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update 24/09/2017


When Playing this deck, your goal is to get as much Reptile-type monsters in your field and graveyard as possible so that you can summon Evil Dragon Ananta with huge stats. Draw Sense: High Level ensures you draw Evil Dragon Ananta when your life points are lowered by at least 1500 points.

Example deck

Evil Dragon AnantaEvil Dragon AnantaEvil Dragon AnantaGale LizardGale LizardSkreech
SkreechSkreechDon TurtleDon TurtleDon TurtleGagagigo
GagagigoGagagigoEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerSnake WhistleSnake Whistle
Snake WhistleWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Draw Sense: High Level
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1800. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random monster of Level 5 or higher

Seto Kaiba

How to use

Deck mill

Use cards to get reptile monsters out of your deck.

  • It was intentional to fill your deck with all WATER attribute Reptile-type monsters so that you can easily make use of Skreech's effect. When Skreech is destroyed you can mill 2 WATER monsters from your deck, prioritize sending Don Turtle as he is the least useful among your WATER Reptiles.
  • Snake Whistle Special summons a Level 4 or lower Reptile-type monster from your deck after a Reptile-type monster on your field was destroyed. Best use would to bring out another Skreech after the one on your field was destroyed, this combo mills up to 5 cards from your deck.

WATER Reptiles

WATER attribute Reptile monsters were chosen because they can be easily milled out with Skreech, which is also a WATER Reptile monster.

  • Gale Lizard returns a monster on your opponent's field back to thier hand when it is flipped face-up. This becomes more dreadful if you return something strong and/or difficult to summon back to your opponent's hand.
  • Summon Don Turtle right before you summon Evil Dragon Ananta then special summon all other Don Turtle in your hand. This will help boost Evil Dragon Ananta's stats when you summon him.
  • Gagagigo is an excellent beater with his 1850 attack, and he is currently the best low-leveled beater that will synergize with this deck.

Evil Dragon Ananta

Your boss monster for this deck, Evil Dragon Ananta can reach insanely high attack and defense stats with enough reptiles in your field and graveyard. Additionally, he has a card removal effect that automatically destroys a card during every one of your end phases, use this to clear your opponent's backrow allowing you to attack safely. Although this effect is not optional and requires that a card on the field is destroyed. make sure to summon or set a card on the field as a backup, so that Evil Dragon Ananta does not destroy himself.

Other useful cards

Sinister Serpent
Sinister Serpent
WATER Reptile-type monster, and can add itself to your hand during your Standby Phase.
Boost your WATER monster's attack.
Attack Pheromones
Attack Pheromones
Changes opponent's monster to attack position so that you can do damage with Evil Dragon Ananta.
Molting Escape
Molting Escape
Protects your Reptile-type monster form an attack and gives it an attack boost.
Damage = Reptile
Damage = Reptile
Special summons and deck search.


Hot New Top
Haitham KH
the only problem with this site is that they are posting decks which are too expensive for 90% of the players! why not posting alternatives ? like 3 decks from high to low budget!!!
<< Anonymous(Haitham KH)
scrublord Reply
this card actually works pretty good in my worm deck. It's an excellent back-up for when all your worm cards and worm zero gets destroyed, and since worm decks are fairly cheap, it's a nice alternative. I just use one Evil Dragon Antana and it came in handy a couple of times
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I've opened 1300++ packs as f2p and spend like 2$ on structure deck discount just to support the game, spend a little money to support the dev if you really like the game instead of being a whinny that can only complain.
<< Anonymous(Haitham KH)
Anonymous Reply
because budget decks suck, if you want a good deck save your gems or spend a little money. Or you can half ass a deck and end up whining about how every deck is cancer and how you can’t get out of silver
<< Anonymous(Haitham KH)
Anonymous Reply
Well I got 3 Anantas by spending 90% of the gems I got on my first 3 weeks of playing on Generation Next as an F2P. It can be done lol.
Mah Boi
Why would you use 3 Ananta on a deck? You cannot have more than one in your field, and if that one is destroyed, you probably won't be able to summon a second one with reasonable stats...
<< Anonymous(Mah Boi)
Anonymous Reply
its to get a higher chance to draw the card
<< Anonymous(Mah Boi)
Mah Boi Reply
GameA already suggests using draw sense high level for that. Besides, using 2 Anantas with restart is enough. 3 Anantas is way too bricky.
<< Anonymous(Mah Boi)
Anonymous Reply
It's really only bricky when you get like 2 or 3 Anantas in your opening hand without a single reptile fodder. But then that's why restart is a good skill here. The moment you were able to summon your first ananta, the 2nd and 3rd anantas will always have fodder as they can use the previous ananta.
And what happens when you dump all of your resources and your opponent uses just about any spell or trap to destroy your Ananta? This deck doesn't appear to have any kind of answer for back row.

