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update 22/09/2016

DNA Surgery

DNA Surgery
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Continuous-like Effect


Activate this card by declaring 1 Monster Type. All face-up monsters on the field become that Type.

How to get / rarity

Level-up rewardWeevil Underwood Lv 40 [SR]
Victory against--
Card traderGold x70,000
SR Jewel x8
Stone of Trap x60




  • This card can be searched by A Cat of Ill Omen from your deck.
  • It manipulates the Monster Type on the field which certain themed decks may benefit. E.g. Declare Thunder-Type then use Makiu, the Magical Mist and Declare Dragon-Type to increase Buster Blader's attack.
  • Your opponent might be running a deck that benefits with the Monster Type that you declared.


Tips, related cards, skills

Destroy them all!

Declaring all monsters into a certain type, will allow you to use cards that destroys all monster of that type. Cards like Eradicating Aerosol and Breath of Light are examples of such cards. It's important to remember that using these cards will also destroy your own monsters.

A Cat of Ill Omen

There are a lot of potential combos by using DNA Surgery, but its main problem is that you can only obtain 1, and getting it early in a duel can be a problem. You can get 2 copies from leveling Ishizu, which can be used to get DNA Surgery from your deck easier.




ActionsDeclares a Type
Stat changesChanges Type


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Anonymous 14days ago
How can i get this 3 times?

<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
Card trader
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
Is there a way to get to know his next cards
He will trade?When will dna surgary come back?
If you choose "spirit" do all the face up monsters also get returned to hand? If yes, I think there could be a combo with a card that makes your monsters stay on the field.

Has anyone tried or knows if this works
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
We need official "term/keyword" to this "sub-type" things. Maybe "species" XD
<< Anonymous
Cherry Inmato Reply
fusion,synchro,xyz,and potentially link is a "kind". and that is an official term used on sacred serpent's wake. later on they are referred as "type" on the effects of cards like invincibility barrier and inspector boarder. there are "subtypes" that are written the monster type. how are people confusing secondary types with monster types is beyond me btw
<< Anonymous
Cherry Inmato Reply
btw primary typings are officially called "monster type" while the other types listed after that; effect,flip,tuner,spirit,link,toon etc dont have an official term unless you count sacred serpent's wake referring to fusion synchro and xyz as "kind"
<< Anonymous(Cherry Inmato)
Anonymous Reply
The stuff like Flip and Tuner is listed as "card type" in the official database. (Though that is also the case for the "primary typings" like Fusion and Synchro.)

You're likely never going to find a card referring to the things fan-termed "sub-types" since it doesn't make sense for something to randomly support, say, Spirits, Toons and Unions all at once.
Kaiba corp bling = free dna surgery from deck to hand?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Probably, it seems like a good skill to play with this card.
I saw this broken piece of crap on a Platinum replay today. It destroyed an optimal Koaki deck. No level 3 weakling monster should be able to become a 3300 attack God against every single monster. This card needs to die.
has anyone tried bujins with this card?
it could make them all to beast-warriors so every bujin could use the graveyard-effects
<< Anonymous(SSCH02)
Anonymous Reply
Yes, ironically this is also bujin weakness
<< Anonymous(SSCH02)
Anonymous Reply
Bujins are still op, they made it to kog without ties of the brethren almost a week ago.
So if you have 3 of these, and 3 DNA Transplants, you basically have 6 of the same card???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh man.. learn to read and understand the cards effect please
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
DNA transplant: Declare 1 monster ATTRIBUTE
DNA surgery: Declare 1 monster TYPE
Attribute and Type obviously aren't the same.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
For anyone who doesn't know, Attributes are the element of a monster Ex. Light, Dark, Wind,Water,Fire,etc.
Monster types: Fish, Beast-Warrior, Beast, Insect, Fairy, Spellcaster, etc.
Unga bunga player think this card will make Buster Blader meta
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
shut up
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well, it is quite meta now....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
update: blader is meta
2 dna surgery ruling
Kinetic soldier deck vs buster blader deck. I let him resolve his dna surgery first calling dragon, I had the option to chain mine but common knowledge I decided to use mines after so mines would replace his. He fusion summons dark paladin, I use my dna surgery calling warrior, and he still got the boosts cuz all the monsters were still dragon. My Soldier didn’t not receive a boost either, so his dna surgery was still in effect. Is this an error in the game?
great card
I think this card could be a key player in defeating plant decks. Because any effects of plant monsters traps and spells relies on plant type monsters, so when you change the type of all monsters on the field it could be a quick way to cut those plants down to size!
buster blader vs all meta
fur hire,amazoness,mask hero auto surrender xD
<< Anonymous(Jomblo)
Anonymous Reply
buster blader
the dragon destroyer :v
<< Anonymous(Jomblo)
Anonymous Reply
Buster blader + this card = Buster blader, the ultimate Destroyer
Drnk az fuk
so is this Duel links way of taking things off the Limited list LOL
<< Anonymous(Drnk az fuk )
Anonymous Reply

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