Upcoming events/updates [Oct 2018]

Duel Links events and updated in Oct 2018, new legendary duelists, new reward cards, and new events.
Duel Links Breaking News
New minibox is coming?
update 03/10/2018

Upcoming events/updates in October and November have been officially announced! Prepare yourself and never miss chances to get Gems & exclusive rewards!

Note: Exact dates for those updates haven't revealed yet.

Early October

Duel - A - Thon

A new team event: Espa Roba unlock event rerun

Spunky Jaden will appear in Duel World!

Mid October

Zane Truesdale is returning with a vengeance!

Late October

Duel Challlenges

First Obtain a New Legendary Duelist in 5D's World

According to the quote "You really think you can outrun Sector Security?", "A long-awaited character" should be Tetsu Trudge!


A special character appears!

According to the quote "There can be only one future King...", the character should be Jack from 5D's!

Note that this event won't be an unlock event, and he won't be playable yet.


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Aster lover 12days ago
If only...
<< Anonymous
Aster lover 6hour ago Reply
I can understand that line of reasoning in a way. If you don't see them duel, I guess it is hard to get into a dueling mind-set with them if they are in the game. There probably won't be a regular Bakura. He is not in the files and beyond change of heart, idk what they would even give him. Idk what is going with Marik and Grandpa. Duke and Umbra/Lumis were on the leak page, but no images.
<< Anonymous(Aster lover )
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
I wouldn't be surprised if Marik was only in the data for cutscene purposes and possibly events, similar to, say, Strings or possessed Joey. (Umbra & Lumis are likely in the same boat, and will probably just be used for a Battle City repeat, given they "appeared" in the event anyway.)

No clue what they'll use Solomon for, if anything.
<< Anonymous(Aster lover )
Aster lover 6hour ago Reply
(cont.) There is definitely a lot more hope for Kalin and Bruno since they are on the list. Atticus is on the GX leak list, but once again, I can't find any images. Then there is Jaden/Yubel and Zane again. But simply being on the leak list doesn't make them unlockable. Awhile ago, Para and Dox were listed separately and that was the tag duel. The other Jaden and Zane could be event only.
<< Anonymous
Aster lover 6hour ago Reply
The only thing that makes me think Marik might still be real was the images of him on the character select screen, icons, and even a duel loss image. I don't know if they were planning to do it at first, but then looked at his cards and said "WTH were we thinking?"
Anonymous 8days ago
Waiting for Vrains

I want to see the same in the game as you can see in the image
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14hour ago Reply
Also, what Vrains has to do with losing gems?

If anything, adding Vrains characters means adding means more gems.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14hour ago Reply
why cant we just respect each others opinions?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14hour ago Reply
And GX actually is way less popular than 5Ds outside Japan and Zexal in Japan.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14hour ago Reply
XYZ 16hour ago
you need to XYZ summon
ishizu 16hour ago
get kaiba duel ishizu and get obelisk
Lazy 1days ago
Add more toon cards
Anonymous 2days ago
"You really think you can outrun Sector Security?"

Sounds like something Kalin would say as well since he hated them so much in the series.
Anonymous 2days ago
Please add shirtless Marik Ishtar
Anonymous 12days ago
Please add future Yusei
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Um zone isn’t Yusei he had plastic surgery to look like him
Konami 5days ago
15th mini box : Storm of Darkness
Witness the power of Blackwing monster from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Series.
Cards included:
- Blackwinged Dragon
- Blackwing Armed Wing
- Dragunity Vajrayana
- Dragunity Phalanx
Anonymous 5days ago
Banlist: cyber style, amazoness princess (and probably endless trap hell) are the next
Izumi 7days ago
Good day everyone!
There is a comment on Marik's page saying his file is replaced and he's not going to come to the game
I'm asking this because we have waited too long
And as duel link players the comment has made us really sad
So is it true? Or not
<< Anonymous(Izumi)
Aster lover 7days ago Reply
Since they cannot offer proof, fake obviously. That isn't Konami. Just some Marik hater who really wants that Revolver character from the later generations. I have seen that message before.That being said, I don't have much hope for the real Konami to give us Marik Ishtar anytime soon.
<< Anonymous(Aster lover)
Izumi 7days ago Reply
I have seen that comment an hour ago
And It really killed my enthusiasm
He's so important to many of us :(
Anonymous 10days ago
Please do a prideful kaiba event in which is a lifetime mission and if you defeat him, then you get obelisk the tormentor. If a development worker sees this, please make it happen!!!

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