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update 12/04/2017


It is unrealist to build a competitive pure Psychic deck for PvP now. In the current card pool, there are not useful/versatile Psychic monster cards. Regarding to the meta, Psychic deck will be easily defeated by Tea's Standby Burn, Weevil's Parasite burn, and Mai's Harpies' Hunting Ground.

Example Deck

Reinforced Human Psychic BorgReinforced Human Psychic BorgReinforced Human Psychic BorgDestructotronDestructotronDestructotron
Doctor CraniumDoctor CraniumPower InjectorGenetic WomanGenetic WomanGenetic Woman
Bright FuturePsychic ReactorPsychic ReactorBrain HazardBrain HazardBrain Research Lab
Brain Research LabMagic Reflector--------

How to use this deck

Increase ATK and Revive

  • If you have enough Psychic type monsters in your graveyard, you can activate the effect of Reinforced Human Psychic Borg to remove them from play and increase its attack not only once but twice leaving you with a 2500 ATK Beatstick.
  • Brain Hazard will be used to special summon those monsters that were removed from play.

Search and Draw

  • Use Doctor Cranium To thin your deck faster and draw another Psychic monster from your deck.
  • Since this deck focuses on removing your Psychic monsters from play, Use Bright Future's effect to draw cards and return those monsters in your graveyard, giving Reinforced Human Psychic Borg effect re-usable.

The Loop

  • Genetic Woman Will be used to return those monsters that were removed from play to your hand if necessary. (Be cautious that you will have to pay 1000 LP to activate this effect.)
  • Regardless who wins in the battle phase any monsters involved in the battle the turn Psychic Reactor is activated will be removed from play. (Keep in mind that damage calculation still applies.)

Special Summon

  • Brain Research Lab is one of the key card in this deck, not only allowing you to do an additional normal summon at the same turn, it also provides the benefit of not reducing your lifepoints due to Psychic monster's effect, allowing you to activate their effects multiple times. Use Magic Reflector to protect your field spell.
  • Since Destructotron's effect is very useful to clear your opponent's spell/trap card zone, it's better to use it along with Brain Research Lab so you can activate it multiple times and It will not be destroyed during the end phase if you manage to summon another Psychic monster.

Useful cards

Desert Twister
Desert Twister
Since psychic monsters are mostly earth and wind monster this card can be viable.
Double Summon
Double Summon
Since Destructotron will be needing another psychic monster to remain on the field, this card will be useful.
Doctor Cranium
Doctor Cranium
Can serve as a drawing engine for the deck.
Spell Absorption
Spell Absorption
Mostly psychic monster's effect include paying lifepoints this card can be useful to recover the lost.
Sorcerous Spell Wall
Sorcerous Spell Wall
Psychic monsters are generally low on ATK/DEF this card will be useful without consuming one of your spell/trap zone.
One of the key card for this deck, along side Brain Research Lab you can easily remove set trap/spell card of your opponent without paying lifepoints.
Brain Research Lab
Brain Research Lab
The most efficient card for a this deck, it serves as Double Summon and can be activated instead of paying lifepoints.
Ghost Fairy Elfobia
Ghost Fairy Elfobia
This card can negate activation of flip effect monster on your opponent's side of the field.
DUCKER Mobile Cannon
DUCKER Mobile Cannon
A good card to recover your Destructotron from the graveyard.


Anoymous 6days ago
This deck is pretty fun in silver and gold. ;)
Try This Deck? and tell me how it goes!
<< Anonymous(Geriaah)
Anoymous Reply
wont be goog
<< Anonymous(Geriaah)
Anoymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Geriaah)
Anoymous Reply
Oh shit it's ms ranawheeera
<< Anonymous(kek)
Anoymous 6days ago Reply
This is my deck atm, what do I need to change?
<< Anonymous(Hoby)
Anoymous 18days ago Reply
your deck
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
Epic reply lol
chimah 22days ago
is there any suggestion for a good psychic deck
<< Anonymous(chimah)
Anoymous 18days ago Reply
Im probably the only person running Psychic deck since the new packs release. I think Bazoo helps remove Psychics from play to activate special effects & Supramacy berry + Enchanted Javalin will help reduce the LP cost to activate effects but heres my deck so far
<< Anonymous(RakimJ)
Anoymous Reply
that is just chaos..and you have 50% spells, 50% monsters..which is very inconsistent
<< Anonymous(RakimJ)
Anoymous Reply
Actually it's worse, you have 52% spells/traps and 48% monsters. Kill it..with fire.
<< Anonymous(RakimJ)
Anoymous Reply
this deck looks like my ass after a 5 course all you can eat curry buffet with my fat cousin sharena
<< Anonymous(RakimJ)
Anoymous 18days ago Reply
My dog could build a better deck with random cards. Id showed him a card, if they bark it means yes and if they don't then is a no.
My attempt to use psychics to cover the few weaknesses of relinquished. Ideally I'd swap in a brain lab and sonic bird.
<< Anonymous(Danp22)
Danp22 Reply
With the screenshot :) thoughts on whether to run micjizure or gorgon eyes?
<< Anonymous(Danp22)
Kamo Reply
This is... surprisingly good.
<< Anonymous(Danp22)
Danp22 Reply
Thanks Kamo - I swapped Gorgon for a de-spell until I get a Soul Exchange
<< Anonymous(Danp22)
Anoymous Reply
I'd add in a kuriboh or an e con. Just something to prevent an enemy attack otherwise is pretty solid
Is my card ok. Can you guys suggest please
<< Anonymous(edrixz)
Danp22 Reply
Hi Edrixz - this one has to many magic and trap cards, I try to run a 12 monster/8 spell trap combination. I can see you want to run psychic cards, destructotron is the main reason you'd want to run this archetype, you need two destructotron and at least one brain research lab. I'd also try and put in psychic reactor if you're going pure and some telekinetic shockers to protect Destructotron.
Frank leong
here's my psychic deck made it to plat using this
<< Anonymous(Frank leong)
Anoymous Reply
Nice deck, could do with some changes, such as deleting the app
<< Anonymous(Frank leong)
Anoymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Frank leong)
Anoymous Reply
Good joke
Butn decks easy to smash its unable to keep up worh the high pace of this deck.
Made it to plat using this deck.
<< Anonymous(Terro)
Terro Reply
Key is to blast fast and keep destructron in play he negates speels and traps b4 they can be used. Also make sure to try and get pumpkin out to help woth the lower attacks
<< Anonymous(Terro)
Relinquished Player Reply
Omg wasted monex
<< Anonymous(Terro)
Koraxtu Reply
Do you have a card to special summon Space-Time Police?
<< Anonymous(Terro)
Jason Ma Reply
I'm pretty sure terro uses space time police to catch criminals in space
How to improve this deck
This deck seems completly unplayable. Impossible to play agains Wevil, Burn and Harpies.

Commens and feedback


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