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Another deck that gained support with the addition of the latest box is the Hazy Flame archetype. Even though there were four new Hazy cards added; Hazy Glory, Hazy Flame Mantikor, Hazy Flame Peryton and Hazy Flame Cerbereus, only that last one is really useful in Hazy Flame decks.

Hazy Flame decks have a few strengths; they can boost the attack of one monster extremely high through the effect of Beast Rising, with Hazy Flame Sphynx’s effect you can continue to swarm your field and one of the most important effects is that Hazy Flame monsters cannot be targeted by your opponent’s card effects, making it immune to the likes of Enemy Controller/Tribute to the Doomed (but not immune to the effect of Cyber Angel Dakini/Floodgate Trap Hole as they do not target).

Example deck

Deck with 2x Soul Exchange

Flame TigerHazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame Sphynx
Hazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame CerbereusHazy Flame CerbereusSoul ExchangeSoul ExchangeEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerEnemy Controller
Floodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap Hole
Mirror Wall
Beast RisingBeast Rising--------

Deck with 3x Soul Exchange

Flame TigerHazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame Sphynx
Hazy Flame CerbereusHazy Flame CerbereusHazy Flame CerbereusSoul ExchangeSoul ExchangeSoul Exchange
Enemy ControllerEnemy Controller
Enemy Controller
Floodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap Hole
Beast RisingBeast Rising--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Aroma Strategy
You can see the card at the top of your deck even before drawing it.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Destiny Draw
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw the card of your choice.

Yami Yugi

How to use

Hazy Flame Sphynx

The MVP of this deck is of course Hazy Flame Sphynx. Its effect allows you to guess what type of card is on top of your deck (spell/trap/monster) and then send it to the graveyard. If you call correctly what type it was you can special summon 1 Fire type monster from your hand or graveyard.

Normally this effect would be pretty bad because it’s not consistent, however thanks to the skills Aroma Strategy and Destiny Draw available in Duel Links this is an amazing effect as you can actually know what card is on top. Obviously the effect of Aroma Strategy is pretty straight forward; at any time during the duel you’ll see the top card of your deck.

However some of you might not know how Destiny Draw will help you tell what card is on top of your deck. Well you probably know that if you take 2000 or more damage you can pick whatever card you want from your deck and put it on top (so that you’ll draw it during your next Draw Phase), but what you might not know is that your deck won’t be shuffled when you do so, meaning you can write down each card in order (on a piece of paper), that way you can keep track of what card will be on top next. Keep in mind that if you shuffle your deck at any point afterwards (for example through the effect of Caninetaur) you’ll no longer know what order the cards are in.

Hazy Flame Cerbereus

There are multiple reasons this card is good in Hazy Flame decks. For starters if you don’t have any low level monsters in your hand and no Soul Exchange, you can normal summon this monster without a tribute (but its original attack will only be 1000), this way it can absorb a hit, and once it’s destroyed you can search a Hazy card from your deck (you’ll want to choose a Hazy Flame Sphynx in most situations). This will be your main target to summon through the effect of Hazy Flame Sphynx. Keep in mind if this card was normal summoned without tributing, its original attack becomes 1000, meaning that if you banish it with the effect of Beast Rising, the other monster will only gain 1000 attack (and not 2000).

Flame Tiger

Most decks only run 1-2 copies of this card because most of the time you don’t actually want to draw it. You’ll want to send this card to the graveyard (either with Caninetaur or Hazy Flame Sphynx) so that you can special summon it during your Draw Phase (if your next draw would be useless) that way you can tribute it to summon Hazy Flame Sphynx, and then you can even bring it back thanks to Hazy Flame Sphynx’s effect.

It’s also a great target to banish with Beast Rising’s effect since it has a respectable 1800 attack.


Caninetaur and Hazy Flame Cerbereus work great together. Caninetaur helps you get Cerbereus in the graveyard (to special summon it later on with 2000 attack) and when you do, its attack goes up to 2100.

Beast Rising

Insanely good card in a Hazy Flame deck because of all the monsters you can send to the graveyard and bring back to the field to then banish for this card’s effect. Often your win condition will be to boost your Hazy Flame Sphynx to a very high attack, so that you are safe from Mirror Wall/Wall of Disruption. If you get a high enough attack on one of your monsters your opponent often won’t have anything to actually win the duel.

This card can be activated during the damage step, so if you attack into a Mirror Wall/Wall of Disruption you can banish the monster that was going to be destroyed to boost another monster, and since it uses the original attack of a monster it mitigates even more the effect of Wall of Disruption.

Soul Exchange

This card works both as monster removal and as a way to get out your Hazy Flame Sphynx faster. If you have access to three copies you might prefer running the version with 3x Hazy Flame Cerbereus and 2x Caninetaur.

Additional Notes

  • Don’t be scared of getting your Sphynx’s attack extremely high, your opponent cannot take control of your Sphynx through the effect of Enemy Controller, but do watch out for Amazoness Sword Woman in Burn decks.

  • If you use Forbidden Chalice on your 1000 attack Hazy Flame Cerbereus it will go up to 2400 attack, and once the effect of Forbidden Chalice wears off your Hazy Flame Cerbereus will stay at 2000 attack.

