How to beat/farm Yami Bakura Lvl 40

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update 08/04/2017
How to beat/farm Yami Bakura

Lvl 30

Lvl 40

Lvl 50

Lvl 40 Bakura's Deck (Destiny Board of Doom event)

Dark NecrofearDark Ruler Ha DesDark Ruler Ha DesMalice Doll of DemiseMalice Doll of DemiseMalice Doll of Demise
SanganSphere KuribohSphere KuribohMan-Eater BugThe Gross Ghost of Fled DreamsThe Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams
EctoplasmerEctoplasmerEctoplasmerSoul ExchangeSoul ExchangeSoul Exchange
Enemy ControllerSword of Dark Rites----

Destiny Draw (No Golden Apple)

Obtainable score5000-6000
Essential skillDestiny Draw
Essential cards
  • Des Counterblow
  • Union Attack
  • Gravekeeper's Vassal
  • Nutrient Z
  • Gravedigger Ghoul

Use Des counterblow to destroy Bakura's monsters and recover your LP by using the healing cards. Activate "Destiny Draw" after taking some damage to find the cards that you need in the situation. Stall the duel until you are left with 0 cards and finish it with Vassal.

Example deck (BEUD)

This example uses Mystical Beast of Serket to special summon a high attack fusion monster to increase Vassal's attack by using Union Attack.

Example deck (No BEUD)

Magician of Black ChaosSkull-Mark LadybugGravekeeper's VassalAutonomous Action UnitSupremacy BerryUnion Attack
Rain of MercyDian Keto the Cure MasterRitual ForegoneSecret Pass to the TreasuresGravedigger GhoulDes Counterblow
Des CounterblowDes CounterblowNutrient ZNutrient ZNutrient ZEnchanted Javelin
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin----

If you don't have a Serket yet, you can use a ritual monster that you can easily summon by using Ritual Foregone and Autonomous Action Unit to special summon Bakura's monster to increase Vassal's attack.

Destiny Draw (No Union Attack)

Obtainable score4000-5000
Essential skillDestiny Draw
Essential cards
  • Des Counterblow
  • Enchanted Javelin
  • Nutrient Z
  • Gravedigger Ghoul

Example deck


Using the Des Counterblow method but with a much cheaper and easier to obtain cards to earn a good score. This focuses more on being able to outlast Bakura by recovering your LP and using the other cards to get extra points.

Dino deck (3,000 - 4,000)

Obtainable score3000-4000
Essential skillDinosaur Kingdom
Essential cards
  • Dust Barrier
  • Riryoku Field
  • Exile of the Wicked
  • Gravedigger Ghoul

Example deck


This deck focuses more on beating Bakura's monsters with high attack monsters that you can summon easily. This is more aimed towards being able to win somewhat effectively rather than to aim for the highest possible score and delaying the duel to achieve that.

Destiny Draw deck (Golden Apples)

Example deck

Magician of Black ChaosSphere KuribohGravekeeper's VassalAutonomous Action UnitSupremacy BerrySupremacy Berry
Supremacy BerryUnion AttackUnion AttackRitual ForegoneSecret Pass to the TreasuresGravedigger Ghoul
The Golden ApplesThe Golden ApplesThe Golden ApplesDes CounterblowDes CounterblowEnchanted Javelin
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin----

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
[Destiny Draw]
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw the card of your choice.


Use The Golden apples and enchanted javelin to heal from Yami Bakura's attacks and to summon tokens. Attack any defense position monsters that he uses to force him to use his Sphere Kuribohs and enemy controllers. On the last turn, summon vassal and use secret pass and union attack(s) to deal the finishing blow.
→ Twitter account of the person who built this deck

Dragon/Titan Showdown

Example deck

Thunder DragonThunder DragonThunder DragonBlue Dragon SummonerBlue Dragon SummonerBlue Dragon Summoner
Mystical Sheep #1Goddess with the Third EyeVersago the DestroyerRed-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. Dragon
Meteor DragonMeteor DragonMeteor DragonPolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerization
Fusion GateFusion Gate--------
Twin-Headed Thunder DragonTwin-Headed Thunder DragonMeteor B. DragonMeteor B. DragonMeteor B. Dragon


With Rex's Titan Showdown skill, you will be able to achieve Over 5,000 Damage if you are lucky enough to draw fusion spell cards within 5 turns. For possible replacements, check the link below.

