King of Games decks [February 2018]

Duel Links King of Games decks, the top meta of Duel Links in February 2018.
Duel Links Breaking News
Structure Deck EX: Thousand Illusion
update 11/04/2018
Season DurationJan 31 - Feb 28 (Feb 1 - March 1)

Duel Links December PvP session has started!

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Email to GameA
Subject (Title)KOG deck
Body (Text)
  • Your IGN
  • A small note to show how to use your deck or how you reach KOG (if necessary)
Attach Files
  • a screenshot of a deck you used to reach KOGM
  • a screenshot of KOG proof

Want to share your deck to help other playes? Send us an e-mail at with the image of your deck and proof of reaching KoG along with how it works! The title of your email must be KOG deck.

Required Info/screenshot

To share your deck on this page, you will send GameA:

  • your IGN (In-game name)
  • a screenshot of a deck you used to reach KOG
  • a screenshot of KOG proof
  • a small note to show how you use it/how it works in the meta (optional)

GameA will crop sent images. Note that we may not show your decks here if the idea is duplicated, but it will help us do analysis on current meta!

Regarding shared decks

  • If a submitted deck is pretty much same to the one already on this page, it will not be showed but your IGN will be still listed.

Number of users per deck

3SD 1
Ancient Gear-
Cyber Angel1
Sacred Phoenix1
Gladiator Beast5
Six Samurai-
Dinosaur Kingdom11
Destiny Draw Lava1
Hazy Flame-
Mausoleum Invader-
Parasite Infestation1
Mecha Phantom-
Lock Down-
Dark World2
Cyber Stein-
OTK Bamboo-
Woodland Sprite-
Dark Magician3
Magnet Warriors2
Anti Meta-
Gem Knight-
Hammer Shark-
Angmarl GK1

Snipe Hunter

Control KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
GaleomirRestartFeb 20


REZD KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
necrotranceStraight to the GraveFeb 20
DeltaStraight to the GraveFeb 21
DankirothStraight to the GraveFeb 21
Joker_xdStraight to the GraveFeb 23
Sʏɴᴅɪᴄᴀᴛᴇ909Straight to the GraveFeb 24
jeffchange96BeatdownFeb 25
  • Sʏɴᴅɪᴄᴀᴛᴇ909:
    How to use my Deck:
    Turn 1: Try and put Bacon Saver in the GY to prevent the next attack

    Turn 3: try and set up 3 monsters for a swing once you draw AMA or Storm

    Turn 5-x: protect your monsters, use SRH to destroy big beaters and econ
    to control them during the swing.

Ancient Gear

AG KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
emaraquinoMiddle Age MechFeb 20
BarbolMiddle Age MechFeb 25
FrancoMiddle Age MechFeb 25
Joel JonesMiddle Age MechFeb 26
TorianMiddle Age MechFeb 28


Bujin KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Heath-Feb 5
uridiazRestartFeb 11
CurraheeRestartFeb 19
MillenniumRestartFeb 25


Sacred Phoenix KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
MichaelMike1RestartFeb 10
iAnRestartFeb 10

Magnet Warriors

Magnet Warriors KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Steelworld-Feb 8
Duo Straight to the GraveFeb 8
LuxunFirm As The EarthFeb 23

Angmarl GK

Angmarl Monarch KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
DarcioRestartFeb 6

Dark World

Dark World KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
InuyashaDuel, Standby!Feb 5
KakashiDuel, Standby!Feb 6
Yami DovahDuel, Standby!Feb 25
  • Yami Dovah:
    It's a bit hard survive in Legendary without DWD or if OTK fails, but
    Escape from Dark Dimension, Creeping Darkness and Dark Necrofear help.
    Also, it's a wonderful counter against Sea Stealth an Aliens

Dark World Archfiend

DW Archfiend KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
SilverchairDuel, Standby!Feb 26
  • Silverchair:
    The duel standby skill gave that extra get up and go going second. Having the darkworld otk was actually really consistent and was sometimes the only difference between life and death.


Archfiend KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Ojama KingLP Boost aFeb 28
  • Ojama King:
    The point of this deck is to search for Emperors with Card of the Soul
    during your first and second turn, and making use of his powerful removal
    as well.
    When you have two Emperors in your early game your victory is guaranteed,
    since they can use archfiend roar as resource to card removal. Sometimes
    you will be even able to banish another Emperor and bring him back with
    Trance Archfiend. Palabyrinth comes in handy if you have 1 monster on the
    field, you can summon Emperor banish the monster and get second Emperor
    permanent. Cavalry is good beater with Palabyrinth, sometimes i just
    solely win the games by using them, but mostly they serve as material for
    Emperor and Call of the Archfiend.

Whale Stealth

Whale Stealth KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
JonathanRestartFeb 24
EssbieBalanceFeb 27
  • Essbbie:
    Main objective is to set up Legendary Ocean, Sea Stealth and any lvl5 or higher creature for high chance of winning.

    Setup can possibly done on 1st turn via hammer/tuna, warrior of atlantis/ALO, 1 4star/3star creature and 1 citadel whale.

    Protect backrow by bouncing creatures thru sea stealth.

    Let the big fish do the damage!

Wrath Of the Ocean

Wrath Of the Ocean KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
CatastropheBalanceFeb 27
  • Catastrophe:
    My version runs 3 SSA and 3 LO. I used Balance to guarantee the chance of getting SSA and LO. Most of the time I got both of them at the first turn, if not my second turn. Warrior of Atlantis can help you get LO if you don't get one and Abyss Soldier can get rid of problematic cards. My version runs 3 LV5 monsters since you can summon it easily with LO on the field, and I am trying to experiment if it would be better to take out 1 Whale and add another LV5 monster (preferably LF2)

Flying Fish

Flying Fish KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Candido0411Mythic DepthsFeb 21
StuMythic DepthsFeb 24
DahyunMythic DepthsFeb 28

Alien Ananta

Alien Ananta KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
The Damp OneRestartFeb 23
LucascozzysRestartFeb 24
Jonathan191RestartFeb 26
TrapgodRestartFeb 27
  • Trapgod:
    The key to using this deck is taking control of your opponents monster and using telepath/ananta to clear the back row.

