How to beat/farm Paradox Brothers Lvl 40

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update 19/06/2017

Use Unhappy Girl!

If you want to get 7,000 - 8,000 score against Paradox Brothers, The Unhappy Girl from Valkyrie's Rage is necessary. The rarity is R, so it's not hard to obtain.

No Holy Gurad deck

If you want to farm dropped skills for your playable characters rather than Tea Gardner, use No Holy Gurad version of the deck!

Unhappy Girl Union Attack (8000 +)

This is the most legit high score deck to farm Paradox Brothers Lvl 40 if you obtained at least 1 copy of Union Attack from Yugi Muto event. For in-depth guide, check the link below.

Score8000 +
SkillHoly Guard
Essential cardsThe Unhappy Girl

Example deck

RelinquishedGravekeeper's VassalThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlCrystal Seer
Crystal SeerRai-MeiRai-MeiRai-MeiSummoned SkullUnion Attack
Black Illusion RitualPot of BenevolenceSecret Pass to the TreasuresWindstorm of EtaquaSpell ReclamationEnchanted Javelin
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin----


Unhappy Girl Piranha (6000 - 7000)

Use Piranha Army instead of Gravekeeper's Vassal if you don't have Union Attack. No Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon or Master of Oz required. You can add ritual/fusion monster instead of defensive cards for getting addtional score, but note that less defensive cards means less consistent.

Score6000 - 8000
SkillHoly Guard
Essential cardsThe Unhappy Girl

Example deck

The Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlCrystal SeerCrystal SeerRai-Mei
Rai-MeiRai-MeiPiranha ArmyBlue-Eyes White DragonRiryokuGift of the Martyr
Secret Pass to the TreasuresPot of BenevolenceCurse of AnubisJar of GreedWindstorm of EtaquaEnchanted Javelin
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin----


Unhappy Girl Deckout (4000 - 5000)

Use this deck to get 4000 - 5000 score (depending on how many glossy cards you use) in case you don't have Secret Pass to the Treasures. Get Paradox Brothers run out of cards.

Score4000 - 5000
SkillHoly Guard
Essential cardsThe Unhappy Girl
ExpenseVery cheap

Example deck

Elemental Mistress DoriadoThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlCrystal SeerCrystal Seer
Rai-MeiRai-MeiRai-MeiBottom DwellerTongyoPolymerization
Goblin ThiefPot of BenevolenceDoriado's BlessingCurse of AnubisWindstorm of EtaquaEnchanted Javelin
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin---Deepsea Shark


Paradox Bros Lvl 40 deck

Paradox Tactics: Climax skill

The duel starts with Labyrinth Wall on Paradox Brothers' side of the field.

ATK 0/DEF 3000
These walls form a labyrinth with no exit for enemies.


Exclusive rewards

Labyrinth WallLabyrinth Wall [SR]5.0/10
Extra GateExtra Gate [SR]5.0/10
DNA CheckupDNA Checkup [SR]6.0/10
Damage GateDamage Gate [SR]5.0/10
Dimension GateDimension Gate [SR]5.0/10
Labyrinth TankLabyrinth Tank [R]3.0 /10
Dungeon WormDungeon Worm [R]1.0 /10
Monster TamerMonster Tamer [R]1.0 /10
Beastking of the SwampsBeastking of the Swamps [R]1.0 /10
Giga-Tech WolfGiga-Tech Wolf [R]1.0 /10


Hot New Top
VahnManX uploaded a great video regarding the drop rate of SR event cards. 4:25min and worth to watch for those who agree that the prize card system is broken:

Image credits: Youtube (VahnManX)

Share your thoughts by filling out the Paradox event survey in your in-game mail box.
<< Anonymous(PegasusSigma)
MSprecher Reply
I only got 1 Dimension Gate. And I really haven't touched Bakura. Nothing new for cards.
I was in my last farming, waiting for the exp screen and the app just got in maintenance, will I get my last keys or the app will say "f*ck off, the event is over"?
<< Anonymous(TKSainto)
Unlucky at All Reply
I think you won't be able to resume your duel since the event is already over!
<< Anonymous(TKSainto)
Anoymous Reply
As far as I know, it will resume after the maintenance.
<< Anonymous(TKSainto)
TKSainto Reply
It resume as a normal duel, 7 gold prices
16 millions

I farmed the bros for over 15 million points and got zero dimension gates smh
Player J
The Paradox Brothers Event is coming to an End.

I am a little sad to see it go to be honest.
I think it is by far one of the best events we have had in a while!

They really should consider keeping the Legendary Duelist at the Gate Format.

I think Pegasus & Paradox Brothers are by far the best events.

Yugi Muto & Super Joey completely sucked!
The whole idea of them spawning randomly is utter trash.

I encourage the game to think about that when they release there next event.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Duel Novice Reply
Agree. Gate event is better than spawn event. Because all is about effort. How many times we duel, spend keys. Not just luck.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Unlucky at All Reply
Totally agree!
Let me tell you what bad luck really is...
<< Anonymous(FML)
FML Reply
<< Anonymous(FML)
Anoymous Reply
It happen to me during previous event before. First event, I want gandora so much but that is the only card I fail to get. Later I want gamma but result is same. I even got a valkyrion and gandora 3 copies. Latest is ishzark. This time, I didn't set what card I want and just satisfy with what I got. And suddenly, I got 3 copies for each card. This RNG really know how to play with us.
<< Anonymous(FML)
Unlucky at All Reply
This is so annoying! I can feel your pain bro! When we want to get a card, all cards drop except that card. In this event, it was like OK to me not to get all cards, however, I got more than 3 copies of each one. In the last Muto's event, which was my 2nd one, I wanted so badly to get at least one copy of "Union Attack," and the result was that I got all Muto's cards except that one!
Last from paradox brothers before maintenance .sayonara Pbros
I no get Labyrinth Wall never drop from start date to today, come drop it!! (ToT)
<< Anonymous(wingfai)
Duel Novice Reply
Its ok. You will got 2 labyrinth after you level up paradox. (level 10 & level 33)
<< Anonymous(Duel Novice)
wingfai Reply
It lv40 now
<< Anonymous(wingfai)
Duel Novice Reply
Not your stage level. but the character itself. Plus, max level for character is 35 only. So I think, you get it wrong. Check paradox brother level and you can see after you level it up to level 10, you got labyrinth, the other one after level 33
<< Anonymous(wingfai)
Duel Novice Reply
In other word, what I mean is use paradox brother as your character and level it up. You will get labyrinth as level reward on level 10 and level 33. So do not worry even you can get it through this event. Just level up paradox bros and labyrinth will be yours.. =)
Got this skill on last day of paradox event.. =)
Duel Novice
Thanks paradox! You are most generous villain ever
Only took me up to 6m points to get 3 of everything feelsgoodman

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