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This is a Steelswarm deck that takes advantage of Neos Fusion in order to send Steelswarm Scout from the Deck to the Graveyard. Implementing Neos Fusion allows you to run only one copy of Steelswarm Scout while also increasing the overall consistency of the deck and adding more offensive options.

Example Deck

Sphere KuribohSphere KuribohSphere KuribohSteelswarm MothSteelswarm MothSteelswarm Moth
Steelswarm GirastagSteelswarm GirastagSteelswarm GirastagSteelswarm CellSteelswarm CellSteelswarm Cell
Steelswarm ScoutBacon SaverElemental HERO NeosElemental HERO NeosEnemy ControllerNeos Fusion
Neos FusionNeos Fusion-Elemental HERO Neos KnightElemental HERO Brave NeosElemental HERO Brave Neos

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
This turn, the Atk of all Level 5 or higher face-up monsters on your field increases by the number of monsters of Level 5 or higher on your field times 300.
Jack Atlas
Jack Atlas

How to Use

Neos Fusion & Steelswarm Scout

Activate Neos Fusion, send Elemental HERO Neos and Steelswarm Scout from your Deck, hand or field to the Graveyard and Special Summon Elemental HERO Brave Neos from your Extra Deck. If you control no Spell/Trap Cards, at the start of your next Main Phase, you will be able to Special Summon Steelswarm Scout from the Graveyard.

Keep in mind that Neos Fusion will prevent you from Special Summoning monsters for the rest of the turn: Special Summon Steelswarm Cell before activating the Spell Card to get around this restriction.

Elemental HERO Brave Neos

Elemental HERO Brave Neos gains 100 ATK for each “Neo-Spacian” and “HERO” monster in your Graveyard. When Elemental HERO Brave Neos destroys an opponent's monster by battle, it allows you to add 1 Spell/Trap from your Deck to your hand that specifically lists the card “Elemental HERO Neos” in its text.

You can use Elemental HERO Brave Neos’s effect to add another copy of Neos Fusion to your hand. Keep in mind that, if your opponent controls another “Six Samurai” monster, they can choose to destroy it in order to avoid having Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En being destroyed by battle, preventing you from adding anything to your hand.

Steelswarm Cell

If you control no monsters, you can Special Summon Steelswarm Cell from your hand.

  • Special Summon Steelswarm Cell and then Tribute Summon Steelswarm Moth or Steelswarm Girastag.

Steelswarm Moth & Steelswarm Girastag

When it’s Tribute Summoned by Tributing a “Steelswarm” monster (Steelswarm Cell or Steelswarm Scout), by paying 1000 Life Points, Steelswarm Moth allows you to target up to two cards on your opponent’s side of the field and return them to their hand, whereas Steelswarm Girastag allows you to target a card your opponent controls, send it to the Graveyard and then gain 1000 Life Points.

Both Steelswarm Moth and Steelswarm Girastag have the ability to remove from the field cards your opponent controls without destroying them; their effects can be used to get rid of problematic monsters such as Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En and your opponent’s back row, allowing you to slowly take control of the field and potentially enabling OTKs.

While it’s true that cards such as Arrivalrivals and Escalation of the Monarchs can be played in order to be able to Tribute Summon Steelswarm Moth and Steelswarm Girastag during your opponent’s turn to disrupt their plays, they usually end up losing a lot of value whenever you are not going 1st because of Shi En’s ability to negate their activation. You can still obviously use Steelswarm Moth and Steelswarm Girastag’s effects to return Shi En to the Extra Deck or send it to the Graveyard and allow you to activate your Spell/Trap Cards.

Additional Notes


[Skill] descriptionUser
This turn, the Atk of all Level 5 or higher face-up monsters on your field increases by the number of monsters of Level 5 or higher on your field times 300.
Jack Atlas
Jack Atlas

Neos Fusion allows you to get a high-Level monster on the field at nearly no cost, increasing the value of this Skill and making this deck even more aggressive and consistent. Basically, thanks to Neos Fusion, Steelswarm decks don’t need to run Restart anymore and can just focus on the offensive


  • “Hazy Flame” and, during the turn they were Summoned, “Ancient Gear” monsters (under Ancient Gear Fortress) cannot be targeted by effects of Steelswarm Moth and Steelswarm Girastag.
  • Getting over high ATK monsters such as Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon is entirely possible thanks to Beatdown, but only on your turn. Your Steelswarm Moth and Steelswarm Girastag have relatively low stats during your opponent’s turn, so they are not that difficult to get rid of.
  • Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon and Ancient Gear Wyvern will prevent you from activating Sphere Kuriboh’s effect.


Subterror > Neos
Subterror = F2P

Duel Links = the most affordable mobile game that could ever exist.
<< Anonymous(F2P)
Anonymous Reply
Nerfs > Subterror

Bye bye gems
so, isn't there ANY f2p version of neos deck?
<< Anonymous(slasher)
Anonymous Reply
You really need multiple copies of Neos Fusion and (depending on the build) Connector/NEXT to make a competent Neos Deck. For some of these, you could probably make a non-Neos version. For example, with Steelswarms, you could dump Scout with something like Fiend Griefing or Ryko if you really wanted to, but the Deck would be much slower.
<< Anonymous
slasher Reply
so, basically : no money = no good neos deck
How to win against this deck with Blue-eyes?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Silver Cry version. It helps a against both Girastag and Moth effects.
Neos suck but the fact that this garbage series of cards can literally go into any deck is stupidly annoying to see.
I hope KONAMI nerf this stupid Neos it's soo broken i hate it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah wont happen tho, its a pay for deck, same reason they dont limit main box URs - only real way to limit decks like this is limiting their box R and N cards, and that would only work for a portion of decks that use neos - realiscally the only way this deck starts losing is power creeps to whatever is released later.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It’s not broken if you know how too get around it or negate it. The new red eyes deck however is very broken.
Same exact general strategy as Neos Monarchs: Pitch a monster you can special summon from the GY every turn and go to town with tribute summons.
They stole my deck card for card.
I actually love this structure deck - it isn't to unhealthy and it actually has allowed a lot of old decks back into the meta - koaki, vamps, heros, lavals - it also helps bricky decks unbrick a fair bit - and on top of that it powercrept six sams, which i think was terrible to play against - tribute summoning is back, and bar monarchs literally noone had it before this - This is by far my favorite meta to play against, with possibly vamps and U.A's back in the day being my only ones close. Blue eyes being back makes the meta interesting as well.
wtf steelswarm dudes teaming up with neos
I never would have thought Neos would become such an annoying meta tech... Ever.
<< Anonymous
Fool Reply
Why? Of course after everyone depleted his wallet and gem pool to buy 6 samurai tier 0, Konami will just destroy it with 1 single card and 1 single minibox.
Max profit!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You mean meta engine, not tech.
I run a pretty similar Deck, love it..but sadly its way less consistent then i wished. Or rnjesus hates me
Neos. Neos everywhere !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wait for Neos x Six Samurai LMAO

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