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update 17/07/2019
Season 42 DurationJuly 1 - August 1

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Number of users per deck

Alien Neos1
Ancient Gear5
Blue-Eyes Cosmo3
Cyberdark Neos4
Dark Magician1
Fur Hire1
Koa'ki Meiru Neos5
Neos Fusion1
Red-Eyes Fusion3
Six Samurai5
Vylon Control1

Alien Neos

Mello Yellow

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Mello YellowSealed TombsJuly 14

Ancient Gear


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SloanMiddle Age MechsJuly 2


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
VirgoMiddle Age MechsJuly 4

A comment from Virgo:

F2P Ancient Gears! 15 out of 20 cards come from the 3 structure decks, the 3 De-Spells are rare level up rewards super easy to obtain and the 2 TTH were also very cheap, being a SR from an 80 pack mini box (It is worth mentioning it is one of the 2 traps in the entire mini box, the other being a useless N).

Got to KOG from Plat 1 in literally ONE day, the budget version is almost as powerful as the optimal, since all the deck needs is to second, draw geartown/fortress and a card to destroy it, bring out Reactor and it's GG. Ancient Gears by far the best F2P deck and incredibly powerful against the new meta. Would definitely recommend you spent 10 dollars to get the 2nd and 3rd structure decks. Great investment. AG claps!


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
™IbrΔhim™Middle Age MechsJuly 15

A comment from ™IbrΔhim™:

NOTE: Ancient Gear is most powerful for this season, can beatdown any deck SixSam, Subterror, Triamid, Blue Eyes.
But you must be careful other than ATK your opponents higher than you ATK. Karakuri is the best card to stall any card red eyes, six sam synchro, and blue eyes.

Before you summon monster if fortress spell in your hand, activated before your summon monster, so your opponents cannot target your monster to control.

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
D.WMiddle Age MechsJuly 2
D-D-D-D-DuelSurprise PresentJuly 16

Blue-Eyes Cosmo


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
TheDarknightSealed TombsJuly 7

A comment from TheDarknight:

I reached kog this season using blue eyes sealed tombs, This skill is so powerful and can counter subterrors before using nemisis warrior effect six sams before using enishi and neos so they can not use they neos fusion or bacon saver...... 2 tth to guarantee at least one copy in game and ryko to make a suprise that you are putting white stone or dawn knight anything else is standard


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Luiz$antistaBeatdownJuly 9


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
jklpoiBeatdownJuly 17

A comment from 3 x blue eyes, 2 x dragon spirit of white, 3 x cosmo, 3 x stone of ancient

1 × TTH: My savior in a lot of matches especially against pre-nerf masked tribute Subterrors. For blue eyes deck who rarely run back row, this card is a must. Put 2 if you want, but I prefer to spread my semi-limited cards out.

1 x enemy controller.


1) Subterrors. - TTH and Vermillion dragon mech is your best friend here. After the masked tribute nerfs, Subterrors are easy to manage, really easy. You just need to banish their final battle, all your boss monster can swing over their boss monster easily. Thanks for the nerf, Konami.

2) Six Sam. - The worst matchup, you either open with a godly hand and will still lose or you open with a bad hand and still lose. Their abilities to swarm the board, search out the monster, self-protection, board clearing is unparalleled in duel links. The only thing good is if BEWD deck established a board, we have a good chance of winning as 6 sams are not well equipped to battle against multiple high attack monster. Currently, 6 sams are all running world legacy clash which is a double-edged sword as it tends to brick their hand or make you want to brick your phone when playing against them. The good thing is this is as strong as 6 sams are going to get, they have all their cards already.

3) Neos and all their variants. - brave neos is easy to deal with as they cant swing over you unless they have 5 neos in their graveyard or beatdown with the multiple high-level monster. Koa'ki is easy to deal with until ice hit the field, but nonetheless, all their monster cant swing over you, just use your resources sparingly until you can go for that final push. Cyberdark is another different stories as they can directly attack you and they leave your stone alone on the field. That's where cards of consonance and protector come in. Both offer a way to send the stone to graveyard reliably with protector giving you a BEWD on the field for extra attack. Basically, with cyber dark neos, you play aggressive. For Koa'ki neos, you play safe.

4) Triamids. - Triamids is easy, their monster can never swing over you unless you let them and your dragon spirit of white is going to banish their field card and the best thing is, they can do nothing about it. The power of triamid lies in their ability to cycle their field cards and make the big play at the opponent's turn. A timely dragon spirit of white at the Triamids player end phase is going to totally destroy them. I only lost once to them and that is because I brick my hand with 3 BEWD and 1 sliver cry and my next 2 draws are all dragon spirit of white. It happens...

5) Red eyes. - 50/50 chance here. For red eyes, I always keep one blue eye in my hand to activate dragon spirit ability after slash dragon negate him. That's like 90% of my winning play against red eyes.

