and the extra card you draw (felt really good to see that Vampire player sucking my Blue Eyes, attacking my Cosmo Brain which was saved by Relinkuriboh and then clicking Surrender after me summoning Breaker to destroy the field spell into an E-con take for Vampire Vamp with him/her having no cards in hand: I actually stopped for a few seconds to let the player surrender and not get farmed: 3100 + 5500 ATK with no protection is not funny at all).

The rest of the deck is "standard": 1 Cosmo, 3 Blue Eyes, 3 Spirit of White, 3 Silver's Cry (I didn't missed the Birthright at all) and 1 Protector. Hardest match up is Silent Spellbooks specially if they go first and have Silent Magician in hand (the deck has outs for it but you have to draw the right cards). Vampires could become a problem if you don't have an out to that deck big plays (Vamp suck/Grace + field spell destruction), otherwise you should be fine, since in the longer game they tend to get out of resources for their effects due to the milling.

There is also a new deck around against which this one works very well: WildHeart + Tenkabito + Equip Spells + Negation/Destruction Traps and the main reason for it was that you usually are able to keep something with +2500 ATK on the field for the battle phase after forcing the negation/destruction trap card and destroy/banish at least other card or directly destroying their monster and that's simply too much for them. I didn't face many Bujin decks so I'm not sure about how strong is this deck against them.

As for Dragunity/U.A. and similar "Beatdown" based decks, I'd say that toggle ON + Canadia/E-con usually dealt with them. A natural counter for this deck is Buster Blader (I have also give it a try to that deck this season) but, neither I faced enough nor they are that consistent (they usually brick and the deck is also unable to come back from top-deck mode).

The extra deck is Azure Eyes (for Vampires mainly, Yubel sometimes and mirror matches as well depending on the situation, since it will work as some sort of dragons factory), Giganticastle (for raw power and sending Spirit to grave) and Stardust mainly for Yubel and similar destruction based decks like Geargias (1 Stardust and 1 big beater is enough most of the time since you only care about Anchor's effect).


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ThejanitorA Trick up the SleeveDec 6


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KortezzyTranscendent CrystalsDec 7

A comment from Kortezzy:
This is my kog deck. It is blue eyes with Jesse. His skill is sweet if you get silvers cry and a Cosmo. The only bad matchups were slow books.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
checco9A Trick up the SleeveDec 7


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FeliciaA Trick up the SleeveDec 10

A comment from Felicia:
Notes: Breaker, Destruct, Trunade always goes first before doing special summons.

  • I play at least 2x Bingo so i can draw faster in my deck.
  • I play 3x Forbidden Chalace for many reasons. it messes up Yubels, it totally screws up Vampires when they summon Gozuki or Skull. it smashes Spell Books Blue Boy, totally comes in handy when there is a destiny hero Decider on the field.
  • Easy game when it comes to a mirror match with blue eyes and negate Cosmo Brain. this card is the best counter for any decks in my opinion. its because they dont expect it and they totally lose


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
TheHammerA Trick up the SleeveDec 13

Gaia Dragon!

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Gaia Dragon!A Trick up the SleeveDec 22

A comment from Gaia Dragon!:
Beatdown version of the Blue-Eyes deck. Some players do not like to play Cosmo Brain in the beatdown version, but I would never take it out because this deck cannot beat Yubel without Cosmo Brain + tuner = Stardust dragon. Econ, treacherous and snipe hunter might help, but they are not as effective as Stardust is.

I usually use Majesty with eyes of Blue on my own Tuner before a synchro summon. Send Dragon Spirit of white to GY, and special summon it with Silver's cry = remove backrow. But you can replace Majesty with another card if it's not your cup of tea.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
沙穀栗子A Trick up the SleeveDec 22

A comment from 沙穀栗子:
Notes: This deck offers plenty of monster/back row removal options. Tried playing Trunade but decided it's not worth the consistency loss... be patient and take out one card at a time instead.

Look out for the usual - TTH and Canadia when summoning, DMF and Wall of D when attacking. There's exactly enough Spellbook cards to play Fate twice - you don't need any more. Unlike normal Spellbook you won't be able to use Fate's banishing effect every turn, but you'll have a fair chance of getting access to it in turn 1 and that's usually what matters.

Setting Spellbook Organization alongside Fate is common way to bait single card removals, but note that you need to have Organization in GY by the time you activate Fate's banishing effect.

