How to get T.G. Halberd Cannon playmat (fast 100 times summon)

Duel Links T.G. Halberd Cannon playmat, Decklist
update 30/03/2021
T.G. Halberd Cannon
T.G. Halberd Cannon

F2P Version

Example Deck [Credits to Veselin]

T.G. Booster RaptorT.G. Booster RaptorWorm CartarosWorm CartarosWorm CartarosWorm Linx
Worm LinxWorm LinxSinister SerpentAngel TrumpeterAngel TrumpeterSupremacy Berry
De-SynchroRecycleJar of GreedJar of GreedGraceful TearLocalized Tornado
Spell ReclamationSpell Reclamation----

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Set! Delta Accel!
At the beginning of the Duel, add 1 T.G. Halberd Cannon, T.G. Blade Blaster, T.G. Power Gladiator, T.G. Wonder Magician, and T.G. Recipro Dragonfly to your Extra Deck. Once per turn, if you have Synchro Summoned 2 or more “T.G.” Synchro monsters: Play 1 T.G. Recipro Dragonfly from your Extra Deck.

Small Notes from Veselin

Draw your cards fast and prepare the field. but be careful not to deck out! Combo starts with having one Spell Reclamation set on field and activating it by discarding Sinister Serpent to use De-Synchro two times on the same turn.

Then just by using Recycle continue doing the loop by returning Spell Reclamation -> De-Synchro -> Spell Reclamation and this way you can summon Halberd Cannon 2 times in a single turn, after using your next turn to set up the field and doing the same thing over and over.

Video Link

Mind Augus Version

Example Deck [Credit to HEROポン]

Evigishki Mind AugusEvigishki Mind AugusJunk SynchronJunk SynchronJunk SynchronT.G. Drill Fish
Jet SynchronLich Lord, King of the UnderworldT.G. Catapult DragonGishki AquamirrorSoul ReleaseMystik Wok
Mystic BoxDe-SynchroWarrior EliminationGreed GradoGreed GradoGreed Grado
Good Goblin HousekeepingGood Goblin HousekeepingGood Goblin Housekeeping--X-Saber Wayne

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Set! Delta Accel!
At the beginning of the Duel, add 1 T.G. Halberd Cannon, T.G. Blade Blaster, T.G. Power Gladiator, T.G. Wonder Magician, and T.G. Recipro Dragonfly to your Extra Deck. Once per turn, if you have Synchro Summoned 2 or more “T.G.” Synchro monsters: Play 1 T.G. Recipro Dragonfly from your Extra Deck.

Other Playmats

How to Get Playmat









If anyone unfamiliar with Worm archetype, or with how to use the F2P deck with Antinomy's skill to summon T.G. Halberd Cannon (TGHC), pls allow me to add a few lines to Veselin's notes above:

1. To maximize this deck's efficiency, ideally choose a Lv10 Legendary Duelist that lays out monsters with the absolute max of 1000 ATK, and does not use too many traps. Firstly to keep Worm Linx on your board, secondly so you chain your Spell Reclamation to your own De-Synchro instead of their trap.
2. Use Worm Cartaros to search out Worm Linx, and have 1 or 2 Worm Linx stay on the field so you can draw 1-2 cards at the end of each turn.
3. Tip: Recycle can be set as soon as you obtain it on your hand or as you exceed your hand limit of 6 cards. You dont have to activate its effect until you need to, so it can rest on the field while you mill your deck with Worm Link and Jar of Greed.
4. As mentioned, keep an eye on your deck to avoid deck-out! With 2 Worm Links out, and hopefully 1 Angel Trumpeter as well already, destroy the 1st when you have 6 or more cards left by using it to attack an opponent's with a higher ATK and destroy itself, summon your 2nd Angel Trumpeter and destroy the 2nd Worm Link during this battle phase.
5. To set up your board for summoning TGHC and begin the De-Synchro loop, ideally have:
- 2 Angel Trumpeters in face-up attack position on the field,
- Recycle active, 1 rando Spell/Trap for T.G. Wonder Magician to destroy when she comes out, and 1 Spell Reclamation set on the field,
- 2 T.G. Booster Raptor and 1 Sinister Serpent on hand,
- and the remaining Spell Reclamation still in the deck or on hand.
6. Summon TGHC properly or risk not having it out at all. You need to perform at least 2 Synchro Summons in order to activate Antinomy's skill, otherwise you cannot activate it to bring out T.G. Recipro Dragonfly, the 3rd Synchro Monster you need for TGHC that WILL NOT COME OUT IF YOU MESS UP!
<< Anonymous(NoobMaster69)
NoobMaster69 (cont.) Reply
I. Summon 1 T.G. Booster Raptor, and immediately Synchro Summon T.G. Wonder Magician. Target your 3rd spare Spell/Trap when her effect triggers upon her successful summon.
II. Special Summon your 2nd T.G. Booster Raptor and Synchro Summon T.G. Power Gladiator.
III. The Activate Skill bar should now appear hovering on the right side of your screen.
<< Anonymous(NoobMaster69 (cont.))
NoobMaster69 (cont.) Reply
IV. Activate Set! Delta Accel! skill to have T.G. Recipro Dragonfly appear on the field, and summon TGHC.

