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Duel Links Seto Kaiba Birthday Campaign, rewards, card sleeve.
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update 25/10/2018
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Yugi Muto
Yugi Muto
Jaden Yuki
Jaden Yuki
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba


Event Information

Campaign period: Until Oct 30

October 25th is Seto Kaiba's birthday! Duel using Seto Kaiba 10 times to get an event exclusive Card Sleeve and Game Mat!


  • Card Sleeve
  • Playmat

How to unlock Seto Kaiba

You need to complete Stage Mission 15 (DM) to unlock Seto Kaiba!


Hot New Top
so i'm experiencing a bug so i did the 10 duels as kaiba and i got the mat but for some reason i didn't get the sleeves like they're not showing up in my inventory ?
Lovely Aster
He is one of my favorite characters. The new game mat and sleeves are so cool like last year's that I don't even care that they didn't give out the gems. It would be awesome if they gave us his skill from the older events, "advent of the blue-eyes".
I hoping that we could get Obelisk during that birthday event. LOL!
I bet this guy doesn't even care about how many years he has, he probably only cares how much money is he making JUST AS THE IDIOTS HERE WHO CALL KONAMI GREEDY, when Amazoness was viable for almost 6 months and CyberDark is probably going to be viable as well for several months as well.

Expensive game my ass !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Pretty easy 2 farm gems. Lvling characters is not that "complex" unleast you really mentally CHALLENGED !
<< Anonymous
Konami Reply
Konami is not greedy

Any deck for 3$!

Thank you for playing!

Best regards, Konami
<< Anonymous
:D ! Reply
Finally I got my 3rd cyberdark cannon n.n
<< Anonymous
Sanders Reply
Retards often get salty when the rest of people proves how wrong they are. Btw, I got my 3 cannons like... 3 days ago.
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<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Deal with it !
<< Anonymous
MikeSB Reply
very interesting.
Oh my! Bitcoin’s price keeps growing at a marvelous speed !

Wow, even I can’t believe it, it seems some very old Englishman is getting famous in at least 4 different maps of second life, oh man if I were him I would definitely try to buy physical gold to protect my beloved "money" instead of just trying to boycott Duel Links and post crap about the game all over GameA. Sure thing our British guy is not smart enough.

Thanks to that guy, more and more people have started mining cryptocoins.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
one thing is 4 sure... we've been busy all the afternoon haha... plenty of platforms need some help y'know haha
I have it in a PDF
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<< Anonymous(I have it in a PDF)
Anonymous Reply
Such a deceitful and stupid dogma.
Look at how happy he is. I wonder if he likes cake. He'd probably like a BEWD cake.
Happy birthday Kaiba. Hope you can Obelisk real soon in duel links.
Happy birthday, Kaiba boy.
fuck playmates i want gems
But isn't kaiba adopted? how does he know his birthday????
either he has access to his Egyptian self's birthday, or he made one up to compensate for his lack of real parents
<< Anonymous
goodiesohhi Reply
He was adopted as a child, not a baby. Remember? Of course he would know his birthday. It's not like you forget that when you age.
<< Anonymous(Conservativebacon)
goodiesohhi Reply
fourkids honestly arent that bad. It's just a circlejerk of kids who never even grew up in that era. They had some of the dopppppest dub ops.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
4kids was a pile of filthy rubbish.
Hope they go bankrupt not just in this lifetime.

<< Anonymous
Sugar Reply
I believe they already went bankrupt.
That's something to celebrate.
...and to enjoy as well

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This shit is beyond retarded
He's not minor He's the villain of season 2 and a friend in season 3 and 5
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