Duel Standby Burn (3,000-4,000)

Example deck

Cobra JarGravekeeper's CurseCard of SanctityCard of SanctityCard of SanctityGoblin Thief
Goblin ThiefHinotamaHinotamaHinotamaCup of AceCup of Ace
Cup of AceRestructer RevolutionRestructer RevolutionRestructer RevolutionWindstorm of EtaquaAttack and Receive
Attack and ReceiveAttack and Receive--------


A burn deck with Tea's that's made with the possibility to win on turn 1. This can be used to win against most opponent, but it requires some luck at times and the score can only be around 4,000.

Possible cards/skills to counter

Against Fiend monster

Exile of the Wicked
Exile of the Wicked
Since Yami Bakura's monster cards are mostly fiend-type monsters, this card can be easily used to destroy them.
The Hunter with 7 Weapons
The Hunter with 7 Weapons
Since Yami Bakura's monster cards are mostly fiend-type monsters, this card can easily be a 2000 beater monster to deal with his no-tribute monsters.

Against Dark Necrofear

It is able to return Dark Necrofear along with 1 other card in your opponent's graveyard to their deck when destroyed. This will negate the 'Destiny Board' skill, extending the duel. However, do note that there must be at least 2 cards in your opponent's graveyard to activate its effect.
Gravedigger Ghoul
Gravedigger Ghoul
It is able to remove 2 monster cards in your opponent's graveyard from play. This means that the 'Destiny Board' skill will be negated, extending the duel. However, do note that there must be at least 1 monster card in your opponent's graveyard to activate its effect. Though, most likely it will be Dark Necrofear.
Pot of Benevolence
Pot of Benevolence
It is able to return 2 cards from either player's graveyard to their decks. This will negate the 'Destiny Board' skill. However, do note that there must be at least 2 cards in any player's graveyard to activate its effect.
Helps to remove from play 1 card in your opponent's graveyard. Again, it helps to negate the 'Destiny Board' skill. This allows you to extend the duel.
[Skill] descriptionUser
[No Mortal Can Resist]
Can be used when your Life points are at least 1000 less than the opponent's. All monsters in the opponent's Graveyard changes to Skull Servants (Zombie / DARK / Level 1 / ATK: 300 / DEF: 200). This skill can only be used once per turn.


Against Spell cards

Dust Barrier
Dust Barrier
It allows your normal monsters to be unaffected by all spell cards for 2 turns which may be useful since Yami Bakura's Lvl 40 deck consists of monster and spell cards.
It is used mainly to destroy Yami Bakura's Ectoplasmer.
Magic Jammer
Magic Jammer
It negates and destroy any spell cards at the cost of 1 card. This prevents Yami Bakura from using Soul Exchange.
Riryoku Field
Riryoku Field
Aside from Ectoplasmer, Yami Bakura's Lvl 40 deck consists of spells that requires a monster to target to activate its effect, which fits the criteria of Riryoku Field. Mainly helps to negate Soul Exchange.


anoymous 5days ago
Don't have union attack so I had to get creative. This gets me to 6000-8000 everytime ;)