  • vs Vampires - keeping Silent Magician at 2k ATK would prevent her from getting taken by Vampy Vamp's effect

  • vs UA - hard match once they have their field set up... I think the priority is banishing Stadium to prevent opponent from spamming search

  • vs Bujin - banish Yamato the moment you see him

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LanaA Trick up the SleeveDec 14
ActarusA Trick up the SleeveDec 20
LanaA Trick up the SleeveDec 21
ZacA Trick up the SleeveDec 21
PulcoA Trick up the SleeveDec 22
SeagryfnA Trick up the SleeveDec 24
SithariA Trick up the SleeveDec 26



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
InfyHeartzTitan ShowdownDec 5

WAR | Snow21

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
WAR | Snow21My Monster cardsDec 5


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
longkonLP Boost αDec 6

A comment from longkon:
I use 1 copy of lava golem for defensive decks . It works quite a lot


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KheevMind ScanDec 11

A comment from Kheev:
I used the Bujins to reach KOG this season. I saw a rather similar deck on KOG list by WAR|Snow 21, but his deck uses 2 cosmic cylones and 2 galaxy cyclones, so it is a lot more spell focused than mine. My deck utilizes more Bujins and I thought this would be a more friendly deck to F2P players.

Explanation of the Deck:
Skill: Mind scan is crucial. It allows us to use our limited back row removals more effectively. We have in total 3 backrow removals, 2 Centipede and 1 galaxy cyclone, they are usually enough in most of my match ups. Destroy disruptive traps such as Canadia first, because battle traps like wall of d are useless against Crane.

1) Quilin does not see a lot of play in many Bujin decks, but it is such a good removal I fell in love with it after trying it out.
2) Hare and Turtle are self-explanatory, they are the crucial cards that protect our main Bujins.
3) Crane is in my opinion the best handtrap in the game, it doesn't care about battle traps such as wall of d or mirror wall, and it helps Bujins to get over boss monsters such as Anki, Blue eyes, Cosmo Brain, and Silent Magician level 8.

1) Offerings to the doomed fits well with Bujins because as long as we have Yamato on the field we do not need draw power. This is basically a free removal. I only play 2 because I need space for one Galaxy cyclone, otherwise I would've play 3.
2) Treacherous trap hole is also self-explanatory, synergize well with Hare. It was the MVP for my 5 games winning streak.
3) The Sword helps to recycle Yamato or Crane.
4) I don't play Ties of The Brethren because it conflicts with mind scan. Between the two, mind scan is much more helpful in a trap heavy meta.

Meta Match ups:

  • Anki: Best match up, I beat every single Anki deck during the run. Just use offerings to the doomed and Treacherous to blow up their anki and they can't do much. They will only direct attack in fear of your Crane, this gives you more time to set up your GY to establish your winning condition.

  • Blue eyes: Ties with Anki for best match up. Blue eyes deck relies on beaters and they can't get over your Crane.

  • Vampires: Also a favourable match up. Centipede plays an important role in destroying their field spell. Hare and Turtle can keep your Bujin alive from Grace's effect. Crane locks them from attacking you. The only big threat is Vampire Vamp, but she can be negated by Turtle.

  • Banish Control: 50/50 match up. Try to remove their monsters and traps before they banish your Bujin. Use Quilin or Centipede to destroy Onslaught.

  • Spellbook: Worst matcup. Just hope they brick. I luckily only played against one spellbook player during the run, and he bricked for 3 turns.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BirdRestartDec 11


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
StuSpell SpecialistDec 17

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KwasniaKMind ScanDec 23
PetitParasolMy Monster CardsDec 23

Buster Blader DNA Surgery


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FalletioBalanceDec 7

A comment from Falletio:
This feels like the most consistent version to play buster blader. Auto wins against blue eyes, spellbooks, buijin and vampires if you start right and don't misplay. They have their counter strategies, but once you know them you win mostly. Amazoness need to have a monster on the field that's not swordsman for you to have a chance. Wildheart Anti Trap is a hard to impossible match-up if they start right.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
yugidce112Mind ScanDec 24

A comment from yugidce112:
Fast deck good against pretty much everything.
Mind scan skill to counter backrow and know what needs to be dealt with first with galaxy cyclone.

DNA: primarily choosing dragon but can also be used differently in mirror match or against dna warrior.
Buster Blader DDS or dark paladin summonned depending on situation to control or finish game.

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RangerDestiny DrawDec 30



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
AldairBalanceDec 17



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GaleomirBeatdownDec 15


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GutoNPeak PerformanceDec 19

A comment from GutoN:
Using Peak Performance the deck main goal is OTK, using Vajrayana and his effect to double his ATK. For his summon you can use Dux + Phalanx in the GY, or Militum + Aklys using his effect when is normal summoned. Dinive Lance allows to equip a Dragunity Tuner to the monster equipped with the spell card, but remember the equip spell prevent the monster be affect by trap.

Besides Vajrayana, they have two Dragunity synchro that you can make in some situations, Gae Bulg allow to increase his ATK during the damage step, very good against Blue Eyes and Anki, and Gae Dearg can add one dragon type or winged beast type from your deck, then discard 1 dragon type or winged beast type, helping to decrease the deck, a good option if you have assurance that opponent won’t go to the OTK. Also it have a Stardust, a good synchro agains Yubel.

