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update 22/09/2016

DNA Surgery

DNA Surgery
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Continuous-like Effect


Activate this card by declaring 1 Monster Type. All face-up monsters on the field become that Type.

How to get / rarity

Level-up rewardWeevil Underwood Lv 40 [SR]
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • This card can be searched by A Cat of Ill Omen from your deck.
  • It manipulates the Monster Type on the field which certain themed decks may benefit. E.g. Declare Thunder-Type then use Makiu, the Magical Mist and Declare Dragon-Type to increase Buster Blader's attack.


  • Your opponent might be running a deck that benefits with the Monster Type that you declared.

Tips, related cards, skills

Destroy them all!

Declaring all monsters into a certain type, will allow you to use cards that destroys all monster of that type. Cards like Eradicating Aerosol, or Breath of Light are examples of such cards. It's important to remember that using these cards will also destroy your own monsters.

A Cat of Ill Omen

There are a lot of potential combos by using DNA Surgery, but its main problem is that you can only obtain 1, and getting it early in a duel can be a problem. You can get 2 copies from leveling Ishizu, which can be used to get DNA Surgery from your deck easier.





ActionsDeclares a Type
Stat changesChanges Type

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Hot New Top
Dna surgery+Cyber stein
+brain reasearch lab
Make cyber stein psychic type then you dont pay lp for his effect
Then summon ojama king
And blue eyes ultimate
The anti magic arrows
The deck for this will run magical mallets
And reloads
+ other draw power that goes + not minus also if you have temple of the kings then you can dna surgery on the spot

Skill=duel standby

Last gamble

Or life cost zero as backup
im going to try and use this car with my zombie deck but i first have to get weevil to lvl 40 lol
<< Anonymous(maximus)
Anonymous Reply
what why in zombie deck ? its only work on the field re zombie effect wont active because the destroyed monster is no longer a zombie in the graveyard better zombie world lol
Insect barrier combo with this card
This card does not work with Red Eyes Zombie Dragon, just FYI.
<< Anonymous(Tfaux)
maximus Reply
really? You tried it and it didnt give you control of the monster?
<< Anonymous(Tfaux)
well t Reply
Well they don't stay a zombie in the graveyard
Back in the old days, 'Joey the passion game'
This card + kinetic soldier is fuckin solid.
<< Anonymous(Komoney)
Anonymous Reply
Yea of course ,active this card and gravity bind and use kinetic as beat stick
<< Anonymous
Duel Novice Reply
Then come infinite dismissal and that kinetic gone for good. I still remember it .. =)
it's a good combo with perfect machine king
In real life this card is common af. In this game however can you be the dragonborn with it. Nice move Konami, gotta make those old cards great again huh
Oily joe
OP card
This is it. I will use this in Dark Paladin deck! And also with D.Tribe, the DP will be risen up!
this card with The Regulation of tribe... pr type destroyer card... really good !
Guys we only need Kinetic soldier now !!!
<< Anonymous(Joseph)
Anonymous Reply
true maybe ur since his attack bonus's 2000
need kinetic soldier or insect barrier..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There is no insect barrier in this game is there?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
nope maybe future

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