How to get Ancient Fairy Dragon playmat (fast 100 times summon)

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update 02/11/2018


Ancient Fairy Dragon

Zombie Version [Updated]

Samurai SkullSamurai SkullSamurai SkullIl BludIl BludGuardian Statue
Guardian StatueZombie WorldMystic BoxHorn of the UnicornDifferent Dimension CapsuleDifferent Dimension Capsule
Good Goblin HousekeepingGood Goblin HousekeepingGood Goblin HousekeepingJar of GreedJar of GreedJar of Greed
Graceful TearLocalized Tornado----

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Mark of the Dragon - Hand
At the beginning of the Duel, add 2 "Spore" to your deck and 1 "Ancient Fairy Dragon" to your Extra deck.


  • Use Good Goblin Housekeeping, Jar of Greed and Different Dimension Capsule to draw and search your combo.
  • Summon 2 Il Blud. One of them must have their effect active.
  • Activate Zombie World to turn all monsters in the graveyard into Zombies. This is because we want Spore as a Zombie.
  • Synchro summon Ancient Fairy Dragon using Il Blud and Spore as materials.
  • Equip Ancient Fairy Dragon with Horn of the Unicorn. Horn of the Unicorn will be returned to the top of your deck every time Ancient Fairy Dragon is returned to the extra deck, allowing you to reuse it and not deck out.
  • Use Mystic Box to give Guardian Statue to your opponent. Every turn your opponent would return Ancient Fairy Dragon to the extra deck using Guardian Statue. We do this so that you can Synchro summon Stardust Dragon multiple times.
  • During your turn, use Il Blud to revive another Il Blud. Then normal summon your newly revived Il Blud and activate it's effect to special summon Spore. You now have the necessary materials to Synchro summon into Ancient Fairy Dragon again. Repeat every turn.
  • Give Localized Tornado to your opponent with Graceful Tear to extend the Duel.

Other Playmats


2 Duels only f2p
Beautiful mat for an awesome card
This deck does not work because the AI will return Il blud to your hand regardless of which mode ancient fairy dragon is so it messes up the mat farm completely.
<< Anonymous
NoSkills Reply
Summon il blud on the third slot
<< Anonymous
Dave Fz Reply
you have to equip the horn of the unicorn to ancient fairy dragon, AI will return it because its stronger tham il blood
for the first time the game is draw..i hope Ancient Fairy Dragon will bring me victory next time
It returns AFD if it is in the centre.
I used this 2 decks to obtain all 5D's playmat
fast 100 times summon ...means fast 100 synchro summons right ?.. i thought flip and special summ from gy are included
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No only synchro summons count.

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Yes mate, its fun. I heard it has ultimate offering too :O
the 25th or 26th usually
This card's effect is definitely box material, not free drop material
You activated it in the damage step.
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