7. You are now ready to begin the De-Synchro loop as described by Veselin above.

N.B. this deck is by far much easier and cheaper than the other one, i suppose...
Garbage Event
The Survey is up for this Garbo. You know what to do everyone. I don't say you must
"no box reset necessary"

Umm, you need to reset Junk Synchron's box two times to get 3 copies.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cost: Expensive
Pack (Box reset): No Box Reset Necessary

It is an obvious mistake. Don't worry, they will fix this soon (as well as delete this temporary comment).
honestly this deck is useless and could only be used as defeat simulator. It is inconsistent to say the least and you will eventually lose to lv10 characters trying to pull out the combo or you will waste cards in your hand by discarding them trying to have the perfect combination. On top of that it's not even explained in detail, using a pure TG deck 100 times to summon H.C. is faster and less frustrating.
Anime Soul
"Soul Relaese".
Thickhead Destroyer
For those who're asking how to summon TG Halberd using this abominably million dollar worth deck GameA prefers to parade around

1) Junk Synchron + TG Catapult = TG Magician

2) Ritual Summon Evigishki with Lick King to return TG Catapult from your deck

3) Mystik Wok Evigishki to free up space for 2nd TG Synchro

4) Junk Synchron + TG Catapult = TG Power Gladiator

5) TG Magician + TG Power Gladiator = TG Blade Blaster

6) Use Delta skill to summon TG Firefly. Use its effect to send TG Blade Blaster to GY

7) Re-summon the two other TG Synchro for the penultimate TG Halberd

8) Use techs to recycle cards and keep going (De-Synchro, Evigishki, etc.)

Not sure what the other tech cards are for, as the deck seems tailored for a particular LD, but they didn't bother to explain or indicate who or which.

Enjoy your mat???
<< Anonymous(anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Well I check it and your right. Thank you!
<< Anonymous(Thickhead Destroyer)
Anonymous Reply
Well, I got only three T.G.insect tank and one T.G. catapult at first few levels. I found the big T.G. can be summon in two ways:
(1) Use T.G. insect tank as non-tuner(it can use as non-tuner!!) and lv 4 tuners to summon lv5 T.G. syn. monsters. If you can summon 2 lv.5 T.G. syn. monster IN ONE TURN, the skill of Antonino will enable him to summon a lv2 T.G. syn. monster, that make total LV 12.
<< Anonymous(Thickhead Destroyer)
Anonymous Reply
(2) Go ahead using the T.G. insect tank with Lv4 syn. monsters to summon two lv5 T.G. syn. monsters in MORE THAN ONE TURN. Then summon the Lv.10 T.G. syn/ monster, the skill of Antonino will enable him to summon the Lv2 T.G. syn/ monster again. Once LV10+LV2 on the field, enable SP of Lv2 so that LV10 explore into 2 LV.5 T.G. syn/ monsters!! Then you can summon the Big Lv.12 T.G. syn/ monster.
<< Anonymous(Thickhead Destroyer)
Anonymous Reply
Because I have not much T.G. monsters at first 10 lv. I use T.G. insect tank as normal monster and Lv.4 tuners as tuner. The T.G. catapult later equip with lv3 tuners work well but difficult to draw out. At Lv.10 I added other few T.G. monster and now the desk became more easy to syn. summon monster.The Lv.2 T.G. syn/ monster can sumon by T.G. insect tank with some Lv1. tuner. :)
Who in their right mind would invest in a very expensive deck like this just to beat up a cheapass bodyguard character and get his ugly mat...
<< Anonymous
n0lyf we3b Reply
I would
The problem of summoning this big monster is player do not have many T.G. monster cards to use. Most T.G. monster available were from level up of Antonino, but if you have not much T.G. monster how can you level up Antonino? :>
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
anonymous Reply
you dont need whole T.G monster. just bring 3 or 6 T.G lvl 1. 3 T.G tuner and 3 T.G non tuner. then you can summon that big monster
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply

Reddit is your friend, and f2p options too, unlike gamea that likes to throw expensive cards around either JUST BECAUSE or FOR THE FLEX.
Logo not big enough.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well it's their copyright style, hey at least it's not in the middle right...
Explanation or walkthrough on how to use this deck? I was surprised I have most of the cards in here except TG Drill fish from new box and Mystic Wok from Tea. Will the deck work without these two, and what can I replace it with?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
ValleCulla resign! Reply
Classic 'tard gamea writers never change they post deck builds here then gtfo without saying anything how to play it for less experienced players.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
🔥 dumbo
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
st fu dumbo figure it out urself

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