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Espa Roba event has started!
update 19/11/2017

Event details

PeriodNov 21 - Nov 29
  • For a duration of the event, Espar Roba will appear in Duel World (only in DM)!
  • By dueling Standard/Legendary Duelists and the Vagabond, Espa Roba span rate increases.

Espa Roba exclusive rewards

Espa Roba's decks

ESP Power! / Lvl: 40

Lvl 30


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yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9hour ago
yay!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you Espa Roba!!!!
<< Anonymous(yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
DaTaMagician 7hour ago Reply
I'm almost ending it too! It's really easy :D
<< Anonymous(yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Anonymous 1hour ago Reply
Why are you happy the reward are shit anyway
Anonymous 2hour ago
I've gotten 10 Axon Kickers and 1 Time escaper. Why
Anonymous 3hour ago
Cyber Esper is a Rare u dorks
Anonymous 7hour ago
Instead of such useless events like Espa Roba neither unlockable nor a chance to get Jinzo, they should increase the Level for the Characters to 50
Anonymous 8hour ago
i knew that jinzo wont be released before the event had even started... too many p2w players have already spent a fortune in order to get 3 copies of floodgate and WOD. konami wouldnt dare to upset these players, at least not right after the box sets were released
Sergeuz 8hour ago
prismatic axon kicker and creator skill,feels good man
ItzMolin 10hour ago
When the bingo event or bingo again
DNastyKuriboh 11hour ago
Daemonia 2days ago
2UR's + 2SR's in a single attempt, first day. Easiest event ever.
<< Anonymous(Little_Dooze)
Yel 18hour ago Reply
This is the internet, telling people to stop being assholes is like trying to teach kittens how to shit outside
<< Anonymous(Daemonia)
Anonymous 18hour ago Reply
Lol already have 3 of all monster cards and got 1st 3sd drop off of this character... the rates are so high I love it!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13hour ago Reply
stfu stupid idiot
<< Anonymous(Daemonia)
U Need To Study More 11hour ago Reply
If it is your 1st attempt why your UR didnt appear as new like the SR also the R, stop fooling ppl around kid
Anonymous 1days ago
I got only one question to get sure: Jinzo is not available by this event, right?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Yes it is not available for us players.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
So this event is useless.
<< Anonymous
Piroca 1days ago Reply
It is available! Just lose 3 in a row to Espa using Wheeler and voi-fucking-la my friend!
<< Anonymous(Piroca)
Uthael 13hour ago Reply
Can anyone confirm this?
conom 19hour ago
duel links 2.1.0 pro mod with +8000 points in pve and hidden cards reveal

more information in
<< Anonymous(conom)
Anonymous 17hour ago Reply
How about dont be a shit cunt and play the game properly
Anonymous 22hour ago
I just don't understand, why does he get to use such an overpowered card like Jinzo but players don't even have access to this card. I really enjoy this game but shit like this makes me happy I'm a F2P player
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20hour ago Reply
Because they’re saving Jinzo for when Roba becomes a playable character. Idk why they just didn’t do it now, but they didn’t program it into the game just to remove it after the event. There will be ways.

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