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update 30/10/2017
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What do I need to do to fight him lvl 50? He spawned as a LD lvl 40, I beat him and then he showed up lvl 50 but that happened only once ... is there any trick to let him spawn more often? thanks in advance
<< Anonymous
PolarisBSH Reply
He got to 50 for me, I couldn't beat him....
<< Anonymous
Sigma27 Reply
The same thing happened to me, today the event ends and I've seen lvl 50 only once.
<< Anonymous(Sigma27)
Anonymous Reply
same here
How much noticebooks do I need to fight him?
Can't fight against him at all!
<< Anonymous(Bört)
Anonymous Reply
the level 50 version is a non-gate version, he spawns from time to time on the map.
<< Anonymous
Bört Reply
But I can't fight him at the gate at all.
Never fought against him.
<< Anonymous
Sigma27 Reply
I played every day. And only seen him once..
"Sweet dreams are made of this"
<< Anonymous(JustAnAverageOtaku)
Anonymous Reply
Nice idea!
Anti Crowler Deck
Umi — decrease the attack of machine type
Riryoku — to combat ancient gear golem
Acid Rain 3x — destroys any machine type
Adhesion Trap Hole 2x — activates when summoning: halves monster's attack.
Tribe Shocking Virus 2x + several machine type cards — destroy every machine types on the field.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is how ingrates thank someone for posting advice...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Stop being a dick he's giving advice
<< Anonymous(RebelRebel)
Greatful Duelist =] Reply
Don't listen to the trolls, THANK YOU FOR POSTING!!!! XD

(pst, any chance we can get a lil advice how the deck workds? Ya we'll probly figure it out in time, but a few tips would be wunderbar!!!! :)
<< Anonymous(Greatful Duelist =])
Anonymous Reply
It's not a deck. Maybe he mistyped, as I would understand it as "Anti-Crowler CARDS" instead of deck.
Lv 40 - 50
7-8 k
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What is this lvl 2 monster?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Medusa Worm
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The name of continuous spell?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Array of revealing lights
How do I get to duel against Level 50? I am at stage 48 and have defeated him consistently in both the gate and duel world.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
he spawns randomly
<< Anonymous
Orlando Reply
if you Fight him when he spawns lv40 then you will a mini cut scene and it will be lv50 right there
<< Anonymous(Orlando)
PolarisBSH Reply
Wasn't that fast for me.
First fight.
<< Anonymous(Ben)
Anonymous Reply
what is ne?? what is it??? you Joey not Ben
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Trap is "Spirit Barrier" and the Skill to use is- "Reinforcements", and since i've been farming for "Harpie's hunting ground". I've noticed "Aroma strategy" is a pretty good and versatile skill for this deck too! Here's the snap of it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And also been using this Deck for lvl.40 doesn't matter works with both of 'em 40/50. For skills farming this deck is good.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ne is japanese for hey, come on...
am i the only one who has bones on this guy?
<< Anonymous
Duc P Reply
What is that trap card?
This A**hole only showed up ONCE at level 50
fisherman works fine but could brick, i win 1 lose 1
Man this sucks, I can't farm this bastard mainly because I don't have the cards necessary which require lot's of farming from other characters and other packs that I have no luck in when getting specific cards.
<< Anonymous(Sora)
PoHtastic Reply
I managed to farm him with results varying between 5 - 7k because i didnt have the same cards as other people. There are ways i geuss.
<< Anonymous(PoHtastic)
PoHtastic Reply
Add me on discord for a chat about it if u like, PoHtastic#0869
<< Anonymous(Sora)
Anonymous Reply
You can use Blue eyes but with lvl 30 only. Still managed to get all of his cards tho
Fisherman/Catapult Turtle Farm

• Thunder Dragon exists to both thin your deck, and more importantly, enlarge your hand. A larger hand pairs better with Magical Mallet, or as an alt Reload. The default form of this deck does not fusion summon, so activate the effect to your heart’s content.

• Your goal is to get Spirit Barrier, Legendary Ocean, and Legendary Fisherman on the field. Reinforcements searches for Fisherman so you only need to concern yourself with Legendary Ocean and Spirit Barrier.

• Crystal Seer puts whatever card you don’t select to the bottom of your deck. Put a non trap on the bottom and don’t use Magical Mallet, Thunder Dragon, or Reload after this, as they shuffled the deck.

• Buff Up one of Crowler’s monsters to 20K+ with Massive Morph. Also, if Crowler prematurely summons his boss, you can use Massivemorph to save your hide.

• Play an unused Legendary Ocean face down to tribute summon Catapult Turtle. If you do this you will only need 5 Glossies for 8K. If you don’t, you’ll need 8.

• IMPORTANT If you use Soul Exchange, tribute summon Catapult Turtle before activating Soul Exchange.


• If you don’t have Soul Exchange, you can replace it with Enemy Controller and a second Legendary Fisherman. Legendary Fisherman is not immune to being tributed for an Econ take even with Umi on the field.

• If you don’t have 5 Glossies, you can add polymerization to fusion summon Thunder Dragon. No Glossies are needed in this case. (Also, prismatics count as 2 Glossies, and facedown monsters do not count)
<< Anonymous(Vicks)
aero Reply
its reload
<< Anonymous(aero)
spell it right plz Reply
it's reload
<< Anonymous(Wooster)
Anonymous Reply
What if you have no thunder dragons?
<< Anonymous
Wooster Reply
Less ideal, but other cards that add to your hand help. More Seers, Locomotive, Dark Mimic, skelengle, shard of greed, Good Goblin Housekeeping for instance

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