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update 02/05/2019
Season 39 DurationApril 1 - May 1

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Number of users per deck

Ancient Gear12
Dino Survival's End1
Haxy Flame5
Koa'ki Meiru4
Master Of Destiny1
Masked HERO3
Masked HERO Neos Fusion2
Neos Fusion Beatdown2
Nephthys Yubel2
Sea Stealth Attack1
Six Samurai30
Six Samurai Neos Fusion1
Yubel Fire King1



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
pharmacistHoly GuardApr 14

A comment from pharmacist:

The skill is holy guard l, it allowed me to swing over opponents' monsters without being afraid of losing life points especially against the mirror matches which used cipher soldier.

I added 2 cosmic cyclone to improve AG match up and to remove dojo from play before they can special summon.

The rest is standard for any amazoness deck. I won 10 straight matches from legend 2 to KOG.

André Rafael

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
André RafaelHoly GuardApr 23

A comment from André Rafael:
The mechanics are banning the opponent's monsters with the Amazoness and the DD Warrior. The skill is Holy Guard to not suffer damage in suicide attacks against strong monsters.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DrHeisenbergRight Back at YouApr 24

A comment from DrHeisenberg:

I used Amazoness, skill is Marik's Right Back at You. It is quite the standard build. I added Vision Hero Witch Raider to deal with heavy back row decks - and was MVP in many matches, especially when it came to Mirror Matches. The skill came in handy quite often as it takes advantage of direct hits (e.g. from Shi En or AG Dragon) by allowing you to add half the battle damage to a monster's ATK the next turn which often dealt lethal damage. The worst matchup was Ancient Gears which changed when I started using Marik's skill instead of Weevil's Parasite Infestation.

Ancient Gear


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LM GEORGEMiddle Age MechsApr 3

A comment from LM GEORGE:

The road to climb the legend was fun, trying out the new Six Samurai deck; It did not take me long to climb, the deck basically beat everything and I lost against another just as I had a better starting hand.

Later I followed from Platinum 3 to Legend 1 then I adapted the deck a bit to go up and do OTK faster and it worked, when you did not have the combo to win you controlled the change 1 or 2 turns and then already the maximum offensive.

I lost 1 promotion to KOG against a Do then another Haga and an ODION almost under Legend 2 then I changed strategy and used the Ancient Mechanisms with CROWLERs SKILL , recovered streak and from Legend 3 to KOG I used them in 5 consecutive duels.

Many are using very interesting cards to counteract certain effects and some cheat cards that work with the Six are being implemented; however, the only version I used was with BEATDOWN, I like it very much and sometimes for 200 points I won several matches.

The platinum deck 3 to 4 was the one I liked the most, at that moment the deck was not like the end, but using the two Shi En in a duel is impressive.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LuxunMiddle Age MechsApr 4

A comment from Luxun:
I tried with buster blader and got to the kog promotion, but lost it and then it just went totally downhill. But then I changed to ag and it was relatively easy. It has a very balanced match against samurai. Breaker is essential in that match.

Unending nightmare won me many games, against samurai by destroying their continuous spells, against yubel by destroying the field spell, in the mirror by forcing opponent's geartown to miss time etc. Econ and tth save against yubel and are very useful in general. Crowler's ability allows you to easily normal summon reactor, so running 3 copies of him isn't bricky city.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ZuggernautMiddle Age MechsApr 4

A comment from Zuggernaut:

Deck is solid especially against Six Sams but i do feel it could be improved.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DOCKMiddle Age MechsApr 11

A comment from DOCK:

This deck is quite effective against a large majority of modern decks without a game, against Yubel's deck suffers to win, excellent against Six Samurai.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
MosesMiddle Age MechsApr 17

A comment from Moses:

  • Ancient Gear, middle age mechs
  • skull king counter: Yubel+AG
  • cipher soldier counter: sams


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ArequeroMiddle Age MechsApr 28

A comment from Arequero:

A late climb for KoG since i was busy through the month
Sazank is a really good tech that let´s you get ride of a monster without destroying it, a good card for going 1st.
Same thing can be said about Treacherous, decided to run 1 TTH and 1 E-con after losing a KoG rank up to Yubel. TTH is good against 6sam if going 1st, and E con is good to bait a negation from Shi En and then be free to destroy geartown with the other spells. Twister is good since 6sams uses 2 continuous spells (united and dojo) i would run a 2nd copy if i had it.

Deck is solid against 6 sams, stall/burn. Hardest match up is against Yubel where you have to stall until you get TTH or Econ combo.
Another card i was using but wasn´t in my final build was unending nightmare (but it can have a high cost to disrupt 6sams plays and it doesn´t guarantee a win as the other cards do)

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LORD LanaMiddle Age MechsApr 12
Mateus HenryMiddle Age MechsApr 12
TjTier0Middle Age MechsApr 15
MingMiddle Age MechsApr 15
Hur3sMiddle Age MechsApr 16
AlucardZainMiddle Age MechsApr 29



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GangParasite InfestationApr 3

A comment from Gang:

This deck is great in this current meta very consistent and fun..the worst matchups is against ag and yubel.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
JethParasite InfestationApr 7


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GanzoryParasite InfestationApr 7

A comment from Ganzory:

So this has been probably one of the more challenging duel sessions as I usually take 100 wins to get to KOG but needed 300 this time. I usually like attacking decks that strike hard and fast and I had reached KOG 4 times out of the last 5 seasons with decks such as Masked HERO or Buster Blader. I was ready to try my completed Koa’ki deck this time but they nerved it down and with the introduction of Six Samurai, all decks became equal with strength and weaknesses. So I decided to go full defense with this deck.