  • Some decks won’t have any way to attack over your Beast Rising boosted monsters, but keep in mind that only your attack is raised and not your defense, so cards like Pulse Mines/Windstorm of Etaqua/Curse of Anubis , that don’t target your Hazy Flame monsters, could lose you the duel.

Other useful cards

The Big Cattle Drive
The Big Cattle Drive
A new UR ranked duel reward. Because all the monsters in this deck are Beasts or Beast-Warrior this card has great synergy with the deck, and because you can potentially swarm your field thanks to Hazy Flame Sphynx you could easily get a +1 or +2 from this card.
Hazy Glory
Hazy Glory
If you are missing copies of Soul Exchange you can replace it with this card. Although it is worse than Soul Exchange, because you need to wait a turn and because you don’t have the monster removal that Soul Exchange can offer.
Hazy Flame Peryton
Hazy Flame Peryton
Same use as Wall of Disruption, but works better than Wall of Disruption against Ancient Gear decks.
Windstorm of Etaqua
Windstorm of Etaqua
Just like Wall of Disruption, if you are missing copies of cards like Floodgate Trap Hole/Mirror Wall, you can replace them with these. They’ll protect your monsters and allow you to tribute them next turn for a Hazy Flame monster.
Curse of Anubis
Curse of Anubis
Just like Wall of Disruption, if you are missing copies of cards like Floodgate Trap Hole/Mirror Wall, you can replace them with these. They’ll protect your monsters and allow you to tribute them next turn for a Hazy Flame monster.
Forbidden Chalice
Forbidden Chalice
Tech card against the likes of Cyber Angels, Ninjas, Gladiator Beasts. Also can boost your Hazy Flame Cerbereus from 1000 attack to a permanent 2000 attack.
Wall of Disruption
Wall of Disruption
Good replacement if you are missing copies of Floodgate Trap Hole, or even if you just prefer this card over Mirror Wall.

King of Games [Mar 2018]


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ZaneAroma StrategyMarch 10

Kim Jong Un

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Kim Jong UnAroma StrategyMarch 17

King of Games [Apr 2018]


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
OrangisgoodBeatdownApr 16


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
José-CRBeatdownApr 21


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Anonymous 2days ago
Why my sphinx was affected by econ?

Cannot targeted by card effect as mentioned above...really?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Was it against Vagabond under the "no effect" challenge? IIRC the challenge doesn't just stop activation effect like its name suggest, it also stops continuous effect.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Nope was pvp, he used f*cking FH's deck and take my hazy with econ...just confusing at information above..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Report it to komoney
Hazy deck with Beatdown skill is pretty sweet. The monsters are all 6* and you can summon two or three of them in a single turn for +600 or +900 attack. This tips the hazy manticore over 3000 for killing Blue Eyes more reliably than Beast Rising. A nice field spell like sorcerers spell wall helps too.
<< Anonymous
Malefic Reply
Yup. Using Beatdown gives you more downside than Aroma Strategy as you cant see the exact card at the top deck. Also, thining deck using Sphinx + Aroma Strategy gives consistency to draw card you need
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The whole point to beast rising is to increase your attack over your opponent as well as help you dodge attacks and traps like Wall of D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
But if u use less spell/trap, beatdown and beast rising comes on top
<< Anonymous
Methsara 9days ago Reply
Try this, 99% sure u can have 3 monsters summoned in the 1st turn ! Trust me ;)
Photon Jet
Since Fur Hires are taking the spotlight as the most used and most powerful deck archetype in the meta, Hazy Flames will be very optimal as they are resistant to being targeted with the help of Hazy Flame Sphynx.
I'm starting to plan on using one myself.
<< Anonymous(Photon Jet)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Do you complete it yet? And is it consistent?
BlueDragon1504 28days ago
Make the deck with Kaiba and set your ability to beatdown. All hazy flames count as higher than level 5 resulting in a 900 attack boost making you able to beat almost any monster. If you put a few walls of disruptions in your deck too this can result in an almost unbeatable deck. Unless you only draw sphynxs of course.
My hazy jurac deck is almost cheating Lol. I have to post it
<< Anonymous(Ashsmashem)
Alfy The Great Reply
Plz post
<< Anonymous(Ashsmashem)
Gemini_ Reply
Yeah I want to see it also
<< Anonymous(Ashsmashem)
uwu Reply
yes please post it
Card advance is really good with this because you can set a card on top of your deck that you know and then tribute a monster once per turn in addition to normal summon
Orangisgood's deck is wonderfull, I reach dlv max by this deck ^^
Hazy counters Sylvan because they cannot be targeted by card effects
<< Anonymous(Pablotastic)
Xenon Reply
Until they get shit on by Oak or Hermi...
Hazy otk is T2; hazy with beast rising is t3 or t4
Hazy is spendy
Aliens are F2p not expensive at all. Fix your site people
Take care of it or take it down.
<< Anonymous(LadyJudgement)
sylvgay Reply
it depends on ur luck when opening the box i guess

<< Anonymous(LadyJudgement)
Anonymous Reply
If you want to complain go find a better site

Oh yeah.. you can't
<< Anonymous
Fanni777 Reply
<< Anonymous(LadyJudgement)
Looky Reply
Complaining over something trivial like this... grow up lady.
Just because some of the Ultra Rare cards are old doesn't make it F2P.
wtf kim jong un ahahaha the 2nd kog deck

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