Double Cyclone and Parallel Twister take advantage by the dragons equip and field spell, mainly using Aklys getting rid two card. Trunade help to apply OTK and Consonance is very useful for Dragunity. I also used a second version of the deck with Sealed Tombs waiting to encounter SB or Vampires, the only difference in the deck was I took out Parallel and TTH, and put one more Cyclone and two Canadia.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Humnoi100%The Tie that BindsDec 20


Hot New Top
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Hi there!

It seems like Buster Blader is pretty much viable in the current meta !

In this video I test it against all other top tier ones. ( I didn't have canadia at the time of recording, so I played Mind Scan !).

I built this deck with Gems ! (and I actually show my purchase history in the vid !). Hope you enjoy !

【 LINK 】
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I kept thinking the red background in that image is Buster Blader's red cape even though he actually doesn't have any lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I dont have any canadia or kuriboh so I cant try last gamble yet. Ty
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Op is still autistic as fúck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You know youtube posts like this who only fish for views and likes are always autistic because the OP has the comment on their own post to make it always on top. They have to endorse and promote it here, so most comments are actually dubious and self-gratificating to create an illusion of contentment.
Duel Links now is who OTK first wins the duel, seriously the duel won't even last at least 3 turns.
I will uninstall this game because it suxs.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"Who OTK first wins the duel"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
this game sucks balls and 🔥 and 🔥 but mostly 🔥
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^ whoaaaa hey watch your mouth it’s Berrys and sticks and brown holes. We are all kindergarteners please use appropriate language
Innovative deckplays
Already Karakuri KOG decks this new month.
Good times are coming for duel links.
lol no they just on small holiday break
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the entire playerbase should go on holiday break
Three hours before the end of the season I finally reached King of Games, thanks to the new Koa'ki Meiru cards :)
<< Anonymous(Contatore)
Heartfilia Reply
wow, congrats!! Contatore :)
Contact Out Neos OTK
Kinda interesting how people run their mouth off talking about 'free to play' rofl.

You dudes remember what happened when they gave us Amazons, syvans and fur hire?. The toxic community started crying: "omg too op", "🔥", "dont wanna play this CHEAP 🔥 deck", "only idiots play it", "I cant win against it!"

In other words, the toxic community got rid of "the f2p decks".

But on the other hand, building an expensive deck is not that difficult, I mean, I got geargia thanks to leveling up characters bruh ! and I got KOG rank with it the 9th day of the month. It's pretty much viable, you can ask players such as Luxun, Makrov Krauzer, or even Tsun Tsun if you don't believe me. You just have to spend your gems wisely.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I have money and I'd rather have a new deck every month. Thanks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
boi I whaled very hard back in the day and thanks to that I got my 3 ties of the brethren and so... time passed by until 16th box came out. Then I just had to get 3 Cranes SRs (which wasn't really difficult) to get a new whole competitive deck and I didn't spend a penny in the game guys. So yeah, I agree with the fact you have to spend gems wisely in order to be competitive.
<< Anonymous(Jake)
Anonymous Reply
Koaki' meiru is becoming meta now. It's also a very affordable deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
as far as I know Koakis only need SRs to complete the best build, no need for URs
Any useful cards for a turnabout deck other than flame ninja?
Your shortlinks are broken.
Bujin bois
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Are they any good? I thought Armades countered them very badly
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not all people play armades tho, heroes and vamp show up more frequently
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
at this point most people have already wasted their gems resources and wont be playing armades for a long time, since the mini box is 🔥 others will skip it. only p2w or people that skipped the previous box will manage to buy the mini box 3 times. Also since armades can do 🔥 by itself it relies on backrow and other removals that are not f2p friendly.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I want to run Bujins, but so far none of the cheap SR deals are giving me Crane lol

Looks like I'll gonna have to do it the expensive way and reset the box twice.
Well I finally did it. Made KOG for the first time.

I Used a Mask Hero with lots of creature and backrow removal.

Vinson Witch x 1
Breaker the Magical Warrior x 2
Destiny Hero - Decider x 2
Destiny Hero - Celestial x 2
Destiny Hero - Drilldark x 3
Offerings to the Doomed x 2
Floodgate Traphole x 3
Sakuretsu Armour x 2
Paleozoic Canadia x 1
Masked Hero Anko x 3

Skill: Reload

Being the end of the month obviously made it easier. For some reason I had a lot of mirror matches, which worked out well with the control side of the deck.

Reload was brilliant as a mid game strategy; as it allowed for resetting my hand if things got bogged down.
<< Anonymous(B4Bear)
A friendly stranger Reply
Congrats. *clap clap*

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