Red-Eyes deck had become more viable than before after the addition of Red-Eyes Spirit from Super Joey event and the release of Crimson Kingdom as it bring more support to Red-Eyes B. Dragon, cards such as Cards of the Red Stone and Red-Eyes Wyvern.

Example deck

Red-Eyes WyvernDarkstorm DragonDarkstorm DragonMeteor Dragon Red-Eyes ImpactMeteor Dragon Red-Eyes ImpactKidmodo Dragon
Kidmodo DragonKidmodo DragonTotem DragonTotem DragonRed-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. Dragon
SuperviseSuperviseSuperviseWonder BalloonsWonder BalloonsCards of the Red Stone
Mirror WallRed-Eyes Spirit--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Boosts the ATK of face-up attack position monsters you control by 300 per level 5 or more monsters you control. You can only use the skill once per turn.

Seto Kaiba

How to use

Send dragons to the grave

The playstyle of this deck revolves around sending dragon-type monsters to the graveyard, using your dragons as cost for card effects. Send high-leveled monsters to the graveyard to later be revived. Or send low-leveled monsters to the graveyard to support the summon of your stronger monsters.

Summon high-leveled dragons

Only send Kidmodo Dragon to the grave when you have Red-Eyes B. Dragon, Darkstorm Dragon or Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact on hand. With this we can make use of Kidmodo Dragon's effect of special summoning any dragon-type monster from your hand, use this opportunity to special summon the strongest dragon in your hand. Be aware that you cannot conduct your battle phase or special summon non-dragon monsters the turn you activate this effect. To avoid the negative effects of Kidmodo Dragon, set him face down then allow your opponent to attack him. When Kidmodo Dragon is sent to the grave during your opponent's turn you will be able to special summon a dragon from your hand and still be able to attack during your next turn.
Totem Dragon can be special summon from the graveyard during your standby phase, but only if you have no monster on the field and all monsters in your grave are dragon types. Totem Dragon counts as two tributes when tribute summoning a dragon-type monster. With both of these effects we can easily use Totem Dragon to have Darkstorm Dragon or Red-Eyes B. Dragon summoned.

Revive red-eyes

Red-Eyes Wyvern and Red-Eyes Spirit are both great red-eyes support cards. They both can revive red-eyes monsters from the grave with little to no condition in activating them.

  • Red-Eyes Wyvern serves as a great 1800 attack beater, and with 1600 defense he will not be left too vulnerable when changed to defense position. When in the graveyard you can remove Red-Eyes Wyvern from play during your end phase to special summon another red-eyes monster, keep in mind that this effect can only be activated if you did not normal summon or set this turn.(special summons are allowed)
  • Red-Eyes Spirit revives a red-eyes monster in your graveyard for no cost at all!

Activate gemini effects

Use Supervise to have gemini monsters gain their effects. Darkstorm Dragon should be your prime candidate for equipping Supervise, with his effect of clearing all spell/traps on the field. Send Supervise to the grave with Darkstorm Dragon's effect, then with the effect of Supervise revive a normal monster in your graveyard.(Gemini monsters also count as normal monsters when in the grave.)
If needed, Supervise can be equipped to Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact to activate his effect and provide defense for red-eyes monsters on the field. A fun but hard to pull off trick when using Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact is by having two Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact with their effects active on the field. They would protect each other, therefore making all red-eyes monsters on your field indestructible.

Other useful cards

For versatile cards that can be used in any deck, check the link below.

Stamping Destruction
Stamping Destruction
Easy to use since all of your monsters in this deck are dragon-type. Provides easy spell/trap destruction while giving your opponent an extra 500 points of damage
Rope of Life
Rope of Life
Revives your recently destroyed monster with an additional 800 attack by discarding your entire hand. Useful since you want to discard most of your monsters anyway.
Soul Resurrection
Soul Resurrection
Can revive any normal monster in your graveyard. Useful since your strongest monsters are normal monsters.(Gemini monsters are counted as normal monsters when in the grave.)


Wonda bufoon is 300 man not 400
<< Anonymous
Medikando Reply
300 for each monster +5stars example you have 2 rebd is 3000 for each one... And cold be more look my pic
<< Anonymous(Medikando)
Goro Reply
can I see you deck bro ??
wouldn't this deck be better with 2 wyvern and 2 kidmodos i have 3 of each so i really couldn't careless
anyone with Wonder Balloons or that pumpkin card, especially multiple ones, is a pussy.
<< Anonymous(rj)
Anonymous Reply
Git Gud
<< Anonymous
rj Reply
your the huge hole with
<< Anonymous(rj)
Anonymous Reply
just destroy it... lol
<< Anonymous(rj)
Anonymous Reply
That's strategy, you pussy
aside from missing that wyvern and that one darkstorm and 3 supervise i can build this deck
this deck can reach kog?
<< Anonymous(yourmamma)
Anonymous Reply
probably if it has supervise and red eyes combined
No this is terrible you dont need supervise for darkstorm dragon put in something else
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Read what you just wrote... Think about the idiocy you thrust upon us.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yes people like him deserve to die
This card is good against toon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Looks solide.
Fun devk

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but even if you manage to kill Wiz they will probably summon Wiz again in the GY with spell card ...
I've seen that thing in action from an NPC's deck. It would be really helpful for my deck!
Haha it's pretty nasty going second when going against fur hire deck. In case of keeping ...
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