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update 13/09/2016

D.D. Sprite

D.D. Sprite
Monster TypeFairy
Card typeTuner
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Trigger Effect


You can Special Summon this card from your hand by removing from play 1 face-up monster you control. If you do, return the removed from play monster to the field during the next Standby Phase.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
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OtherRanked Rewards [UR]




  • Can be special summoned from the hand.


  • Banishes one of your monsters to special summon itself.
  • Almost zero stats.


  • D.D. Sprite can only return the banish monster if she is still face-up during your next Standby Phase. If D.D. Sprite is removed from the field it will not activate. If D.D. Sprite is flipped face-down (Even if you manage to flip it back up before your next Standby Phase.) it will not activate. This means that if D.D. Sprite is used as a Synchro Material the same turn it was special summoned you will not get your monster back.

Banish Monsters

D.D. Survivor and D.D. Scout Plane have effects that return themselves to the field when they are banished. You can banish them with D.D. Sprite and use D.D. Sprite for a Synchro summon and still have your banished monsters return for no net loss in resources.

Retrieve Banished Monsters

Use these cards to retrieve monsters banished by D.D. Sprite. Different Dimension Revival requires you to discard a card to retrieve the banish monster but is much quicker because it is a spell card. Return from Dark Dimension, Miraculous Descent, and Release from Stone revives a banished monster for no cost but can only revive specific types and must be set a turn before activation.

Escape Negative Effects

You can use D.D. Sprite to banish monsters that have been afflicted by negative effects such as with Wall of Disruption or Mask of the Accursed. The monsters will then return to your field during your next Standby Phase if D.D. Sprite is still face-up on your field.

Steal Opponent's monsters

Use effects that temporarily take control of your opponent's monsters and banish them with D.D. Sprite. Make sure you remove D.D. Sprite from the field during that turn so that the banished monster does not return to your opponent's field. An Alien deck is excellent at taking control of enemy monsters so this could be an option.



ActionsReturns from Banished Zone to field
Banished categoriesBanishes from your field / Banishes from field for cost
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons itself from your hand


Hot New Top
Anonymous 20days ago
Cancer golem counter :)
When you banish a monster to special summon D.D. Sprite, that monster not return to field except if Sprite is on the field yet. They should add this text on the card or maybe the effect works bad. Anyway, if it has the first effect, is a few bad this card.
Use with Giant Rex to have a Level 5 Synchro ready.
So the "return banishes monster to the field" only works if DD sprite is still face up on the field. What kind of BS, they could've at least said so on the card! Nothing in the text implies that it has to remain face up for the effect to work --' smh
cool. i can have 3 Synchro monster on field if i can keep them alive!! XD
uhh the return monster when banished didnt work when i used sprite on delta the magnet warrior durring my next standby face though i used sprite to synchro that turn does that have something to do with it? if not konami make sure thus machanic works
<< Anonymous(KingOfGamesMS)
Anonymous Reply
It has to remain on the field for the banished monster to return. (That's even mentioned in the article.)
such useless much wow
<< Anonymous(Razaelriezen )
Razaelriezen Reply
I remove yubel incarnate from field to ss sprite ss ultimate terror
Summon another monster synchro summon for game
<< Anonymous(Razaelriezen )
Anonymous Reply
it doesnt destroy, it wont trigger yubel
<< Anonymous
Xenon Reply
Only Yubel need to be destroyed.
Incarnate just need to leave the field(either banished, sent or destroyed). So Sprite would be useable with it, but how will you use it further? I mean you need a lvl 5- Syncho to use this thing.
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Anonymous Reply
D.D. Sprite is not usable with Terror Incarnate.

Terror Incarnate uses "When...You Can", so it would miss the timing since the last thing to happen would be D.D. Sprite being summoned.
D.D. Telepon + this
This + fur hire = easy synchro
This card may be interesting when we get Fortune Ladies. Not sure if it misses timing, but you can use this card's effect to banish Fortune Lady Light, and you get to SS a Fortune Lady from the deck. You can also use Fortune's Future to draw 2 since it banishes Light
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I tried it before, if not mistaken, it missed timing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
FL Light will miss the timing, since the last thing to happen is D.D. Sprite being summoned.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
On second thought, you won't even get the "miss the timing!" bar, it flat out just won't even try to work at all.

FL Light needs to be banished by an effect, D.D. Sprite's banishing is part of its summoning and is not an effect.
Where the darn is my D.D. Sierra Mist, D.D. 7 Up, and my D.D. Mello Yello?
Or D.D. Mountain Dew? That's the best of all.
<< Anonymous(KazuichiSodaPopinski)
Anonymous Reply
Dimensional Fissure
<< Anonymous
Bahaa Reply
What you think about dimensional fissure :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How in the world do you drink a Dimensional Fissure?
Before anyone makes any assumptions about how good this thing is: Keep in mind that it needs to be on the field for the monster you banished to come back. Meaning that, 99% of the time, it won't.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh, hey, didn't notice this actually had an article write-up that mentions that. I'm surprised that a kinda mediocre card we're likely getting in like a month has one this soon.
<< Anonymous
Razaelriezen Reply
D d sprite banish d d survivor d d survivor ss back to field regardless of sprites effect.

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