1 x Blue eyes
1 x Paladin
1 x Piranha
1 x Gokipon
3 x Pinch hoppper
2 x Dian keto
2 x Supremacy Berry
2 x enemy controller
1 x Gift of the martyr
1 x Secret passage
1 x White dragon ritual
2 x Rising energy
2 x Straight Flush
anoymous 5days ago
Basically you set one flush and one rising energy on your 2nd last turn. Then on your last turn you destroy his backrow with flush. Normal summon piranha and special summon Blue eyes with paladin ritual summon. Use gift of the martyr on your Blue eyes with Piranha and rising energy. That'll get you to 5300 atk and 10600 direct attack.
anoymous 6days ago
anoymous 6days ago
Grats ... Hope like u
DanielFromBrazil 7days ago
I use this Deck with a BUG to farm Bakura . 7.500 ++ W/ your best Fusion monster( my best fusion monster is 3.500 )(sorry for Bad english xD ) why is the bug? the bug is Pinch Hopper , Bakura NEVER atk Pinch Hopper(He only attacks when he wins the game) i use skill Draw Earth monster 1500 or less to catch
Pinch Hopper. And on the field, you can use any field that you have and the Equipment can also be anyone and healing cards can also be anyone, as Bakura uses a Magic spell that allows him to attack directly (he uses 2 copies).

2° list is for is "budget":
Skill : Destiny Draw
fusion monster Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon(use you best fusion monster, i use T-H TD for Budget)
Cat's Ear Tribe + Any Equip to locked Bakura

Nikolay 6days ago
Great advise! Thanks!
DanielFromBrazil 7days ago
I hope this post helps MANY players :)
DanielFromBrazil 7days ago
Budget list
anoymous 12days ago
I feel that Konami is actively looking for current farming methods and intentionally countering every single one of them.
anoymous 9days ago
Bagazias 12days ago
Just got beaten up by Lvl 40 Bakura. Man, I bet whoever choose his deck is a freaking sadist.
anoymous 12days ago
Bakura IS a sadist. Well at least he don't use out of character cards like Sphere Kuriboh, Soul Exchange and Enemy Controller. The deck suits him better compared to last event.
anoymous 12days ago
It's funny how they added all these cards to counter the destiny draw farm method just to piss people off.
TheDreamerz 12days ago
I saw these cards in Bakura lvl 30 Deck

The Dark Door x1
Skull Conductor x3
Humpty Grumpty x2
Goblin Zombie x2
Gernia x3
Il Blud
anoymous 12days ago
anoymous 12days ago
The event just came out... Also instead of being a dick, why not come up with a deck yourself and not order others to help your sorry a$$ you sheep
anoymous 12days ago
Calm down. They just added it in the game.
anoymous 12days ago
anoymous 9days ago
I am getting 7600 max because I don't have enough glowing/refractive cards, and his trap card make risky, almost suicidal, to get 100LP
anoymous 9days ago
With cerberus & vassal deck, 2 Ryoroku field, 2 mirror from Odion, , put magic cards to avoid nobleman of extermination, use storm in last turn with a field card if he has 3 cards... Destiny draw OTK, not so easy to use, and he has a lot of "luck" to counter fast the strategy.
anoymous 12days ago
Order to charge is crap compared to tribute of doom. I wish they gave him order to charge instead!
anoymous 12days ago
He also has tribute of doom.. even more annoying as Order of Change. Farming would be
anoymous 16days ago
Confirmed he will be back with new rewards on the 11th!
Virtus 20days ago
The only card I don't have 3 copies of is White Magical Hat, but leveling up Bakura gets you a copy of that so I'm officially done with this event. :)
anoymous 20days ago
Do you think they will do this event again?
anoymous 20days ago
as long as it comes back I can wait. I need another shot at the 4,000,000 point reward.
anoymous 20days ago
I sent them email and they told me in 1-2 years... Pff...
Orang Kecil 21days ago
How to share this? :)
anoymous 15days ago
I got none of those gross from that bastard
Orang Kecil 20days ago
that bastard keep prevents getting me win many times but ain't lose
Jamess 21days ago
12 gross ghosts!! Lucky you.. i only got 1 from the the greedy bastard

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