King of Games decks [February 2018]

When your opponent know he doesn't have a chance to win but keep the game going
everyone knows that Aster is a noob who can only stall in a duel
<< Anonymous
🔥 Jaden!
better keep going than surrendering anyway, you at least still gets drops and exp, however small the amount is.
<< Anonymous(Malefic)
it's pretty common in my kog rank up someone did the same . this tech doesn't work anymore since the steam version is out in the past some people may forget their phone or tablet until it closes and they loose ..
<< Anonymous(noob)
Dàmn dude!!! How did you know im a Silver rank player?!? Im sure you must be an all-time KOG player and a talented deck builder o.O
<< Anonymous(Malefic)
Share deck please
<< Anonymous(gabfer)
^ +1


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No, Its because you havent face them enough, not because you are f2p. I use vendread and 100% sur...
Probably the same reason tag duels aren't
Obsolete? Really? Man, after invoked release and nerfed skill, i still manage to hit KOG 8 time...
I need to empty the box just to get 2nd copy of marten. I just dont have enough gem to burn more ...
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