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update 09/04/2019


“Hazy Flame” is an archetype of Level 6 FIRE monsters that was originally introduced via the Card Trader quite a long time ago.

“Hazy Flame” monsters cannot be targeted by card effects, they are able to quickly swarm the field and, as a consequence, they can take advantage of the Skill Beatdown! to make up for their relatively mediocre stats and overwhelm the opponent.

Example deck

Note: Berlineth the Firestorm Vassal synergizes better with Hazy Flame Peryton, but it also requires you to discard a card in order to be Special Summoned.

Beatdown Version

Skull MeisterSkull MeisterHazy Flame CerbereusHazy Flame CerbereusHazy Flame CerbereusHazy Flame Peryton
Hazy Flame PerytonHazy Flame PerytonHazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame Mantikor
Blackwing - Gust the BackblastBlackwing - Gust the BackblastBlackwing - Gust the BackblastJunk ForwardJunk ForwardJunk Forward
Hey, Trunade!Treacherous Trap Hole----

Budget Version

DynatheriumDynatheriumDynatheriumSkull MeisterSkull MeisterHazy Flame Cerbereus
Hazy Flame CerbereusHazy Flame CerbereusHazy Flame PerytonHazy Flame PerytonHazy Flame PerytonHazy Flame Sphynx
Hazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame MantikorBlackwing - Gust the BackblastBlackwing - Gust the BackblastBlackwing - Gust the Backblast
Hey, Trunade!Treacherous Trap Hole----

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
This turn, the Atk of all Level 5 or higher face-up monsters on your field increases by the number of monsters of Level 5 or higher on your field times 300.
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba

How to Use

Blackwing - Gust the Backblast & Junk Forward

If you control no monsters, you can Special Summon Blackwing - Gust the Backblast or Junk Forward from your hand.

Special Summon Blackwing - Gust the Backblast or Junk Forward and then Tribute Summon Hazy Flame Peryton or Hazy Flame Sphynx.

If you want to run Dynatherium, keep in mind that, when you Special Summon it from your hand via its own effect, your opponent will be allowed to Special Summon a Level 4 monster from either player’s Graveyard, if there are any.

Hazy Flame Peryton

You can send 1 FIRE monster from your hand to the Graveyard and Tribute Hazy Flame Peryton to Special Summon 2 “Hazy Flame” monsters directly from your Deck.

Special Summon Hazy Flame Sphynx and Hazy Flame Mantikor or Hazy Flame Cerbereus and then activate Hazy Flame Sphynx’s effect.

Hazy Flame Sphynx

Since you have only two Spell/Trap Cards in your entire Deck, you can safely activate Hazy Flame Sphynx’s effect and declare “Monster Card”. Hazy Flame Sphynx will allow you to Special Summon a FIRE monster from your hand or Graveyard and, if you used Hazy Flame Peryton’s effect, you will have at least two targets already available.

Hazy Flame Cerbereus

You can Normal Summon Hazy Flame Cerbereus without Tributing, but, if you do, its original ATK becomes 1000. When Hazy Flame Cerbereus is destroyed, it allows you to add a “Hazy” card from your Deck to your hand. Use Cerbereus’s effect to add Hazy Flame Peryton or Hazy Flame Sphynx to your hand.

Hazy Flame Mantikor

Hazy Flame Mantikor is able to reach 2500 ATK by itself, which means it ties with Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En. If you control 3 Level 5 or higher monsters, which is a surprisingly easy feat to accomplish, Mantikor can reach 3100 ATK via Beatdown and get over Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon without Ancient Gear Castle.

Skull Meister

Use Skull Meister to prevent your opponent from Summoning Yubel - Terror Incarnate by negating Yubel’s effect from the Graveyard. You can also send Skull Meister from your hand to the Graveyard to negate the effect of Geartown and Ancient Fortress.