6) Metaphys. - The 2nd worst matchup against blue eyes because metaphys hate special summon monster and BEWD deck is all about special summon monster. The only advice I can give is that always banish their continuous spell and trap and use your resources sparingly. Don't commit until you are 999999% you can win or else a metaphys monster which I can't remember the name is going to wipe your board of special summon during your next standby phase. And don't let them get their spell-trap loop. If metaphys managed to established their board, all you can do is to press the surrender button as metaphys really hate special summon monster and BEWD deck is all about special summon monster.

Overall as I don't use standard tech cards like snipe hunter, share the pain, etc...My deck loses a lot of sniping power. I compensate this by giving my deck drawing powers resulting in card advantage. Don't underestimate card advantage. There is a reason why cards that can help you draw cards are so rare or have some terrible, absurd activation cost.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DrHeisenbergWhat Grows in the GraveyardJuly 16

A comment from DrHeisenberg:

Pretty standard Control Deck with some adjustments due to the current meta. Tripple Floodgate / Canadia are mandatory. D.D. Assailant and Breaker the Magical Warrior are the main players within the monster board. Junk Synchron is needed to perform Synchro Summons and make use of Akiza's skill. The additional Lava Golem came in handy quite often. The Deep Grave is this deck's MVP by taking advantage of strong monsters in the opponent's Graveyard (which worked best against Blue Eyes).

Cyberdark Neos


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
☬乙ᕮㄥㄥᏗ☬BeatdownJuly 5

A comment from ☬乙ᕮㄥㄥᏗ☬:

The mechanism is easy only to have in hand The fusion Neos with Edge and dark cyber cannon activate Neos fusion and send to the cemetery Ling to the cemetery or depending on the situation to the bacon, this deck in the 15 duels to KOG gave me always in hand Ciclon 13 / 15 luck.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
IIINCSwitcherooJuly 5

A comment from IIINC

Currently, the two highest tiered decks are Red Eyes Fusion and Subterror. The two most value-laden combos in the current meta are: 1) Red Eyes Slash Dragon equipped with Power of the Guardians or Black Metal Dragon 2) Subterror Nemesis Warrior with any monster [level 3 and over].

To compete against these decks and the myriad of decks that may break your win streak, Cyberdark Neos is there with its Cyberdark Edge - Leng Ling combo. The main difference is that the second Cosmic Cyclone used for consistency is replaced with Night Beam. 2000 life points spent on removals can tip you in range of enemy decks and is too greedy for using Switcheroo as a skill.

1) Use Neos Fusion to set up Leng Ling into the graveyard for your Cyberdark Edge. This is your staple OTK combo.

2) Use Lava Golem to shut down enemy Red Eyes Slash Dragon. It will kill all of its equips without activating its effect.

3) Time Treacherous Trap Hole (TTH) to remove enemy Subterror Behemoth monsters before they flip back down. This prevents Subterror Nemesis Warrior from cycling between the graveyard and field - saving you the need to use Sealed Tomb or Skull Meister.

4) Don’t forget that you can use TTH to target your Elemental HERO Brave Neos and your opponent’s monster for free removal, using Neos Fusion.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
✿ SHIVA ✿SwitcherooJuly 13

A comment from ✿ SHIVA ✿:

  • Neos to send Leng-Ling or Bacon to the graveyard depending on OTK potential or defence requirements. Edge can dish out 2500 or 5000 damage depending on situation with Leng-Ling equipped.
  • Lava Golem for Subterrors and other greedy plays.
  • Sphere Kuriboh for that last resort / surprise tactics for all in plays.

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GlenDraw Sense: Spell/TrapJuly 17

Dark Magician


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Trust•FreecsBeatdownJuly 14

A comment from Trust•Freecs:

Reached kog with Legendary DM deck. Beatdown version is so powerful and fun to play in current meta.

A bit bricks in some duels but still consistent.
The hardest matchup is againts six samurai and subterror.

To deal with six sam while shi en has already face up on the field : you need econ or DMF and let shi en decide which one that should be negated by shi en. Also, you have to deal with enishi and dual wield in some cases.

Againts subterror : it's so hard if you get second turn since subterror has everything to clean your field, the most valuable card to counter subterror is Dark magic expanded while you have 3 DM (GY and field).



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
iAn!RestartJuly 14

Fur Hire

[INA] Imam

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
[INA] ImamSealed TombsJuly 9

Koa'ki Meiru Neos


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
a_ndra12SwitcherooJuly 10



Hot New Top
Satan 2hour ago
I almost got to KOG a couple days ago with UAs but lost at my promotion match and fell to legend1. Just got my KOG with a sick scums deck. Wow, what a bullshit deck, I can't believe it! I don't feel like that KOG was deserved.
Bad News 4u 2days ago
Subterrors have been beatable since they were released.

