King of Games decks [February 2018]

Should I post my deck??
if you want to post it do it if you don't want don't simple
Wow you won duels in Kog! Too bad most of people use meme decks since there's no point in playing competitive decks
WTF 459 Wins? Do you even sleep!!?
<< Anonymous
calm down. he didn't play 459 times. he uses a script on a loop. it played his deck 750 times and he won around 450 of them. probably not even a good deck. I hate mod apk players that come online and brag and think they've got the world fooled
<< Anonymous
No thanks. You can post that APK mod of yours tho.


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Aigami will be the new Zane heaps of events but not unlockable for ages
No, Its because you havent face them enough, not because you are f2p. I use vendread and 100% sur...
Probably the same reason tag duels aren't
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