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Yami Dovah
I don't understand why so many people consider burn decks as "🔥 without brain". I play with them some times and I constantly needs to think how to survive and choice carefully the cards I'll set in backrow for not take the risk to have it blocked. Also, if Temple's Eye Mind doesn't come iny first hand, there always a chance to take a OTK. Lava actually a annoyng card, but only GB and Dinos don't have anything to count/tribute him. The result is I rarely win using burn. I don't know it's because I am a bad player with this (which automatically discard the "without brain" argument) or because I have just 1 floodgate trap hole (if that's why, the problem is trap hole, not the burn). (Sorry for any bad english).
People say that because playing against burn is like trying to penetrate a giant wall. Your resources keep decreasing, but you can't bring their LP down to 0 easily, so you get annoyed. But I agree with you that burn is not a deck you can play without brain. You need to use your brain whatever deck you play. Some decks can beat burn, depending on who gets the right card at the right moment.
<< Anonymous
Actually, burn deck is really easy to play. No intelligence needed. All you do is block their attack, and burn them. No brain needed. Especially so in duel link with the LP handicap.

All you do is wait. Literally wait. 1000LP damage per turn. Where the fun is that. Auto damage you each turn, and cant negate.
Actually you have to think a lot while playing stall/burn. You are always afraid of xing zhen hus and gyokus and cosmic cyclones and AMAs you gotta play every move smartly. I play Phoenix, GBs, Hazys and Stall and I have to think a lot while playing stall. I love it. I win 80% matches with stall
<< Anonymous
if burn don't require skill then how dark world or other brainless 1 combo otk decks require it? OFC IT REQUIRE SKILL, MORA THAN CA, DARK WORLD, HAZY etc.
Yami Dovah
After see the replies, now I understand why people hate that and agrre. It's actually very easy to play and there's no countervto damage, but i still think a minimum inteligence is required for at least decides what traps set against differents decks, it's not like Cyber angel pre-nerf, which you only needed 1 senju and 1 Petit to pratically won the game.
Thanks for the replies.
<< Anonymous
If you want to stall so badly use ghostricks people be pissed at them and are fun to play quaking.mirror force u haha
People hated Burn because they usually don't bring a counter to it.

That's all.

Yes, it's just people being salty. Although this time it's understandable, after all, how many times you usually face a Burn deck? Burn decks may be somewhat common, but still not common enough to always prepare a counter for it. You'd be carrying a dead card in your deck.
And naturally, people want to keep winning. So when they lost ONCE against a deck they didn't prepare to fight against, they went full salty mode.
Funnily enough, this also happens in the real life card game, people are still salty about Trickstar Burn EVEN WHEN TRICKSTAR IS HALF OF THE META.

That should signal them to start preparing Burn counters, but nope, they still can't be bothered to do it. Who's the one with no brain now?
Otong palsu
I called burn 🔥 because it amusing me and well ,all deck is not brain dead obviusly it just you know how to use it easily.
Lol the answer is... These players were about to get ranked up then konami give em burn users to face with, then lose and lose till they demoted LOOOOOL
burn decks are the best thing that happened to this filled by p2w filth game.
<< Anonymous
There is nothing good about 🔥ous Burn decks... Let your salty ego aside and start to think about what playing a degenerate Burn deck feels like. You're literally just stalling for like 30 turns just to get that undeserved win, you implied no strategy at all during that 20mins duel and no one got enjoyment or suspense out of it... In the end, it's a lose for everyone.
<< Anonymous(Seth)
implying that hiding behind heavy back-row meta require strategy > lul
Burn decks are easy wins. Stop crying
You're Wrong
Burn decks aren't fun and they're for the mindless. I don't care if you agree or not but they suck. Play an actual deck instead of hiding like a coward.


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No, Its because you havent face them enough, not because you are f2p. I use vendread and 100% sur...
Probably the same reason tag duels aren't
Obsolete? Really? Man, after invoked release and nerfed skill, i still manage to hit KOG 8 time...
I need to empty the box just to get 2nd copy of marten. I just dont have enough gem to burn more ...
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