It has 25 cards that have been tweaked to counter each and every deck and outlast any opponent and lead me with 15 straight wins from Legend 1 to KOG. So here’s how to use it against each deck.

Six Samurai deck: try to get the insect on his side as quick as possible to eliminate “Duel Wield” or “Six Samurai - Rihan” being used or summon “Cyber Soldier” and attack with it to force him to use “Armades”. Or use a combo of “Amazoness Onslaught” and “Amazoness Queen” to form a formidable defense and then just run his deck down with traps.

Masked HERO: One of the easiest deck to face because of “Cyber Soldier”.

Dino decks: Use “DNA Surgery” or summon the Insect on his side and this deck is useless.

Other Meta decks: Remember you have more cards than most decks so u don't have to ever attack just Traphole his “Lava Golem” and “Amazoness Swords Woman” and if he attacks with anything else make him pay or just wait for his deck to run out.

Buster Blader deck: Use “DNA Surgery” or summon the Insect on his side and this deck is useless or use “Amazoness Swords Woman” and “Amazoness Onslaught” to make him pay.

Gear deck: One of the more challenging decks but can be dealt with using use “Amazoness Swords Woman” and “Amazoness Onslaught” and the cards that force ur opponent into defense position. One of the few decks you have to attack and use Traphole on his Gear Dragon.

Yubel deck: Traphole his Nephysis to prevent Yubel from being summoned or just banish his Yubels with “Amazoness Onslaught” or summon “Lava Golem” using his Yubels.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
找到面了Parasite InfestationApr 9

A comment from 找到面了:

Note: I was using skill endless trap hell, but lost the 5th duel to KOG three times! After the skill change, I was able to get KOG with only one trial, although the parasite only took effect once, and I should be able to win even without it. So it is basically just luck. You can use endless trap hell, and with a little luck, you can also reach KOG using this deck.

This deck is very good against six sams as you can send their Shi-En to grave or deck by using either 339 or Hraesvelg. When Shi-En is gone you can use your traps freely. Requires a little thinking on how to force your opponent use their Shi-En’s effect. Most likely you will be using floodgate or Canadian.

This deck’s biggest enemy is AG and you go second. They can use double cyclone and the attack of AG monsters can negate your monster effect of 339 or Hraesvelg. Your best bet is to get Queen and onslaught ASAP.

Other decks are not that hard to deal with.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
InterceptorParasite InfestationApr 24

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
✿ SHIVA ✿Parasite InfestationApr 15
yugiParasite InfestationApr 25
JaszaParasite InfestationApr 29



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DolradoBeatdownApr 25


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
VklasbBeatdownApr 26


Hot New Top
I got KOG with this aromage deck, I only got 1 syncro because 1 month ago it does not appear in the card trader -_-
<< Anonymous
Bergson Reply
Que top, Kog de aromagi, a chance de ser mentira é alta, mas vou montar
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Come on are you serious? How many duels you played 800?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think we have 3 copies of Snyfuss right now
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This must be a very old deck and the OP just post it now for some stupid reason lol.

There's just no way this deck can win against SixSam. No proper counter against SixSam, or any other recent decks for that matter, like Nephthys or AG. It can't even do much against freakin' Amazoness.
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<< Anonymous
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Hitler Reply
Cant complain...
<< Anonymous(Hitler )
Anonymous Reply
^sausage gobblers convention^
<< Anonymous(GREY RANK)
Anonymous Reply
pfff XD sure
the most op card set in yugioh history. Sure they are going to add that to duel links
<< Anonymous(GREY RANK)
Anonymous Reply
The biggest mistake ever printed. Sure add them to duel links lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I don't know them what are they?
Masked heroes
Dracis: "Mask change doesn't work on Brave Neos. I am not sure why"

Dude? Really?
Guys with what's easier to get KOG, yubel or AG
<< Anonymous
Baba Reply
I changed the deck playing with lava big. Until I reached legend three and KOG games I lost it. Then again legend 1
<< Anonymous
Baba Reply
I played almost 300 games by changing decks, AG, yubel, lava golem, masked hero
<< Anonymous
Baba Reply
Lava golem-3
Sphere kuriboh-2
Amazoness swords woman-2
Curse of anubis-1
Jade insect whistle-2
Floodgate trap hole-3
Cipher soldier-3
Impenetrable attack-2
Paleosoic canadia-2
<< Anonymous(Baba)
Anonymous Reply
Another Venture
I'm not surprised why some people try to take down the game by any means because they cannot tolerate how Duel Links has succeeded long ago.

• They just vent trash, post spam all day long because they simply want to get rid of a competitor in the market. They want to feel as if the game would be dying. What a dumb joke lol

• You'll realize I'm telling you the truth because the spam and the porn do only appear when they release NEW BOXES. It's called Boycott.
<< Anonymous(Another Venture)
Mike >DT< Reply
This is really weird, but it seems to be true after all. If so they just should disable the comments. Problem solved =)
<< Anonymous(Another Venture)
Anonymous Reply
Game is in a very good shape.
More people will join when Zexal is going to be added.
Inverse Universe
Meh, I play Hazy Flames and I think the meta is pretty cool, Samurais are insta win for me

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
no, Hazy flame also wrecks weevil if the guy doesn't bring out Lava Golem early
<< Anonymous(Inverse Universe)
Lowratedduelist69 Reply
I’ve beaten hazy using 6Sams plenty of times. They can either brick for an OTK, or you swarm their your own field along with some useful toolbox synchros.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There are 5 Hazy Flame decks listed already, not mentioning the ones that KOG'd with that deck @DLM and the ones that didn't share their decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
YeHey is the MVP
also Skillshot
Hey Konami, where is the nerf in stall decks?
Too much yubel

GrandMerge OTK is amazing

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