Parasite Infestation (skill)

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update 13/04/2017



After starting hands are dealt, 1 or 2 "Parasite Paracide" cards are added to your opponent's deck face up.



How to get

  • Weevil reaches Lvl 20.

Rating and explanation

A skill that's mostly seen on ranked games. It belongs to a top tier deck Parasite Burn. This skill can bring players to Platinum rank.


Weevil Underwood skills list


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My favorite thing to happen is when you find out there was only one parasite in your deck when they use the whistle after you got one and nothing happens. XD
My luck against this skill is having it drop on my first draw phase. Every. Time.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not sure if that's a glitch cuz I get that as well whenever I duel weevil player I ALWAYS go SECOND AND THE TOP CARD IS ALWAYS THE PARASITE.
IMO they need to add card destruction and stop catering to burn decks
Neos summon
I used Neosphere summon for fusion fodder to summon my elemental hero monster bahaha
Troll ability
Random number like how many? What range? I don't know if it's worth leveling weevil just to testing a deck out.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's 1 to 3 parasite
C9 PogChamp
What happens if the opponent has a full board and then draws Parasite Paracide?
<< Anonymous(C9 PogChamp)
Anonymous Reply
It's sent to your gy
This could be good in any decks, it cancels your opponents draw while damage them.
Lewis McDonald
To say the skill is broken is saying you can’t beat it therefore the games unfair. Using a blue eyes deck with blue dragon summoner is my answer. Every time you pull a blue eyes from your deck by sending blue dragon summoner to the graveyard your deck gets shuffled. Weevil decks are so boring I just end up frustrated at how long the duel takes. Most weevil deck users have small decks easiest way to beat them is have a 25 card+ deck and deck out the cowards
<< Anonymous(Lewis McDonald)
Anonymous Reply
Same, but still, I have had some really good duels with those duelists
<< Anonymous(Lewis McDonald)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Lewis McDonald)
Anonymous Reply
You're an imbecile.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
so do you
"Shuffle random number of Parasite Paracide into your opponent's deck."

Why ist my "random number" always 1? :(
<< Anonymous(v4d3r)
Anonymous Reply
Cause gay
This skill is still broken, it robs you a draw, and forces you to summon a weak monster wich deals 1000 lp damage to you, plus it serves as a tribute fodder for lava golem, and when your opponent has 2 consecutive insect wistles it's just tilty af, it should NOT rob you from your draw if anything.

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