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43rd Main Box: Braver Victory
update 01/06/2020
Season 51 DurationMay 1 - June 1

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  • A small note to show how to use your deck or how you reach KOG (if necessary)
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  • a screenshot of KOG proof

Want to share your deck to help other playes? Send us an e-mail at with the image of your deck and proof of reaching KoG along with how it works! The title of your email must be KOG deck.

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To share your deck on this page, you will send GameA:

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  • a screenshot of a deck you used to reach KOG
  • a screenshot of KOG proof
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Number of users per deck

Ancient Gear1
Aromage Synchro4
Black Luster Soldier Ritual1
Black Luster Soldier Ritual1
Blackwing Synchro2
Blue-Eyes Synchro2
Cyber Dragon8
Dark Magician11
Dragunity Synchro1
Fortune Lady Synchro1
Invoked Elementsaber3
Invoked Neos1
Invoked Roid1
Invoked Silent Magician1
Invoked Toon Magician Girl1
Lava Golem Burn2
Masked HERO2
Neos Fusion7
Ritual Beast1
Shiranui Synchro13
Six Samurai Synchro1
Superheavy Samurai Synchro3
Vendread Shiranui1
Yosenju Control2

Ancient Gear


Ancient GearT-VirusAncient Gear T-Virus2
IGN: T-Virus, Skill: Middle Age Mechs, Date Submitted: May 20

Aromage Synchro


Aromage SynchroiAn!Aromage Synchro iAn!2
IGN: iAn!, Skill: Heavy Starter, Date Submitted: May 2


Aromage SynchroHendriyoAromage Synchro Hendriyo2
IGN: Hendriyo, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: May 25


Aromage SynchroShinharuka
IGN: Shinharuka, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: May 25


Aromage SynchroXasitopAromage Synchro Xasitop2
IGN: Xasitop, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: May 26

Black Luster Soldier Ritual


Black Luster SoldierThetafreq
IGN: Thetafreq, Skill: Master of Rites, Date Submitted: May 16

Blackwing Synchro


IGN: Nora, Skill: Peak Performance, Date Submitted: May 14


Blackwing SynchroBrentonBlackwing Synchro Brenton2
IGN: Brenton, Skill: Peak Performance, Date Submitted: May 25

Black Luster Soldier Ritual


Black Luster Soldiercartenchu
IGN: cartenchu, Skill: Master of Rites, Date Submitted: May 31

Blue-Eyes Synchro

Dmitri N.

Blue-EyesDmitri N.Blue-Eyes Dmitri N.2
IGN: Dmitri N., Skill: Alternative Evolution, Date Submitted: May 8


IGN: D.Ra, Skill: Alternative Evolution, Date Submitted: May 15



CrystronabugetCrystron abuget2
IGN: abuget, Skill: Transcendent Crystals, Date Submitted: May 19

Cyber Dragon


Cyber DragonBarkley2009Cyber Dragon Barkley20092
IGN: Barkley2009, Skill: Cyber Style, Date Submitted: May 4


Cyber DragonTwistedCyber Dragon Twisted2
IGN: Twisted, Skill: Cyber Style, Date Submitted: May 5


Cyber DragonMadClownCyber Dragon MadClown2
IGN: MadClown, Skill: Cyber Style, Date Submitted: May 10


Cyber Dragon3rtanCyber Dragon 3rtan2
IGN: 3rtan, Skill: Cyber Style, Date Submitted: May 11


Cyber DragonSloncho
IGN: Sloncho, Skill: Cyber Style, Date Submitted: May 11


Cyber DragonLDRAGOCyber Dragon LDRAGO2
IGN: LDRAGO, Skill: Cyber Style, Date Submitted: May 12


Cyber DragonShaarifCyber Dragon Shaarif2
IGN: Shaarif, Skill: Cyber Style, Date Submitted: May 23

Dark Magician


Dark MagicianPduque13Dark Magician Pduque132
IGN: Pduque13, Skill: No Mortal Can Resist, Date Submitted: May 5

