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update 09/09/2016

Closed Forest

Closed Forest
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeContinuous-like Effect / Condition
Anti-supportsField Spell Card


All Beast-Type monsters you control gain 100 ATK for each monster in your Graveyard. Field Spell Cards cannot be activated. Field Spell Cards cannot be activated during the turn this card is destroyed.

How to Get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card traderTradable [SR]




  • Provides ATK boost to all Beast-Type monsters you control.
  • Restricts opponents from using Field Spells as long as this card is in play.
  • Even if this card was destroyed during opponent’s Main Phase, they cannot play their Field Spells for the rest of their turn.


  • ATK increase is dependant on number of monsters in your Graveyard.

Tips, Related Cards, Rulings

Filling the Graveyard

These monsters can help fill your Graveyard faster because they are easily destroyed by your opponent. Bubonic Vermin is able to sponge the damage by swarming to the field from your deck, while Nimble Musasabi is slightly tricky to use, as it must be Special Summoned to your opponent’s field from your Deck first, and you have to destroy it.

Beast-type support

  • These are the cards to further amplify your Beast-type monsters Attack value, to be used in conjunction with Closed Forest.

Field Spell Negation

These are some of the Field Spells that are frequently played in current meta. Closed Forest is able to restrict these cards from being activated.


  • Be careful not to use cards like Bazoo the Soul Eater, although it is a strong Beast-type monster, but it requires banishing monsters from your Graveyard to increase its own attack, which in turn will weaken Closed Forest’s effect.
  • Similarly to other Field Spells, this card can be searched out faster by using Planet Pathfinder.




Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesPrevents activation of Spell Cards
Stat changesYour monsters gain ATK


Hot New Top
Gets harder to use toon decks, but still love Toon Deck lol
great Angus + share the pain
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
excuse me. no edit option. I meant painful decision. Angus goes to grave and pick up one instant 1900 beater
<< Anonymous
GameA Staff Reply
do not try to input javascript injections or html code and try to ruin this site, you have been warned, we cannot be hacked,there is a difference between experienced GameA coders and uncivilized site visitors.
Fireking counter lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
numerous ways to summon Phoenix in fact this card might stop fire king island's graveyard effect
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It counters the option to send Phoenix to graveyard in order to draw Yaksha. This move can't be activated. In situations you only have Phoenix and Fire King Island in your hand, be prepared for a brick.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah it don,t counter yaksha. But prevent activation toon kingdom and fireking island
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it not wroth playing a card that counters a field base deck like,well there isnt outside toons and phoenix to a point.
I wonder if its ATK boost depends on your banished monster. Beasts surely would break the game like the beasts.
Wake Up sheeple !!!
illuminati confirmed
Finally Baboon support!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
All ride the Baboon hype train
35,000 gold
5 SR
50 spell stones
Nice side deck card...good old times...
Only beast? ;_;

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