I couldn't care less if they modify the requirements to activate such skill; it's nothing relevant for me, I don't see anything broken there, but more importantly, the deck will remain playable without Umbra & Lumis.

You think the skill is abused because you are terrible at this game. Period, that's the bottom line.
<< Anonymous(really? u sure?)
Omg inbred. 2days ago Reply
But it's a way to promote a character, it's obvious. When zane truesdale was released they did exactly the same with cyber style. They know it in the same moment they program he game. These guys are not Yu-Gi-Oh! Noobs such as yourself.
<< Anonymous(Omg inbred.)
By the way, retard 2days ago Reply
All your opinions make me laugh because they are based on emotional manipulation.
<< Anonymous(that's why...)
Anonymous 18hour ago Reply
lol true enough, subterrors will keep being competitive for a long time, that's good for the game.
<< Anonymous(Bad News 4u)
competitive 4Ever 11hour ago Reply
Subterrors are likely to last a LOOOONG time in the meta.
Anonymous 11hour ago
Why does this website even exist?

It's not affiliated to Konami, it's just a "fan made" domain created with malicious intend.

People should notice how there are only negative and hateful comments toward this game here (and also off-topic spams) GameA exists to create a bad reputation against Duel Links. On the other hand, the Google search engine helps to promote this sabotage by showing GameA as the first result when you search the words "duel links".

Google helps to boycott any company that doesn't belong to HUGE MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS.
Anonymous 11hour ago
Look at this coward.
Always posting crap against this game and hiding himself behind "racial persecution spam" just to involve people in crimes they never committed.

Why is this website still alive? It's not even an official one, people say it's "fan made", yet, the google search engine promotes it and lists it as first in the results. Obviously, this is done to attack the company more efficiently. It seems like nobody is able to run a business in peace these days. Just take a look at this website, It's full of posts created by this criminal.

Natasha Wanderly 14hour ago
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Natasha Wanderly form USA.
k0n4m1 2days ago
Dear Subterror players, if you don't want to wait for 2 years until we release Guru, Archer and Fiendess but you still want Subterror to be top tier after Masked Tribute gets nerfed, just purchase NEOS FUSION. Just $11 for 3 copies
Anonymous 2days ago
This is from Duel Links Meta. Told you guys, just buy Neos Fusion
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
"b-bUt mUh sUbteRrOr iS nOt cOmPaTibLe wITh nEoS"
<< Anonymous
Dude... really 2days ago Reply
Flips is a TROLL.
He's just trying random things.

What a inbred retard 2days ago
Subterrors are not compatible with Neos Fusion as far as I know. I haven't seen any deck like that posted at Duel Links Meta or Reddit.

Wow, this website is pretty much THE SEWER of Duel Links, it should be closed; I'm pretty sure the person who wrote such thing is GameA's owner, a racketeer who has create a FAKE duel links domain in order to spread negativity about this game.
<< Anonymous(What a inbred retard)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
I laughed at that guy. I don't think I've seen neos + subterros.

Subterrors + Survival's end maybe.
But no Neos / Subterrors at all.
CRUEL FACTS 2days ago
Masked Tribute is the perfect example of the nature of many players out there that don't put effort do well in life or school,but when it comes to exploiting duel links skills,they are top notch,if they use this kind of brains on more important things,maybe they will be really successful,this also proves the reason why laws have to be so strict,imagine if they weren't,people would exploit the hell outta them and do really evil stuff,well that's the evil nature of humans,shame....
<< Anonymous(CRUEL FACTS)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
I find this relatively funny cause it's quite true lol
<< Anonymous(CRUEL FACTS)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
lol! Now they use the labyrinth skill to avoid the nerf...
<< Anonymous(CRUEL FACTS)
TheBlackRose 2days ago Reply
It's Konami's fault for not realising Masked Tribute was abusable with Subterrors. They made the same mistake with Cyber Style. Maybe if Konami stopped being idiots and actually doubled checked their skills for any stupid plays/combos that abused these skills not in the intended way then we wouldn't have that problem.
<< Anonymous(CRUEL FACTS)
TheBlackRose 2days ago Reply
The Three Lord Pillars skill for example, they probably wouldn't have realised players were planning of using it to make broken and unfair 14 card Decks unless one of Konami's staff, that was in the Duel Links Meta discord, found out about it.
great card 10days ago
Neos Fusion granted a LOT of diversity to this game, one of the most versatile cards I've seen. Many different archetypes are viable now.
<< Anonymous(great card)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
I mean, for me they are just variations of a Neos deck. It's not diversity for me if the strongest part of all the decks are the same combo. Things get worse because you need to buy 2 EX decks to make any of them viable, so if you are F2P, it's not a viable option.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Neos + Steelswarm is crazy
Anonymous 2days ago
New aliens synchro spoofs
Anonymous 3days ago
lol remember comments about Neos Fusion would be trash?

Now it is top tier thanks to Bujin, Cyber Dark and Subterror

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