Moth to the Flame (Skill)

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Structure Deck EX: Return of the Fire Kings
update 25/02/2020

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Skill Details

Turn counts are double-speed for any "Petit Moth" with "Cocoon of Evolution" equipped on your side of the field.

CharacterHow to Get
Weevil UnderwoodLegendary Duelist/PvP Duel Reward

How to Get

Weevil Underwood skills list


Just step this skill up. Make it so you can summon great moth really easily, it'll still never be meta but will at least be playable
How can i get this skill? I know I have to play as Weevil Underwood against other legendary duelists but against whom ?
<< Anonymous(xxxvxxx)
Anonymous Reply
Bruh, there is no specific L. Duelist to get this skill but the high percentage to get this just duel Rex, Tea or Odion because they'are too easy to farm.
I Just got it
✺Boc4rdi GOD
moth to the flame
could easy control the field
you could use Insect imitation, but with 3 cocoon, isn't needed, since you have 2 good insects with 1 tribute needed...
no spell remove.. just enemy control
i think insects are pretty good, i love them
but its just for fun, not to play KC with you all VIRUS!
<< Anonymous(✺Boc4rdi GOD)
✺Boc4rdi GOD Reply
replaced trap... fell better now
<< Anonymous(✺Boc4rdi GOD)
Wildes Reply
Thanks for sharing your list idea, I also love them and I was trying to make a good list for great moth. I had an idea similar to yours but didn't have all the cards, but now I can do it. what about insect queen? the special summon of Weevil. I like her but she seems absolutely weak for me. any ideas?
<< Anonymous(✺Boc4rdi GOD)
✺Boc4rdi GOD Reply
she is no good in meta... use 4star
<< Anonymous(✺Boc4rdi GOD)
Anonymous Reply
Using labyrinth of nightmare is the only way ive found Insect Queen viable. The whole "tribute a monster for each attack" couples well with effect monsters that debuff when sent from field to graveyard like needlefish.

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The End of Anubis seems to be kinda good. It's like Necrovalley in monster form.
Nephthyses,Phoenixes, Garudas and aromages.
But none of the duelists uses Shiranui. How am I supposed to play Shiranui in such an event? Tell...
Well to be fair, Antinomy is confirmed, while Misty is not. They can remake Misty's page ...
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