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Duel Links Espa Roba event, roaming event, rewards, decks to defeat Espa Roba.
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Dr. Crowler unlock event has started!
update 19/11/2017

Announced in the February update plans, Espa Roba will be returning again this mid February, which will be his second appearance in the game! This time, he will bring new card rewards. Rumors and leaks shows that the card rewards will be Psychic Overload, D.D. Telepon and/or Master Gig.

Event details

PeriodMid February
  • For a duration of the event, Espa Roba will appear in Duel World (only in DM)!
  • By dueling Standard/Legendary Duelists, Vagabond and Ranked Duels, Espa Roba's spawn rate increases.

Espa Roba exclusive rewards

Espa Roba's decks

ESP Power! / Lvl: 40

Lvl 30


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M0tionless 10hour ago
I’m done with this guy. I must admit it was kinda fun.
Anonymous 14hour ago
Boring event boring character
Anonymous 15hour ago
Espa is the worst spamming character in Duel Links! What about the awful drop rate? It was the same thing the first time he appeared. Maybe the drop rate is not so random, 'cause in the Serious Chazz the drops were awesome
Anonymous 23hour ago
Sherry 3days ago
Espa roba just fodder character compare to Zane. I want Zane unlock character next month
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
What worst where going to maybe get Tristian and that's going to suck dumb ass komani killing there game with there dumb choices to do the same events I don't mind the good wants but when they suck they suck bad really really bad Also They need redo the toon event and give us better toon shit because this is retarded
<< Anonymous
Valencia 1days ago Reply
To the one who said Crowler is cool: I was being a bit harsh. Crowler could be a really good character when he wasn't just comic relief. He stood up to that vampire lady and I think he fought to save the Slifer dorm. So he actually does care about the students. I'm just kind of irritated that after all of this time of waiting for a new unlockable GX character, they just choose to repeat his event.
<< Anonymous
Valencia 1days ago Reply
Okay, I don't know what this is yet, but I wrote down the link, because the last time someone tried to give me one on this site, Gamea deleted it as soon as I said "Thank you" to the sender.
<< Anonymous
Valencia 1days ago Reply
Tristan, huh? I wonder what he would even have. I agree with you about the events, though. Konami should repeat the ones with the better cards or the ones that are in higher demand. In that respect, at least the Crowler event is helping people. But I am sick of this psychic stuff being shoved down my throat with this and the card trader. I want Elegant Mai again with new Amazoness cards.
Anonymous 2days ago
5 straight full days grinding this a**hole with 7000-8000 assessment points and still not a single SR or UR. The actual f*ck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Same here.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Right there with ya. Seeing him several times an hour, most of the day each day and NADA to show for it. Drop rates are horrible, unless all you want is keys, coins and commons... SMDH.
Anonymous 1days ago
Who need D.D. Telepon when you had Psychic Witch?
Anonymous 1days ago
Can we PLEASE get Jinzo/Jinzonigan Pyscho Shocker
Anonymous 1days ago
Espa Roba lvl 40 farming:
Anonymous 1days ago
Enough with espa roba weird face, next month Zane unlock character
Kevin 1days ago
40 battles, not a single SR or UR. Only the ones you got as achievement... Bad Luck Brian this event I think.
grandmasder 1days ago
love it

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but then you are running ancient gear cannon
Elements Unite deck... 1st turn: I summon the gate guardian end my turn 2nd turn: Crowler...
1900 atk beater capable of reducing opponents atk is too late? the flip is a bonus
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