World Legacy Pawns

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update 18/03/2020

World Legacy Pawns

World Legacy Pawn
TypeContinuous Trap


You can target 1 face-down monster you control; change it to face-up Attack or Defense Position. You can shuffle 1 "Krawler" monster from your GY into the Main Deck, then target 1 face-up monster you control; change it to face-down Defense Position. You can only use 1 "World Legacy Pawns" effect per turn, and only once that turn.

How to Get

PackJudgement Force [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Can be used to trigger flip effects.
  • Recovers a Krawler monster.
  • Can reuse flip effects.


  • Only one effect can be used per turn.


  • Useful in decks with lots of Flip effects like Krawler, Geargia, Ninja, Subterror, Worm, etc.


World Legacy Pawns was made to support the Krawler archetype with both its effects. Flipping them face-up lets you activate their flip effects, and returning a Krawler monster to your deck lets you activate World legacy Pawns’ second effect to reuse Krawler effects.

Subterror Behemoth

World Legacy Pawns can also support the Subterror archetype with the first of its effects. Flipping them face-up lets you activate their flip effects.


Geargianchor and Geargiattacker are the monsters you want to be flipping in a Geargia deck. Geargia monsters have low defense so they are vulnerable while face-down, so using World Legacy Pawn and flipping them to attack position is useful.


Many Worm monsters actually have decent effects only hindered by the slowness of being a flip effect. World Legacy Pawns can help speed them up.


Subterror Deck


Counter traps doesn't work on this or what?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Counter Trap does work. What was the Counter Trap you used?

Probably you tried to counter this card's shuffle effect when it's already face-up on the field, while the Counter Trap you are tried to use only respond to the activation of a Spell/Trap card, not the effect.
If you flip a Krawler face up using this trap right as an opponent uses an effect on the krawler to destroy/banish/make it leave the field, you can activate its face up effect that allows you to special summon 2 krawlers from your deck. I used this effect to counter judgement dragon and it works well.
darling in the franxx obviously
This can be used in a Subterror deck. Imagine using it on a Flip Flop Frog, Golem Sentry or a Subterror Behemoth on your opponent's turn or your turn. You can continuous use this every single turn. Broken.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Actually, Golem Sentry won't work with World Legacy Pawns. I noticed the wording is "Flip Summoned" and not "Flipped Face-up". However, Tsukuyomi should work.
not KoG
This is Gamushara
<< Anonymous(not KoG)
Anonymous Reply
Nah, infinitely better. You don’t have to wait for an attack. This card can disrupt plays during the Main Phase (such as synchro summons) by activating flip effects.
This card is sooo good with Krawlers. You know that by flipping deus ex krawler into face up defense you negate all your opponents monster effects on the field? Also you can use this with Invader of the Throne to steal an opponents monster easy
Looks like a good counter to Shiranui when combined with World Legacy Armor.
Worms tier 1 anyone?

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