Additional Notes


[Skill] descriptionUser
This turn, the Atk of all Level 5 or higher face-up monsters on your field increases by the number of monsters of Level 5 or higher on your field times 300.
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba

Without Beatdown, your “Hazy Flame” monsters wouldn’t even be able to get over a Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En. Protection from targeting alone isn’t going to be enough if the highest ATK monster in your Deck has only 2200 ATK.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand. Your first Draw will be skipped if you use this Skill.
Maximillion Pegasus
Maximillion Pegasus

This Skill will increase your chances of having a strong opening hand. Hazy Flame Peryton, a way to Tribute Summon it and a FIRE monster to send to the Graveyard for its effect or at least Hazy Flame Sphynx and Blackwing - Gust the Backblast or Junk Forward are your ideal combinations.


  • Drowning Mirror Force and Wall of Disruption can punish you for swarming the field and set you back completely. You can “play around” some of these Battle Traps by switching one of your monsters into Defense Position and/or activating Hazy Flame Mantikor’s effect. Hey, Trunade! and Cosmic Cyclone are arguably your best options when it comes to backrow removal.

  • Floodgate Trap Hole can be used to flip Hazy Flame Peryton face-down and prevent you from activating its effect. If you do have Hey, Trunade! available, you might want to start your turn by returning to your opponent’s hand all of their Set Spell/Trap Cards.

  • Your monsters cannot be targeted by card effects, but they can still be Tributed to Summon Lava Golem. You do have a way to get rid of this Level 8 Fiend-Type monster (Tributing it).

  • Dynatherium, Skull Meister, Blackwing - Gust the Backblast and Junk Forward are not FIRE monsters, which means you might end up with nothing in your hand to discard to activate Hazy Flame Peryton’s effect.

  • Anything with more than 3100 ATK is extremely problematic to deal with. Previous versions of this deck used to run Beast Rising, but increasing the ATK of one of your monsters doesn’t really do anything against Yubel and running more non-Monster Cards just makes it more difficult to guess the right type of card with Hazy Flame Sphynx’s effect.


Hot New Top
Sad Boy
this deck bricks too hard or it’s just my luck but i lost 5 games in the row. too many times i start off all hazy or 3 junk forward and blackening and can’t do much when opponents like ancient gear/six samurai can just flood the entire field and otk me in an instant .
<< Anonymous(Sad Boy)
Anonymous Reply
Dude this deck is not in the tier list for some reasons! LOL
Of courses you were unlucky too
<< Anonymous
Sad Boy Reply
i guess so :( for such a premium price .... i don’t recommend anyone to get this yet. For the price it’s better to invest in meta or upcoming meta decks :/
<< Anonymous(Sad Boy)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Sad Boy)
Helpful Troll Reply
3 straight wins for me in Plat. I changed the Skull Meister to The Tricky, and Unknown Synchron. 3 Dynatherium is great for auto tribute. I added Jinzo to deactivate traps. I made it an all monster deck so that Sphynx will always be correct
Well it’s become abundantly clear that none of you are capable of having a civilized conversation without personally attacking someone in the process (and avoiding talking about the deck entirely). The immaturity here is laughable, but I should’ve expected as much from people who devote so much of their lives and money to a digital children’s card game. This channel is supposed to be about discussing the deck, not randomly attacking those who oppose your opinion.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's pretty unfortunate.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
imagine getting so mad that you post this because someone called you a retard on the internet, you retard
This thing claims to be "updated", but I see it removed any and all mentions to the Aroma Tactics skill... you must be insane. Running non-monster cards makes it "hard to guess" Sphinx's effect, but you shouldn't be "guessing" it. You need non-monster cards to deal with various threats like Yubels/Amazoness, and for that it's better to use Aroma Tactics to pick up those tech cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Neva Miss Hazy Flames dont need backrow.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The deck I'm using only has an antimagic arrow card and everything else are monsters, I've been pretty successful against pretty much every meta deck, the main problem I see with my strategy it's that yubel or +3400 (I can reach that with jinzo) monsters are impossible to destroy, almost no one uses traps that don't target so enemy backrow isn't a problem for 99% of the time
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hazy doesn't have a chance against Yubel unless you run tuner and Stardust Dragon. Check YTDan channel on youtube, he is a Hazy master and his Hazy build is pretty much the best you could find
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The way to beat Yubel and strong monsters is exactly spells and traps... Canadias are excellent in Hazy as they serve both as backrow and tribute fodder. They also put Yubel face-down which messes up its effects.
Thanks yall for the jinzo idea
The real MVP
as it neva misses
If you're a hobo like me who can't afford 3 copies of Junk forward AND does not have Dyna from UR tickets, the following work as valid substitutes.

