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update 21/11/2018


While I wouldn’t describe this as a competitive deck, it can’t be denied that, ever since Kinetic Soldier and Spikeshield with Chain were introduced into the game, players have to think about it twice before blindly attacking into a face-down monster. If you haven’t tried out this deck yet, this is probably the best time to do so, given how popular Masked HEROes are in the current KC Cup.

Example Deck

Kinetic SoldierKinetic SoldierKinetic SoldierSphere KuribohSphere KuribohSphere Kuriboh
Amazoness Swords WomanAmazoness Swords WomanAmazoness Swords WomanDrowning Mirror ForceDrowning Mirror ForceDrowning Mirror Force
Paleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic CanadiaDNA SurgeryDNA SurgeryDNA SurgerySpikeshield with Chain
Spikeshield with ChainSpikeshield with Chain----

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Endless Trap Hell
Can be used when you have 3 trap cards in the Graveyard. 1 random Trap Card in your Graveyard is added to your hand. Then, shuffle 1 random Trap Card in your Graveyard into your Deck. This skill can only be used once per Duel.

How to Use

Kinetic Soldier

Kinetic Soldier and Spikeshield with Chain give you a rather quick and unexpected win condition that is sure to leave your opponent speechless.

During Damage Calculation, if Kinetic Soldier is battling a Warrior-Type monster, it gains 2000 ATK and DEF, reaching 3350 ATK and 3800 DEF. You can rely on the overwhelming popularity of Masked HERO decks or you can use DNA Surgery to turn all monsters on the field into Warrior-Type monsters and get to those massive numbers consistently.

Spikeshield with Chain can be activated during the Damage Step and equipped to your own monster, it will increase the ATK of that monster by 500 and, if your opponent attacks while it’s in Defense Position, it will also make it gain DEF equal to its ATK during damage calculation only. If Kinetic Soldier is attacked by a Warrior-Type monster while in Defense Position and you activate Spikeshield with Chain targeting it, its DEF will reach 7650, which is usually going to be more than enough to end the game.

Amazoness Swords Woman

Amazoness Swords Woman is a great card in the current meta, it reduces the chances of an OTK thanks to its effect and it can deal substantial damage to the opponent by attacking into high ATK monsters such as Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Cosmo Brain.

You can attack an opponent’s Defense Position monster with Amazoness Swords Woman and then target that monster with Spikeshield with Chain, similarly to how Massivemorph was used before it was Limited to one copy per deck.

Backrow & Protection

These Trap Cards are arbitrary and easily interchangeable with any other form of protection. The main cards of the deck are the ones listed in the “Essential Cards” section: if you don’t have Drowning Mirror Force or Paleozoic Canadia, you can still build this deck starting from Kinetic Soldier and DNA Surgery.

Cosmic Cyclone, Galaxy Cyclone and Hey, Trunade! are very common cards in Masked HERO decks, they are used to quickly get rid of the opponent's backrow and enable OTKs, but Sphere Kuriboh does not care about them;

Sphere Kuriboh can prevent an opponent's monster from attacking by switching it into Defense Position. If there is no imminent threat, turn off your Toggle Button when your opponent attacks, it will induce them to make more risky plays and use all of their resources at once to end the game.

Drowning Mirror Force is extremely destructive when it goes off and, while it's true that its activation requirements are a bit strict, it's the perfect card to face off against Masked HEROes, as it punishes the opponent for trying to go around your face-down monsters and attacking you directly.

Blue-Eyes has a really hard time coming back from this card in particular as it doesn't send the monsters on the field to the Graveyard, it just shuffles them back into the Deck.

Additional Notes


[Skill] descriptionUser
Endless Trap Hell
Can be used when you have 3 trap cards in the Graveyard. 1 random Trap Card in your Graveyard is added to your hand. Then, shuffle 1 random Trap Card in your Graveyard into your Deck. This skill can only be used once per Duel.

Endless Trap Hell replenishes your resources while also preventing you from decking out before the opponent. Most games are decided quickly, but this is still the best Skill to run with most backrow-heavy decks.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Parasite Infestation
After starting hands are dealt, 1 or 2 "Parasite Paracide" cards are added to your opponent's deck face up.
Weevil Underwood
Weevil Underwood

A pretty obvious choice, Parasite Infestation can cause your opponent to lose 1000-2000 Life Points while also giving them a dead draw and clogging their Monster Card Zones.



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TFK-SP002 5days ago
I'm started a week ago, and while my gems is being saved, I looked for some staples of the TCG in 2 mini-boxes (2 Chalice, 2 Trunade). When I looked for the Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird, he touched me in a few GB engine, and I avoids losing for deck out it in such a defensive deck. Just finish arriving at Platinum, with 47 victories, mostly Blue-Eyes and covered in Burn-Mill, has been luxury. Shining against the D-HERO against those who have not lost so far.
<< Anonymous(TFK-SP002)
TFK-SP002 5days ago Reply
If I had, I would have put an Amazoness engine: 2 Princess, Queen, 2 Amazoness Swords Woman and Onslaught for the 4 GBeasts places and 2 ECon.
My deck for autobattle and casual
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Mandater bug is not really useful in this deck, you should remove it for better consistency
<< Anonymous
No 8days ago Reply
It’s a good card... unless you have snowman eater, the spot removal is always good. And it still has a little niche over snowman too, good against stall and cards grave squirmer type cards.
It seems like there is no possible way to win against this deck unleast you run Trunade and Super Rush
<< Anonymous(hmmm)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
You can also used that underrated card called brain.
After spending zero money on this game, and getting frustrated by some of the amazing but expensive decks out there and never making it past gold 1, a cheaper variation of this finally got me to platinum :-)
<< Anonymous(Angus)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Gardna is useless.
Anonymous 26days ago
I’m surprised that so few of the posted kinetic decks don’t include gravity lash. It’s in the same box as spikeshield, it’s cheap, you can use it on attacking monsters for an extra ~1000 damage except zombies, or you can use it on your amazon to deal an extra 1500 damage when she attacks.

Plus as a spell it puts you closer to using the balance skill which greatly increases the consistency of the deck.
This deck is a free win for Jinzo
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And jinzo is free win for many other decks
no deck is perfect , this game is all depend on luck... i just got losing streak with this kind of deck
cancer card
EBOLA 10/10
This would be good if you draw the right cards. Very good play, although it would struggle with consistency. And you would only win against players who attack with your backrow still intact (which will not happen in high ranks).
Just go to DLv Max because of kinetic soldier + spikeshield with chain
And this piece of c.rap is why DNA Surgery needs a total ban. It’s unfair as hell for a stupid ass level 3 monster to become a massive beater with both high attack and defense instantly.
<< Anonymous
DDR Reply
There have been plenty backrow removal cards and here you are still whinning about DNA surgery.

Upcoming next - Players ask konami to ban block attack because it's OP. lmao
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just bring ms. Swordswoman in evey deck and let her attack every first turn set monster card.

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It's too bad Blair(Rei) probably won't come to Duel Links. As you said GX does lack fem...
Best card would be angel of zera. 2800 atk and when banish summons itself back during ur standby ...
good for ancient rules you can discard it and is bassically if u got DM in your hand i thik
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