IGN: Wanheda

Dark MagicianIGN: Wanheda
IGN: IGN: Wanheda, Skill: No Mortal Can Resist, Date Submitted: May 5


Dark MagicianskyestroDark Magician skyestro2
IGN: skyestro, Skill: No Mortal Can Resist, Date Submitted: May 6


Dark MagicianZato-DAKDark Magician Zato-DAK2
IGN: Zato-DAK, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: May 6


Dark MagicianHeartfilia
IGN: Heartfilia, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: May 8


Dark Magician89
IGN: 89, Skill: No Mortal Can Resist, Date Submitted: May 9


Dark MagicianZerefDark Magician Zeref2
IGN: Zeref, Skill: No Mortal Can Resist, Date Submitted: May 13


Dark Magicianpasq
IGN: pasq, Skill: Sealed Tomb, Date Submitted: May 13

mahammad emad

Dark Magicianmahammad emadDark Magician mahammad emad2
IGN: mahammad emad, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: May 20


Dark MagicianYugidce112Dark Magician Yugidce1122
IGN: Yugidce112, Skill: No Mortal Can Resist, Date Submitted: May 21


Dark MagicianBlueDelta
IGN: BlueDelta, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: June 1



IGN: Blaze, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: May 8


IGN: Cow_MMF, Skill: Prescience, Date Submitted: May 14


D/D/DUlquiorraCD/D/D UlquiorraC2
IGN: UlquiorraC, Skill: LP Boost α, Date Submitted: May 16


D/D/DSickmanfudoD/D/D Sickmanfudo2
IGN: Sickmanfudo, Skill: Draw Sense: Low-Level, Date Submitted: May 20

Kylo Ren

D/D/DKylo RenD/D/D Kylo Ren2
IGN: Kylo Ren, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: May 26



DesperadoIIINCDesperado IIINC2
IGN: IIINC, Skill: Master of Destiny, Date Submitted: May 8


DesperadoAceDesperado Ace2
IGN: Ace, Skill: Master of Destiny, Date Submitted: May 25

Dragunity Synchro

GRD Tio Kid

DragunityGRD Tio KidDragunity GRD Tio Kid2
IGN: GRD Tio Kid, Skill: Grit, Date Submitted: May 4

Fortune Lady Synchro


Fortune Lady SynchroBerberFortune Lady Synchro Berber2
IGN: Berber, Skill: Time Passage, Date Submitted: May 28

Invoked Elementsaber


Invoked ElementsaberⓛㅅⓛInvoked Elementsaber ⓛㅅⓛ2
IGN: ⓛㅅⓛ, Skill: Sorcery Conduit, Date Submitted: May 8

Alan Parrish

Invoked ElementsaberAlan ParrishInvoked Elementsaber Alan Parrish2
IGN: Alan Parrish, Skill: Draw Sense: DARK, Date Submitted: May 19


Invoked ElementsaberJORGE VInvoked Elementsaber JORGE V2
IGN: JORGE V, Skill: Sorcery Conduit, Date Submitted: May 26

Invoked Neos


Invoked NeosFeliciaInvoked Neos Felicia2
IGN: Felicia, Skill: Neo Space!, Date Submitted: May 20

Invoked Roid


Invoked Roid[DS]SogekingInvoked Roid [DS]Sogeking2
IGN: [DS]Sogeking, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: May 6

Invoked Silent Magician


Invoked Silent MagicianRustCohleInvoked Silent Magician RustCohle2
IGN: RustCohle, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: May 29

Invoked Toon Magician Girl


Invoked Toon Magician GirlAlchemistInvoked Toon Magician Girl Alchemist2
IGN: Alchemist, Skill: It's a Toon World, Date Submitted: May 6

Note By Alchemist:

"Invoked and Magician Girls are a known powerful combination, but Toons' pressuring offense really makes this deck shine (and makes it pretty fun to play!). Berry, Kuriboh, and Cocytus are currently some of the best defensive cards in the game. One copy of Mermaid, Kiwi, and Apple are recommended, as they have great synergy with the whole list! Finally, the deck offers a few winning conditions in the form of Quintet, Invoked fusions, and Toon Dark Magician Girl."