  • Lucascozzys:
    The core of the deck is the spell " "A" cell recombination" that saves your monsters during battle and is also a searcher for any Alien in the deck that you need. Also goes in combo with the trap Brainwashing and often you OTK with AMA.



Hot New Top
Yami Dovah
I don't understand why so many people consider burn decks as "🔥 without brain". I play with them some times and I constantly needs to think how to survive and choice carefully the cards I'll set in backrow for not take the risk to have it blocked. Also, if Temple's Eye Mind doesn't come iny first hand, there always a chance to take a OTK. Lava actually a annoyng card, but only GB and Dinos don't have anything to count/tribute him. The result is I rarely win using burn. I don't know it's because I am a bad player with this (which automatically discard the "without brain" argument) or because I have just 1 floodgate trap hole (if that's why, the problem is trap hole, not the burn).
(Sorry for any bad english).
<< Anonymous
Seth Reply
There is nothing good about 🔥ous Burn decks... Let your salty ego aside and start to think about what playing a degenerate Burn deck feels like. You're literally just stalling for like 30 turns just to get that undeserved win, you implied no strategy at all during that 20mins duel and no one got enjoyment or suspense out of it... In the end, it's a lose for everyone.
<< Anonymous(Seth)
Anonymous Reply
implying that hiding behind heavy back-row meta require strategy > lul
<< Anonymous(Yami Dovah)
Burn decks are easy wins. Stop crying
<< Anonymous(Yami Dovah)
You're Wrong Reply
Burn decks aren't fun and they're for the mindless. I don't care if you agree or not but they suck. Play an actual deck instead of hiding like a coward.
This got me to KoG yesterday.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
why the normal monster instead of alien kids/grey ?
When your opponent know he doesn't have a chance to win but keep the game going
<< Anonymous(Malefic)
cyka Reply
it's pretty common in my kog rank up someone did the same . this tech doesn't work anymore since the steam version is out in the past some people may forget their phone or tablet until it closes and they loose ..
<< Anonymous(noob)
Malefic Reply
Dàmn dude!!! How did you know im a Silver rank player?!? Im sure you must be an all-time KOG player and a talented deck builder o.O
<< Anonymous(Malefic)
gabfer Reply
Share deck please
<< Anonymous(gabfer)
YatsuoKogame Reply
^ +1
Hit KoG with a Cyber Angel deck ft. Shakira earlier this month. Didn't have the 3rd Saffira at that time so instead I used Fenghuang for troublesome backrow.
<< Anonymous
Shakira lol
I hit KoG with Mokey Mokey Literature Deck
<< Anonymous(blyat)
Mah Boi Reply
Just Monikey
Should I post my deck??
<< Anonymous(YZQ)
Anonymous Reply
Wow you won duels in Kog! Too bad most of people use meme decks since there's no point in playing competitive decks
<< Anonymous(YZQ)
Anonymous Reply
WTF 459 Wins? Do you even sleep!!?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
calm down. he didn't play 459 times. he uses a script on a loop. it played his deck 750 times and he won around 450 of them. probably not even a good deck. I hate mod apk players that come online and brag and think they've got the world fooled
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No thanks. You can post that APK mod of yours tho.
I hit KOG with Ancient Gear and submit my deck
Weevil Chink
I'm asking, where are all these OP Golem decks ppl are whining about? Oh wait they can't get out of gold, if Konami nerf burn decks because of your noobish cries I'M LEAVING.
<< Anonymous(✡Spådës✡)
Anonymous Reply
Normal duel requires you to think all aspects. What spell or trap enemy has on field. Delay during summon? Oh it's quick spell or flood then. Else it could be WoD. Then I must attack when I have 800 attack higher than him, or remove that; and many more considerations.
<< Anonymous(✡Spådës✡)
Anonymous Reply
But for burn players? Nah just floodgate everything, SS parasite to his field, lava golem, mask of accursed, temple, and wait. Literally just wait.

Burn deck is for insecure noobs who can't deal with ST and can only copy deck.
<< Anonymous(KOG playa get owned )
Anonymous Reply
Lol wtf this guy is the same guy, weevil chink. Ive hit kog every season and if you cant get kog with burn, you really should quit. And no there are people playing burn in kog, maybe you could leave with them?
<< Anonymous
GB armedWeevil Chink Reply
I'm only playing burn because insect decks sucks and i love Weevil like everybody else. Now I'm considering changing to GB parasite to hit the KOG with Weevil.
I see a glitch time. What a cheathing? Banned please that is nickname if u see on my top name ranked duel.
<< Anonymous(Rickyjunawan)
Anonymous Reply
Satu lg bukti kalo burn player ga punya otak, dikit2 cheat kontol!
<< Anonymous(Rickyjunawan)
Anonymous Reply
Wooooow 283 wins and still not KOG LOLOL
<< Anonymous(Rickyjunawan)
Anonymous Reply
Ah miss the good ol time when i was still in plat, late month ranked were full of 30 cards ragequiters.
<< Anonymous(Rickyjunawan)
king of noobs Reply
If i were you i would be embarassed af to have that wins quantity and still not kog
Gladiator beasts in KC cup

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Dunno why but this dude looks like he's a massive s|mp of someone
Not like they had plans for it to be meta to begin with
Nononono pls don't add useless garbage to the next box
We have shark and rio
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