-Gilasaurus (Good for first turns, but bad if you draw it late game)
-Berlineth the Firestorm Vassal (Not really an F2P optuon, but it's a target for Perry and Manny)
-Amarlyease (Tech choice; Lets you summon without tribute for one monster; Compatible with Jinzo)

Samurai Killer
Can unknown synchron be used for people who don’t want to spend money on junk forward, I know it’s worse if you go first but it can also be used for synchro plays if we get any good generic lv 7 synchros such as black rose dragon when it’s released
<< Anonymous(Hmmmm)
Anonymous Reply
It's more consistent to use the others, but feel free to replace a Gust with a Synchron, if you feel like it helps.
<< Anonymous(Hmmmm)
Anonymous Reply
I use unknown synchron, junk forward,earth armor ninja, verlineth and mithra.
While the others are free summons, verlineth and mithra let you do some plays, you can get a board with jinzo and 2 mantikors using mithra or tribute verlineth with peryton's effect
Some nice cheap cards for Hazy deck :
- Koa'ki Meiru Valafar (3000 ATK Fire monster >> great with Beatdown skill, piercing, cannot be destroyed by trap effect >> good against Treacherous and Survival's End)
- Secret Six Samurai Genba (LV2 Fire Tuner >> easy Stardust Dragon since all Hazy monsters are LV6, 2100 DEF >> great for stalling)
- Jurrac Gallim (LV2 Fire Tuner, has Yomi Ship effect although your opponent can negate the effect by discarding a card)
Hazy Fanboy
This deck counters Dinos so hard yet nobody is playing this on Rank but instead cry for Dino nerf. I kill them 10/10 easy win
<< Anonymous(Hazy Fanboy)
Anonymous Reply
Dino goes 1st, sets up Survivals End in grave. Blows up your special summon with Survivals End and, uh oh, you can't summon a Hazy. Next turn, Dino OTKs you. GG.


You go first and summon Hazies. Their stats suck. Dino swarms the field with big beaters and, uh oh, your Hazies die. You have no resources left in your hand. Dino mops up and swings for game.
<< Anonymous
Hazy Fanboy Reply
Can‘t you read Card effect? Hazys can‘ t be targeted with card effect your survial end doesn‘t even activate when Hazy is on the field. Even if I go first I already have full board Sphnyx it doesn‘t matter if you destroy one, next turn I special summon him back and go for the Kill you noob
<< Anonymous(Hazy Fanboy)
YoloTroloLoL Reply
There is a kog hazy deck already dude
<< Anonymous(YoloTroloLoL)
Under my Wood Reply
Inb4 Giant Rex targets all your Hazies with its effect, blows up your deck, then throws your Exodia cards into the ocean. Up yours, Yugi Muto. I performed all my best 'buggery' tactics with Tea Gardner last night.
I put this in my deck in case I face monsters I can't overpower.
<< Anonymous(parandroid)
Anonymous Reply
What if it's not destroyed by battle?
<< Anonymous
parandroid Reply
Ideally, you special summon Firestorm via Sphynx's effect, active Beatdown, and commit suicide attack to opponent's monster.
If everything goes right, Firestorm gonna get destroyed, it's effect activated and destroy all opponent's non-fire monsters (usually all), then you can attack with the rest of your Hazy monsters.
This counter Dinos and Six Sam, I think it’s time to put them on the tier list
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This deck loses to anything with traps
<< Anonymous
Need help?
<< Anonymous(JINZO )
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Neva miss hazy has trap immunity with the jinzo/ valafar spam

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