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update 29/09/2016

Elemental HERO Clayman

Elemental HERO Clayman
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeNormal
ArchetypesElemental HERO / HERO
Related to ArchetypesEvil HERO
Fusion Material forElemental HERO Electrum / Elemental HERO Mudballman / Elemental HERO Rampart Blaster / Elemental HERO Thunder Giant / Evil HERO Infernal Sniper / Evil HERO Lightning Golem


An Elemental HERO with a clay body built-to-last. He'll preserve his Elemental HERO colleagues at any cost.

How to Get

Level-up rewardJaden Yuki Lvl 23
Victory against--
Card trader--










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a true hero
elemental hero woodsman has free poly draw and 200 extra attack and you can obtain it from packs
<< Anonymous(a true hero)
Anonymous Reply
And is NOT a material for Thunder Giant, Mudballman, Rampart Blaster.....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
All of which suck, and most of which aren't even obtainable in Duel Links.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You suck more than them, considering all of them are obtainable in DL lol

Also, even if they suck, that only means there should be no issue in giving us more than 1 copy of Clayman.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I forgot we had Mudballman, and didn't even realize we had Rampart Blaster.

That being said, there is no reason to use them.

You're right, there's no issue with them giving us more Clayman. But that's true of many much more useful cards, too, so it's fairly low-priority. Ideally, yes, they'd give us 3 of every level reward that wouldn't be unbalanced, but that's not happening any time soon.
I agree that there should be more than one Clayman but try using King of the Swamp and Fusion Recycling Plant
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
thats not very effective
Seriously, Clayman is one of the OG heroes. There is no excuse for only having one available. And to those saying you only need one because it’s “situational”, there are more available fusion options than there are Clayman, you cannot make any good deck with Clayman fusions in it unless you’re intent on a single fusion build and a crap ton of substitutes. #KONAMITRASH
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Exactly, that's what I said, it's not worth it.

Also I don't know if this is a coincidence or not, but Wildheart and Sparkman also happens to be the two best original main deck Elemental Heroes.
(Original as in used by Judai in the GX anime)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If your trying to make a original jaden deck that's actually relevant to the show it's not
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you were using Jaden's 5 most used Fusions in Duel Links, only 1 of them would use Clayman anyway. (Thunder Giant.) Rampart Blaster would be #5, but isn't obtainable.

His top 10 most used fusions (from most to least), BTW: Flame Wingman, Thunder Giant, Shining Flare Wingman, Tempest, Rampart Blaster, Flare Neos, Mudballman, Wildedge, Mariner and then a 7-way tie for 10th. Was bored and checked
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Rampart Blaster is obtainable, in Burning Nova box.
meanwhile clayman still 1 copy
meanwhile clayman still 1 copy
Konami should give another clayman next level-cap.
That or give it as a reward for Jaden.
We can literally first turn summon 2100+ ATK monsters with a lot of nonmeta decks.
Komoney pls.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nigga, no, I know you did not. Did you just say you want a ffff normal wall, only halfway decent because of its fusions, as a lv 40+ reward? No, they need to update the LD rewards again to make hero decks not completely garbage, thats all
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That was the realest nigga comment I've ever heard bro sick
Honestly i think maybe ppl should start focusing less on having 1 card and more on about WHY 1 card is probably better. Some cards are very situational and putting in multiple copies thinking itll make it less situational is illogical its better to have versatility with 1 of than be bricky and hope to pull off one objective using copies. For example, clayman has 2000 def which is good and thunder giant is easy to summon(hopefully) BUT!!! Will you build an entire deck just to summon thunder giant that seems very narrowminded and not optimal, i run 1 of decks with cards that have either support or synergy with another archytype never do i run copies of cards, just alternative or something
<< Anonymous(a)
Ragnarök Reply
My decks contain only one copy of each card (revolve around one arche/type), makes every duel unique on its own, also different decks for different characters, thus I always play different game in every duel. So much fun in there
<< Anonymous(a)
Anonymous Reply
No, youre dumb. Clayman by itself is just a wall, that falls to skill boosted monsters turn 1. As its also needed for certain fusions, theres literally no reason for this to be limited. It was a piss poor decision for such an average card to be limited to one
I want three copies of this. Do it Konami !
<< Anonymous
Konami Reply
No, you're limited to only one because you, play CA
Why is this and acient rules rare cards??
wtf srsly?
<< Anonymous(Baouss)
Anonymous Reply
They're level up rewards. Rarity doesnt matter
this makes me sad, all i want to do is try and fuse for Elemental HERO Thunder Giant. i don't like it where you can only have 1 of its Fusion martial to summon it. and yes i know i can use replacements that can do so BUT its better to have the real clayman in my deck :*(
this should have been a farm reward! >o<
So Konami only give us 1 copy of this. Why are you still hesitant to give us 2k def monsters? I cry

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