I've been playing reptiles a bit, and I've noticed that Ananta is a great panic button, but I wouldn't base my entire strategy on it. Play a well rounded reptile beatdown deck with one Ananta, maybe two, as a backup plan, and you should do better overall.

Also, having a weak Ananta with a Molting Escape on it is much safer than blowing your load on a giant Ananta that's just begging for an econ take. I've won games with a 600 ATK/DEF Ananta because my opponent just couldn't summon monsters fast enough to kill it twice in one turn, without leaving themselves vulnerable to a pair of Gagagigo.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The tactic for me has been delay the game until your opponent has already burned their go-to spell and trap cards THEN summon EDA. It just depends on how your opponent plays. Of course if they're running a full Cyber Angel deck you're likely screwed anyway
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you dont need a big ananta 2k atk is enough and some protection i put card guard in my ananta control deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This definitely. I summon my Ananta as soon as possible (most times as 600 atk/def mon) and protect it with backrow. And I agree that Molting Escape is a great card here. I used to run 2 but replaced one when I got SRH but it's a great protection for Ananta as long as you keep popping every monster the opponent summons each turn.
Ananta currently loses its atk points when Riryoku resolves. That, coupled with snake whistle not working, make this deck an unstable mess. Until the devs fix their shit don't even bother with an Ananta deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the riryoku ananta thing is working properly don't about stuff you don't understand
thank you auto duel
Anyone notice 3 to 4 weeks ago and still today that snake whistle will not work at all. I guess it's a bug that they still haven't fixed. I tried the stack and it has potential snake whistle would be key
<< Anonymous(thank you auto duel)
Anonymous Reply
Yeahhh it is still not working for me either. I just replaced it until they fix it. Added another econ and regretful rebirth(s). RR activates skreech's ability twice so that's nice
Use Worm Call instead of Snake Whistle until it gets fixed.
<< Anonymous(Leukocyte)
Anonymous Reply
Thank you so much great idea. I spent money and time because I wanted to make this deck work
Trying to get a huge Ananta out is a waste of time lol. Ananta is supposed to be played in a control deck.
Snake whistle is currently not working.
6 UR cards in a deck lul.
Lol these comment... Go away from this site, kid!
<< Anonymous
Richdude Reply
Ahaha i bet u're triggered after reading my comment. Scroll down, you little whiny bittch!
<< Anonymous(Richdude)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Richdude)
Anonymous Reply
Oh boy another retard where do they keep coming from?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you dickhead
Has nothing do having a job, Haitham right its a marketing ploy for itchy impulse ppl always buying there way into a game, just not the same for casual players. sorry I might spend a $1 or two maybe once a year on a game. but imagine spending money every week on every game you own, thats all about micro transactions. hmmm Destiny, Dokkan, NBA VC, Sharkcards, etc....?? and i live in SF so don't get me started about expenses, not everyone have money to throw away bro.
Like more ananta with worm deck.. and more defensiva...
cost: low
5 not farmable UR, 3 not farmable SR

not sure if mistake or troll
<< Anonymous(tsmn11)
Anonymous Reply
Thats probably nothing for most people in this game, almost everyone is running x3 Moneywalls and x3 SRH.
<< Anonymous(tsmn11)
FEVA67 Reply
Also the 5 urs are from 200 pack boxes so even more expensive...

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Pretty sure he is trolling.
I was dueling him with my dragon deck and the challenge was no monster effect activation but when...
its not obtainable yet that guy just trolling
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