Lava Golem Burn


Lava Golem BurnWill20
IGN: Will20, Skill: Shadow Game, Date Submitted: May 11

CL Trader

Lava GolemCL Trader
IGN: CL Trader, Skill: Shadow Game, Date Submitted: May 29


Hot New Top
I will make it KOG again as a f2p samurai player...mark my words!
<< Anonymous(Milansta)
fellow samurai Reply
Wow! Congratulations!
<< Anonymous(Milansta)
Anonymous Reply
Epic samurai deck bro
<< Anonymous(Milansta)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Milansta)
Anonymous Reply
Just got my 1st KOG ever in 2 weeks after return. Go straight to alien box for nostalgia factors and switch to aromages from plat up. Really happy my fav arowaifus got the love they deserved.
<< Anonymous
Hendriyo Reply
Congrats, I'm also just reached KOG today with aromage and just post my deck to the website email. Hope the mod post it today
<< Anonymous
Liam Reply
congrats, I play aromages as well.
It's a very powerful deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nice, another Aromage player :D
anyone else notice that some decks in the shop are still behind a pay wall this game is a con
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's why you get Dream Tickets.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Again, dream tickets are only for UR and SR cards, but the exclusive R you find in every structure is necessary to complete the deck and so far it's always been locked behind a paywall.
They need to do something about that.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
One day Komoney will probably give you R dream ticket instead of SR & UR. That will create anger among public.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
wow you would waste a dream ticket on a card you can get from a deck? in that case id love to know what your wasting those gems you seem so high on.. even with the decks behind a paywall i wouldn't use a dream ticket on due the fact that your guaranteed the card you want in a deck anyway however your not guaranteed to pull the card you want in a booster pack straight away.
Why there isnt any gladiator . I thought it’d be in the list after supports
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
GB is terrible in today era meta, and their new supports are bad too.

So I'm honestly not surprised.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same. Lol that EX deck, not worthy to be even a regular structure deck.
I think I might have the worst possible luck with starting hands in this game I’ve gotten into more bricks than a mason. I’ve tested it I’ve on multiple occasions had brick hands that had less than .01 % chance of ever being drawn I’m talking all combo extenders and no way to start a combo, it’s such a frustrating pain
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Less than a .01% chance? You did over 10000 duels and counted them?
That moment when you don't know if it's aromage or shiranui

(or both!)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
both are great decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
both meta
last kog
it was fun
I think Aromage should be meta.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can with Solmen's Scolding to prevent them from destroying your backrow
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
epic deck
Invoked is such a powerful driver in the current meta.

Sabres got me to KOG with it this month.
aromage climbing in day 1
f2p never left
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's so damn true.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That kog deck looks like it has the potential to be tier 2+ it just has to find a consistent way to stop decks that banish. I would say lancea but the core is like the whole deck ? Either way I’m copying it lol
<< Anonymous
Styles Reply
Yeaaa that’s look interesting guess we’ll have to see in the kc cup. Or a tournament
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You deal with banish using Chaos Hunter
Good job with Vendreads Lama, if you don't start well is very difficult in this meta. In your opinion is Master of Rites 2 the best skill to play this deck?
<< Anonymous
Lama Reply
Master of Rites 2 is definitely the best skill. The continuous protection against destruction effects like Sunsaga, Levianeer is really important. Molehu won't be able to flip your Ritual monster too. In my KOG rank up match, the ritual cage saves me when Purgatrio with 6k attacks my 2 Slayers and Battlelord.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Vendread shiranui are overpower:

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If you don't mind joining duels you can't surrender when you have to.
Now this will become the best cost/competitiveness ratio deck. Cheap af and strong. You should be...
Which stage do I farm for more coins once I finish the event? And early one or the last one?
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