How to get Cyber End Dragon playmat (fast 100 times summon)

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update 02/11/2018


Essential cards
(Box reset)
No Box Reset Necessary

De-Fusion version

Cyber Dragon DreiCyber Dragon ZweiCyber Dragon ZweiCyber Dragon ZweiGolden LadybugOutstanding Dog Marron
De-FusionPolymerizationDifferent Dimension CapsuleDifferent Dimension CapsuleRecycle
Guarded TreasureGift ExchangeGift ExchangeGift ExchangePot of BenevolencePot of Benevolence
Pot of BenevolenceLocalized Tornado---Cyber End Dragon

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Draw Sense: Light
Can be used each time your Life Points decrase by 1500. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random Light attribute monster.
Yugi Muto
Yugi Muto

How to Use


This is the setup you want to have in order to compliment your loop. Have 1 Golden Ladybug in your hand, 1 Fusion Recycling Plant, 1 Recycle, and 1 Guarded Treasure face up on your field. Remember to use Golden Ladybug to heal your LP every turn. As cost for Guarded Treasure you can discard Outstanding Dog Marron, Polymerization, Pot of Benevolence, at most 1 Cyber Dragon monster, and at most 2 Exchange Gift. This is so that the discard does not interfere with your strategy. Although you can discard any non-monster card, as long as you return them to the deck with Recycle. The uses of these cards will be explained further under the "Loop" section.

Cyber Dragons

Since Cyber Dragon is not yet in the game we will have to use Cyber Dragon Zwei and Cyber Dragon Drei. Both of these monsters can count as Cyber Dragon while on the field or in the graveyard. However in the case of Cyber Dragon Zwei, you must first reveal a spell in your hand for him to count as Cyber Dragon so always keep at least 1 Gift Exchange or Pot of Benevolence in your hand. You will search these monsters with Draw Sense: Light and also use them to stall while gathering your combo.


  1. Use Fusion Recycling Plant to search Polymerization from your deck or graveyard and add it to your hand, use Outstanding Dog Marron as cost so that he returns to your deck.
  2. Activate Polymerization to fuse the 3 Cyber Dragons on your field into Cyber End Dragon.
  3. Activate De-Fusion to return Cyber End Dragon back to the extra deck and special summon the 3 monsters you used as fusion materials.
  4. Use Recycle to return De-Fusion back to your deck for the cost of 300 LP.
  5. Because of Guarded Treasure you will draw both Oustanding Dog Marron and De-Fusion every turn.
  6. Repeat from step 1.

Game Extender

With Outstanding Dog Marron you will never deck out so to extend the duel you will only need to worry about your opponent decking out. Use Pot of Benevolence to return your opponent's cards from graveyard back to deck. Also can be used so that you will have exactly enough cards to not deck out with Guarded Treasure. Use Gift Exchange to give Localized Tornado to your opponent. Localized Tornado will be activated when your opponent is about to deck out extending the duel by a lot.

Other Playmats


Does this require fusion summoning or can the IL blud method of reviving c.e.d work?
is there a way to take a look at how many summons i already made?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
getting cyber end fast ,,with low cost .. xD..
fck .. finally ..time for the other account to get it too

Zane lover
Finally. :* :*
<< Anonymous(Zane lover)
Anonymous Reply
what is that snake /
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
really ??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
In case you really want to know, Sinister Serpent. Mask of Remenents is a good substitute for not decking out if you don't want to spend gems on the thing.
<< Anonymous
Zane lover Reply
Sinister Serpent, every 2 turn, use fusion plant's effect and discard the snak to add poly to your hand. (((((Every 2 turn)))))
There is a way easier possibility to summon Cyber End Dragon
Take Cards like Econ or Kunai with chain in your deck to survive and then you have to take 3000 or more damage with the other skill to summon 3 Proto Cyber Dragons on your field, then summon These 3 bad boys and you have your Cyber End Dragon on your hand.
My Deck is full of Polymerization and support for Poly so in Turn 3/4 i have the Cyber End Dragon on the field.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cyber End Dragon on your field*
How to play this deck ?
<< Anonymous(Makyura)
Skip to 6:24 I built this deck

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she looks underage.....
U say dat, but i'm pretty sure they're not posting those decks unless they actually got...
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